Map Your Neighborhood; House Numbers; Virus Transmission; Lots More; Song: John Barleycorn

CONTENTS 10/6/2020
Map Your Neighborhood
House Numbers
To Chicken Or Not To Chicken
Social Security Scam
Car Prowls
Puppets Shout-Out
Replace Steps?
Virus Transmission
Poem: The Middle
Linda Allen On Radio
Coty Hogue Concert
Here’s To The Women! Linda Allen
Radio Free Fl!p: John Barleycorn


Earthquake preparedness planning, one block at a time. Thanks to the three blocks who have recently done this with me on Zoom, and to the four more who are getting ready as I write. I would love to do more of these before the election! Please consider hosting your block. I’ll guide you through the process of inviting your neighbors, and then come facilitate your meeting.


Chance are that if you use Door Dash, I have brought you some food at night.  After doing this for six months, I wanted to put in here that many people make it difficult to see your address numbers.  It makes it tough for me to get you your food, but it makes it even more dangerous if you actually have to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.  Please look at your address to make sure it is easy to read at night time.  If you are ordering, please put your outside light on. ~ Jeff Beha

I second this for your friendly neighborhood UPS driver! It makes his job much easier if he can see your address from the street or sidewalk. Remember, it’s going to be dark earlier and longer soon. Lighting up your address will get your packages to you more quickly and efficiently. (Not to mention, think about what would happen in an emergency if the first responder can’t see your house numbers.) Cheers, neighbors! From your friendly neighborhood UPS driver’s wife! ~ Stephani Johnson Zerbst


I have a hen that is suddenly being attacked by her yard mates. I have kept her in my dogs crate at night and then during the day, in a separate part of the yard during the day. I’m wondering if any wants a really sweet pet chicken? She’s quiet and affectionate. If I don’t find her a new home, anyone have a dog crate I can use to house her in at night so my dog can get his back? Sorry this sounds so strange. She just such a sweet gal! Phone is great to reach me. Text preferred due to busy schedule 360-920-2688. ~ Lindsay Hertz, Kulshan street


I just almost got scammed: I received 3 phone calls from the “social security administration” saying that they have found suspicious activity on my account. I ignored this as I knew it was a scam. However, they called 3 times and when I called the number back telling them to stop calling I spoke with a woman who made a very convincing argument that she was with the SSA. To try to convince me that she’s with the SSA she had me look up the 800# on the SSA website and then literally called me from that number. That almost convinced me… at which point she asked for my date of birth and SS#. I refused to give her my SS# (even though I was somewhat convinced) and she hung up on me. After that I searched the SSA website and apparently they will NEVER ask for your SS# over the phone: 

Here’s what I found:  The SSA will never (ever) call and ask for your Social Security number. It won’t ask you to pay anything. And it won’t call to threaten your benefits. Your caller ID might show the SSA’s real phone number (1-800-772-1213), but that’s not the real SSA calling.

I think I should know this by now, but I wanted to share with my local community as it almost hooked me. I’d rather not share my name…


Garage door openers left in cars can result in VERY expensive burglary!  They recommend putting your opener on your key chain and never leaving it in the car. ~ Rodd Pemble


A big thank you to our neighborhood puppet ‘teller’!  If you haven’t been by (corner of Victor and Connecticut), try again. It takes less than 5 minutes to read each scene…and the characters are brilliant.  What fun!  ll ages… Thanks again!  ~Ellie Halatsis


We are looking for recommendations for someone to replace our front steps! We have carpenters bees that hollowed out our front stairs. If you have recommendations please email us at

Thanks! ! Bob and Debra Hicks, W North


From my beloved Betsy Brown MD

The Atlantic has an excellent in-depth article about how to think about transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. I have talked before about the R0 (R naught) which is the number of people one infected person, on average, infects. But really we should be thinking about a different concept, dispersion, or k, because many people with SARS-CoV-2 don’t infect anyone, but a few people cause most of the new infections as superspreaders.


Is anybody going? I’ve got a little list… Love/Fl!p


When I remember bygone days
I think how evening follows morn
So many I loved were not yet dead
So many I love were not yet born.
  ~. Ogden Nash


Ted Matts’ radio folk music show this month focuses on Linda Allen. Its on 102.3 FM KMRE Tuesday night Oct 6 at 7pm.


THURSDAY 7:00 PM Oct. 8th
Fairhaven College Live Streaming Music Festival Fall Series
Folk Music: Cosy is marvelous – banjo, guitar, and such a voice. Americana from a younger generation who has studied with her elders, and thought and explored for herself. Click this link at 7 PM Thursday


10/5/20 – Thu 11/26/20 any time
Education, Community Event, Film, Living History
100 years ago women..tho’ not all women..won the right to vote. Hear the story through song, story and image in the 53-minute video “Here’s to the Women!” Tickets benefit the League of Women Voters and FireHouse. See the 3-minute trailer on the website. Available to view continuously.
All ages  $15
Event Info: (360) 920-7533
Event Website:


Steve Winwood (Traffic ). Printed versions of this harvest song date back to the sixteenth century. It personifies the barley grain crop’s suffering, death, and resurrection as beer & whiskey. Appropriate both to harvest time and for getting ready for Halloween, a spooky time of the year.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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Alert: Found Passports & More; Storytelling Update; Laptops For Rwanda; More; Song: Impressionist Two-Step

CONTENTS 10/3/2020
Alert: Found Passports & More
Storytelling Update
Laptops For Rwanda
Flowers, Berries, Figs?
Radio Free Fl!p: Impressionist Two-Step


