Helping Children Exposed To Shocking Events



I am sending this out right now. Patty Wipfler is one of the wisest women I have ever known, and has spent the last 20 years building her website into a profoundly helpful resource for anyone involved with children or those who care for them. This is a difficult day in a difficult time, and our children are watching. Let’s do the best we can for them.

All my love/ Fl!p

360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you’re willing to share your phone  with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission. Nor would I ever exploit it. You might put mine in your phone so if I were to phone you, you’d know it was me.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

SwiftHaven Arrives! Kindness; Windstorm; Please Write! Whatcom Refugees; Lots More; Song: The Wonderful Soup Stone

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Cayley Schmid and Aaron Guest
Radio Free Fl!p: The Wonderful Soup Stone


Today the first 12 of 25 tiny homes were finally delivered! They have been set in place and are occupied tonight. A dozen neighbors safe and dry inside, during tonight’s storm. Here’s an unattributed quote from a new resident (I couldn’t figure out who) “Omg, this is soooo amazing,  Matthew and I are super grateful, and warm, even without electric!! We can get jobs and go to school, when they reopen!! So fabulous,  Yayyyyy”


I was very touched at the kind responses to my rather overwhelmed post yesterday. Thank you! Folks had some sweet suggestions about where there might be more help setting up tents, and with supplies distribution. I’m looking into those. You could ask if you know anyone who works at REI. Someone is checking with the Mountaineers. I would love it if you would be patient with me for a while longer, and hang onto your donations till I have learned what to ask for and figured out with whom to share the list.

Except tarps and closed cell foam ground pads! We’ll still take those. (ASR Closed Cell Reflective Camping Pad looks particularly durable. Sears?) We were given a bunch of 11×15’ tarps (yay!) which help as rain flies for tents and shelters. Now we could use a bunch of smaller tarps. I’m in touch with volunteers who can distribute 6×8’ tarps to wrap up an individual, to try to warm them up. These outreach volunteers go out once a week on Thursdays. The same folks have been going for years.


Another storm! Volunteer time is needed to help clean up and help set up flattened tents and tarps. Many tent poles break during windstorms. See yesterday’s post about why this work is not straightforward. I may be able to help match clean-up volunteers with leaders known in the encampment.


I do not believe this heartbreak will end without massive community support for our leaders to take immediate action. Please write. Invite everyone you know to write. Invite your children to write – it will help them feel less helpless, and less worried about seeing grownups looking helpless in the face of homelessness.

Share any ideas you have about the many possibilities that will be needed to get everyone into emergency housing, and then into permanent housing. There is no single solution for all the different problems that have led to this encampment. But please ask for immediate action.

And please be kind and respectful to our elected officials. When they ran for office they never dreamed they would have all this on their plates. We will cause change not by trying to be bullies, but by huge numbers of individual, thoughtful letters of support for action.

City Hall’s street address is 210 Lottie Street, 98225.
The Whatcom County Courthouse address is 311 Grand Avenue, 98225


I received this question, and researched the answer: “Are people actually arriving by bus from out of town to join the city hall group because we have such generous people who live here?”

I spoke on the phone with a person who has worked in outreach with the Interfaith Coalition for many years. She says she has spoken other years with the police about this “outsiders” rumor. And the police say the rumor comes around every year. The police have never seen evidence of this being the case. We have horrible weather and nowhere near enough resources. The rumor is mean-spirited nonsense.

Homeless people do churn about, looking for work, so some come and go, but last year’s homeless census (late in January 2020) reported that 65% of the approximately 700 people who were counted, had last paid for housing here in Whatcom County. And only 15% had been homeless for over a year. These are our own, home-grown refugees.


I am so moved watching the huge effort so many cooks are making – 5 or more different cooks each day, on their feet for hours. And I heard from one this evening when her power went out down on Chuckanut while she was in the middle of prepping for tomorrow. Courageous utility workers got her power back on within a couple hours and I just heard she was able to finish her preparations. Food will be hot and ready for yet another neighbor to pick up and transport to city hall for tomorrow’s lunch for 50. And this happens in kitchens all over the city and county, five times a day, and has been happening for a couple months. Thank you all!


I am seeing daylight in my apple bin. I don’t mind doing stewy soups and such, as well, but with the great masher and crafty system in place I kindly look for more apples to mash so this occasional, sweet/hot tummy warmer offer at the cit yhall encampment can be continued. Extra apples anyone? Thanks. (Max has been making and delivering hot applesauce regularly for a long time.) ~ Max Eberhard :


Oops! I got dozens and dozens of egg cartons last time I asked. Way too many. No room for other supplies. I finally found someone to store a huge box of them for me. And now I can’t figure out who that was. But if everybody brings me more egg cartons again, I will go out of my mind! I need room for container storage, and soup pots and pans and lids, noodles, and sacks, and boxes, and soup base, and tarps, and pads, and, and, and… Does anyone know where my egg cartons wound up? Maybe one or two people could bring me some, but call first!


Come and get it! Lots of lentils, lots of rice, got a bunch more pasta: ziti, rigatoni & penne in 4# bags. Got four more 5# bags of shredded cheddar. I’ve got a big tub of curry paste that would go great with the lentils. A brand new 50# sack of onions. Ten dozen eggs or so. Jars of chicken soup base. One jar of Pesto. 1# of real Butter. Does any of that sound inspiring? We have soup pots, restaurant pans, paper soup cups and lids, two kinds of dinner boxes, and bakery bags.

Sign up on the MealTrain and then come pick up some goodies. Double up with a buddy to sign up if you each want to cook for fewer than 50. Or sign up for a 20 person snack. Write the date on each portion lid. Flash your headlights at the food tent at city hall when you arrive with your meal so someone will come collect your food.

There are just a few meal slots coming up in the next week. After that the schedule is currently wide open starting January 11. Jump on board!


Rice is 1 cup rice to 2 cups water, with an added “a cup for the pot” for larger quantities. I got last night’s recipe wrong.


The Boy Scouts are still doing tree pick up this year on January 9th.

And so are these folks: Bellingham Junk Removal Service will remove and dispose of your Christmas tree.  All it will cost you a donation to the Bellingham Food Bank.  Together we can extend the giving season a bit longer!

The Bellingham Food Bank prefers cash or checks, but we will take your food donations as well.  100% of what we collect will be going to the Food Bank, and Bellingham Junk Removal Service will cover the collection and disposal costs of the Christmas trees.

