Fl!p’s 72nd Birthday Concert And More Music Too

Birthday Concert tomorrow morning, Saturday August 27th, at 11 AM at Elizabeth Park in Bellingham’s Columbia Neighborhood.

I’ll bring the Twangoleum. And my dear Columbia guitar. And LOTS of cake. And some new songs and old sing-alongs. I’d love to see you there! Singing to you is my gift to you, and singing with me is your gift to me, as I turn 72.

Tomorrow is Play Music On The Porch Day, and there will be lots of it. The Bellingham Community Band Ensemble, The Eclectics, will play at the park at 1:00. And at 2:00 oboists Ken Bronstein and Jen Weeks, and bassoonist Pat Nelson, along with other double-reed playing friends, will welcome us to listen in at 1601 Broadway, close enough to Elizabeth Park that you could just follow your ears to some great music.
Looks like the weather will be cool, and air quality good. Dress warmly in layers for comfort. Bring something to sit on. Can’t wait to see friends and neighbors and make MUSIC!!!!

Meeting, Eldridge, So Much More


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2021 AT 7 PM Online

Columbia Neighborhood Association Quarterly Meeting

Speakers: Public Works Director Eric Johnston on traffic. Bellingham Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Greg Baker on projects and the school bond. CNA meetings are open to the public; please join us! Questions: columbianeighborhoodassociation@protonmail.com

Here is the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting:

7:00 – 7:10 – Welcome 

                     Reports: Treasurer, MNAC, Share Shack

7:10 – 7:40 – Speaker Eric Johnston, Director of Public Works. Subject: traffic solutions

7:45 – 8:15 – Speaker Dr. Greg Baker, Superintendent of Bellingham Public Schools. Subject: current projects and the school bond

8:15 – 9:00 – CNA Business: 

                           Pending projects:  Bike rack and CNA website                         

                           Bylaw revisions

                           Annual financial audit: We will need 2 volunteers

                           CNA Board openings

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 835 3196 4765

Passcode: 691197

One tap mobile

+12532158782,,83531964765#,,,,*691197# US (Tacoma)

+16699006833,,83531964765#,,,,*691197# US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 835 3196 4765

Passcode: 691197

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/k7uprH8H


Sunday November 14th and 21st, 1:00 – 3:30 pm

Northwest Free Repairs is a group of environmentally minded volunteers dedicated to reducing a “throw away mentality” for broken household items. It meets twice monthly on the second and third Sundays of each month from 1:00 – 3:30 pm in the Makers Space facility at Bellis Fair Mall (next door to Dick’s Sporting Goods.) Bring your broken household items and see what they can do! This service is provided free of charge. It is a combined continuation of two separate repair groups that have been successfully operating in Whatcom County for six years (prior to COVID.) They have had about a 70-80% success rate with repairs in the past and will evaluate anything that you can carry in to determine if it can be repaired. COVID restrictions to be observed.




Dear Columbia neighbors

We recently, again, had another high speed accident on Eldridge and it has me marvelling about how many major accidents we have had along Eldridge in the short 4 years we have lived here. There was the person who took out the telephone pole and landed upside down in someone’s yard, the absolute tragedy that occured this summer when a community member lost both legs and almost her life because of an out of control driver, and then most recently a car slammed into a parked car, through a pole and took out a wrought iron fence. Also, our neighbor’s parked car got totaled by an out of control driver. These are 4 major accidents in just 4 years. This is not to mention how many of us have lost side view mirrors or had our cars swiped as our cars are parked along Eldridge. 

I don’t know what it is about Eldridge, but it seems like people like to drive fast down this road. Case in point, I was literally passed the other night by a white BMW SUV as if I was standing still. 

I was thinking about this while driving down Eldridge and feeling a sense of anger and frustration at all the speeding drivers who obviously don’t care about the safety of our community. I was even fashioning the letter I was going to send to Flips Newsletter about how we need to get the city to do something when I happened to look down at my speedometer, and saw that I was going 45 MPH. 20 MPH over the speed limit… talk about a moment of hypocrisy. 

So, first off I apologize to my Eldridge neighbors about my own tendency to drive fast down that road. Second, I have, since then, driven 25 MPH whenever I’m on Eldridge and have quite liked the slower pace. I realize that if we wait until the city does something about the speeding drivers, we will wait way too long. Therefore I think we need to take control of Eldridge and slow fast drivers (like myself) down by all of us driving 25 MPH whenever on Eldridge. Take pride in that long line of cars behind you. In my opinion we need to create the reputation that Eldridge is a super slow road, and hopefully everyone else will fall into line. 

As a repentant Eldridge speeder, I ask that whenever you are on Eldridge, if you’re not already doing so, please drive 25MPH. Thanks ~ Matt Dowling


The days are getting shorter and the weather is turning dark. Reminder to look out for pedestrians and bicycles. State law says pedestrian crosswalks exist at *all* intersections – whether they are marked or not. Pedestrians and cyclists, please wear bright or high visibility clothing, use caution, and never leave a curb or place of safety and move into a vehicle’s path at a point where it is impossible for the driver to stop


Private tutoring available from Columbia neighborhood teacher. I teach reading, writing, and math (up to Algebra). Please contact me for more information. Thank you! ~ Ruth Olsen 360-318-5380 www.beliinghamtutoring.com


CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival celebrates Native American Heritage month with the online screening of the documentary “End of the Line: Women of Standing Rock,” directed by Shannon Kring. The film sold out at the Pickford Film Center during its Doctober festival.  CASCADIA presents it online throughout November. “End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock” is a powerful, inspiring 97-minute film that captures history in the making as a small group of Indigenous women establish a peaceful camp in protest of the $3.8 billion oil pipeline construction that threatens their land, water, and very existence. View trailer here: https://vimeo.com/419950760. Tickets are $10 on sale now here. More info at https://www.cascadiafilmfest.org/upcoming-events-2/


