Car Wreck; Vote; Kindness; Coyote Scat?; Appliance Recycling?; Lots More; Song: Don’t Get Trouble In Your Mind

Contents 8/2/2020
Car Wreck
Coyote Scat?
Dead Appliance Recycling?
Dvd Swap
Free Film
Help Elizabeth Station
Diamond Jim’s
Small Sewing Project
Busted Computer
Radio Free Fl!p: Don’t Get Trouble In Your Mind


Car hit a utility pole on Eldridge at 7 AM, shearing it off. Car wound up upside down in front yard. Police have the street closed. Electricity is out for 26 houses. PSE is hoping to have power back by 3:30 PM today. The driver appeared to be talking with first responders after the accident, but was taken on a stretcher to the hospital, not looking so great. We don’t know if she survived. One car, one driver.  Wah!

Neighbors are discussing traffic calming for Eldridge. I called Tim Douglas, former mayor, who lives nearby. I think he originally got into politics over the trucks on Eldridge. He says the first step is for neighbors to track speeding: day, time, direction, whatever you can see or hear. Log this, and work with police. The City must be able to demonstrate need before they can take action, and we can do this by keeping a log.

Here’s a note from Tim: It occurred to me after you called that I should have mentioned an effort several of us made to get a red light installed at Carl Lobe Park so that pedestrians would be protected when crossing Eldridge.  After getting a successful decision by the City to install it, it was later removed for a very legitimate reasons:  drivers so rarely encountered anyone crossing there, they began routinely running the light—endangering anyone who would enter the crosswalk thinking they’d be safe. I hope our neighborhood will start noting time and general places where speeding occurs and informing police so they can post a patrol car likely to catch effective speeders at such times. 


A tiny percentage of us vote in this election. Really tiny. Your vote counts more today than it will in the Fall. At this point you should take your ballot in to the drop box. Due Tuesday. I’ll be glad to help you figure where your drop box is.


It turns out that one of the best things you can do for your own state of mind is to find ways to be kind t others. There are things you can do right from your own couch – Write to someone (or call) to let them know the specifics of why you are glad they’re in your life. Tell them something they did right. Send a photo of something beautiful. Ask how they are doing and lend a listening ear. Not just elders who may be isolated. Young adults and teens need extra connection at this time. Don’t we all?


Coyote scat on sidewalk of 2300 block of Victor. Strewn on the south east corner of Victor and Monroe. It has hair in it. Also, it is scattered all over the sidewalk and most dogs in the neighborhood are not allowed to do that. Also, I have read that the reason we used to encounter wolf scat in the middle of trails in Algonquin Park was because they purposefully leave it there as territorial markers…this display looked as if it could be of similar intent. ~ Mary Anne Pultz


3 Weeks ago my toaster oven broke. I don’t want to replace it. I like the space it leaves. Today, i went all over looking for 802 Marine Drive for Appliance Depot, where they take broken appliances. Finally asked people nearby and they said it doesn’t exist anymore. I left a message at Sustainable Connections to find out if there is any place in B’ham for recycling appliances but they haven’t called me back yet. Does anyone know if anything else exists? Or does it just go to the dump….? ~ Sara Todd


(From my friend Richard Scholtz, who lives on the South Side. He thought our neighborhood might enjoy this.) The other day I saw neighbors I didn’t know well, out walking and she asked if we had any dvds we would be willing to loan because they had a TV but no cable. Sure: not very many and  it was an odd collection but they could try a couple and see if they liked them. So, by now they have watched 6. I wouldn’t have guessed they would have liked any of them – and they have liked all of them.


The Space Needle is one of Seattle’s iconic structures attracting thousands of visitors each year, especially in the summer. It is now open with limited capacity. Few who visit the Needle know the fascinating story behind it’s distinctive design. Director BJ Bullert reveals the history in her short film, “Space Needle: A Hidden History,” an Official Selection in CASCADIA’s 2020 festival. See it again here free of charge this weekend starting Saturday, Aug. 1 through Sunday, Aug. 2.   Donations to CASCADIA support the work of the festival to promote the stories of women directors throughout the world told through the media of film.


Elizabeth Station is struggling right now to stay open. They really could use our support. It is definitely worth a trip. Their prices are good. Also, they have implemented some really great safety measures for dining in. They now serve pizza.


This local restaurant also needs our help. Traffic is very light, and they really could use our community support. A business that is doing it right, not just doing it ok. ~ Aaron Booker


We are seeking a 6-10/hr per week property maintenance helper for our 10 beautifully forested acres with multiple living units and out buildings. The independent contract job would range from general labor tasks to semi-skilled handy-person tasks (we have another person who helps us with gardening). Mainly outside with some inside (masked). We pay $25/hr and are 10 minutes from the Columbia neighborhood out Sunset/Mt. Baker. Please call or e-mail if you are interested.  Kara Black (360-676-2300,


I need help cutting and sewing used curtains to fit.vThree panels, open to discuss. Contact Scotty at
Scotty Lewis, Victor Street


You haven’t heard from me much lately because my computer is busted. Intermittently. Keyboard problem. $700 to fix – I talked with Apple. If my computer was a few months younger, it would be trivial. One way to get me to shut up! I may be looking for a fairly recent model refurbished MacBook Pro. But this was a good one… ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511


Carolina Chocolate Drops

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Online Concert Tomorrow & Subscription; Quarantine / Isolation; Adopt A Dog?; Found Bag; Song: I’m Married

CONTENTS 7/22/2020
Elizabeth Park Online Concert Tomorrow
Elizabeth Park Online Concert Subscription
Quarantine / Isolation
Adopt A Foster Dog?
Found Bag
Radio Free Fl!p: I’m Married


Thursday, July 23 6-8 PM
Playing Fun Classic Rock Party Music
Ian Bakke-Vocals
John Delaney-Guitar
Bob Oldham-Bass
Dale Kreiser- Drums

All these concerts are safely online this year!

Here’s the link for YouTube

Here’s the link for Facebook:

And of Course, KMRE-FM 102.3 on your radio dial.

And here’s the link for the fresh off the presses Elizabeth Park Concert Series GoFundme, since we don’t have the ability to collect donations at the concerts.