We will be collecting trees on January 7th & 8th for those in and around Bellingham wishing to participate.  We will collect the Food Bank donations at the same time we pick up your tree. Please message us to set up a pickup time.  Merry Christmas (a little longer)!  (360) 599-7473


I found a mountain style bike in good condition behind my house on Lynn Street. I checked to see if a lost bike has been reported, I looked to see if a friend left a note about it but none was found, so it is now with the Bellingham police to be claimed. They will need a description of it to reclaim it. And it has a unique feature or two. ~ Carla Shafer


My loom does not fit into my home, does not belong in the garage. For sale: J-made table loom with floor loom conversion. It is old, but is in very good condition. Includes many extras. To give away: knitting needles. ~ Cindy Spee, Lafayette St


The Canon Printer ink has been spoken for. So glad we can keep such stuff out of the land fill for as long as possible!  Thank you all who inquired. ~Beth Fuller


My brother, sister in law and two young girls are looking for a 3 bedroom house to rent in the Columbia/Lettered Streets/ Sunnyland neighborhood hopefully starting in March or April. They’re moving out from Atlanta Georgia to be nearer to Brittany and I and we’re really excited! Small-dog friendly and under $2500/month if possible. Feel free to share my contact info if anyone has any leads. Thanks so much!
Will and Brittany Nichols
2318 Elm Street


Thursday at 7:00 PM January 7th, 2021

Cayley Schmid and Aaron Guest met at the Bellingham Farmers Market in 2009. Desperately jealous of each other’s busking success, they neutralized the competition and started a band together. This was the beginning of a decade-long musical partnership that descended into marriage. After the retiring of their band, Polecat, on March 7th 2020, Aaron and Cayley suddenly found themselves musically unsupervised by their bandmates for the first time. Together they play instrumental folk music on fiddle and piano. They are also the founders of the Bellingham Folk Festival. Have I told you to go to that? The BFF may have the best poster I have ever seen. *I* am going!


Performed by Dr Hook in 1973. Written by Shel Silverstein – who also wrote Where The Sidewalk Ends. And A Boy Named Sue for anyone old enough. And the Unicorn Song. And Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book – the only book I kept out of reach and hidden while my children were young.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you’re willing to share your phone  with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission. Nor would I ever exploit it. You might put mine in your phone so if I were to phone you, you’d know it was me.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Please Write; SwiftHaven; What To Do?; Ingredients; Recipes; Lots More; Song: Nobody Knows You

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Today’s Ingredients
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Bellingham Folk Festival
Radio Free Fl!p: Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out


The people camping out on the city hall lawn are not The Problem. The problem is that our fellow citizens have nowhere to go. Please keep writing our elected officials. Be kind to them, but please be clear that we as a community need to take action now.

City Hall’s street address is 210 Lottie Street, 98225.
The Whatcom County Courthouse address is 311 Grand Avenue, 98225


Tiny Homes were due this morning, but did not arrive.  Hopefully tomorrow.


What is most needed is tiny homes, motels, and other safe, dry, heated spaces for people who have lost their homes to go to, immediately. What is most needed at the current encampment is sensitive volunteers on the ground: strong, knowledgable wilderness experts who really know how to set up a tent. And who can follow the lead of someone with personal relationships with the struggling folks with their collapsed tents. The known, long term volunteers can sensitively help a resident sort through their soaked belongings, leaving the owner in control to salvage what is possible. The long term outreach volunteer needs to direct tent replacement. Any new volunteers need to be able to follow the lead and direction of experienced folks. Even two or three such helpers could make a world of difference.

But to do that work involves possible exposure to both Covid and people’s potential upset feelings. If I’m no longer going downtown myself (70 and immune compromised) how can I ask anyone else to go? But the tents only help when they are set up properly, and the campers have neither the skills nor energy after months in the cold wind and rain.

If you have ideas or interest, please let me know.


Lots of lentils, lots of rice, still got pasta. Got two 5# bags of shredded cheddar. I’ve got a big tub of curry paste. 20# or so of onions. Two big cans of chopped tomatoes. 15 dozen eggs or so. Jars of chicken or beef soup base. One jar of Pesto. 1# of real Butter. Does any of that sound inspiring? We have soup pots, restaurant pans, paper soup cups and lids, dinner boxes, and bakery bags. Sign up on the MealTrain and come pick up some goodies. Double up with a buddy to sign up if you want to cook for fewer than 50. Or sign up for a 20 person snack. Write the date on each portion lid.


Our to-go meal cups hold 16 oz = two cups = one pint. Our dinner boxes hold more. Today we added classic take-out boxes with fold-over tops but no metal pail handle. Also 16 oz.

For 50 one-cup servings, start with 7 cups total of uncooked rice. Bring 14 cups (3.5 quarts) total of water to a boil. Add rice, cover, cook on low for about 12 minutes, then keep checking till the rice is done. This will fill fifty 16-oz cups half full with cooked rice.

One 4# bag of Ziti pasta should yield 36 cups of cooked noodles. If the noodles are part of soup, that’s probably enough for 50. If you’re making a casserole you may need a bag and a half.

You’ll need a different pot to cook chili or stew or spaghetti sauce with cheese, or whatever you want to put over the top of the starch. You’ll need about another 3.5 gallons of whatever goes on top.

Basic bean soup: 6 pounds beans, soaked over nights; 6 gallons of stock; 3 pounds each of diced & sautéed carrots, celery & onions; 3 pounds or more of diced ham.

If you need a bigger pot or pots, borrow from me and then return them so others can use them.

We’re trying to tuck in as much protein, fat & starch as possible. Folks who live outside in winter need to eat like lumberjacks to survive. Cheesy hamburger noodle bake was one of the offerings that flew out of the food tent fastest. And homemade muffins & cookies…


I have a confession that I often repeat to myself: “I am utterly unprepared to handle the challenges life has placed before me. However, fortunately or unfortunately, I happen to be the best person available…” Thank you all for sticking with me.


Our old Canon Printer gave up the ghost. I have about 5 of the 250/251 black ink cartridges to give anyone who can use them. Just text or email Beth Fuller, 360 389-1391 or


One of the most delightful local events I know, and virtual this year. And go look at the poster! Maybe the best ever! Blow it up big so you can read it. It is SO funny!!!