We need more cooks for the Outreach folks who are delivering hot home-cooked meals to unsheltered neighbors. We can provide ingredients, baking pans & to-go containers. A one-dish casserole meal like Mac & cheese, spaghetti, burritos, or tuna noodle is simple to make and brings such comfort to a cold lonely person on a dark night. We could also use donations of hand warmers, clean dry winter socks, ponchos, raincoats, socks, large size boots & sturdy shoes, and AAA & AA batteries. Cash donations let us shop for the best deals, to do the greatest good for the greatest number. https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/qm4vz8


Please send more cards & letters to our hospital workers. They are having such a hard time and it actually helps when they hear that we haven’t forgotten them. I have some beautiful blank greeting cards I’d be happy to share with you. Also, we’ve still got some musicians performing at shift changes and have room for more. Contact me for more information. And if there are any more gift cards donated, the musicians can distribute them to the workers. ~ Love/Fl!p 

The Workers At St Joseph Hospital / Peacehealth

2901 Squalicum Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225


My name is Miko Machalski and I am Deaf. Now that my kids are all grown, I am looking to move from where I live on Lummi Island (for 37 years) to Bellingham. I am looking for a small cottage or mother-in-law dwelling in town. I am fully vaccinated and am hoping to move Spring 2022. If you would like to see me and how I communicate, watch this short YouTube video I made (with English captions): https://youtu.be/See2hzaEK7o

If you have a rental, or know of one, please contact me at 360-255-7039. When you call my number, it will automatically connect to a free sign language interpreter who will interpret between us. You can also leave a message through the interpreter if I am not available. Thank you so much and hope to connect with you.


Partially furnished room available in Sunnyland neighborhood. Steps away from breweries, TJ’s, downtown and bus lines. Seeking a mature, responsible, respectable and vaccinated housemate with a chill attitude, generally neat and fairly quiet home habits. Bonus points if you have any gardening experience or enthusiasm for gardening. Must be able to pass a background check, submit proof of income, and provide personal references and history of your living situation for the past year. Rent is $675/month plus utilities. Room is available Dec. 1st A pet may be negotiable. Text or email Jewel Leuba at 774-269-5599 or jewel.leuba@gmail.com


11/14 Bellingham. Nice goodies delivered by pre-order only for local pick-up, about once a month.



I’ve been teaching deliberate yawning for at least 40 years. It is so exciting first seeing science research catch up, and now seeing it popularized on TV news!



The French philosopher Simone Weil wrote often of attention as a kind of spiritual discipline. “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity,” she wrote in her notebooks, an idea she later would continue to develop, eventually concluding that attention “presupposes faith and love.”  ~ Alissa Wilkinson


I had eye surgery for cataracts Wednesday Nov 3rd, which went a little sideways the first night, but is now WAY better! I got eyedrops to handle the excess pressure. My vision is much clearer now. I have more energy too. I slept the first two days. My other eye is scheduled for November 17 and should be easier now that I know what to expect. You may see fewer posts from me than usual this month because of the surgery, but I’ll try to keep up. Zeke can read to me.



Tom Hodge with one of my favorite songs, which he wrote long ago. It’s so poignant that it starts with guys insulting each other kind of lovingly, as I’ve so often seen them do, and then the music starts and immediately spills over with tenderness. I was there in the front row when this was recorded. The song starts at 1:24. 



Simon & Garfunkel, backstage, long ago. Best version I have ever heard. How terribly strange to be 70…

Vote! Nurses, Halloween, More


Vote by 8 PM Tuesday November 2nd

There are drop boxes all over the county or you can mail your ballot. No stamps needed. But if you choose to mail it in, do so by Monday Morning, early to make sure it’s processed in time by the post office. At this point the drop boxes are a better choice. Here’s a link to locations: 


Visit the Whatcom County Auditor’s office at the courthouse to register to vote or change your address in person, by 8:00 pm Election Day. But the sooner the better please. If you haven’t received your ballot yet, it’s time to contact them now. Call before you go; they may be able to save you a trip: 360-778-5102. They may be able to set you up with a ballot to print on your home printer. Check online for all sorts of voter information here:  VoteWA.gov

Do not underestimate how much of an impact you can have on a local election, Turn out is low so far: under 32K out of almost 157K, barely over 20% of ballots. Your vote counts!


You can watch recorded forums online here: 



Open enrollment has started and ends December 7th. This is the time that you can make changes to your plan that will take effect January 1st and remain in place for the rest of the year. There are many sources of assistance to help you make your decisions.


Thanks so much! We’ve had six or seven offers of housing already. It turns out the contact information I was given wasn’t quite what was wanted. So far the administration doesn’t seem to have someone to handle our offers of help. So, till Monday, go ahead and send offers to me, with your contact information, and I’ll pass it on Monday morning as soon as the overworked administrative workers at the hospital can figure out who will take this job on. Meanwhile, I am utterly delighted with your generosity and caring! Thank you!!! Write me at flip@breskin.com


Sunday October 31, 1:30 pm

Friday November 5, 7:30 pm

Sunday November 7, 1:30 pm

Tickets Online: McIntyre Hall online order form. By phone: 360-416-7727

Love opera? This production is getting rave reviews! For more information https://pnopera.org/performance/la-traviata/ Once again we are offering student tickets for $10 and FREE if accompanied by an adult who purchases a ticket. Available only at the box office.



3:00 and 7:30pm, Saturday, November 13, 2021

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, 1207 Ellsworth St, Bellingham

$20 general/$5 students – buy tickets at brownpapertickets

For further information, see choirofthesalishsea.com

This high-energy program marking Veteran’s Day reframes the age-old imperative to “beat swords into plowshares” with a modern project of replacing combat boots with casual footwear. Venture with the choir into and out of battle with pieces honoring veterans (Hogan’s Battle of Jericho, a setting of Kipling’s Boots), pondering war and peace (Gabriel’s Oboe from “The Mission,” and Nichols’ electrifying Chalk Circle Songs), and exuding joy (Blue Suede Shoes, Paul Simon’s Diamonds on The Soles of Her Shoes).