Thank you for your generosity. We could not bring this to you this year if it weren’t for the community support in previous years. We are very grateful.
Marla Bronstein


Hello Friends..I would would appreciate it if you would subscribe to our YouTube page so we can livestream our concerts for those in our community who don’t have Facebook. Thanks for your support!!

Elizabeth Park Summer Concert Series-Bellingham,WA

We’re more than halfway there to 100 subscribers. Please subscribe!! You’ll be the first to know when concert videos are being premiered, and you can watch them over and over!!


From BetsyBrowmMD/

The CDC today adjusted its recommendations for how long to isolate after a positive test for COVID-19. The recommendation is now 10 days from when symptoms started or 24 hours after the fever breaks. If you have no symptoms, the period is 10 days after testing. This is based in better data. I am glad to get clarification to help my patients understand better. It has been confusing. The old recommendation was to have two (!?) negative tests before leaving isolation. It has been difficult enough to get even one test; but to get 2 more? Impractical and nearly impossible! Especially in some states. Keep in mind, though, that some people may have symptoms for longer, but almost everyone doesn’t have transmissible virus after 10 days. There is a difference in viral particles or RNA and a viable virus that can infect and reproduce.

Quarantine is essentially the same activity as isolation but for people actually exposed, so they don’t transmit COVID-19 before they get symptoms. The recommendation is still 14 days, the same you would need to quarantine yourself if you went to New York from Washington State. (We have now been added to the undesirable list based on our high R0 which has gone up). Of course, if someone develops COVID-19 their isolation is extend for 10 mores days from when symptoms started.

One of the big failings in testing I see is that people get tested, often after a known exposure or with mild symptoms, but then they don’t isolate or quarantine themselves while waiting for results. I hear these stories so often- in the news, congressmen, patients, co-workers. I am not sure what they are thinking or if they worry about exposing someone else. When they find out they are positive, most feel horrible they exposed others. I don’t necessarily blame that person. I think the testing site needs to educate and emphasize safety. But somehow we need to educate better on why physical distancing and mask wearing are important, in particular after possible exposure and after testing.

Last night I awoke from a vivid dream and could not get back to sleep. In the dream, I started coughing and knew I had COVID-19. That scared me; but what really upset me was that I coughed near Jamie without a mask and I was afraid I had given it to him. Such an awful feeling that stuck with me. I hope and pray that none of you every get that feeling. And I am grateful that it was just a dream.

The interesting news is that OB/GYN’s in several countries have noted a significant drop in premature births during our shutdowns. The reasons are unknown and at this point there is only speculation. However, many researchers, who have studied pre-term births and the causes, are now hoping to use this to seek possible preventive measures. Hopefully some good will come from this.

Wash your hands, cover your nose, stay 6 feet away from others, and be kind.

And finally, my caveat is that this is my experience and my opinions, which are subject to change as more information is available, and not related to the organization I work for. Thanks for reading.


My kids love dogs and we have recently become involved in fostering rescue pups. Through word of mouth I was connected with a woman in Tacoma whom purchased a “Covid Puppy” and was no longer able to care for it. She was furloughed at work, had all three of her kids home, bought them a puppy to play with, and then when the world started turning again, she started working overtime and her kids went to daycare. The puppy was being kenneled alone at home for 10-12 hours a day. No one to care for it regularly and give it the love it needs. 

My heart hurt for the little guy and so I asked if she would consider giving him up to find a better home. She said she paid 1500$ for him from an online breeder and he was current on his first round of immunizations and deworming. I talked her down to an amount closer to what a shelter would charge for a rehoming fee, and took him with faith that there is a better home for him here in Bellingham somewhere. 

When she bought him he was 3-4lbs. He is 11-12 weeks now and almost 7lbs. He should not get bigger than about 10-12lbs. He is a stealthy chihuahua dachshund mix, and looks like a micro-sized black lab! My two daughters, 6 & 7, have been working with me to help potty training him (he was taught to go on puddle pads in his kennel), and get him accustomed to walking on a leash, playing with other dogs, and working through teething with lots of chew toys. He is doing great!! 

He often goes 10 hours at night with no accidents. He is quick to adjust behavior when we redirect his chewing, and we take him out every 2hours or less to help him succeed. He is a ton of fun, super sweet and loves to run after us in the parks while we play soccer or frisbee together. When he is exhausted from walks and play time, he is a snuggler and will cuddle up on my lap to just be pet. He is vocal about wanting attention and will let you know that he wants to be picked up and loved. 

He has been somewhat neglected, so he needs to be with someone who wants a dog, knows how to care for and teach him patiently as he grows. We have purchased a large kennel, cozy bed, food/water dish, chew toys, kong, harness, leash and food that I am happy to send with him to make the transition seamless. A rehoming fee will apply to help ensure he goes to a good home and help cover our costs in fostering him.

Alaina Sawaya  360.778.9499  


Last night around midnight we woke up to a highly agitated man yelling in front of our house. He threw something into our parking strip and walked down the street. Probably a car prowl–if you are missing a zippered bag that says Platt and Intermatic, and can describe the contents, let me know! Lee Gulyas, Keesling Street


David Dodson both wrote and sang this. Today & tomorrow are the 22nd anniversary of Zeke & my wedding. (Yes, it took us two days because I married a Canadian, and we followed all the rules really carefully.) We’re cuddling, cooking celebratory food, doing some house projects and laundry, making music together. We made great bacon and french toast with real maple syrup for breakfast, and we’ll grill steaks for dinner, from Carne, here in the neighborhood. (No we didn’t. We’ll do that tomorrow. We got take-out from the Soy House instead.) And we’re playing/cleaning house! (I don’t think we’d vacuumed in a month… one of the disadvantages of no visitors.) After we get the last of the laundry finished, Zeke has promised to play with my old wooden train set with me! Pre-Brio. All unpainted maple. When I was a kid, my siblings and I still played with the trains and track when we were in junior high. I added to the set when my kids were small and we lived near the factory that made them. I got all sorts of track, switches, cars, signs, bridges & trestles. And then when my first pair of grandsons were small, Tim Hutton here in Bellingham made me train stations, a couple little houses, and some passenger cars with windows. And he let me help! I found the box deep under the bed a while ago, and have been longing not just to play with them, but to have someone to play with them with me. And no kids in safe reach at the moment. So Zeke and I will be kids for a while. Having someone to play with may be the most glorious part of being married. Plus that “for better and for worse, in sickness and in health” part isn’t so bad either. Thanks Zeke!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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COVID Resource; Skin Rash; Sunnyland Soft Shoe; Judge Forum; More; Song: Daughters Of Feminists