Does anyone know a “Claudia & Roger” in the neighborhood connected to a Whitlock, a Bertrand for car service book with Dewey Griffin and/or Justin Ridley? I found several gift cards, driver license and passports belonging to different people in the bushes this AM, spread over several blocks near Connecticut and Walnut, and appears car prowling happened. We’ve connected the passports with owners already and confirmed theirs were stolen from their vehicle. Whitlock was the gifter of a Lost Giants coder gift card to “Claudia and Roger”, and I sent a text to the listed phone number for Whitlock in Edmonds and waiting to hear back. Please feel free to share my post to the email blog. I also think Bertrand may be the car’s name 🙂 I posted an image of the car service booklet to my Facebook Columbia post. The driver license belonging to Justin Ridley (Edmonds address) is hole punched so those remaining items are at least of nominal value ($10 gift card to Lost Giants cider house for Claudia and Roger). ~ Dana Sturtz, Victor Street


Bob and I found multiple items that were on our walk this morning. Most items were on Connecticut, Williams and Utter. Owner’s manual for a 4 Runner, binoculars, coin tray etc. Another person had found a wallet and passport. I think there were multiple car break ins. Call or text Mary at (360) 305-8961  ~ Mary Gorsuch


Today & tomorrow, October 3 and 4, The Little Mighty Storybox next to the file cabinet  curbside library on the corner of Victor/W.Connecticut streets will display an adaptation of H.C. Anderson’s tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Again, this is a one-of-a-kind tableau/diorama/cartoon style presentation of storytelling theater via a variety of reused materials, a.k.a. world’s only curbside, walk by, papercup Puppetelling display !

There will be 4 scenes or acts: Opening “curtain” at 11am each day with every scene lasting for 2 hours.  Scene changes occur at 1pm – 3pm – 5pm.  Closing curtain at 7pm.

Walk by, cycle by, stop and look in. Please, mind our currently needed healthy space to each other at the storybox – and, very importantly, too, mind your heart when you carry on, walk on, weave your story into and through this puzzling world… Enjoy.

Upcoming Little Mighty Storybox event on Halloween : “The Fearsome Giant on top of the Beanstalk” – a walk-by glimpse of Evil as inspired by the well known and adapted story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Shown illuminated into the dark hours of Halloween. Followed on Nov. 1, so the next day, Sunday, in full daylight, by the empowering,  positive and peace invigorating idea and tableau of “Another Giant, another Beanstalk” . More info here when the dates come closer.
Love and Peace to All. ~ ”Max” Eberhard Eichner – Puppeteller


Next week’s cooking classes for kids ages 5+ on Zoom are open for registration! Classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm – just in time for you to enjoy what your kids made at dinner! Sign up to secure your spot in one of the next classes (Mediterranean Grain Bowls and Zoodle Noodles!). More classes will be added to the website each week. (Here’s a sneak peek: Veggie Sushi and Veggie Stir Fry will be coming soon!) – Common Threads Farm


I’m making a collection of serviceable laptops to send to Journey House Africa (JHA) in Gashora, Rwanda. This is the organization that I was going to volunteer at before COVID intervened. I’ll certainly be volunteering there when COVID is no longer the threat that it currently is.  Meanwhile, I’m planning to ship laptops to JHA this autumn. The laptops will be used to help children develop IT skills, learn virtually and communicate globally. If folks have a laptop they could donate, they should send me an email at I’m coordinating collection and shipment. Here’s a link to the Journey House Africa website: Thanks! ~ Alex Brede 


Looking for calendula flowers, hawthorn berries, and figs from abundant gardens or publicly accessible areas. I’m very happy to pay or barter for any of them! 360.820.9330 or ~ Sara De Roy


Is anyone going to Haggens, Food Coop, Hardware Sales or Smart Food? We could use a few pick-ups. Love/Fl!p


Featuring Pop Wagner. Written by Pop and former Bellinghamster Jack Hansen at a long ago Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. (Pop Wagner introduced me to Charlie McGuire, whose songs I’ve included lately. It’s a small world.) When I was a kid, my folks had a collection of tall fine-art reproduction books: Monet, Manet, Broughel, Brueghel, Michelangelo. I think they must have had a subscription. I scrolled through them like a 1950s Facebook. Buried for hours on a rainy Saturday. The year I turned 6 there was a Van Gogh exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum at Volunteer Park. (We always got to sit on the camels out front. Now the camels are safely inside and protected from too much love, but you can still see the smoothly polished areas created by generations of little kid bottoms.) My memory of the Van Gogh exhibit is that I was transfixed by his painting of the Potato Eaters. And that my Mom eventually just left me there to go see the rest of the exhibit and came back to get me maybe an hour or so later. I checked with her decades later to see if I imagined that but, no, she said that was exactly what happened. It was great having a good-sized reproduction in a book, but that was overlaid on the Real Thing. – So now you understand why this song completely cracked me up!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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Map Your Neighborhood; Storytelling; Trick-Or-Treating; More; Song: The Weight

CONTENTS 10/2/2020
Map Your Neighborhood
Transportation Fund?
Free TV
Short Term, Fully Furnished Rental
Rental Wanted
House Sitting/ Trade Rent For Tree Work
Radio Free Flip: The Weight


I am excited to have now facilitated my third Zoom meeting with neighbors setting plans to care for themselves and each other in case of an earthquake. I have several more in the works. I would particularly like to host as many of these as possible this month, before the election. I’ve cleared my calendar as much as possible to make this a priority. This is an excellent time for us to see for ourselves that we are neighbors at the core, no matter what polarization is happening around us. If you are willing to host your own block, contact me and I’ll guide you through the invitation process, and will come facilitate your meeting as well. I would love to get to put faces on names of subscribers that in many cases I have known for years. Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511


Dear Friends and Neighbors-

This Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4, The Little Mighty Storybox next to the file cabinet  curbside library on the corner of Victor/W.Connecticut streets will display an adaptation of H.C. Anderson’s tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

Again, this is a one-of-a-kind tableau/diorama/cartoon style presentation of storytelling theater via a variety of reused materials, a.k.a. world’s only curbside, walk by, papercup Puppetelling display !

There will be 4 scenes or acts:
Opening “curtain” at 11am each day with every scene lasting for 2 hours. Scene changes occur at 1pm – 3pm – 5pm.  Closing curtain at 7pm.