Scrapper Blackwell

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you’re willing to share your phone and address with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Windstorm; Please Write; Today; Lots More; Song: There But For Fortune

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   Please Write!
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   Smart Food Run?
   Boxes For Delivering
2020 Magazines Available For Pickup
Who Works On Tube Radios From The 50’S?
Radio Free Fl!p: There But For Fortune


If you’re new to this list (there are quite a few of you lately) you can click on the link to look at earlier posts. This list started as two lists, one for my beloved Columbia Neighborhood in Bellingham WA. The other was focused on local folk music, though not exclusively. At the beginning of the pandemic I shifted to covering that, and combined my lists onto a single blog. And then this autumn, I got involved in supporting the encampment of local citizens without shelter on the lawn around city hall. I did outreach support for unhoused neighbors last winter, but at that time there were volunteers to keep emergency shelters open. The need was urgent, but less extreme.


Camp after a rough Saturday windstorm needs:
* Wood deliveries before the next deep cold snap.
* Waterproof Ground insulation :
* Yoga mats ( ask for old used ones from yoga studio)
* or Camping pads – closed cell (no open cell foam as they absorb rain water.ASR Closed Cell Reflective Camping Pad” looks particularly durable. Sears?)
* Tent stakes. Preferably 12” steel. But anything helps.
* Gloves men’s & womans
* Volunteer time to help clean up and help set up flattened tents and tarps ( many tent poles broke during windstorm. )
* plastic rain ponchos
* waterproof boots
* non addictive pain medication
* neck warmers that can double as face covers


Who we are is not what we say, but what we do.

City Hall’s street address is 210 Lottie Street, 98225.
The Whatcom County Courthouse address is 311 Grand Avenue, 98225


Folks on this list delivered a propane BBQ grill to SwiftHaven. The tiny homes have not yet arrived and the worker/residents camping there are living pretty rough. They are very grateful to have a second grill to huddle around to get warm. The same courier that took the grill over also delivered three boxes of donated ingredients and canned meals to the kitchen tent.

A list member delivered a truckload of firewood to City Hall. (They still need more, of course.) Four more tents were delivered here at our house for outreach use, which makes over a dozen total. I was just now able to order 8 neck warmer/gaiters/masks to arrive Wednesday. More warm socks were dropped off here. And a bag of tent stakes. And a lovely box of home-made gluten-free peanut-butter cookies in goodie bags.

A volunteer cooked for five hours this afternoon to deliver a hot meal to the quarantine site, but the site turns out not to accept donated food. So she took her soup to city hall, where it was very welcome and needed. I’d love to learn what the rules are at the quarantine motel. Perhaps we could deliver canned food, like chili. Some residents there are reporting not getting enough food from their meal program. Does anyone know the ropes?

Volunteers are still desperately needed for tent set up and repair after the windstorm. This involves being around unmasked campers, so volunteers are very difficult to find. This is a hard situation!


Lots of lentils, lots of rice, still got pasta. Canned tuna. Some canned chicken. Got two 5# bags of shredded cheddar. I’ve got a big tub of curry paste. 30# or so of onions. Half a case of chopped tomatoes. 20 dozen eggs or so. Chicken, & Beef soup base. One jar of Pesto. 3# of real Butter. Does any of that sound inspiring? We have soup pots, restaurant pans, paper soup cups and lids, dinner boxes, and bakery bags. Sign up on the MealTrain and come pick up some goodies. Double up with a buddy to sign up if you want to cook for fewer than 50. Or sign up for a 20 person snack. Write the date on each portion lid.


I can’t remember who has the restaurant pans at the moment. Let me know. I’ve gotta start writing those down. Soup pots, we have so many that it’s just a constant flow, but we only have 3 restaurant pans. It’s good to get them back as soon as you can after you’re finished. But I don’t blame you if you need to put your feet up first! ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511


Does anyone have time to make a run for more to-go containers? Probably a few other items too. My guess is we can won’t run out till Wednesday. I’ve got funds to pay for what’s needed. Fl!p 360-671-4511


Tues, Thurs & Saturday mornings are the best times to get boxes at the Community Food Coop. I called. It’s good for cooks to pack their meals in nested cardboard boxes for insulation. Write all the ingredients on one box lid flap so it’s easy to see.


Flash your headlights at the food tent for meal pick-up so you don’t have to get out of your car. If it’s your first trip, feel free to call me first to discuss. Fl!p 360-671-4511


With the Public Library not open to visitors, we have no place to offer our finished magazines for others to read. Some feature up-to-date news, and others more lasting-interest articles. We have these titles available for neighbors:
Weekly: The Christian Science Monitor, The Week
Bi-Weekly: The Nation
Monthly: Smithsonian, Scientific American, Opera News
Please call to arrange a pickup or a delivery.
~ Mary Rausch, Utter St., 360-734-1842


I’d like to use my grandmother’s Westinghouse tube radio from 1958. It ran 20 years ago but I’m hesitant to plug it in and turn it on now. Does anyone know a radio hobbyist who can check and replace capacitors and resistors and align tuners in old radios? Call or text (360) 927-0863 ~ Ed Simmers


Joan Baez – Somehow I am not surprised that this song has floated up in my mind this week. The song was written by Phil Ochs.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you’re willing to share your phone  with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission. Nor would I ever exploit it. You might put mine in your phone so if I were to phone you, you’d know it was me.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Sleeping Pads; Donating; Ingredients; Found Jacket; More; Song: Keys To The Highway

Sleeping Pads
Donating Clothing
Oops! Boxes
Today’s Ingredients
Found Jacket
Two Women (And Dog) Seeking House To Rent
Radio Free Flip: Keys To The Highway


Closed-cell foam sleeping pads would be a great gift! The need is urgent enough I would accept them here at the house. The best I’ve seen have a reflective layer on top, about $15. A huge contrast to sleeping directly on the ground in winter.


Here’s the deal with clothing. Folks without homes have no storage. The clothes & equipment they need are things that will still keep them warm even when they are wet, and in the wind – like today. If you have some clothes like that, YES people could use them! But again, they have no storage. And right now the choke point in this list is a shortage of knowledgeable, experienced outreach volunteers to connect objects with the vulnerable folks who need them.

I’m working with technical volunteers to create an online form where donors can describe what they have, and trusted outreach workers can look for what’s needed. Then, with me as a go-between, they will be able to ask donors to hold just those items till the items can be  picked up for distribution, or until there is a place for donations to be dropped off and stored.

So could you go thru your stuff and hold just the “camping” kind of clothes and equipment, and hold them for long enough for me to get the form up and running? I’m not talking about the whole city, just the folks on this list. You’re wonderful, and I don’t want to waste your generosity!!!