CONTENTS 7/17/2020
Important COVID Report
Skin Rash As Early COVID Symptom
Sunnyland Soft Shoe On Saturday
Judges Forum Online
Lost Ear Bud
Rental Wanted By Three Roommates
Rental Wanted By Handyman
Radio Free Fl!p: Daughter Of Feminists


White House “Report To Governors” report gives state-by-state and county-by-county weekly tracking of COVID, with trends and detailed recommendations.

Here are the charts. Scroll way down near the end to get to Washington state and Whatcom county (page 330 I think).


Data from the COVID Symptom Study shows that characteristic skin rashes and ‘COVID fingers and toes’ should be considered as key diagnostic signs of the disease, and can occur in the absence of any other symptoms. I joined this study and get regular updates. It seems both safe to do so, and useful at this time. I report daily. It takes less than a minute on an app.


I have always loved Sunnyland’s neighborhood celebration, and this year they are creating a socially-distanced event, and we are all invited. 


Informed voter are so important. It’s particularly challenging to sort out judges from the information in the voter’s pamphlet so I was glad to hear of this forum. If you hear of any other candidate forums, I would appreciate hearing about them.

Candidate Forum – Whatcom Superior Court Judge, Pos. 4
Monday July 20  7:00 PM
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 841 5616 9856
Password: 101690

POSITION DUTIES – WHATCOM SUPERIOR COURT JUDGEEach of Washington’s 39 counties has a superior court.  Whatcom’s has 4 judges elected to 4-year terms and 3 commissioners appointed by judges. Judges and commissioners hear and decide cases assigned to them by the presiding judge

Types of cases superior court handles:
o Adult Felonies
o Civil cases – (includes cases involving real property and/or claims in excess of $35,000)
o Divorce/Child Custody/Child Support matters
o Probate/guardianships
o Paternity actions
o Adoptions
o Juvenile cases
o Mental Illness cases

The presiding judge is elected by the other judges to serve not less than two years,  He or she supervises the judicial business of the Superior Court, acts as the spokesperson for the court, directs the court administrator in implementing administrative and general court policy, and performs judicial and administrative duties.

Court commissioners are appointed by the superior court judges. They have some of the same powers and duties as judges and are authorized to hear ex parte, domestic, criminal, juvenile offender, dependency and mental illness proceedings. They may sit as judges pro tempore if all parties agree.

Candidates submit their statements. The Office of the Secretary of State does not make corrections or verify statements for truth or fact.  See


I have a “handywoman”  that I want to recommend.  Very capable and knowledgeable. She does repairs and construction. She’s just now putting herself out on the market… Her name is Daniella Hirt.  phone:  206.310.6963. She lives on Henry, across the street from me. I’m happy to recommend her; she has done numerous things for me.  A nice person too. ~ Sara Todd


I lost an ear bud in the alley between Victor and Lynn on Thursday July 16. It is red with a L (for left) and R for brand name. Any help finding appreciated.
Jim Schmotzer


3 roommates looking for 2 bed, minimum 1.5 bath place to stay for easy transport to work and school, looking to move by end of August/beginning of September. Max monthly rent around $1500, preferably with utilities included. Prefer parking space for two cars. Responsible, quiet and clean; would prefer pet friendly (2 indoor cats). Need LGBT-friendly options. Employment, rental and character references available upon request.  Please contact Ean Broyles at:  THANK YOU


Looking for a place to live; something more private like a mother-in-law suite, garage converted apartment or basement type place to rent. Currently in Blaine but would be ok with Ferndale, Bellingham or Fairhaven area. Jordan, 23 years old, very mature for his age and has a well mannered dog named Eli (80lb Black lab mix) that surprisingly barely barks. Jordan works for Andgar heating and air corp. He has references if wanted, is a handyman with many skills beyond his age and of course always willing to lend a hand. He’s looking for something temporary 6-8 months to rent but ok if it’s longer than that. Not a smoker, enjoys the occasional Batch15 from Aslan. $900 is the cap but willing to pay more for the right place and environment.
Jordan Booth
(From his girlfriend, Genesis)


Written by Nancy White, originally on her album Momnipotant. Here is a pandemic version, in honor of the album’s 30th anniversary. I would have had a such a daughter, if I hadn’t only had sons.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Concert Tomorrow; Vote; Critters & Cars; Masks; Misinformation; Song: I Wanna Be A Dog

CONTENTS 7/15/2020
Concert Tomorrow!
Vote! And First, Inform Yourself
Raccoon Tolerance
Another Coyote / Cat
Car Prowling
Masks May Protect Us Both
Radio Free Fl!p: I Wanna Be A Dog


Don’t forget Elizabeth Park Online Concert tomorrow, 6-8 PM.
FREE HARMONY:  Chuck Dingée and Sharon Mayson’s beautiful vocals.

Here’s the link for the Facebook feed:

Here’s the link for YouTube

And of Course, KMRE-FM 102.3


There is a primary election coming right up. Our voter’s pamphlet arrived today and ballots will follow soon. Being a citizen gives us both rights and responsibilities. The people who created our system of government counted on voters educating themselves. I consider it part of what gets called Adulting these days. I am not in the least interested in telling you who to vote for, but I really do want to encourage each of you to vote, and to inform yourself as best you can, before you vote. Whenever I find out about a forum or other good source of information I will let you know. This particular primary election coming up is the one in which each individual (that means you) has the greatest influence on the outcomes. That is because traditionally, voter turnout is low. Your vote is a higher percentage of the total. I have seen outcomes hinge on less than a dozen votes. This is a big opportunity!