Walk by, cycle by, stop and look in. Please, mind our currently needed healthy space to each other at the storybox – and, very importantly, too, mind your heart when you carry on, walk on, weave your story into and through this puzzeling world… Enjoy.

Love and Peace to All. ~ ”Max” Eberhard Eichner – Puppeteller


For the past 10 years, the Bellingham Transportation Fund has helped expand public transit options, made traveling by bike safer, and installed ADA-accessible sidewalks across the city. It also provides for filling potholes, resurfacing roads and other maintenance. This is not a new tax, it is a continuation of a current one. This is just one of the interesting questions we, the voters, will be asked to decide in the upcoming election.  The Voter’s Guide is due out soon, and you can read the full text, and the arguments for and against, and look to see who is supporting each argument. We really can learn to inform ourselves as voters.


From the Whatcom County Health Department

We strongly discourage typical door-to-door trick-or-treating because it creates a situation where you will come into close contact with many people. It’s best if you don’t share candy or other Halloween goodies with others. 

If you do choose to participate in handing out candy to trick-or-treaters:

  • Offer no-contact treats by bagging up separate treats and placing them away from your front door or in your yard or near the sidewalk. Allow trick-or-treaters to gather candy while remaining physically distanced.
  • If you are preparing bags of candy, wash your hands well before and after preparing the bags. 

If you choose to go trick-or-treating:

  • Do not substitute a Halloween mask for a face covering. Wear an approved face mask. Find one that fits in with your costume!
  • Maintain six feet of distance from other trick-or-treaters or residents who are handing out candy.
  • If you are trick-or-treating with others outside your household, keep six feet of distance between yourselves.
  • Stay away from large costume parties or trick-or-treating events.
  • Bring plenty of hand sanitizer with you.

COVID-19 cases in our county are on the rise, and we have, unfortunately, seen an increase in cases after most holidays. Let’s work together to make sure that doesn’t happen during Halloween. While it’s fun to get spooked out by ghosts, vampires and clowns, we don’t want to add COVID-19 to that list.


32″ Magnavox flat screen TV. 3 years old. Includes wall mount. We don’t have the table stand. In great condition. Call or text 360 7336867 ~ Pat and Gail MacDonald Lynn St.


We want to rent our bright and sunny 2 bedroom, 2 bath, fully furnished home in the Columbia neighborhood December through March with some flexibility on dates. Includes all utilities, wi-fi, cable, Large 60’TV. $1900.00 per month. References and Damage deposit required.  Call or text at 360 733-6867.  ~ Pat and Gail MacDonald, Lynn St.  


A dear friend of mine is looking for a place to live. She was hoping for something in the Columbia neighborhood. Single professional woman in her 40s. No pets. Thanks!  ~ Julea Ivancovich (360) 820-3581


We are a couple with two cats and adult daughter looking for a max 6 month stay while we build a home. Our need came up when the owners decided to sell the property we currently rent.

We have a part-time tree business, and John has 35 years with UPS, retirement around,the corner. We are gardeners with good references. Daughter is just getting back on her feet having been away for studies. She should be with us until early next year. Happy to trade some treework for rent, or house sit or other options welcomed. We are non smoking. 360 410 6071/ 360 303 3057 ~ Bernadette Jaqueline


Maybe you’ve seen some of the Playing for Change videos. Here’s my favorite at the moment, The Weight with Ringo, Robbie Robertson, and friends from around the world. I especially like the guy sitting between his camel saddles.

Enjoy! Patti Rathburn
[I used to sing this with my buddy Ralph Estes. It was one of our favorites! ~Fl!p]

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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Science Source; Resisting Polarization; New Murals; Guardian; More; Tune: PJ’s Lullaby

CONTENTS 9/30/2020
Science Source
Resisting Polarization
New Murals
Pumpkins & Wildlife Safety
Seeking Housemate
Fairhaven College Live-Stream
RIP Ralph Estes
Radio Free Fl!p: PJ’s Lullaby


Suffering from COVID-19 science overload? This UW team wades through the deluge so you don’t have to.

Article excerpt from Seattle Times, by Sandi Doughton

Remember early spring, when it felt like we were all plunged into a crash course in epidemiology, heads spinning with terms like “R-naught,” “flatten the curve” and “herd immunity?” Every new nugget of data and scientific insight about the novel coronavirus was headline news, ricocheting from Twitter to technical journals to talking heads.

The wall-to-wall coverage has eased since then, but the pace of discovery hasn’t. Every day, hundreds of new research papers are published or posted about the virus and pandemic, ranging from case studies of single patients to randomized, controlled trials of potential treatments.

It’s a fire hose of information that overwhelms even the most fervent COVID-19 science junkies.

But there’s a way to keep current without having to spend your days and nights clicking through journal websites. For the past five months, a small group of faculty and students at the University of Washington has been wading through the deluge so you don’t have to. Five days a week, the Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness produces the “COVID-19 Literature Situation Report,” which provides a succinct summary of key scientific developments.


I had a report this morning of an election sign being vandalized. I would not be surprised if there were others as well. This one was a Biden sign, but I’ve had reports of Trump signs too. I’m working on getting Map Your Neighborhood meetings on every block before the election in hopes that the act of looking one another in the eye and making concrete plans to care for ourselves and each other as a community, in case of an earthquake, may calm some of this down. I would love your help if you are willing to host. I’ll help you do that, and facilitate your meeting too. ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511


On the wall of Bellingham Wind Works
2405 Meridian Street, Fountain District
(Across the street from Diamond Jim’s and next door to the ReStore)