Curious if SmartFood ok’d the general community coming to use their boxes for non-customer use.  Those boxes are the only thing customers have to put purchases in, not sure they want a stream of folks taking them if they’re not buying groceries there. Thanks for checking. ~ Rodd Pemble

Oops! I just checked with them. Have gotten moving boxes there for decades. They said it was fine to take no more than 10 boxes a day. I’ll encourage cooks to get their boxes elsewhere, and to go easy on SmartFood. Thanks! Love/Fl!p


Lots of lentils, lots of rice, still got pasta. Canned tuna. Got lots more shredded cheddar today. I’ve got a big tub of curry paste. #50 or so of onions. A case of chopped tomatoes. 20 dozen eggs or so. Chicken, Ham & Beef soup base. Pesto. Lots of real Butter. Does any of that sound inspiring? We have soup pots, restaurant pans, paper soup cups and lids, dinner boxes, and bakery bags. Sign up on the MealTrain and come pick up some goodies. (If you really want/need to cook sooner than the MealTrain has openings, please contact me. We might have an option.)


Found a nice, heavy jacket close to Meridian Haggen.  I have it in the washing machine right now; will put in the dryer. Call or text Joan Gassland-Smith 360 303 4983


Dear neighbors – does anyone have an electric keyboard/portable digital piano gathering dust that I might borrow or rent for a month as I consider purchasing one?  I played the piano for many years as a youngster but haven’t had a chance to play for years. During these long days of staying home to stay healthy I’m feeling drawn to see if I still know how to play or could resurrect my long ago passion!  Please email me at or text me at 650-387-5891 Thank you! ~ Dina Gibbs, Park Street


We are two women (age 70 and 71) who are combining households. We hope to find a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house to rent in the Columbia, Sunnyland, or Lettered Streets neighborhood. We are looking for a long-term rental with a yard where we can garden, relax, play with grandchildren, and throw balls for Toby (a sweet Mini-Aussie). Peggy, a retired Certified Nurse-Midwife, is moving from Seattle to Bellingham to live with Emily, who has lived here 30 years and works as a fundraiser for WWU. Each of us owned our own homes for many years, and we will take very good care of yours. Please contact:  Emily Weiner, 360.961.3326 or 

[Emily has been a dear friend for half my lifetime. I will happily vouch for her. ~ Fl!p]


Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee. I was hunting for video of them doing Trouble In Mind, but I found this first. I heard them play live in Seattle in maybe 1969? Anyway, they were in a tavern and I wasn’t yet 21. Somehow the door guy didn’t ask… I drank ginger ale all night and drank in the music. They were amazing. And the sun is still going to shine in my back door someday.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Soup Brigade Delivery; Today’s Ingredients; Donation Form; Gloves; Song: January Man

Soup Brigade Delivery Modification
Today’s Ingredients
Donation Form Progress
Gloves Now
Radio Free Flip: January Man


From now on, folks delivering food to the City Hall encampment have the option of having Food Tent volunteers come to their vehicle to collect their food. Here’s how to do that: Drive between City Hall and the back of the library, headed in the direction of the courthouse. After you pass the flag plaza and city hall front doors, watch for the big food tent on your right. When you see it, BACK IN to a parking spot across the street on the library side. Then FLASH YOUR HEADLIGHTS that are aimed at the food tent. A masked volunteer there will recognize your signal and come get your food. You will never need to leave your car. (If you want to go visit instead you are welcome, of course.)

It is helpful if your containers of hot food are packed tightly in 2 or 3 nested cardboard boxes that serve as insulation to keep the food warm until it can be served. Cardboard is also a valuable resource at the encampment because of the mud from all the rains. You can usually get boxes to pack in at SmartFood on Ohio behind Bellingham High School. They put their boxes in bins outside the doors.

Please write the date on the top of each individual container. Hearty hot food is what’s needed. Think of Lumberjacks – lots of meat & cheese and carbohydrates. Here’s where to sign up for the MealTrain, to help keep the flow of food steady.


We’ve got almost a dozen great big soup pots, and a large restaurant pan here for you to fill. Tonight we’ve got 4 bags with 8 lovely large sandwich rolls each. They look like they’d make great grinders or club sandwiches. Please come pick them up and use them. The sooner the better! For that matter, if you have freezer space we’d love some for bread. We still have cheese, about 2 pounds of grated mozzarella and a 1# block of cheddar. And 1 gallon whole milk. Gotta get all that used up! So even if you’ve signed up to make something else, you can change what you’re making and come get our ingredients. We still have two jars of Costco Pesto. Someone delivered a big bag of lovely huge parsnips today. We have lots of potatoes again, and spaghetti noodles, ziti noodles (like macaroni), rice, two kinds of lentils, yellow and red onions (always), #2 bacon in the freezer, soup bases (ham, chicken & beef), a case of canned, chopped tomatoes, canned tuna, canned chicken, a tub of curry paste (add to lentils & onions?), and 5# of butter.

We also have containers with lids, dinner boxes, and bakery sacks for delivery. You can sign up to take meals for 50 (round up some friends to help) or hearty snacks for 20. Again, check the MealTrain to sign up for a time slot:


A donation form is under development that will let donors (you) fill in a form to tell us what you’ve got and how to reach you.  Then you keep your donation safely at your home until it can actually be accepted and used. I will have a few trusted outreach workers reviewing the offers to figure out who needs what and when and where. They will let me know, and then I’ll help you connect to actually donate. Householders have far more options for storing a few objects than folks with no homes do. I will let you know as soon as we get the form ready to go. It’s already being reviewed. Thank you!


Gloves are needed immediately. They can come here to our house, since they are small objects.. No cotton. Wool or poly or high-tech. Both fingerless and full gloves. Mittens if you have them. 2518 Cherry Street – red with green trim. Thank you SO much!