In case it helps Raccoon tolerance, mothers have to protect their babies from males who will kill them. And teach them how to flatten their spines to get thru tight spots. “Raccoon Nation”, through our library, shows this. Riveting to watch!  ~ Gillian Brightwater


I live on 2200 block of Utter street. I walked out of my house this morning to walk to work, took a right in front of the big Victorian house next to me and there’s a deceased orange and white cat that very obviously had been attacked by a coyote or something. I recognize the cat as being a resident of our neighborhood. I called animal control and left a message. So awful and sad. Sincerely, ~ Nancy Rathjen


Just a friendly heads up, don’t forget to lock your car doors. I just heard a few people on bikes around 3:45 AM (Wednesday) opening up my neighbor’s car.  ~ Rachel Greenwood, 2600 block of Walnut Street

[Coyotes aren’t the only ones prowling!]


This looks both hopeful and credible.


People easily share information to others to be “helpful” without checking for accuracy. This study shows that social media affects judgement but that it may be possible to slow it down by asking about accuracy. Amazingly, the simple question “is it accurate?” slowed people down enough that the information shared was more accurate and less misguided. More misinformation was shared when the question was not asked. If it could be that simple, we could make a difference. Asking people to slow down and check accuracy might actually help.


The Canote Brothers sing an identical twin duet; written by Barry Louis Polisar (who wrote the Yuch song, which I utterly adore and love singing to children, often to their parents’ horror. I may post Yuch sometime… Barry also wrote It Came From Under The Rug and My Brother Threw Up On My Toy Stuffed Bunny. He writes about Real Life for kids. This song is a little safer, but not completely safe.)

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Election Forum Tonight; Hand Sanitizer Safety; Free Stuff; Post Office?

CONTENTS 7/13/2020
Upcoming Primary Election: Forum Tonight
Hand Sanitizer Safety
Free Kids Play Structure
Free Rhubarb Seeds
Free Black Sunflower Seeds
Post Office?


I hope this gets out in time! I just heard about it. Judges are perhaps the hardest races to figure out. I tend to call at least a handful of attorneys I know, to ask their opinions. They tend to have information about whether a particular candidate pays attention, respects all who come before them, get reversed by higher courts, has a broad knowledge of the kind of cases that will come before them as judges. There is a forum this evening at 7 PM, and I just now found out! I hope it is recorded for later. I will be sending information as I find in on ways we can all get information so we can be informed voters. The amount of influence each of us has is greater when there is a smaller number of voters. This is our moment!…

Topic: Whatcom Judges Forum Position 2
Time: Jul 13, 2020 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 883 1640 0654
Password: 060988


FDA is warning consumers and health care providers that the agency has seen a sharp increase in hand sanitizer products that are labeled to contain ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol) but that have tested positive for methanol contamination. Methanol, or wood alcohol, is a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested and can be life-threatening when ingested. This link contains a list of symptoms to watch for, and a six page list of products and brands currently known to be a problem. There is also a link where reports of problems can be submitted online. Thanks to Jim Zito on E Walnut Street for the heads-up.


Would love to pass this along to some other neighborhood kids.  Who wants it?   Nate Melanson, Cherry St


I have 2 bags of rhubarb seeds to give away free. Two paper grocery bags…dried stems full of dry seeds.  ~ Jenny Maida-Young  360-353-4192


I bought a 5# bag, and then discovered the corvids don’t want them. Apparently they like peanuts, but those are far too dangerous to the neighborhood toddlers, who put everything in their mouths. Parents of babies with life-threatening peanut allergies can’t take their little ones outside because birds drop shells everywhere. And there is nothing on earth faster than a crawling baby who has been asked, “What did you just put in your mouth?” Oh well. The crows and jays hang out anyway, and look reasonably healthy. I was just hoping to make friends a little. Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511


Is anyone going inside the post office this week? Zeke needs to ship a package to eastern Europe and it has to be taken to the counter at the post office. We have not been in a building other than our home since early March and I’d like to keep it that way! I would rather not ask anyone to increase their own exposure, but it someone is going anyway, we would love your help. ~ Thanks, Fl!p 360-671-4511

No music today in hopes this will get out faster. Maybe music later…


Found Phone; Risks; Masks; Covid Study; Storage; Cats; More; Song: My Fence & My Neighbor

CONTENTS 7/11/2020
Alert: Phound Phone
Visual Guide To Activity Risk
Mask Effectiveness Video
Community Covid Symptom Tracker
Storage Needed
Wild Whatcom
Keep Cats In At Night
Cats & Birds
Wire Fence / Trellis Panels
Help For Parents
Car Break In At Utter And W. Connecticut
Radio Free Fl!p: My Fence & My Neighbor


I found a sprint smartphone at Squalicum park behind the baseball fields at 5:30 pm this evening. Please contact me to retrieve. Sarah – (425)681-9605
Sarah Grainger,  Victor Street


Jessica Burchiel,  Henry St



I signed up for this research project today. It will take 1 minute of my time per day. My friend and former Whatcom Public Health Officer Frank James invited me to join. It looks safe enough, and it really could be of value in the scientific study of this virus. So I invite you, too.


Do some of you remember when our neighbors donated needed supplies for people without housing during the winter storms and the later cold snap? I worked with a woman named Shari Lapof. Shari collects winter coats, gloves, hats, socks, sleeping bags, hand warmers and other critical supplies to distribute year round as needed. Shari is losing her free storage space soon and needs another place she can access. About size of single car garage, in Bham, with lights or electricity, enclosed and lock-able. Safe to to go alone. contact me, and I’ll put you in touch. I hope we can help her with this! Fl!p 360-671-4511


Virtual camps coming up the week of July 20th — stay connected with friends and neighbors and get outside while the weather is gorgeous! Campers can join Wild Whatcom’s experienced mentors in:

  • Skills “outings” to learn about birding, navigation, nature art, and/or native tree and plant ID. Each session includes two “outings” on Zoom with missions to complete outside with friends and family in between. Ends with a show and tell on Zoom to share what you learned!
  • Role Playing Games with a focus on nature, collaboration, and self reflection; four sessions in one week

Did you know that several Wild Whatcom staff and board members live in the Columbia neighborhood? We hope to see our neighbors outside this summer whether in Wild Whatcom camps or in our beautiful neighborhood parks!
Licia Sahagun 


From Dallas Talkington, 2718 Eldridge Ave. From Dallas Talkington, 2718 Eldridge Ave.  – Sadly I found in my back yard this morning the remains of a grey cat. Probably a coyote. My own cats are now under lock down. Everyone please beware.