From A Child’s Point of View: Presenting murals of what 4th-graders from Birchwood and Sunnyland Elementary Schools are Thinking About, Worrying About, and What They are Doing About It: Students are learning how human activities impact planet Earth. When drama is offered in support of this part of the core curriculum, students are thrilled to discover that they can use gesture and voice, laughing, speaking loudly, and speaking softly, and moving their bodies as if at play as they step inside an event that dramatizes a core subject, such as habitat loss. What happens when a wild animal like a bear or a cougar comes down from the hills into someone’s backyard in search of food? Stepping into the action is where engagement begins, and cognitive learning takes root. Using their own words and bringing their experience to a scene, students discover a kind of audacity, fueled by a yearning for understanding. Time restrictions caused by Covid-19 cut short this year’s public art project. The text messages in this mural represent their thoughts and feelings shared from their journals after each Drama World class. By plainly stating their ideas, students invite the Bellingham community to see the world from their point of view.
~ Lisa Citron, Project Director, 323.702.9682


PSA: Please do not bleach your carved pumpkins to make them last longer for Halloween. Please remember, pumpkins are food, especially to lots of the wildlife! Deer, squirrels, raccoons, possums, mice, rats, chipmunks, birds, and even bugs. After we carve them we deliberately stick them outside somewhere where wildlife can access them. We don’t want our wildlife eating bleached pumpkins.  Use vinegar instead. One part vinegar to 10 parts water.


Does anyone have a large or extra large wood  doghouse that is not being used? Looking to buy one locally.
Jill Schmitz, West Illinois Street


My name is Annika Fain.  I’m looking for a housemate for a cute 2 bedroom house on Maple St.  There is also bonus room you could use for a home office or art studio, a small yard, and off-street parking. I have a dog, but Omni Property Mgmt says no other animals are allowed. $725/mo, lease through June.  Please pass along to friends! Contact me at 206-799-0432 (phone or text) with questions.

[I’ve been getting a lot of housing requests lately, and decided to run a couple house-shares even though they are outside our neighborhood. ~Fl!p]


Fall Music Festival

October 1st, 7 PM  J.P. Falcon Grady is a self taught acoustic guitarist, singer, songwriter and a proud member of the Blackfeet Nation. He performs originals and covers all over the Pacific Northwest.

October 8, 7 PM. Coty Hogue is such an impressive young talent – an amazing powerful singer and instrumentalist – songwriter. One foot is planted solidly in older traditions and the other moving forward into new musical worlds. She is indeed, as has been described, a young woman with an old soul.”


A long-time member of the Bellingham folk and blue scene has passed on. For those who knew him, he was a generous musical stalwart, a strong guitarist with a voice that could drill a hole in a brick wall from 20 feet.


My sister Kitty Breskin died in September of 2015. I wrote this upon returning home from Maine after caring for her through her final illness. My brother joined me there as the three of us siblings found our way through this task together. ~Fl!p

I guard the Gates Of Death
With my brother I wait in the anteroom
Watching at the door back into the world
Behind me, the lone traveler seeking passage
Before me, any who seek to distract her
The traveler lays her hands
On the door that must open
Searching for the narrow way
A crack or crevice for leverage
She gathers her remaining strength

We watch for intruders
You shall not pass
Unless the traveler calls us off

I lock eyes, raise hackles, half rise
One tooth slips free of lip
I never need to growl
I am a kind and courteous beast

The traveler needs silence
I sing only in my mind
Guardian & attendant

Her thirst for life is boundless
We serve at the altar of her dying body
The traveler directs us
Choosing the plan of attack

We are untrusted advisors
Our proposals considered
But not relied upon
The traveler is in charge

She turns back to the world
To say some loving farewells
Specify a few last gifts
Affront a final enemy or two

She does not bid farewell to us
She still has need of us
To defend her against
The world’s need of her

Her goal: Consciousness

Not to be carried, to drift or
Be swept through the Gates
But to enter, aware, under her own power
A marathon runner
Utterly focused on driving her body forward
Bursting through the ribbon
With her final, focused
Intentional breath
Sighing to silence

A queen, entering her domain
One tear for the world left behind

We go beside her as far as we can
Alert & watching
Every step of the way
Till in the end she leaves us
To guard her cooling body

And still she is fully in charge as we

Lay out the body
Notify the authorities
Summon the musicians
Order the feast
Summarize the life
Gather the mourners
Recite the Kaddish
Donate the clothing
Bequeath the artwork
Scatter the ashes

Work completed
The last item dutifully checked off
We are free to go
Flying home
To our lives
To those who love and cherish us

A last tender, parting hug
My brother, my fellow guardian
To acknowledge our triumph
We got our sister through
On her own terms
Every step of the way

That’ll do



Fiddler Martin Hayes from County Clare joins Chicago-born Dennis Cahill on guitar.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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Smoke Again; Disinformation In Local Elections; Covid Resource; Song: Getting In The Cows

CONTENTS 9/28/2020
Smoke Again
Disinformation In Local Elections
Covid Resource
October Sublet Or Housesit?
Lake Whatcom House Share
Radio Free Fl!p: Getting In The Cows


Smoke is projected to come back to BHam later tonight and our air quality will be effected tomorrow and for the next few days.  Not predicting dangerous, just poor.  60+ AQI Weds and high 50’s AQI.  Unhealthy for sensitive groups. Reduce time spent outside.  

Source is

~ Ellie Halatsis on Connecticut Street


How To Spot It And What You Can Do

Wednesday Oct 7, 12:30 PM

This free event is hosted by the Bellingham Herald, but you do not need to be a subscriber to attend.

  • How to confirm whether information is factual
  • The best fact-checking websites and tools
  • And what we can expect after the election


This looks interesting. The scientific literature on COVID-19 is rapidly evolving and these articles are selected for review based on their relevance to Washington State decision making around COVID-19 response efforts.


I’m a professional woman in my late thirties looking for a place to live for the month of October. I’m open to paying up to $1000. I don’t smoke and I don’t have any pets. I already have a longer term lease for a place in the neighborhood starting Nov. 1; I just need a place from around October 6th until November 1. I can be reached at 617-694-3503 or Thank you!