They’re back open, with a lot going on. If you’re ready to go out, take a look!



For homeless supplies. Can you help? Check with Fl!p and I’ll either arrange for pick-up or let you know where to deliver it. Thank you!


Notice how cold the nights have gotten? Into the 30s. It’s perfect for Halloween but really hard if you don’t have shelter. We need brown & camo tarps, closed cell foam (only) sleeping pads, tents, sleeping bags, blankets. Also warm coats, raincoats, ponchos, gloves, large size boots and shoes, clean dry socks, AAA & AA batteries, hand warmers, and we can always use cash. Thanks everybody!


I just wanted you to know that with the Covid numbers soaring a lot of us parents with small children are opting for no-knock tricks or treats and we sure do appreciate anyone out there who wants to leave candy out. We’ll definitely be waving and air high diving, but not worth the risk to send our unvaccinated small humans up to doors where we don’t know what’s happening. ~ Kamarie Chapman

From Fl!p: Zeke is carving our pumpkin right this minute. He’s nearly done. I’ve got a really long (7 foot), light weight pole for safely (masked) distancing while handing out candy. We’ve got candy necklaces for trick-or-treaters and dark chocolate truffles for parents. We’re also glad to wave through the window or from the front porch to admire costumes safely if that makes the most sense for your family.

And for the very, very brave, we have a genuine tombstone in the back garden. No one has ever been buried under it, but I’ve had it for maybe 40 years. Here’s the story: In the late 1970s I was sweethearts with a stone carver. When the city of Mt Vernon built a new city hall, they displaced long time tombstone makers Fret’s Monuments. Fret’s put their inventory on sale, had an auction, and finally put a notice in the paper inviting folks to come take the left-overs before they were bulldozed. Tom & I piled into the pick-up and headed South. I absolutely fell in love with a pink granite headstone. Tom said it was really, really heavy. But I was enchanted. So he wrestled it into the back of the pickup, along with a bunch of smaller stones. We drove home and shoved it out into the front yard. Where it stayed for nearly 20 years. At some point we installed a garden bed around it, but it was in the front yard all those years. We never got single trick-or-treater at that house, for some reason. Plenty of kids the rest of the time since we lived in town and had ponies in the back yard. One day a uniformed policeman knocked on the front door to ask about the tombstone, and suddenly it all made sense. Kids tell each other stories. One of them must have told a grown-up… When we moved to Cherry Street, of course I took my tombstone, but we had them put it in the back yard instead, where it doesn’t show from the street. But if you want a tour, I think it could be arranged. It’s my best Halloween decoration ever… Love/Fl!p 


I’ve got cataract surgery on Wednesday, and again 2 weeks later for the other eye. I’ve been told it’s no big deal, but they sure make you sign a lot of papers. I may be pretty quiet for a few days after.



The Skeleton Dance is a 1929 Silly Symphony animated short subject produced and directed by Walt Disney and animated by Ub Iwerks. In the film, four human skeletons dance and make music around a spooky graveyard—a modern film example of medieval European “danse macabre” imagery.


Nurses Need Housing, Scams, More


Short-term housing, 6 – 8 weeks, for nurses who have traveled from other areas to fill in at St Joe’s, which is currently overwhelmed with Covid patients. They are having trouble finding housing. If you might be able to help, please contact please contact Emily Miller EMiller@peacehealth.org at St Joe’s. Neighbors were wonderful at the beginning of Covid, offering housing for nurses who were scared to go home to their families. Can we come through again this time? Maybe let me know too.  Love/Fl!p  flip@breskin.com


In an effort to help protect Bellingham area consumers from emerging scams, AARP has joined forces with the Bellingham Police Department, the Northwest Regional Council, the Whatcoma County Asset Building Coalition, the State Attorney General’s Office, BECU, and Nomorobo to launch “Tip-offs to Rip-offs.”

As part of that work, the call blocking service Nomorobo is providing ongoing access to real-time reports of the latest scam calls making the rounds in Bellingham. The most recent “top-five” roll call of robocall scams is listed on the link below, including actual recordings of each type of call. Take a moment to listen to the calls to better familiarize yourself with each specific pitch and how they sound. Be sure to visit this page often, as we’ll be updating the list regularly.



We’ll have candy necklaces for the young’uns and dark chocolate truffles for their parents at 2518 Cherry Street. Please wear your masks, as will we since I am both immune-compromised and an elder. I have so missed getting to hand out candy and admire costumes! Love/Fl!p 

Wanted to add to your Halloween/trick or treat conversation that kids under 12 aren’t yet able to be vaccinated. Masking up when opening the door to them would help protect everyone. 

~ A Neighbor


Jan Peters is seeking a one bedroom unit of any kind where integrity & good energy are more important than current market rental rates. I’d prefer to pay between $500 and $700 a month, leaving headroom for utilities, etc.  I have steady income from solid arts patronage as well as my music work and teaching.  If necessary, I could go as high as $800/month, if that would include utilities. I’m an established professional acoustic musician, teacher, and show maker here in Bellingham for around 22 years now.  I’m 61, last time I checked, and have many folks in this town who can speak on my behalf. 360 820 0486 jansongsproductions@gmail.com


YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES – James Taylor & Carly Simon

Halloween, Voting, Lots More


Have you heard if there has been any local discussion regarding whether there will be “trick or treat” handouts directly from our homes here in the Columbia hood this year? Being aged, we’re still a little reluctant to have the usual dozens of candy seekers arriving at our door. I hate to be considered an old grouch, but our health can be a little fragile. I’m wondering what other neighbors are thinking? ~ Michael Flaherty

From Fl!p: From what I’m hearing, I’m assuming we will get trick or treaters. The weather should be perfect! I’m old enough to have one of my Mom’s “grabbers on a stick” and figuring I will share with it. Send the kids to the foot of the stairs, and hand out from the top. Or build a chute from a piece of pipe to send candy down to the kids. But it is FINE to leave your lights off and not play this year!


