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Finding information

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Getting information out there

If there is an urgent situation in the neighborhood that doesn’t need a 911 call (found pet, keys or wallet, power outage, etc), please phone as well as emailing me: 360-671-4511. Don’t just text. Texts are sometimes delayed for hours. 

We try really hard to keep this list non-commercial. If you want to do a shout-out to a local business, please make it both very short and very personal. Say what was good for you, instead of passing on an advertisement.The posts we run that are ‘commercial-ish’ are for services neighbors are always hunting for: home repairs and cleaning, yard work, and childcare, almost always from individuals who do that work themselves. If we ran ads, we would get inundated with business owners wanting free advertising. I sympathize, but it’s too much for volunteers to handle, and it’s not why we do this. Fund raiser posts need to be specific to our neighborhood. We can’t cover the whole city.

Getting email alerts

Nothing formal; it’s just me, Fl!p. Email flip@columbianeighborhood.org to add or remove yourself from this list. If you wish to be added, please include your name, address & phone. I never EVER share these or abuse or exploit them in any way. It sometimes helps to have specific locations and back-up contact methods in an emergency. 

You will need to add flip@columbianeighborhood.org and also carol@columbianeighborhood.org to your contacts list or email filter so Updates can get through. Please use these when you send us emails. Carol sometimes fills in for me when I’m out of town.