Played and sung by Bert Jansch, written by Dave Goulder. Jansch was a Scottish folk musician and founding member of the band Pentangle. I love this personification of the year cycle.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Soup Brigade; Write; Form to Sheet?; Tree Pickup; More; Bham Folk Fest; Song: Auld Lang Syne

CONTENTS 12/31/2020
Soup Brigade
   Donation Form To Spreadsheet?
   TVs Wanted
Christmas Tree Pickup
Water In Wall
Florist Shout-Out
The Bellingham Folk Festival
Radio Free Fl!p: Auld Lang Syne


Today a neighbor organized her friends to deliver 50 full turkey dinners with all the fixings for dinner to the neighbors who’ve lost their homes and are camping out at City Hall. She did it in honor of her teenage son who died during these days of the year, 6 years ago. What an amazing gift on his behalf! Keeping hot food in cold bellies day after day makes a world of difference. And more tents are arriving daily. What a relief. Maybe we can keep a few more campers dry. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Please sign up to take hot food, and come get ingredients from me. We’ve got almost a dozen great big soup pots here for you to fill. We’ve got big bags of grated cheese. Gotta get that used up! So if you’re signed up to make something with cheese, please come get ours. We still have two jars of Costco Pesto. That could make something nice! We have potatoes again, and spaghetti noodles, ziti noodles (like macaroni), rice, several kinds of lentils, yellow and red onions (always),  bacon, soup bases (ham, chicken & beef), two cases of canned chopped tomatoes, canned tuna, canned chicken, some canned coconut milk and some curry paste (add to lentils & onions?), and more. And we have containers with lids, dinner boxes, and bakery sacks for delivery. You can sign up to take meals for 50 (round up some friends to help) or snacks for 20. Check the MealTrain to sign up for a time slot:


Please keep writing our local government to support them to do all they can. If you have suggestions, please include them. It’s better if we’re all thinking together. If you feel like you have no ideas to offer, get a friend to listen to you while you think out loud for a few minutes. You might be surprised at what your mind comes up with when you’re well listened to! And then offer to listen back. Take turns. And remember to be warm and respectful of the folks you’re writing to. I can’t imagine trying to sort out the big picture and weigh options for our whole community. They need our sympathy. And also our support to make our vulnerable neighbors who have lost their homes a top priority. Thank you!

City Hall’s street address is 210 Lottie Street, 98225.

The Whatcom County Courthouse address is 311 Grand Avenue, 98225


From what I’ve learned today, it sounds like I need a publicly accessible Google Form (or two) for volunteers and donors to fill in, that would automagically dump into a Google Spreadsheet that just a few authorized outreach workers could access.

This would let outreach workers look to see what’s available, and then ask donors for just the things they have an immediate use for. I may be able to arrange pick-up and delivery, or might be able to get out of the way and let the workers request directly of the donors. It’s going to be a long few months ahead, and I don’t want to have myself as a choke point in the flow of help. Also, our front hall is full!

We could fairly promptly let donors know which items offered are wanted for homeless outreach, and which should go to Goodwill. Householders have far more room to store a few things for a few weeks than neighbors without homes, or outreach workers. More tiny home encampments are being negotiated and will also need our help.

Can you hold onto your donations for a bit while I dig out and get help? If you know how to make Google forms-to-sheets I think that will be the magic of the week! Mind you, I’m just making all this up as I go along, but it seems like it might do the trick.


For SwiftHaven, to use for internet hookup. Flat Screen TVs no bigger than 32″ no CRT. Must be a flat panel and working. Contact me, Fl!p to let me know you’ve got one. Do NOT come drop off! I’m out of space and the tiny homes haven’t arrived yet.. Thanks! 


Saturday, January 9, 2021 at 7 AM PST

Scouts will be collecting Christmas trees for recycling in the community. Donations help fund the Scouting program in the community. Sign up to have your tree picked up at the website list.


I am in great need of an experienced handyman that can check out a leak problem in my wall.  I see the wet spot and it’s coming from (I think) a clogged downspout or one that needs to be caulked.  My wall is wet on the inside now so I’m getting pretty desperate to identify the problem and fix it temporarily until I can replace the drywall when the weather is better.  I’d like to find someone in the neighborhood who’s hourly isn’t too expensive. I’m elderly and on a fixed income. Please email me at if you know of someone I can trust to help me get this taken care of right away. Thank you. ~ Elizabeth Harris, 2212 Jaeger Street, 360-676-9901


Hello neighbors!  I recently purchased a custom bouquet to cheer up a friend, and wanted to give a shoutout to Natalie Ransom of Pozie by Natalie for her wonderful floral work! She operates from the Columbia neighborhood and is the sweetest person. My bouquet was beautiful and full of local blooms, and it even came in its own vase. Her prices reflect the quality of materials used, and the care she so obviously puts into her designs. You can pick up at her shop, or have flowers delivered anywhere in Bellingham! My bouquet was packaged snugly in a padded box for safe transport, and included a custom note ~ she really thinks of everything! Natalie’s website is, and she also takes orders through her Instagram, @poziebynatalie! ~ Jessie Pemble, Kulshan St


Virtually! January 22, 23, 24th

Let’s take this regularly scheduled weekend to celebrate some of the wonderful elements of our community, play a few tunes, learn some things and hear some new ideas, connect with friends, laugh, and embrace the online musical oddness of it all! You can attend as much or as little as you want to during the weekend. You can participate by leading tunes, asking questions, clapping, introducing us to your pet hamster, etc. Or you can turn off your camera and have the ultimate voyeuristic introvert’s folk music experience. All levels of engagements are acceptable 🙂

Cayley made this little promo video:


Another song I was asked to record for PSGW (Guitar Camp). Vortex The Cat was interested in assisting and I was happy to have a live audience! The song itself is often truncated to be just the first verse and chorus. But in fact, it has an amazing set of verses about emigration, leaving behind home and loved ones. Remembering running about the the fields, gathering flowers with a buddy. “We’ve wandered many a weary foot” since long ago times. Remembering swimming and playing in the stream near home, but “Seas between us broad have roared!” Mostly people never went home again. And those people were our own ancestors. Their pain echoes down the generations and sometimes can interfere with us truly connecting with the land we live on, or the people around us. I love this song’s deep, healing dive into those feelings. This is one of the most sung songs in the world. I’ve heard that in Japan, people end every gathering with Auld Lang Syne.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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CONTENTS 12/30/2020
Soup Delivery Parking Update
Children’s Views
SwiftHaven Update
Spices For SwiftHaven
Soup Brigade
Found Key
Wash Y’er Paws!
Radio Free Fl!p: End Of Another Year


(for next 8 days through holidays):
🌿Drivers of Soup Brigade:
Please park off of Lottie between library and courthouse on Grand Ave.
🌿Camp is having garbage trucks come today, and some clean up done, plus health Department sends lab workers to behind city hall. Give them all extra space.
🌿If Lottie Street is crowded with folks by the Food Tent then wait till it clears, or better yet, signal for a volunteer to help you unload from your car.
🌿If it’s your first time doing a delivery , consider asking an experienced neighbor to come with you.