Amanda Blaine, Victor Street


Do you desire:
– to live with 3 other people in a caring household
– share your past experience with gardening and work with our permaculture environment in a large yard
– Move-in November 2020, and stay for at least 6 months.
We have a fairly quiet house much of the time but we would love more music playing, we maintain caring relationships with one another, and we share home responsibilities equally. We are the natural-type- healthy organic home-cooking, no perfumes, all-natural products, etc.  The house is located north of Lake Whatcom- 10-15 minute drive to downtown with easy parking, a big garden, lots of shared indoor and outdoor space and a piano.
One housemate is 40- career oriented, enjoys playing music and keeping the garden. Another is 70, works from home, an artist, a grandmother who loves to read & knit. Another is in her early 60s, loves to hike and is currently teaching a pod of third graders.  We are okay with any age and are hoping to find a moving/spirited/artist/community/outdoorsy/domestically oriented person who enjoys their professional life. 

Room has a beautiful view,  and a closet, with a shared bathroom- $520 (includes utilities) No tobacco. No pets please. Interviews start soon. Please email with interest. Please Answer the question: “What are my needs for the perfect shared home environment?” And tell us about yourself. ~ Aurora Fox


Charlie McGuire – Like I said yesterday, Charlie grew up on a dairy farm. I still remember this song 45 years after hearing it once. I figure it must be a pretty good song.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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Map Your Neighborhood; Plants To Share; Lost Ring; More; Song: Fall Is Here

CONTENTS 9/28/2020
Map Your Neighborhood
Plants To Share
Lost Ring
Remodeler References?
Need Storage Space
Fairhaven College Live-Streaming Music Festival
Radio Free Fl!p: Fall is Here


I am making it a top priority to meet with any block that can get together during the month of October. Let’s look our neighbors in the eye and make concrete plans to care for each other in case of an earthquake. Let’s do it now, to push back against polarization.

The goal of organizing our block is to quickly respond in the critical first hour after a disaster:
1) turn off gas if there are leaks so we don’t have a fire.
2) put out small fires so they don’t become large ones.
3) comfort/care for the injured and scared.
If you are a bit prepared you are more likely to be part of the solution rather than part of the group needing care and comfort.

Contact Fl!p 360-671-4511


I’ve put a few garden extras out by the sidewalk under the big maple tree – 2515 Victor Street. There’s native sedum ground cover, native nodding onion, native False Solomon Seal, a black-grass start, a little jade plant, crocosmia corms – red lucifer and a smaller orange one, a hellebore with purplish flowers, and more when I get around to it. Help yourself. ~ Lane Morgan


Lost wedding ring. Mens. Open braid style, gold. 35 years old! We live on Henry, + he was visiting a friend on Lafayette & took it off to help with a messy project. Not sure when he lost it. ~ Cindy McKinney, Henry Street, 360-303-1463


I am looking to remodel my small bathroom and would appreciate references for this project. Please email information to: ~ Cindy Spee, Lafayette Street


Can someone donate an accessible storage space, about the size of a one-car garage, for the winter? A tiny and responsible group of people (I know them personally) are in urgent need of storage for donated supplies that they distribute to people who don’t have shelter. Without storage space, they have no way to continue. I worked with them last year, before Covid grounded me. ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511


Fall Music Festival
Oct. 1st, J.P.Falcon: Folk and Blues
Oct. 8th. Coty Hogue: Bluegrass & Old Time
Oct.15th Yogo Man (Jordon Rain)
Oct 22 The Groove Doctors featuring Deb Hawley: The Blues


Written by Charlie Maguire, sung by Sally Rogers

Charlie grew up on a dairy farm. I hosted Charlie at Mama Sundays coffeehouse when he toured through back in the 1970s. I was transfixed by this song, and it floats back into my mind around this time every year. And I stop and sing it. I can’t find Charlie singing it on line, but Sally does a lovely job.

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More Forums & Resources; Map Your Neighborhood; More; Song: Rise

CONTENTS 9/26/2020
More Forums & Resources
Map Your Neighborhood
Stolen Welder
Autumn Garden Clean Up
Gutter Cleaning?
House Sitter Available
Couple Looking For A Home In Fall
Family Rental Wanted
Radio Free Fl!p: Rise


I’m sure you know how important it is to vote. But it’s also important to be an informed voter. The League of Women Voters Bellingham/Whatcom County’s nine non-partisan virtual election forums are an excellent way to see and hear the candidates speak on the issues you care about. Beginning September 30, they’ll host a separate forum for each race on your ballot. Get involved and submit your questions in advance. Can’t make it to the live forum? That’s ok! Each forum will be available online shortly after the live event through election day. Check for all the details at

Be #VoteReady. Check your registration status, current address and more online today at

Thank you for being an active participant in American democracy. Your VOTE is your VOICE, and EVERY VOTE COUNTS!


I would still love to meet with as many blocks as possible before the upcoming election. I think it could help with the polarization happening right now in our country for folks on each block to meet and prepare together for earthquakes and such. We are neighbors, and we will still be neighbors no matter what happens. Here’s a chance to strengthen our ties. Learn some things we can do to care for one another during a pandemic too. It just takes one person on a block to agree to invite their neighbors to a single 90-minute zoom call. I will mentor and guide you as you invite folks. I will also provide the zoom and materials, and come facilitate. I love getting a chance to put faces on so many names I’ve come to love. ~Fl!p  Breskin 360-671-4511


I had  my truck broken into over on Williams Street and they broke the window and stole my welder. It’s a blue Millermatic 211. Someone bought stolen property and probably is unaware of it. It was sold on OfferUp, picture given to police and they are trying to track down the prowler. I can email a photo. ~ Eric Strain


If your garden needs attention for the winter contact Analeise Volpe; Master Gardener certified, Columbia Neighborhood experience, excellent references. ~ Analeise Volpe, Victor Street


Seeking someone to clean our gutters this year. About a three-hour task, a long ladder needed for part of the job. ~ Dick & Cherie Little Elm Street