Animal Control has seen lots of evidence lately of coyotes, and raccoons. This is the season where young ones are being taught to hunt and cats are a prime target. Dallas is correct. about keeping your cats inside. Please do contact Animal Control if you find a deceased cat. 360-733-2080 x 3017


Any time I post about cats dying, I immediately get grumpy posts about cats and birds. Cats are absolutely Subsidized Predators, though feral cats are also an unsubsidized part of that equation. In my household, our cat Vortex is locked indoors from early dusk until late enough morning that there are lots of people up and about, to protect her from bigger predators. And she wears a BirdsBeSafe collar to protect the birds. Vortex is 10 years old. She has had her collar for probably 8 years. In that time, she has caught one bird, and when I looked I realized that the collar’s colors had faded over the years. I promptly replaced it and have had no more bird deaths. She used to be a skilled hunter.

The BirdsBeSafe collar cover was created by a couple of bird biologists who had a cat named George. George was a mighty hunter, which caused his bird loving humans considerable distress. At some point they remembered or discovered that songbirds see the colors red and yellow particularly well, and began to experiment with fabric patterns. Their collars are sewn with the most effective designs.  It’s a collar cover, not a whole collar.

It’s a good thing Vortex was inside the house the first time I put on her collar. She completely freaked out and hid under beds and couches for most of a week. (My brother considered the collar to be particularly great because it protected birds and humiliated the cat at the same time.) But over time, Vortex adjusted. She waits patiently while I buckle it on in the morning and again while I remove it as soon as she’s in for the night.

Traditionally, cats were permitted to adopt humans in return for providing Rodent Patrol. The collar does not interfere with this job.  Vortex, on the other hand, does not consider her personal duties to include squirrels or any other big-front-toothed critters. We have a garden full of birds, and the jays and crows spend a certain amount of their day harassing the cat, but Vortex has never been injured. A detente seems to have been reached.

Domestic cats that can’t kill birds limit the range of feral cats, which is also helpful.

None if this has any impact on whether your cat is pooping in your neighbors’ gardens. It’s a discussion you probably need to have with your neighbors. And you’ll need to find a way to make your own yard more attractive to your cat than your neighbor’s yard.

I just checked, and the BirdsBeSafe collar cover is available in town at the Wild Bird Chalet over on Ohio Street for $11 and tax. They do curbside pickup and are open Monday – Saturday 11 – 4. 360-734-0969. Let’s go save some birdies!


Just FYI to let neighbors know my car was broken into last night. Didn’t discover it till around noon today. We will report to police. Nothing of value taken and no damage to car. Looks like a search for loose change. Huge thanks to neighbor Dan for finding the insurance/registration in the street and returning it to us…. bringing the break in to our attention! I thought my car was locked – not driving it very often these days — but it appears it was easy to get into, so maybe it wasn’t locked. We will be more careful.
Jack and Judy Shaughnessy,  Corner of Utter and W. Connecticut


Three heavy wire panels approx. 5’x8’  made of heavy gauge galvanized wire welded into 4” squares.  We’ve been using these as support for vines grown along a fence but they also make great fencing, or can be cut and used for any number of different projects.  This type of panel is typically sold in 16’ lengths for about $70.  I’m asking $10 per panel.  Call number below with questions or to arrange for pick-up.
Frank Haulgren
Lafayette St.


Patty Wipfler was profoundly helpful to me during my active parenting years (my kids are like 50 now). These days she has a website, and it’s worth consulting. She’s got lots of helpful information about parenting during the pandemic.


Cosy Sheridan w/ Charlie Koch – They have come to Guitar Camp for many years, and have played concerts here in town when they’ve traveled through. Cosy is an amazing writer. I thought of this song for my beloved neighborhood. I think a lot about how we can build community. It’s not always easy, but I think it’s always worth doing. How could we dream of changing others without also being willing to change ourselves?

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Chalk Photo Glitches; A Bit More; Song: My Heart Knows The Way To Your Door

CONTENTS 7/6/2020
Chalk Photo Glitches
More Porch Concerts?
Baby Pool, High Chair Needed
How Could Anyone Ever Tell You? (Story)
Radio Free Fl!p: My Heart Knows The Way To Your Door


Thank you all for sending & uploading photos. You may or may not be able to view the uploaded ones yet. Get that empty-looking map up and then find something else to do for 5 minutes while the map ruminates. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve been trying to get all the photos linked, with various success. Jonny will be back in town tomorrow and we’ll see what we can figure out. (He’s wonderful!)

I’ve been thrilled looking at all the sweet photos everyone has emailed. Unfortunately, the volume of attachments crashed my email, so I’ve had most of this day as an “email vacation” complete with a nap! PogoZone has me back up and running as of half an hour ago, though I could use some knowledgeable advice sorting out the rubble. I’m on Apple Mail, on a MacBook Pro from 2015 and an older iPhone, and I’ve been told I’m a “Digital Hoarder.”  So it’s not the neighborhood’s fault!

If this is the biggest glitch for a first-time event, I am content, and I bet you’ll find a way to be patient as well. As near as I can tell we stayed safe in the pandemic and still connected with each other, and I couldn’t be more delighted!

Zeke and I took the car out and tried to drive down every block so we could see all your chalk, for a couple hours each day, yesterday and today. Wow! Our neighborhood gets wiggly around the edges, doesn’t it? And BEAUTIFUL! I had seen enough photos that often I’d see someone’s chalk and go, “OH! I’ve seen a photo of that one!” Such joy, such delight, such creativity… I love you all madly!