  1. The Secretary of State has released a jazzy new web page with ballot return statistics.  You can look at return statewide, or filter by county.  You can also look at a comparison between the current year and the last comparable election (for this year the comparable is 2017).  It has some great features, take a look at it here:  https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/research/ballot-return-statistics.aspx   We are linking to this page on our web site as well.  This page is not real time – it’s updated each evening at 5:00 p.m.
  2. Voters now need to come in to the Auditor’s office in the Whatcom County Courthouse to register or update, but can do that right up till November 2nd.
  3. Voters who want to know the status of their ballot can go to VoteWA.gov and enter their name and birthdate.
  4. We’ve provided some information on our website regarding challenged ballots.  If you have voters who need information about what that means and how the process works you can direct them here https://www.whatcomcounty.us/3817/Learn-About-Challenged-Ballots

As always in the challenge process we are seeing unsigned ballots as well as signatures that do not match what we have on file.  We encourage voters to match what is on their driver license, or to sign multiple ways if they have more than one established signature (a lot of voters have a “formal” signature and a daily “scrawl”).  Letters for challenged ballots go out the next day along with a postage paid return envelope – it’s easy to get the signature resolved so the ballot can be challenged.  It’s important to note that for a signature mismatch, the signature must match what is on the return envelope, not what is in the file.  We’re trying to verify that the voter is the one who signed the envelope.

  1. If you aren’t aware, there is a new box in Barkley in the movie theater parking lot.  At this point in the election, we encourage voters to use one of the 19 drop boxes instead of the mail.  If voters prefer to use USPS, they should deposit their ballot before next Monday to ensure a good postmark.
  2. We are using the webcams again this election for anybody who wants to observe but doesn’t want to (or can’t) come in to the office.  We are also welcoming observers in person, but in limited numbers.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. 360.778.5108

Kellye Conner, Whatcom County Auditor’s Office


I have more beautiful cards and would love for you to pick them up and send words of appreciation to our local hospital workers. They are handling so much right now. Or you can use your own cards. Musicians have been playing outside the main entrance at shift changes and handing out gift cards as well for coffee, cafes, etc. We’re running low on cards and would love more.

Mail to:

The Workers At St Joseph Hospital / Peacehealth

2901 Squalicum Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225


Imagine be stuck out in this wind and rain. And nighttime temperatures will be dropping into the 30s this weekend. Unsheltered neighbors need tarps, sleeping bags, tents, AAA & AA batteries, hand warmers, clean dry socks, plus rain ponchos, warm coats, sturdy boots & shoes, especially in larger sizes. Ground pads made of closed cell foam so they don’t get waterlogged. Money donations are very welcome. We can accept items here. Call before you come to be sure we can get things inside before they get wet. Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511


Whew! What a numberless number of micro events with major impacts since I last saw you. Last Thursday, while hiking on Galbraith, I tripped, fell and slammed against a big slab of Chuckanut Stone. Shattered  a femoral head. I go home today or tomorrow with a brand new fake ball for the still worthy socket. A Lotsa Helping Hands account is now set up for any interested neighbors to offer a little bit of help. It’s all online, which means that it’s easy, I’m told, and doesn’t require me to be active in the scheduling. A relief, since I’m told I have weeks ahead of learning new habits so I don’t mess up the hip works! Here is the link: https://my.lotsahelpinghands.com/calendar/uNLS–WRRO6H6zGHEZbxng/view-task?task=BDNH5RWcSEOvKVElD9IKlg

Thank you! ~ Lisa Citron, Lynn Street


Longtime Columbia resident. Looking for an independent housing situation. Open to studios, mother-in-laws, etc. I am hoping to find something stable for renting, but I am also open to longer term house-sitting or caretaking arrangements. I am respectful and tidy and an experienced gardener. Thank you, ~ Heather Fitzstrawn  360-510-8813


My dear friend is looking to rent a studio, mother-in-law or private room with bathroom. She works for the county, loves dogs, vegetarian yet can grill a delicious halibut. Price range $1000 or less including utilities. She has a dog who goes to daycare or my house while she is at work. She has fantastic references. Looking in the following neighborhoods…..Columbia, Birchwood, Sunnyland, Cornwall, and Fountain. ~ Sarah Leibrant 360-632-7995


The rain has returned; it’s time to plant. I have dug out and potted up some starts that I’d like to find good homes for.

I have some natives: salal, oregon grape (mahonia), bleeding heart (dicentra formosa). 

I have some non-natives: pink japanese peony; plumbago (auriculata); yellow-eyed grass (sisyrinchium striaturm).

If you are interested, send me a text at: 360-220-4075. ~ Lynne Pendelton, Williams Street



My old friend Velzoe Brown on piano in 2009 at the age of 99 in Santa Cruz, California with Penny Hanna on clarinet. Velzoe taught for years at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. She left home at age 16, with her parents’ blessing, to play trombone in an all girl’s jazz band. She was a professional musician for the rest of her life. And an amazing gardener.


Wind & Rain, Lots More


Looks like we may get a break Saturday afternoon. A great time to clean out the storm drains and put leaves safely into your wheelie bins so they don’t wash right back in. The basement you save from flooding could be your own, or your neighbors. Watch carefully for traffic as you work. Thank you!