My 30 year old sister is coming back to Bellingham for a month before moving back home to Amsterdam and Berlin. She is a graduate of Wellesley and the Art Institute of Chicago and a wonderful artist. She is responsible and clean and would take wonderful care of your home. She is looking for a place to housesit from October 1 to November 7 (or any time period in there). We would love to have her nearby us in the ‘hood and our two girls could get their Aunt Jess fix! Please let me know if you have something available. Cheers, ~ Kate Ferry, Williams Street


Professional couple in late 50’s looking for a home to rent in Fall 2020. One of us works in Home Renovation, the other is a Somatic Psychotherapist. We love being active in the outdoors, music, health, environmental and sustainability issues. Looking for a home preferably Bellingham to Lake Samish area. Preferably 2 bedroom, has spacious and light feel inside and  has closets.   900/1000+ SQ FT, yard and storage for outdoor gear and tools. Open to other areas if right place. Also, since one of us is a carpenter open to doing any  work on home if needed. We are responsible, neat, friendly and good communicators. We have no pets.  ~ Elizabeth Stanton  360 570- 8653


My husband, 2 kids (3 year old  and 6 month old) and I are wanting to move back to Bellingham to be closer to the grandparents – does anyone have a 3/4 bedroom rental coming available in the next few months?  We don’t have any indoor pets, but would love to bring our chickens along if possible (it’s not a dealbreaker if that’s not an option). Our budget is around $2000/month. Feel free to email me at if you have or know of anything!  Thank you! ~ Brandy Shreve


Composed and sung by Jen Allen Zito, joined by members of historic Glide Memorial in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Jen grew up in the Columbia neighborhood. I am friends with Jen’s mom, Linda Allen. It’s been a pleasure to know Jen all her life, and to watch her grow into a powerful musician. Jen has a download form and a go fund me here as well as her new song.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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Rain Delay: Bike Safety Rodeo; Election Forum; Gleaning; Crossing Flags; COVID Study; Song: O The Wind And Rain

CONTENTS 9/23/2020
Rain Delay: Bike Safety Rodeo
Election Forum Video
Crossing Flags On Northwest
COVID Symptom Study Needs You
Vehicle Documents?
Free Trees
Free Vacuum Bags
Labradoodle Is Safe Home
Fl!ps Birthday Concert
Radio Free Fl!p: Oh The Wind And Rain


The date for the free Bike Safety Rodeo at Immanuel Bible Church has been pushed out to October 3 due to the current rainy weather. The Bike Safety Rodeo is designed to help young riders (age 4 to 7) improve skills and awareness. The course is expected to take about an hour. Helmets are required for riders and masks are mandatory.  A parent or guardian should plan to accompany their child. There is space available on the October 3 schedule! Please call or text Sean Jeffrey at 360-961-2483 for more information or to sign up. The 4 Fun Course is open now in the small parking lot off Henry Street. 


I just watched the first of two candidates forums posted on the Bellingham City Club website. The city club is non-partisan. The one I watched is for superior court judges. I’ll watch the PUD candidates next. I’m grateful to have these!


The Bellingham Food Bank is organizing a gleaning event this Friday, September 25th from 9 a.m. – noon. They will be visiting Kibbe Acres in Ferndale to harvest pears and apples! Volunteers are welcome. (Because of COVID-19 safety considerations, volunteers must be between the ages of 18 and 60.) To volunteer, sign up at the Small Potatoes Gleaning Project site:


Neighbor Mike on Walnut Street put up crossing flags at Northwest and Victor. The family had them made by others with kite making materials and a serger. There are four flags total and two canisters (made of large pvc pipe) zip-tied to the poles.  Hopefully they can help y’all crossing.  And hopefully they last a while! Thanks Mike and Liz for hooking that up!!! ~Kamarie Astrid


The Covid Symptom Study has been mentioned here in the past. It is created by  Massachusetts General Hospital, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, King’s College London, and Stanford University School of Medicine. They need just 128 more participants from Whatcom County to be able to provide accurate daily Covid estimates for us. Once you load the app on your phone and get it set up, it takes about 20 seconds to submit your individual report each day. You can find more information about the study and links to the study’s apps (so you can participate) here:

~ David Vergin

[Fl!p agrees. Zeke and I have been reporting since April. I’d love to see more friends neighbors sign up.]


Someone went through my Acura MDX (on Park St near Jefferson) and took the owner’s manual, vehicle registration and insurance documents (along with a few other things). If any neighbors should find the owner’s manual or other documents discarded somewhere, I would very much appreciate getting them back. my email is  thanks so much for your help, ~ Tara Caldwell, Park Street


We have 3 healthy young conifers, each approx 6’ tall, in our yard…available for transplanting…up for grabs (you dig)… 1 fir, 1 cedar, 1 spruce. E Oregon St near Britton,  360-353-4192 ~ Jenny Maida-Young

Vacuum hypoallergenic bags for Oreck canister
Fits :
DTX 1100
DTX 1200
DTX 1300
DTX 1400
Yasmin Liepa, 360-647-8654


Her owner phoned and picked her up within 6 minutes of when my post went out! Just so you know, I have two ways to post. One is my old email list, which travels really fast, but only reaches about half my list. I use it for urgent messages. The other is through my Updates blog. It gets to everyone but often takes 3 hours from the time I push Publish until the time it lands in your inbox. I wish I knew how to fix that! If you didn’t get the mid-afternoon Found Dog report and you’d like to be on the Alerts list, email me to let me know and I can add you.


I wound up doing two versions of my birthday concert this year. One was on facebook in late August, live and very chaotic as we tried to figure out the technology on the fly. The other was professionally recorded at the FireHouse and has now been edited and posted on their website. It’s about 45 minutes long. I wrote the first two songs in the concert about neighbors on Cherry Street in my beloved Columbia neighborhood. There is no charge to view. You are welcome to go look. I am deeply touched, because all the recording and editing was done as a gift to me from the Firehouse folks. Humbling and very moving. This link will take you to the FireHouse Studio web page where you can click on my video and also see other video’s the FireHouse Studio gallery has to offer. They are set up to record live  performances and post them online for artists.