I realized that we can have lots of Porch Concerts this summer. You could just take your instruments out and play on your porch. (Check with your neighbors, but if you can live with their lawnmower, I bet they can live with your music, especially if it’s acoustic.) Or, send me a post at least two or three days beforehand and I’ll run it in an Update. I can’t promise folks will come, but they might. It sure was cool to have, at last count, 22 concerts happening Saturday afternoon!


Surprise!  Daughter and family coming up to Bellingham, to support in-laws.  I’d like to borrow a little baby pool for my 14-month-old grandson.  Hoping for something relatively portable.  Also, high chair or ideally high-chair table attachment.  I need them July 13-23.  Thanks.
Susan Witter, Williams St, 360-647-0310


Used to be Cost Cutter. If anyone is going there in the next few days, I would love it if you’d shop for us too. 360-671-4511


A deeper background on the story Libby tells about the song she wrote.

This is a story about how change really happened. I’m finding it really touching.


Betsy Rose is an old friend I haven’t seen in decades, and this is a song she wrote over half our lifetimes ago.  And it’s still true for both of us.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Chalk Wrap-Up; DropBox Help? Lots More; Song: How Could Anyone Ever Tell You?

CONTENTS 7/5/2020
Chalk Wrap-Up Part One
    Herald Chalk Story
    Oh Dear…
Dropbox Assistance?
Little White Dog Is Safely Home
Lost Package Found!
Grout Work?
Radio Free Fl!p: How Could Anyone Ever Tell You?


I LOVE all your glorious chalk!!! WOW! Such joy, creativity, engagement in the world. There were some pretty darned cool costumes too! And I loved how many of you stopped by.

Shall we do it again next year? Was this the First Annual?

I was fried last night, but have started loading/linking photos to the map today. I have no idea how to process the photos people texted and emailed to me, but hopefully I can find help to show me how. Or some volunteers to take over that part. Or maybe, if you are one of the people who emailed or texted me photos, might you try to upload them to the chalk page? I loved getting to see them! But I could use a hand getting them up online.

Here’s the link for posting. Once you’ve uploaded them, I still need to get in and link them to our map, so be patient.

The map doesn’t appear to run its best on all platforms. Or maybe it’s just too full! First, try waiting! My map appeared blank earlier, and I abandoned my computer and did a little bit of house cleaning after yesterday, came back, and there were photos! It was way easier to see the photos when I followed the instructions on the webpage to hide all the other layers. Look for the directions. Right now about 20 addresses show, but not yet the Park Street Peacock!

If you can’t get it to work, try a different browser and see if that helps. If it does, please let me know and I’ll spread the word.

Since it rained all week, and then cleared up yesterday, I spent all morning handing out chalk. Folks kept deciding to join in, and coming for chalk till about 1:30 in the afternoon. I was just thrilled!

And then all afternoon folks would call hoping I had “one more stick” of red, or blue, or green, or black and white. (I knew what that last had to be for.) I was touched that neighbors thought I personally cared about them and their artwork, and would want to help. And I did, and I could! It was really sweet to get to see what they were able to finish as I look at photos.

I still have a little chalk. Does anyone need just a bit more? Or a late-comer who would still like to chalk? I’ve got 3 sets left.

Zeke and I finally went out and walked around 10 or so blocks, about 8 PM. It’s the most we’ve been out since early March. I hadn’t even been to the end of our block! There were still lots of people out looking at chalk. They looked as tired as we felt. I suspect the streets will still be full today. No rain till Friday. The Herald is going to run a story so we may get more viewers from there. Turned out I didn’t need to worry about drawing crowds in such a big neighborhood. Except around the ice cream truck!

We couldn’t find the dragon! People kept telling us about the dragon. Does anyone know where it is? The peacock is at 2427 Park Street, and is well worth a visit! What else shouldn’t we miss?

I loved how my own chalk  project came out. But it isn’t easy to get a photo of it at 15 feet long! Still looks good this morning even though it got wet. You can’t see it from the street because of all my plantings between street and my chalk. Walk on the sidewalk if you want to see it. (Of course I did chalk! I wouldn’t ask you to do something I wouldn’t.) If some of you would like a garden tour, check with me to make an appointment. I was too busy to do more than a few yesterday.



I learned that our neighborhood is within a No Fly zone for photo drones, around our airport. Oh well! It was a lovely thought!


While it’s fresh on my and everybody else’s inner screen of the mind:

I want to thank you, the bubbling brook of pleasant, multi-aged neighbors springing forth from your local sources, meandering by foot and pedal through this neighborhood on a sun blessed day of sharing.

It was a joy enjoying you enjoying yourself – an exchange in the currency of the heart…

Yet, for kindling this opportunity and steaming us with steady pulls and pushes up this delightful “community hill” our respectful thanks and many humble hats shall go off to the mighty little engine in the red house with the green trim on Cherry Street.

In the name of the neighborhood I want to propose a toast from our collective front and back porches to the instigator of this :

Chalk it up , Fl!p !

Thank you so much !

Cheers !

Max Eberhard Eichner and household on Victor St.

[It’s me that should be thanking all of you! Who ever gets so many people adopting an idea and turning it into such a sweet reality, a dream come true? The little girl who lives deep in my heart says, THANK YOU! What a gift you’ve given me!  Love/Fl!p]


A little dab’l do you. Zeke’s got a split fingernail and our superglue definitely died long ago.


My dropbox is full, and so is my iCloud I think, and I would love help cleaning it out. I don’t want to pay $10 a month. All these photo transfers seem to demand dropbox or iCloud and both are demanding money. I’m a bit plotzed at the moment. I have an older MacBook Pro (2015). Any help out there?