I had an interesting exchange this morning with a grandmother about her 5-year-old granddaughter who learned about the City Hall encampment and wanted to go by and see for herself. So her grandma drove her by. The child was very concerned about the messy conditions and wanted to do something about homelessness when she grows up. Here is an edited version of my own side of that conversation:

You might talk with your granddaughter about this aspect: When people are treated as if their lives don’t matter, everywhere they turn, for a long time, some of them may loose track of the fact that their lives DO matter. And some of them may wind up having trouble treating themselves and those around them with respect.

(I wouldn’t tell a young child this, but I would talk about it with you grownups: add to that, folks are right on the edge. Some of them haven’t been inside a building for months in all this wind and rain. They can’t get dry and they can’t get warm. They have no energy. The person in the next tent can get pretty annoying when you can’t get warm and you can’t get dry and you can’t see an end to it. Some campers are sick, not with Covid, but with pneumonia or cancer or diabetes that’s poorly controlled or so many other things. They just don’t have energy to clean up after themselves. I don’t think a young child needs to, or should, know about that part – about just how harshly the world is treating them. Some campers have been released from the hospital with nowhere to go except the courthouse lawn.

In terms of the mess, it is hard to hire workers to go among the campers for fear of Covid, even though campers are being tested often and test results are pretty good. Folks who test positive get to go stay at the quarantine hotel where it’s dry and warm.

It can be hard to sort out trash from important personal belongings that help people survive. Who decides? Where is the owner’s dignity in it all? If grownups swoop in on a little girl’s bedroom and decide which of her toys to keep, she might feel disrespected herself.

I really don’t think a five year old should be told the harsh details! But she could  still write to the officials herself. Taking action will leave her feeling less helpless. She doesn’t have to wait till she grows up. I’d love to see a children’s campaign, complete with their own ideas of what actions we could take. Maybe the children can come up with ideas we grownups haven’t thought of. And perhaps parents and grandparents can help children adopt a warm tone towards the officials too. They aren’t Bad Guys! They’re stuck.

City Hall’s street address is 210 Lottie Street, 98225.

The Whatcom County Courthouse address is 311 Grand Avenue, 98225


Folks who have lost their homes have nowhere to store things. And often no way to dry things out if they get wet. So clothing (or anything else) donated should be things that remain useful when wet. Coats, parkas, heavy wool sweaters, fleece, ski wear, caps and hats, thick wool socks, ski gloves and wool mittens. Outer layers that stop wind. Yoga Mats and other waterproof ground insulation. Cotton does not stay warm when wet. Neither do most thin or non-wool socks.

There isn’t secure storage yet at the City Hall 210 encampment and donations sometimes go astray instead of going to those who need them most. So for now, please hold your donations and tomorrow I will try to set up a spreadsheet so you can say what you’ve got and how you could be contacted. Perhaps a volunteer would be willing to take charge of a Google Doc or some other shareable tool? And let people tell them what folks have to donate, without anyone actually having to move stuff around till we can figure out who can really use it. Please let me know if you might be willing to volunteer to do this, or at least set it up. is a great place to donate money.  They’ve got a 501c3 non-profit designation so your donations are tax deductable. It’s still OK to give me money if you want to. I am buying ingredients (when the volunteers who shop for me permit me to reimburse them), containers, and stuff like, last night I ordered 30 mylar emergency blankets for distribution. I got 4 tents just like the only ones at the encampment that Heather says haven’t blown over in the winds. I respond to what seems most urgent in the moment. I’m not an expert. Sometimes I make mistakes. I’m just your neighbor.


The tiny houses are scheduled to arrive tomorrow!!! There’s been a crew working all week, and volunteers are bringing them meals until they get everything up and running, after which they hope to be self-sufficient. We might still drop off a meal or two a week just out of love… A neighbor is delivering a propane BBQ grill tomorrow and residents are looking forward to not only cooking on it, but at finally having a source of heat to gather around, since their contract with the city does not permit fires anywhere on site. I bet they could still use more patio and camp chairs. Tomorrow may be too busy with the houses showing up for them to accept anything else except the grill. By tomorrow there should be about 14 volunteers working on site.


If you will be at the Grocery Outlet or Dollar Store in the next couple days, check with me (Fl!p) about picking up some big bulk containers of spices to outfit the new kitchen. I’d rather you check with me so we don’t get all one thing and nothing of others. I’ve been hearing from future residents about spices they’d love to have. I would like to give them control over what they eat.


We’ve got almost a dozen great big soup pots here.  We’ve got noodles, rice, lentils, onions (always),  bacon, soup bases, grated cheese, eggs, two cases of canned chopped tomatoes, canned tuna, canned & dried fruit for dessert baking, and more. And we have containers with lids, dinner boxes, and bakery sacks for delivery. You can sign up to take meals for 50 (go round up some friends to help) or snacks for 20. Go to the MealTrain to sign up:


I found a single key on the sidewalk on the 2400 block of Spruce street  this afternoon while out for a walk. I was concerned it might be a house key and didn’t want to leave it behind. To ensure it is returned to the right person, it would help if the person the key belongs to could provide a description of it. Thanks,  ~ Sharon Avolio.


I am looking for a referral to a plumber to unclog some slow moving drains. Please let me know if you have one you would recommend. ~ Elsa Caron 360-650-0400


Handwashing with soap & water is still the preferred method for reducing the risk of passing Covid-19. Still Water Gifts is a local small business that creates plant-based bath products that can keep you clean and sweet-smelling!  This local business that has donated literally thousands of pounds of hand soap to food banks and communities that are in need.   Supporting this local business as this time would be great! or call Sandie for local pick up options.   360-318-6268


Written by Bob Zentz. I was asked to record this song for my beloved Guitar Camp community. We usually sing it together at our New Years Retreat. Zeke and I sing it for you too!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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CONTENTS 12/28/2020
Writing May Have Helped
City Hall Encampment Immediate Needs
Lundquist Woods!
Coronavirus Masks With Valves
Donating Apple Devices
Found Mittens
Handyperson Needed
Cecil Sharp House Tuesday Zoom
Radio Free Fl!p: Tony Rice


I can’t say for sure, but please don’t stop. Write with your ideas, everything you can think of, towards solutions for homelessness. There is a new emergency Tiny Homes encampment for 25 residents under construction at Civic Field with some City support, and another such under discussion, which might be able to include a legal vehicle parking lot for camping. Cars are far more weatherproof than tents. It will take multiple solutions to support all our current citizens who have lost their homes. Please help to let our elected officials know we support them to make this issue a priority. Be kind, be warm, be persistent.