They have no plans for Thanksgiving at Swifthaven Tiny Home Village. I would like to do a Thanksgiving dinner for them on Sunday before Thanksgiving but I can’t take on the whole thing myself. Do you know of any volunteers that might be willing to help? ~ Julia  juliahassler@comcast.net 360-201-6996. 


We’ve got more grapes than we know what to do with and would like to share with someone who wants  them. They are dark purple with seeds and taste like grape juice. In fact, they make delicious juice. If you would like to come pick some, please email mardisolomon1@gmail.com or call/text (360)325-6002. ~ Mardi & Gene Solomon, Walnut Street


I have 2 tickets to this concert at MBT on Nov 4 @ 7:00 pm. Turns out I have Kulshan Chorus rehearsal that night, and will be missing rehearsal while traveling the following week, so would like to find 2 people interested in attending. I paid $49 each – good seats – would take less if interested. Please let me know — I’m sorry to miss this ~ Harriet Markell, harriet.markell@gmail.com

[Nina Gerber is absolutely stunning. If you’ve never heard her, she is SO worth hearing! ~ Fl!p] 


All concerts at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, 1207 Ellsworth St, Bellingham

$20 general/$5 students – buy tickets at brownpapertickets

For further information & Covid Protocols , see choirofthesalishsea.com


3:00 and 7:30pm, Saturday, November 13, 2021

This high-energy program marking Veteran’s Day reframes the age-old imperative to “beat swords into plowshares” with a modern project of replacing combat boots with casual footwear. Venture with the choir into and out of battle with pieces honoring veterans (Hogan’s Battle of Jericho, a setting of Kipling’s Boots), pondering war and peace (Gabriel’s Oboe from “The Mission,” and Nichols’ electrifying Chalk Circle Songs), and exuding joy (Blue Suede Shoes, Paul Simon’s Diamonds on The Soles of Her Shoes).


3:00 and 7:30pm, Saturday, February 26, 2022

Choir member Christopher Giffen brings his professional opera singing brother John from Montreal to lead us in choral classics including Quick’s Loch Lomond, Lauridsen’s Sure on this Shining Night and Copland’s Zion’s Walls. The program also features guests The Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Chalice Choir who will join us for Franz Biebl’s powerful Ave Maria.


3:00 and 7:30pm, Saturday, May 21, 2022

The mystery and magic of art in an idyllic forest setting is communicated through songs including the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun, Lauridsen’s Dirait-On and Bobby McFerrin’s The Garden. First presented virtually in May, 2020, this concert will now hitting the stage in-person, along with projections of the fantastic and diverse garden sculptures.


I worked with Bo Bumford (charges $50/hr). Really skilled and efficient. He worked for a friend building a deck and also took out a wall and installed windows and doors. He came very highly recommended. Bumford Construction  360.319.9020 ~ Penny Chambers <penny.chambers@gmail.com>


I’m looking for someone to cast me a concrete plinth to mount my Little Free Library. I want to have it be all kid’s books. I got this very cool Victorian reproduction cast iron mailbox, enamel green. There’s one side that can be set up with a plexiglass cover to lift.  So I’m also looking for someone who can cut me that piece of plexiglass. Or several of pieces to tuck away in case the first one gets broken. I’ve got a great stash of kids books I would love to share. Is it too late in the year for concrete? ~ Fl!p Breskin flip@breskin.com 360-671-4511


My fiance and I are getting married next summer at Tolt Macdonald Park in Carnation, WA on June 26, 2022. It will be a DIY camping wedding with friends and family. For the videographer, the time commitment is flexible, but we’re hoping to end up with 5-10 minute video of wedding day highlights – our budget is $1,000. We are also open to hiring a student or young professional looking to build their portfolio. Please send recommendations my way, ~ Anya Gedrath: agedrath@gmail.com or 970.488.9195.


3 bedrooms/ 1.5 Bath / large second floor bonus room, 1200 ft. Available early November. $2500/month. Columbia Craftsman, bright, full of character in the heart of Bellingham’s historic Columbia neighborhood. Email for viewing and more details: marciafaye01@gmail.com ~ Marcia Levinson


Hello! My family of four moved to Bellingham from Woodinville this summer and we are loving it here. We have spent days wandering neighborhoods and just love Columbia. When we aren’t working or schooling (two college kiddos) we love to garden, hike, walk, and explore restaurants and coffee shops. We are looking to buy a 3 bed, 1.5+ bath 1500 sq ft or bigger home this winter or next spring. We owned our last home for 15 years and hope to be a long time part of the community. Would consider renting. Thanks! Kit Topaz, kittopaz2@gmail.com


I’ve been thinking for years about listening as an alternative to arguing, bullying or avoiding conflict. If someone is holding rigidly to an idea that I find horrific, there is actually no way I will be able to argue them out of it. Their mind is not open. There is nothing I can say that will get through when someone is in the emotional grip of some irrationality.  However, if I listen caringly, intelligently, courteously, deliberately, and at length – and I mean actually caring about the human being in the grip of whatever idea I find upsetting – there is at least a chance that being cared about and really heard will give the person to whom I am listening a chance to re-think. And to connect with me.  It’s the hardest thing I know, to listen to someone say things I find deeply distateful. Because there’s a risk that I, the listener, might be changed by what I hear.  But if my own position is actually correct, it must be safe to listen.  And if my position leaves critical things out, I really want to get it right.  So no matter what direction you might be hoping to change the world, I believe it is done most effectively one heart at a time. Love/Fl!p 



Karla Bonoff & Nina Gerber (coming soon to the Mt Baker Theatre!)