Fräulein is found and home. Thanks to so many neighbors. You work like a charm! Eberhard Eichner


Yesterday’s lost package was just brought to me by a neighbor. It was delivered to them by mistake! ~ Laura Stone, Lynn Street


We’re looking for someone who can remove and replace the grout in our kitchen tiles. It’s a larger space. Please contact if you know and can recommend anyone! Thanks- Bob and Debra Hicks on W. North


I brought Libby Roderick, who wrote this song, to Bellingham from Alaska to play a Roeder Home concert many years ago. Much to my surprise, we had to do the concert in two shifts! I hope she is still that loved and celebrated everywhere she goes. I’m going to include a second link, of her live in concert talking about some background around the song, in case you’re curious.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Fourth Of July Chalk Festival Today! Details; How Fauci Handles Daily Life; More. Tune x 3: Stars And Stripes Forever

CONTENTS 7/4/2020
  I Still Have Chalk
  Safe Social Distance
  Be Part Of The Show!
  How To Find The Map
  Upload Photos
  Twenty Lawn-Certs!
  Other Cool Festival Stuff
     Ice Cream Truck
How Fauci & Others Handle Risk In Their Personal Lives
Lost Package
Radio Free Fl!p: Stars And Stripes Forever


Join 170 neighbors! Sign up at if you can, and then call me at 360-671-4511 to let me know you’re coming. If the sign-up sheet has shifted over to photo uploading, you can sign up directly with me. I still have chalk sets here. I have chalk for you!


This festival is specifically designed for the pandemic. Our chalk is widely spaced (40 feet). Everything is outdoors. We’re wearing masks. We’re using our own bathrooms. Stay safe – cover your nose and mouth and stay at least 6 feet away from anyone who doesn’t live in your house. Further apart if you’re going to be there a while. This especially applies if you’ve invited a few friends or family to join you. Groups that don’t live in the same house should be limited in size to 5 people. I really believe we can do this safely. And I want to see photos of all the cool masks!


Let’s have a party!!! Please consider dressing up in party clothes, or costumes, or even halloween outfits when you go out for a Chalk Walk (or bike) to view all the creativity. That way, we’re all part of the show instead of some of us just being spectators or consumers. But of course, wait till you’ve finished your chalk so you don’t wreck your clothes!


On your computer or smart phone, go to

and scroll down to the very bottom of the screen. You’ll be seeing the Key or Legend to the map. Now scroll back up just a little. There’s the map! Slide the map around with one finger. There are little plus and minus signs to zoom the map, or use two fingers pulling apart or back together. Wiggle the “hand” that hovers on a dot to turn it into a pointing finger, then click and the address will show up, along with a description if the household entered one.


Sometime tomorrow this page will shift so you can upload photos to it, using a button. Once I’m done with my own chalk, I will start transferring your uploaded photos to the map so we can all see them. I want a virtual tour please! Share your chalk, and your chalkers, and the lawn-certs, and everything else that happens!


In no particular order. Look at the map… 170 households appear to have signed up for the festival. Wow! What if we threw a party and everyone came?

I’m not sure I found all of the musicians who signed up on the list, but here are at least TWENTY different groups playing music for us tomorrow!

Nobody’s going to play straight through for 3 hours, but what a wealth and a gift of music we have here in the neighborhood. I’m so glad it’s shining through! I wonder how many of them teach music. I can think of at least three more neighbors who teach, right off the top of my head. And they aren’t even on this list. I wonder who else we’re missing… Amazing!

2424 Park Street
Cabin Fever NW
Musical duo Cabin Fever NW (Tara Caldwell and Dianne Bochsler) will perform from 2 – 4pm, socially distanced from the front yard. Alternate Root magazine says “Imagine Simon and Garfunkel singing with the Carter Family’s devotion”. Original and traditional folk.

2116 Williams Street
Did you know it rains almost every Tuesday at 2:30 pm? Undaunted, we’ve been holding a few social distanced, outdoor practices! Beth Fuller, Laura Shelton and Lesley Rigg will be doing (and redoing) a set of 6 songs–a cappella–ranging from a 16th century madrigal to Traditional English Folk to the political/protest songs of Woody Guthrie and current folk artists Linda Allen and Artemisia.

2700 Victor St. #2
“Max” Eberhard Eichner
Ample spaced sets of several puppet theater displays of the Folktales and Fabled Fables by Puppeteer “Max” and Pappenspiel. Cartoon like blurbs will do some “telling” while you can spin the stories on your way … Extra special bonus: “Moments of fully masked and kept at arms length Puppet Walk-abouts will be happening to live music…

2720 Elm Street
We plan to decorate and designate the sidewalk in front of our house as the Dance Party Zone! We’ll be playing music from a PA speaker on our front porch and encouraging passers-by to dance-walk their way down the sidewalk through the “Dance Party Zone.”

2214 Williams Street
The Celtic Knots
Jason (handsome husband) and I will be attempting a colorful celtic knot pattern on the sidewalk, so I put the word out to some of my local ceilidh club friends, inviting them over to play some Irish Tunes with us. (Jas plays guitar, I play the penny whistle, most of our friends play fiddle.) Sounds like it might end up being a belated celebration of St. Patrick’s Day over here, in conjunction with Independence Day! Albeit at biologically appropriate distances. 🍀

1601 Broadway
Woodwind Trio
There will be “fun classical music for woodwind trio.” Details are Jennifer Weeks – oboe, Ken Bronstein – oboe, and Pat Nelson – bassoon, will be playing a variety of classical trios from 2:00 until we’re too tired to play anymore!

2132 Walnut Street
Acoustic guitar, alt Americana kinds of songs, family friendly and good for foot-tapping, like we might hear around a campfire. All covers..

2230 Utter Street
Chalk art and trombone music!

2415 Cherry Street
Come dance to some Kids-Bop while enjoying our sidewalk

2518 Cherry Street
Fl!p & Zeke: traditional and original folk. Possible garden tours. See the pterodactyl & the life-sized moss stag….

2510 Keesling Street
Old time fiddle tunes and classical cello

2618 Park Street
Singing folk songs on our front porch

2829 Lynn St
Pat and Gail MacDonald will do some familiar seasonal (summer) songs on ukulele between 3:00 and 4:00 in our driveway. (Birdhouse Studio)

2310 Williams Street
 CraigO’s Planet Groove will be playing in my yard from 2-5 ish depending on the weather.  Bringing our groove so that you can groove 🙂  Creative renderings inspired by the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Kingfish, NRPS, New Orleans Second Line, Originals, and other groove-centric artists.

2618 Park
Thea Rosenburg and her family will be playing folk songs and hymns on our front porch at 4:00. We’ve got a passel of daughters, so this should be a fun sing-along for kids as well as adults. Come join us!