An ancient Child ballad of fatal sibling rivalry and dark musical magic, first written down in the mid-1600s. I wore this recording by Jody Stecher out back in my youth. My mind references everything through song and has for all my life. It’s one of those ballads that floats a painful tale on a light and lovely melody. There are lots of such ballads. It may be one reason the songs survived.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Election Forums; Will Your Vote Count?; Climate Week; Covid Cases Rising; Halloween; More; Song: Crossing the Bar

CONTENTS 9/22/2020
Happy Autumn
  Election Forums
  Will Your Vote Count?
Local Climate Week Events
Whatcom Covid Cases Rising
Halloween Invite
Small Kitchen Appliance Repair?
Arborist/Tree Help Needed
Free Bunk Bed
Handy-Woman Shout-Out
Free Canned Cat Food
Radio Free Fl!p:  Crossing the Bar



Our democracy’s foundation is the informed voter. I will be posting every forum and every source of  information I can find about all races and issues in the upcoming election. I will not engage in partisan politics, but will do my best to get you resources so you can inform yourselves. Local elections are very, very important!

Non-Partisan Online Election Forums

Tomorrow, Wednesday September 23. Go to after 1:30 PM to find & click the link.

We’ll be prerecording our program and posting it on our website. This will allow us to guarantee our candidate forums are free of any technical problems that could impact candidates’ ability to communicate with our audience. Unfortunately, this eliminates an important aspect of our programs—the ability to ask questions. We look forward to returning to that in future meetings. No registration is required.

Founded in 1993, the Bellingham City Club is a non-partisan civic organization with over 400 members that fosters dialogue and debate on important issues facing our community.  Note: Since May 27, 2020, City Club meetings have been held online at no cost to participants.

The Races:

Superior Court Judges Positions 2 & 4

Superior courts are called general jurisdiction courts, because there is no limit on the types of civil and criminal cases heard.  Superior courts also have authority to hear cases appealed from courts of limited jurisdiction. Superior court judges are elected to four-year terms. Vacancies between elections are filled by appointment of the Governor.

The Candidates:
Superior Court Judge Position 2
Judge Deborra Garrett is not running for reelection for position 2.
James Erb is the Senior Assistant City Attorney for Bellingham.
Evan Jones is a Deputy Prosecutor for the Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney’s office

Superior Court Judge Position 4
David E. Freeman was appointed to the Whatcom County Superior Court in 2020 when Judge Raquel Montoya-Lewis was appointed to the Washington Supreme Court.
Jim Nelson has worked as a private attorney for 31 years.

Public Utility District No. 1 Commissioner

Public Utility District No. 1 is governed by a Board of Commissioners comprised of three local citizens elected on a nonpartisan basis by Whatcom County residents. A PUD Commissioner is elected every two years during the general election to serve a six-year term.

The Commission establishes PUD policies, set rates, adopts system plans for electric and water utilities, and approves revenue obligations. In addition to guiding PUD operations, the Commissioners appoint the general manager.

The Candidates:

Public Utility District (PUD) District 1 Commissioner
Christine Grant teaches energy policy at Western Washington University’s Institute for Energy Studies.
Jeff McClure is an architect and founding partner of RMC Architects in Bellingham seeking his third six year term.

Coming OCTOBER 7 LIVE Online:

Will your vote count?

At 12:00 p.m. October 7 the Bellingham City Club will be hosting its next virtual meeting live. See below for more information about this program.  Please note DATE CHANGE and register in advance at no charge by clicking here. Registration closes at midnight, Monday, October 5.  On the next day, registrants will receive an email with instructions on how to join the meeting.Important: You will receive a confirmation email shortly after registering.  If you don’t receive this email, please try again.  You need to click the “confirm” button on the last page of registration to finish the process.

Fraud, Slow Mail Delivery, Voter Suppression! Is it any wonder hearing these statements thrown around on the nightly news we are worried about the safety of our vote and the integrity of our election?

Join us for a presentation by Whatcom County Auditor, Diana Bradrick who will help us to understand the nuts and bolts of running a major election during a pandemic. From processing the registration forms for new voters to ensuring an accurate count, the Elections Division is responsible for assuring the security and accuracy of the upcoming election while making sure that every citizen who wants to vote is able to vote and every ballot that is cast is counted. What are the best ideas to be sure your vote is counted?

Diana Bradrick was elected Whatcom County Auditor for the term starting in January, 2020. Before her election as Auditor, she was the Chief Deputy Auditor and Election Supervisor for Whatcom County from October 2012. Bradrick is a Certified Elections Administrator for the State of Washington, has administered over 40 elections in various counties, and has been an active participant in the VOTE WA statewide voter registration system project since its inception. Currently she serves on the Steering Committee. She is a Washington native and holds a MBA from Portland State University.

Founded in 1993, the Bellingham City Club is a non-partisan civic organization with about 500 members that fosters dialogue and debate on important issues facing our community.  Note: Beginning May 27, 2020, City Club meetings will be held online at no cost to participants.

[Fl!p: I need to add a word here. Zeke and I signed up and were trained as election observers some years back. I was deeply relieved and extremely impressed at the rigor with which our Whatcom County elections are conducted. The culture in the Auditor’s office made me teary-eyed. Those workers are determined to clear and count every legal vote. They even do things like, if a ballot has the wrong signature, they check all other ballots from the same address to see if ballots could have gotten mixed. If spouses have accidentally swapped their ballots, they can both still get counted. The most common disqualification has to do with a signature that doesn’t match the one on file. If you printed, or used an initial, you’ll want to have your signature on your ballot match. If you’re not sure what you used, you can go in and update your signature in advance. Please be merciful and do it early!]