Election Forum. Traffic Calming, Lots More


League Of Women Voters

We have an election forum on Saturday, Oct. 16th covering the Bellingham Citizen Initiatives 1-4, beginning at 9:30AMTune in to see discussion on Bellingham Citizen  Initiatives 1-4. The initiatives are:

Initiative 1: Expands Tenant Rights to Include Rental Relocation Assistance (9:30 AM)

Initiative 2: Concerns the Use of Facial Recognition Technology and Predictive Policing Technology (10:05AM)

Initiative 3: Concerns Recipients Using City Funds to Discourage Unionization Efforts (10:55 AM)

Initiative 4: Concerns Employee Rights for Hourly-Wage Employees and Gig Workers (11:25 AM)

All our election forums will be airing live on BTV Bellingham and Zoom. Spanish interpretation will be available at the Zoom link.

For more information or to get the Zoom link, click here: https://www.lwvbellinghamwhatcom.org/2021-general…/…

Click here to submit a question for the forum: https://forms.gle/ptmhxXauJgjuMoke9


We are urgently requesting all impacted community members write to the City of Bellingham regarding the excessive speeds on Eldridge Avenue and lack of pedestrian safety. The speed in a residential zone is 25 MPH. There are no stop lights, roundabouts, curb bulbs (chokers) or signs between Bennett and BroadwayEarly Sunday morning, October 10, 2021 around 2 AM, a vehicle struck a parked car, sheared off a wood utility pole, a fire hydrant was sent into the street, and demolished the bus stop sign, fencing, trees, and shrubs. We need to avert future horrendous vehicular collisions like the one Friday, July 9, 2021, that caused amputations. This is a public safety issue on Eldridge Ave.  An impaired driver who is speeding is more dangerous than one going at lower speeds. City of Bellingham please help our neighborhood. We request the city devise speed mitigation solutions to decrease speeds on Eldridge Avenue, provide safe street crossings to allow pedestrians to cross the street, allow vehicles to park safely in front of homes, and slow traffic down. Thank you neighbors. ~ Barbara Alten, Eldridge Avenue 


Next Monday, October 18th, at 4 PM is the monthly ecumenical Prayers for Peace in the Middle East. This month it will be held at St Paul’s Episcopal Church. Please join us for this 30 minute gathering related to issues that affect so much of our world. ~ Laurie Parrish


I just would like to give a big shout out to the four Northwest Free Repairs guys. I took my wobbly floor lamp to them on Sunday and they fixed it to be as good as new! And they fixed the faulty switch too. We had a wonderful conversation while I waited. I tried to tip them but they refused, so I posted a big shout out for them on Facebook. And now here too. What a wonderful service these guys are providing to our community. We are so blessed to have them here. With much gratitude, ~ Chris Peterson, Patton St.


October 17th and November 14th and 21st from 1:00 – 3:30 pm

Northwest Free Repairs is a group of environmentally minded volunteers dedicated to reducing a “throw away mentality” for broken household items. It meets twice monthly on the second and third Sundays of each month from 1:00 – 3:30 pm in the Makers Space facility at Bellis Fair Mall (next door to Dick’s Sporting Goods.) Bring your broken household items and see what they can do! This service is provided free of charge. It is a combined continuation of two separate repair groups that have been successfully operating in Whatcom County for six years (prior to COVID.) They have had about a 70-80% success rate with repairs in the past and will evaluate anything that you can carry in to determine if it can be repaired.

COVID restrictions to be observed.


It’s getting colder and wetter. Gloves, hats, scarves, socks, boots & sturdy shoes (especially larger sizes); sleeping bags, tents & brown tarps (especially 10’ tarps and larger).  Hand warmers, AAA batteries & AA batteries (2 – 1 ratio). Donations of cash. I’ll be glad to receive here and get them to the volunteer Outreachers. And we always need cooks! I can supply pots & pans, ingredients and to-go containers. And advice. Love/Fl!p Breskin, 2518 Cherry Street, 360-671-4511


The purple-collared cat has been s been found!!:) Thank you for everything. ~ Katy Velasquez

Great news! Trumpet made his way home. He definitely smelled of adventure. He must have meandered through a few musty garages and dank, dirty crawl spaces. He was certainly anxious to get back inside to tell us he had a good time. Our many thanks for the communal karmic support. ~ Drew Kretzschmar


I’m missing my male Maine Coon Cat: 7 year’s old. Caught him once after 61 days. He was home a couple weeks. My boyfriend, his owner passed away, and Booger ran out the door again. He has been seen on the corner of Jefferson and Cherry streets, but runs when people get close. If anyone can lure him inside with catnip I can come get him.  I miss you Booger! Come home! He is chipped,  My number is 360 224 4143.  ~ Gloria Byrd


Called ANDGAR Heating yesterday at 12:00. A tech showed up a little after 4:00. Very courteous; the furnace was fixed and totally checked over for a very reasonable price. Very highly recommended.  ~ Dallas Talkington


Dear Columbia neighborhood, 

Hello my name is Ella Dowling. I attend Whatcom Hills Waldorf School and I am raising money for my 8th grade project which is focused on photography. I am raising money for camera supplies and printing material. I would love an opportunity to raise money by house and pet sitting. Unfortunately I cannot spend the night, but can easily come by feed/walk pets, water plants, get mail etc. Same with pet sitting; I can come to your house more than once to feed, walk and give them attention, or if you just don’t have time to walk your pet I’m more than happy to come and help out. Contact me care of my Dad, Matthew Dowling <mattdowl@gmail.com>. Thanks ~ Ella      


Hi neighbors, I’ve been living aboard our sailboat at Squalicum Harbor with my 2 boys for the past nearly 6 years and am looking to transition back to a land-based lifestyle—seeking a home in the Columbia neighborhood.  I’m a local small business owner (www.wolfeboat.com), devoted dad, and longtime Columbia neighbor.  I first moved to Bellingham in 1989 during my high school years, lived on Cherry Street, and have rented two different homes on Victor Street over the years.  As well, before he passed, my dad lived on Williams Street.  That is to say, Bellingham and the Columbia neighborhood feels like home.  I am hoping to find a place with 1 – 3 bedrooms and a garage.  I’m honest, respectful, responsible.  My rental history is 100% positive.  I look forward to this next adventure on land with my kids—hoping someone might have an offering or a lead!  ~ Tr!stan Wolfe Tulavak@hotmail.com 360-319-9759


A sweet old memory: I had never thought about playing real duets with a baby!  I sat with an 8 month old baby on my lap at the piano this afternoon and echoed her playing. She wasn’t playing single notes, so neither did I. Small handfuls of two to four notes in gentle rhythmic cadences, following hers as precisely as I could. She led me for at least 10 minutes with delight and relaxed assurance. She definitely got it that I was following her lead. I’d give her a phrase’s worth of head start and then join in fugue-style, doing my best to hear what she was doing as I played approximately what she had already played, maintaining rhythm and general cadence above all.  Challenging and great fun!