2939 Lynn
Lee Walkup driveway concert 3:30-5: Electric Piano – “Oldies but Goodies’ 30s to 60s.

2401 Lynn Street
The Random Orbit Sanders will be playing Americana tunes  from 1-3 on our porch. We play new music, old music, show tunes, banjo tunes, with a small amount of yodeling just because… yodeling. All acoustic: two guitars (or guitar and banjo), three voices and random tunes. We will be playing on our porch so it might be hard to see because of the fence, but we do better when no one is looking anyway!

2618 Park Street
Singing folk songs on our front porch

2404 Victor
My children are wonderful singers, one plays ukulele among other instruments. They are talented artists and painters as well.

1316 E. Maplewood
Americana music with singer/songwriter featuring covers and originals about family and this beautiful life. Long driveway but stop by and say hi!


Handmade Fabric Masks, produce, garden starts, soaps & lotions, pottery, turned wooden bowls, paintings, puppets, the Share Hut, the Share Shack, and Little Free Libraries are scattered through the neighborhood. Look for them as pink or gold dots on the map. And don’t forget the
11:30 – 11:40 at Immanuel Church and
11:40 – 11:50 at Columbia School.




A package was marked by USPS as delivered to me, but it was not. I’m hoping it may have been misdelivered to someone! ~ Laura Stone, Lynn Street


Chet Atkins plays Guy Van Duser’s arrangement

Bill Knopf on banjo

Jake Shimabukuro on ukulele

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Chalk! Safety, Costumes, Getting Chalk, Ice Cream Truck, Chalk Talk, Post Photos, Lots More; Song: Bread & Roses

CONTENTS 7/3/2020
Chalk Festival Tomorrow!
    I Still Have Chalk!
    Dakota Art Chalk
    May I Be Your Audience?
    Sign Up!
    Dress Up!
    Tomorrow’s Schedule
    Post Photos
    Stay Safe This Holiday
    All The Chalk Talks!
Free Fill Dirt
Radio Free Fl!p: Bread And Roses


Sign up here:
(Call me if you need help signing up: 360-671-4511)


Sign up at and then call me at 360-671-4511 to let me know you’re coming. I still have over 50 sets here. I have chalk for you!


I’m running low (but not quite out) just of vivid colors. If I do run out, or if you want larger quantities, Dakota Art down on Cornwall still has lots of bright chalk. They’ve got the big $20 sets, but they also have some lovely $8 sets. They do curbside if you need that. They close at 5 PM today, and of course they are closed tomorrow for July 4th. (360) 676-8918


If you’re kinda nervous about drawing with sidewalk chalk – I’ll be your audience! You can draw for me instead of “for the world.” For me the big thing is that we’re all doing something together and I’d love for you to be part of it. You can upload photos for me. I’d love to see!


Sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, Jonny will shift the website from sign-ups to uploads for your photos. So don’t wait for tomorrow to sign up! Signing up makes your house show up on the chalk map. Your name doesn’t show, though you can add it in the comments if you want. The more houses on your block sign up, the more likely neighbors are to wander down your street to see what you made. Neighbors can still sign up, and I have chalk for them.


We could play dress-up when we go out to Chalk Walk. How long has it been since you had an excuse to dress up? Fancy dress, cosplay or halloween costumes. You name it! Not required but welcome. As we wander, we can become part of the visual celebration.

But remember to wear clothes you’re willing to ruin while you play with chalk. Then go change to your party duds.


It looks like the weather tomorrow will be perfect! Dry and not too hot. Just a bit of a breeze, not windy.

Go out your front door and play with chalk. If you don’t have sidewalk in front of your house, We are invited to use the sidewalks (just the sidewalks) at three spaces, and I think there will be volunteers at 10 AM – at Columbia School (Walnut Street), Immanuel Bible Church (Lynn Street) and Franklin Academy (E Victor). If not, just space yourselves out as far apart as a house lot (40 feet) and play!

You can stop by our house for chalk. We’re at 2518 Cherry Street. It’s a red house with green trim. Call to say you’re coming: 360-671-4511.

10:00 – 2:00 Chalk!

11:30 Ice Cream Truck stops at Immanuel Bible Church

11:40 Ice Cream Truck stops at Columbia Elementary

(Times are approximate, visits are for around 10 minutes)

2:00 – 5:00 Chalk Walk! Go see what everyone else did. You might want to ride a bike because there are about 100 blocks in our neighborhood! Get some exercise. You can look at the chalk map on your phone to guide you.


Take photos of your chalk and of the chalkers and whatever else is going on, like concerts and crafts. I would also love to see photos of your masks! Who’s got a cool mask to show off?

Go to tomorrow afternoon, and the button you used to sign up will instead let you upload photos. It will take a while for your photos to show up on the map because I’ve got to transfer them each, one by one, but I will. And it means I get to see all the glorious things happening tomorrow, without leaving home. And so can everyone else. We’ll leave the photos up so you can show your friends and family.


Wear masks, distance 6 – 8 feet, avoid crowds. Alcohol and crowds are particularly dangerous together. Unfortunately, so is singing together, one of my favorite activities. Ever looked at your breath on a frosty morning? Think about that vapor cloud. You can’t see it when it’s not cold. Wear your mask to protect others. Bring hand sanitizer wherever you go. We can keep each other safe!


My most profound thanks to Marla Bronstein for creating this amazing series!

Chalk Fest 2020

Seth Fleetwood

Tim Douglas

Flip Breskin

Miriam Barnett

Hannah Stone

Gene Knutson

Frank James

Aaron Darraugh

Janet Lightner

Peter Roberts



Free Fill, Raised Bed- soil from our raspberry raised bed. You haul.  ~ Drew Winsor,


Dawn Landes, Alana Amram & Abigail Chapin

I was worrying about the Chalk Festival earlier today. Is it right to spend resources on chalk, on creativity, when there are people going hungry? And then I remembered this song, and the tears came. I don’t think it’s either / or. I think it’s both! This song is associated with a textile worker’s strike for a living wage, in 1912.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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