The need of this week and next to be: Mylar aluminum emergency sheet-blankets and closed cell camping pads the waterproof kind. Householders please hold other items at your homes until other items are requested because outreach volunteers have very limited storage space in their vehicles. But both those items could be brought to our house, 2518 Cherry Street. Fl!p & Zeke. Thank you!!!


The new tiny home encampment at Civic Field has a dozen volunteers out in the rain and cold all day this week and next, building the kitchen, and the pallets to put the tiny homes on, and other infrastructure.

Today Zeke and I got to deliver hot soup as an afternoon snack for those workers.  The soup donation from a neighbor was over-the-top in kindness!!! The cardboard box had been swathed in holiday wrapping paper. There was a veggie tray and satsumas, and apple slices, as well as soup. I felt like we were delivering pure love. SwiftHaven is getting there: a tent-kitchen has been raised on a platform. Two refrigerators are in place, plugged in and running. A freezer is due later today. Two big gas burners are set up outside for cooking. Five port-a-potties for 25 people seems pretty good. They’re figuring out how to level pallet bases for tents on the sloping parking lot blacktop, and for the tiny homes when those arrive. There’s a spigot and some electricity. The mood is both excited and determined. There are up to a dozen people working to create a new community.

They are still seeking a big BBQ grill that works on propane, and that works! Does anyone have one to donate, or sell cheap?

Villager requests: hair brush and detangle spray, camping mats, pillows, blankets, lanterns, patio & camping chairs (a place to sit down!). Batteries: double and triple A. Donations can be taken down to Unity Village in Fairhaven for now because there isn’t storage yet at SwiftHaven. Please  label all donations with a location label to indicate where the donation goes (Unity, SwiftHaven, 210 Camp at city hall, or outreach).


Consider cooking! I’m not certain of the #10 ham has been claimed. I’d hate to see it go to waste. The huge turkey is being turned into a wonderful turkey dinner on Wednesday! We have big restaurant roasting trays. We’ve got 20 quart soup pots.  We’ve got noodles, rice, lentils, onions (always),  bacon, soup bases, grated cheese, canned tuna, canned beans, canned fruit for dessert baking, and more. We have an offer of a dozen frozen bananas if anyone wants to make muffins out of them. And we have containers with lids for delivery. If you don’t cook, we’ve got lots of cans of pork&beans, soups, and beef-a-roni that you could heat up and deliver during one of the afternoon snack times.


Pat & Bob Lundquist are arranging to bequeath their amazing gardens to us all as parkland! They don’t have children and would like to see their home and beautiful half acre garden at the west end of Jefferson be preserved for public use. Probably like Big Rock Garden, it would be fenced but open to the public and maintained by volunteers. Details are being worked out with the City. Is that wonderful? If you haven’t been down to look at their holiday lights, do it this week. You can see the huge sparkling tree from outside the fence, and it’s worth the walk to go view the lights. It’s a tradition for a lot of Columbia neighbors to go stand outside the fence and enjoy every year. What WONDERFUL news!!!


Masks with valves do not protect others. They expel unfiltered exhalations. They are not appropriate for use in the pandemic.


A reader has stepped forward to offer phone set up on Apple devices being donated to the encampment, but adds this caution: A donated Apple device cannot be reused by a new user unless the previous owner has deleted their personal information and erased all contents and settings. It us useless to accept a donated device that cannot be reused. Only the person donating the device will know the passcode and Apple ID password required for these actions. So, if someone offers to donate an Apple device, give them the following information:

Thank you for offering to donate an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Before you donate your Apple device you must delete your personal information and erase all contents and settings. Because only you know the required passcode and Apple ID password, the device cannot be reused until you follow these steps.
Please read and follow these directions:
What to do before you sell, give away, or trade in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Thank you. Love/Fl!p


Somebody’s cute white & deep red knitted mittens were dropped on the ground in front of our house. They’re drying out on a rock out in front, on Elizabeth St – same block as Franklin Academy. I hope they make it home. Siri Hope Adams


I need some jobs done around the house & would like to keep it in the neighborhood. Any handy-person recommendations? Suzanne Paola 360-441-9900


A world-class dedicated folk arts centre, Cecil Sharp House is at the heart of English folk music. This venerable folk club in London has been meeting every Tuesday over Zoom during the pandemic, which means we can listen in with them at noon our time. Videos of previous sessions are available on their YouTube channel.

If you’d like to attend, drop us a line at Sharp’s in Isolation


Tony has left this world at age 69, leaving behind amazing music and a couple generations of inspired musicians. I’m giving you two songs. You can find more pretty easily. The first just seemed appropriate to send him off. The second is a song written by another musician I love dearly, Bob Franke.

Tony Rice & Ricky Skaggs: “The Soul of Man Never Dies”

Hard Love

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

I would love it if you’d add my phone to your contacts, so if I need to call you’ll know it’s me; and if you’d share your own number with me, in case I need to reach you.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Encampment: Letters, Phone Tech Needed, Lots More; Local Businesses; Song: Christmas In The Trenches

CONTENTS 12/26/2020
City Hall Encampment
   Please Write Letters
   Red Cross?
   Delivering Food
   Delivering Supplies
   Phone Tech Needed
   Need Souper Company
Silver-Colored Razor Scooter Found
Water Out, Restored, And Brown
Local Artists, Artisans, Restaurants, Small Business
   Mg Dufresne
   Margie Katz
   Jazz/Classical Piano Player
   Cascade Pizza
   Firehouse Performing Arts & Events Center
Radio Free Fl!p: Christmas In The Trenches


Nothing about us without us. Interviews with campers at the Bellingham City Hall encampment of our houseless neighbors. Most have not been able to go inside any building to warm up and dry out in weeks due to Covid.


I had a long talk with a friend with a lifetime of understanding of how our local politics work. He has deep sympathy for the current elected officials. None of them expected to have to handle this pandemic. Be kind to them, please! My friend had several useful suggestions. 1. Write the City & County Councils as well as the Mayor & County Executive. The Councils will have to approve funds. 2. The problems are deep, national, and long-standing. Don’t expect a quick and simple fix, but don’t give up. There will have to be multiple approaches – there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. If you have ideas, include them briefly in your letter. With lots of us thinking, we may generate some interesting thoughts. Please offer your thoughts. 3. And again, don’t give up. Keep writing. Every time you have another thought of something we could do, write them. Talk with your friends and ask them to write too.


This morning it occurs to me that what we have is a refugee camp. People have lost their homes as surely as if there had been a flood or earthquake. But where is the Red Cross? I have heard that the Red Cross has to be requested by the government, and I have no idea of who could call or what  the long term consequences would be. But it seems worth exploring.