Paul Simon with Graham Nash, and David Crosby



Free Repairs; Climate Forum; CERT & More


October sessions will occur on the l0th and the 17th and in November the 14th and 21st. Northwest Free Repairs is a group of environmentally minded volunteers dedicated to reducing a “throw away mentality” for broken household items. It meets twice monthly on the second and third Sundays of each month from 1:00 – 3:30 pm in the Makers Space facility at Bellis Fair Mall (next door to Dick’s Sporting Goods.) Bring your broken household items and see what they can do! 

This service is provided free of charge. It is a combined continuation of two separate repair groups that have been successfully operating in Whatcom County for six years (prior to COVID.) They have had about a 70-80% success rate with repairs in the past and will evaluate anything that you can carry in to determine if it can be repaired. COVID restrictions to be observed.


Join the Nooksack Indian Tribe’s Cultural & Natural Resources Department for an online community forum, Thursday, October 14th | 6:00 – 8:00 pm, to learn about the Nooksack Indian Tribe’s Climate Adaptation Plan for key species and habitats.

The lead presenter will be Harriet Morgan from the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group. This session will highlight a subset of climate adaptation actions, and identify ways the community can help. Presentations will be followed by a Q and A.

Note: You must register for the event in order to receive the Zoom link to attend. There is no cost to register. Registration closes one hour prior to the event start time. Click here to register: tinyurl.com/nooksackclimateforum



Zeke & I went through CERT training over 15 years ago. I would recommend it for every citizen over the age of 14. Yes, you can take your teenager with you. Real-life skills like how to run a fire extinguisher, conduct a search and rescue, handle a fire hose. You’ll come out of of training having built your own emergency kit too. I was afraid to take this program, worried that focusing on the possibility of disaster would leave me even more worried. I was wrong. CERT focuses on what we can, as individuals, do to make things better after a disaster. The greatest good for the greatest number. Sign up, folks! And while you’re at it, do a Map Your Neighborhood meeting  on your own block. If you live in or near the Columbia neighborhood, I’ll help you invite your neighbors and  facilitate your meeting over Zoom. Look it up: Map Your Neighborhood  – disaster preparedness by the block. Powerful stuff!


Handwarmers are back in season. Raincoats; warm coats, hats, gloves & heavy wool socks. Tents! And more cooks! I have lots of ingredients to share, and big pans, and to-go containers. Think spaghetti, tuna noodle casserole, shepherd’s pie, mac & cheese, simples to make and warms your body through and through. We’ ve got Outreacher friends who deliver daily. Sign up here: https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/qm4vz8


Ted Matts is back with new monthly Local Folk shows on KMRE 102.3 FM , now at 8-9pm on the first Tuesday of each month. E also does a show every Thursday on KZAX 8-10pm where he plays a song from every act playing in the following week – mostly chronologically… everything he can find… this week will have a great set featuring the upcoming Bellingham Irish Music Festival.


I wrote this 15 years ago, before the disastrous remodel for which we’re in year 7. So we actually have “before” photos of the old kitchen & bathroom!

Quite a while ago a big on-line magazine asked if they could do a photo-feature on our house and garden. I was thrilled and terrified and embarrassed. OMG I’ve gotta clean house! There are children starving and I’m futzing with my house? And our contractor needed to have time to get the kitchen windows finished. Houzz checked back more than once to see if we were done yet. They scheduled to come earlier this summer, and then the Tim Eyman bridge collapsed days before they were due. Houzz emailed and said they’d reschedule when the bridge was back up. And they did. Kim, the photographer, came yesterday. My deepest thanks to the MANY friends & neighbors who helped complete projects and clean house. My house hasn’t EVER been this clean!  And I had great fun talking with Kim and following her around like a puppy to see what she noticed. She spent about 6 hours in our house and garden and took hundreds of photos. Here’s a link: https://www.houzz.com/magazine/my-houzz-a-musical-couple-s-home-strikes-a-personal-chord-stsetivw-vs~18848524



David Mallet wrote it. Ann Mayo Muir sang it with accompaniment from Gordon Bok & Ed Trickett. The song speaks so well to the way I feel about our dear home. (David Mallet also wrote Inch By Inch – The Garden Song. You might have heard that song.)



Susan Alcorn Pedal Steel. Her version lowered my blood pressure from the first note. Surprising key changes and great beauty.



Landscaper, Storm Drains, Election, Much More


Dear Neighbors – Here’s a follow up on Kim Eagle, the landscaper injured last summer on Eldridge. There are lots of photos. Thank you all for your support!




Fall storms can lead to clogged storm drains and standing water on City streets. Bellingham Public Works is asking for residents to help keep storm drains clear. Heavy rain and clogged drains forces water over roadways, which can make travel unsafe.

“While we run street-sweepers year-round, storms can push leaves and debris up to storm drains right after we’ve cleared them,” said Scott Brown-Davis, stormwater maintenance supervisor for Public Works. “We appreciate having neighbors help out by making sure the drains near their residences are kept clear, so long as it is safe to do so.”