There are city-sponsored events throughout this week, including a chalk art contest.


Local cases are trending in the wrong direction. Please wear masks and keep Save Six. We can protect each other. It really makes a big difference.


 I live on the corner of Williams and North St. Every year I tell all the parents and children to please come to my house on Halloween. Last year I was lucky enough to see 323 of the cutest children and parents.

I understand it’s different this year. I will still be here enjoying ever child I get to see although in response to the Covid I will be using a 6 ft. tube to send the candy through.  So please if your kids are still going out remember to stop by!
Happy Halloween 🎃 ~ Tami Crawford  1713 W North St.


Anyone know of someone who knows how to repair small appliances? My food processor motor seems to be disengaged from the gear that turns the blade; and my beloved, old, food dehydrator fan stopped turning, though the heating element still works. If you want to have a go at it, or know someone who might, please let me know via email. Thanks! ~ Becky Curtis, Kulshan St.


 We have three fruit trees in desperate need of pruning—and one more that we want to remove. Can anyone recommend a good and reasonably-priced tree person?  Happy to do some of the work (prep or otherwise) ourselves but need expert direction. Kate Destler, Henry Street


We have an older all wooden bunk bed, in ok shape, for free.  We can deliver.  Text or email Marcie 360 739 8900 Thank you!!
Marcie and Paul Pittman, Lynn street


I want to shout out a big compliment to Daniella Hirt, our Columbia neighborhood carpenter and handyperson. She and her partner did an amazing job on new ceiling crown molding for my Craftsman bungalow AND crown molding on my kitchen cabinets which really upgrades their appearance. Her pricing was fair and her high moral standards shone throughout the job. I would easily hire her again.She can be reached at 206=310=6963 ~ EL Caron
[Daniella did good work for me too, twice. ~Fl!p]


I have a bunch of cans of perfectly nice cat food that Vortex has declared inedible. The first can of it she loved. But she has now decided that it is boring and she would prefer to starve to death, thank you. What Vortex wants is kitty gravel – dried food. But the vet says it is no longer safe for her to eat exclusively dry food. ~ Fl!p  360-671-4511


Another version. This one keeps floating through my mind in these days of the year. Five years ago on this day my sister Kitty died of pancreatic and ovarian cancer. We were not close, but at the end, she permitted my brother Joe and I to come to Maine to care for her, which was a gift to us all. Not easy, but a gift. This song seems so right for who she was. Joe and I sang this one and Gulf Coast Highway together all night long after they came to collect Kitty’s body. And yesterday I posted the wrong author! Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote the words, and this musical setting is by Salamander Crossing.

Sung a cappella (Rani Arbo, arr. Peter Amidon)

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Local Climate Week; Firefighters; Map Your Neighborhood; Halloween; Song: Crossing The Bar

CONTENTS 9/21/2020
Local Climate Week Events
Firefighters Thank You
Map Your Neighborhood
Sharing Alternative Halloween Ideas
Gardener Needed For Fall Cleanup
Free Plants
Chicken Is Home
Keys Returned
House Sitter
ADU Wanted
Radio Free Fl!p: Crossing The Bar


There are city-sponsored events throughout this week, including a chalk art contest.


Thank you for all the amazing fresh food, baked goodies and wonderful cards sent to Baker River Hotshots. Please check out the link to read their reaction and to see a video they put together of their season so far. In these though times I feel so blessed to live in such an amazing community that pulls together the way we do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is the video:

This is the reaction to our giving:

Sarah & Nat Grainger,,  Victor Street


I got to facilitate a zoom meeting yesterday for a block of Williams Street. It was a delight to put faces to names I’ve known for years. And a privilege to see neighbors connect and plan together to care for each other. If I could choose one gift you could give me, it would be for every block in our neighborhood to do this. I will make every effort to clear my calendar to meet. I would love to do a big push to do this before the election. It helps us remember that we are neighbors. We are connected. We are really all in this together. Please contact me if you would consider hosting. I’ll help you! Love/Fl!p


On Halloween, our family is planning to let our kids trick or treat at our house only, knocking on each of the exterior and interior doors for a treat.  Another cute idea is having a candy hunt (like an easter egg hunt) in just your own yard in the dark with a flashlight. ~ Darrah Blanton, Williams St.


We are looking for someone to help with fall garden maintenance including pruning several trees (golden chain, maples, mock oranges), weeding, and cutting back ornamentals (lavender, daphne, rhododendron, etc) in the garden. Does anyone have a recommendation for a gardener/landscaper?

~ Rebecca and Sean Mulcahy, Keesling Street  415-712-5327


We’ve just dug up some over-sized plants: Russian Sage (I think it’s just decorative, may be wrong), culinary sage, and hardy oregano.  They will be in boxes in the alley between Utter and Walnut, northernmost block before Illinois Street. We have the tall blue carport in the middle of this long block.  ~ Mary Rausch, Utter Street




Good news! I called my gym because my gym card was my only identifier on my keys and someone has turned them in! ~ Nancy Rathjen


My name is Sara De Roy. I grew up in Bellingham and am back here for the foreseeable future, as I remotely attend Oberlin College. I am looking for house sitting jobs, either in the neighborhood or otherwise around town. I have many years of experience with house and pet sitting and am responsible and diligent. I can be contacted at or 360.820.9330 (text or call are both fine).


My son, Aaron is looking for a place to rent. An ADU would be ideal. He is a helicopter pilot doing fire and rescue work.. He is quiet and would like a place in the greater Bellingham area. Studio or 1 bedroom is good depending on the price. Contact me, Janet Peterson, his mom, at 360-224-8007 or

[Aaron is great! Janet is my dear Guitar Camp buddy, and an amazing cellist. Please help me find Aaron a place. Love/Fl!p]


Salamander Crossing set this classic poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson to music. The lyrics are not in the order that RLS published them, but the setting is wonderful. In honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and also of Kitty Breskin, my sister, who set sail five years ago tomorrow.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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