If someone is taking over a delivery, they should park on Library side of Lottie. Back their car in. Then before getting out of car simply stop, look, listen to notice who is around.  Usually all is fine , but if they see any drama or medic cars in the street, they can wait till scene is clear and then deliver their donation to the front of food tent where one or two college-age neighbors volunteer.  The volunteers will also be happy to come carry soup in. New neighbors volunteering to deliver food, please consider going first with an experienced neighbor.

Although at times new volunteers might feel insecure in their cars doing deliveries to a campsite, help them know there are unsheltered citizens huddled in their tents in the cold and rain, with no car to lock the doors on or to drive away in. They have no sturdy walls or roofs or locked doors to their tents to protect them from intruders or harm. Many have survived trauma or been verbally scorned by citizens who act like bullies. Remind new volunteers that  these citizens are holding on to hope that we will find them when a tiny home shelter village  or county emergency shelter is open. I respect our citizen campers for their courage, their humbleness & independence, & their faith to carry on moment by moment. ~ Heather


At this point, other supplies are best delivered off-site. Contact Fl!p for a drop point, and to see if it might make sense to wait a week or so till SwiftHaven is up and running. There are experienced volunteers distributing your donations one-on-one to those who need them most, ensuring resources don’t get lost in the shuffle. Tents are a high priority need.


Is there someone who could wipe phones? We need phones donated, but can’t begin accepting them till we have someone who can safely wipe them all. Meanwhile, please hang onto your phones. We’ll call for them when we can handle them. Thank you!


Consider making a great dinner! We have offers to donate a #30 turkey! And a #10 ham. We have big restaurant roasting trays. We’ve got proper dinner boxes for serving in. Add a baked potato or rice & some veggies. Keep it simple. Won’t someone step forward to adopt these gifts and make a couple beautiful big, solid dinners? We also have noodles, rice, lentils, onions (always), potatoes, bacon, soup bases, canned tuna, canned fruit for dessert baking, and more. And containers for serving.


I have signed up to make soup for 40.  The pot I have may serve more but I didn’t want to over-estimate. How can I recruit someone to make up the 10 more meals for the 4:30 PM dinner on 12/29? ~ Katy Velasquez
[Like this! Somebody want to join Katy? Email her.  Love/Fl!p]


A silver scooter was found Wednesday leaning on my garage door at 2405  Eldridge.  ~ Maggie Malone   425-747-8684


The water was out at the corner of West and North. The utility guys were out there working as fast as they could Christmas morning. Everything is back to normal! Big thanks to the Utility workers coming out today and fixing this so quickly! ~ Joe Postma

Our water is running yellow/brown currently dead end of Jaeger. ~ Kolby LaBree

Almost certainly related. Run your water for a while and it should clear. Each tap may need to be cleared separately.  ~ Fl!p



My wife and I have a small business, Validate-Appreciate.  We build kids furniture, weave stuffies, make growth charts, cribbage boards and Christmas decorations. We are members of Allied Arts and have our items online at allied and also have a website,  Thank you, Doug and Sandy Carpenter


I have a small ceramics business: Henry St+ Studio. Here’s my website.


Professional artist expressing the wonders of nature, quantum mechanics, and consciousness using vivid colors and flowing shapes. Surreal, abstract & stylized imagery using oils, acrylics, watercolor & scratchboard. Commissions welcomed!   email: -Amy March, Washington Street


Makes linen (also cotton) crossback aprons, bandannas, quirky throw pillows, seasonal balsam fir needle sachets, organic flaxseed-filled eye pillows with or without lavender buds, knitting bags, and of course masks!  Photos and information at
Contact:  or text 360-303-1875 (I’m hard of hearing!)


Looking for gigs. 10yrs exp. Currently playing at Haggens and Habitat for Humanity. Will play for food, tips, and/or, pay! Contact Sky Leuba @ 360.410.3109 ;


An old fashioned craft butchery featuring pasture-raised meats. You can order in advance so it’s a quick in-and-out. No more than two customers permitted inside the building at a time.
1205 Washington Street
Open again on Tuesday. Usually 11 – 6 Tues – Sat (360) 647-8686


Their take n bake lasagna is huge. When ordering I said ‘there is only two of us.’ ‘Then you should get the tray and then you get leftovers’. Well heck yeah!!!!! Love this place. ~ Teresa Boots
2431 Meridian (360) 671-0999 11 – 11 Mon-Sun Since 1978


A community treasure! Please help keep the Firehouse doors open, the fires burning, and the arts alive!  Now is the time. There are so many ways you can help:  Make a tax deductible donation here – for any amount through the Firehouse non-profit fiscal sponsor, Allied Arts Foundation, Seattle.

Stop by the cafe’ for coffee, wine, cider, delicious sandwiches, soups, and baked goods – the garden is open, festive, and cozy! Purchase a gift certificate for a friend — or for yourself. You deserve it!

Grab a $5 ticket (yes, only $5) to one of Firehouse Studio’s online performances — many of your favorite artists recorded live in the theatre between early June and November 2020.

Support a Firehouse scholarship to a yoga or dance class in the theater space when it is able to reopen.

Northwest Ballet Theater virtual event. John Bishop and his students combine their 2019 nutcracker with new performances recorded live at Firehouse Studio. free.

Here is a partial list of performances – online & on demand:

John Pinetree & the yellin’ degenerates, part . These guys are sooo good.  All original jazz, funk, soul. Tickets $5 and John Pinetree & the yellin’ degenerates, part II.  More amazing entertainment. Tickets $5.

The Seattle House Rockers. from all-original gut-bucket blues to get-down funk. tickets $5.

From Where They Are.  perspectives of 14 children, ages 7-16, during their time during covid-19. tickets $5.

Fl!p Breskin & Zeke Hoskin — singers, songwriters, musicians, partners. fl!p celebrated her birthday with joyful music and stories. recorded live. free!

JP Falcon Band. much-loved pnw duo, jp falcon grady and michael longeneker, perform their original music. recorded live.  tickets $5.

Evolution Dance Co. winter showcase 2020. dvds available for sale now at

Firehouse Cafe located at 1314 Harris Ave. in Fairhaven is open from 7:00am-5:30pm daily. Serving scratch made muffins, scones, cookies, quiche, sandwiches, soup, and hot coffee and tea drinks. There is a walk-up window and covered outdoor eating area. 


Written and performed by John McCutcheon. True story about the Christmas Truce during WWI.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.