Brown-Davis added that includes not pushing leaves from private property out onto City street, which is a violation of the Bellingham Municipal Code (BMC 10.20.060.)

Some areas of the city are prone to flooding during heavy rainfall.  Bellingham’s Public Works monitors creeks and streams and working to ensure there are no logjams or other obstructions at bridges and culvert crossings.  If rain or flood water cover city streets, they may be posted as “closed” to traffic.

According to Jason Porter, Bellingham’s surface and stormwater manager, the City works year-round on management of surface and stormwater issues, including flooding.  Bellingham’s Surface and Stormwater Utility covers the cost of flood response, as well as funding for flood relief projects to reduce the risk of damaging floods.


How do I report water over the road or flooding in my neighborhood?
The City has a 24-hour Stormwater Hotline for this purpose.  Please phone (360) 778-7979 or report the issue online, via SeeClickFix.

What do I need to know about flooding in Bellingham?

  • If you see flooding or water over a roadway, please contact the City.
  • Do not drive through standing water. It can be difficult to see any drop-offs or underlying street damage.
  • If there are “street closed / water on roadway” signs posted DO NOT drive through.
  • Be proactive about protecting your property from floodwaters, especially if you may need sandbags.

For additional information, please visit Keep Leaves and Grass Out of Storm Drains – City of Bellingham (cob.org) or email AskPW@cob.org.    


Tuesday, Oct. 5. From 6:00-9:00PM PM

Please be an educated voter! The League Of Women Voters’s next election forum for the general elections is TODAY.

Tune in to see the candidates for Whatcom County Council. The candidates are:

Whatcom County Council At Large Candidates: Kamal Bhachu, Barry Buchanan

Whatcom County Council District 1 Candidates:  Kaylee Galloway, Eddy Ury

Whatcom County Council District 3 Candidates: Tyler Byrd, Rebecca Lewis

Whatcom County Council District 2 Candidates: Todd Donovan, Kelley O’Connor

All our election forums will be airing live on BTV Bellingham and Zoom.

For more information OR to submit a question to the candidates – click here: https://www.lwvbellinghamwhatcom.org/2021-general…


Our kitty is back!! He was in somebody’s shop 😂 Thank you so much for your help! ~ Thea Rosenberg


(Picked up in error) Cash was returned to its owner. Thanks all! By the way, I was reminded, and I think this is a good place to share it, that it is technically illegal to put anything in your mailbox but stamped mail for delivery. Like it or not, that is the law. Cheers! ~ Leslie Glen, Elizabeth Street


Looking for someone to install a cast-iron mailbox on a concrete base. It involves digging a hole & mixing concrete for a base  that sticks up at least a foot, with bolts sticking out of the top to attach to, then installing the box for me. It’s for a little free library.  ~ Fl!p Breskin 360-671-4511 text or cell


Front loading. Not larger than 38″x27″x28″ Please email marywstone@gmail.com ~ Mary Stone, Williams Street


Traditional purple/light blue flowers for anyone who wants them at the corner of Walnut and Jefferson, across the street from the elementary school. ~ John Dunne 2500 Walnut St.


Saturday, October 9, 9 AM to 3 PM

2312 Lynn Street between Monroe and Washington

Halloween costumes, Outdoor backpacking/boating/fishing/ski gear, thermorest camp pads, Quality educational games, toys,books, sporting equipment for older elementary and middle school aged kids, Air hockey table, Racketball racquets, ski helmets and goggles, moon walkers, Chairs and furniture, Household and kitchen items, Tech items, printer, Medical office stool, equipment, furniture and supplies, Clothing for middle school and adult small/medium sizes., Art and yarn craft supplies, new and used picture frames, carpet remnants, new and used tools, gardening, planters and pet supplies,  bags of straw and hay, never used woolen handwoven area rugs and other textiles from Guatemala, Holiday items.


Private tutoring available from Columbia neighborhood teacher. I teach reading, writing, and math (up to Algebra). Please contact me for more information. Thank you! ~ Ruth Olsen 360-318-5380 www.beliinghamtutoring.com


I’ve got two bicycles that I haven’t used in years and won’t be using any more. I can tell I’ve aged out (osteoporosis). I’m looking for help cleaning them up for sale. My understanding is that there is a current shortage of bikes available. One of my bikes was top of the line (but long ago) and I’d love to recoup some of that money if the bike is still worth something. I’d love advice! ~ Fl!p Breskin 360-671-4511 text or cell


We are looking for a temporary renter for our furnished home in the heart of the columbia neighborhood.  4 months, possibly 5. Starting December 1 – could arrange a week earlier.  2 BR 1 bath, fenced yard.  Please contact Lori Province at 206.351.2956 for details.


We would love more cooks, and we can support you! We also need warm wool socks, raincoats, tents, and brown tarps.



We’re still seeking musicians to play in a covered area outside the hospital main entrance during shift change from 3:15 – 4:00 PM. I also have some beautiful cards I’d love to share so you can write thank you notes. Children’s artwork is also welcome. A big thing you can do is to avoid the emergency room unless your condition is life-threatening. Go to Urgent Care, a walk-in clinic, or your doctor’s office. Check with me, Fl!p 360-671-4511. Thanks!



Written by Charlie McGuire, sung by Sally Rogers. My mom grew up on an Idaho farm. This song caught me the first time I heard it, and floats up in my mind every year at this season.



Lost Cat, Pets, Blowing Signs, more


St Paul’s Episcopal Church corner of Holly & Walnut Street

Sunday, October 3, 2021 at 2 PM PDT

This event will be in the courtyard of the church. Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, lizards, stick bugs… Please bring pets leashed and contained as appropriate.


In the windstorm last night we lost a couple of our signs about the Animal Blessing this Sunday.  If someone happens to find them and lets you know, I’d be happy to come pick them up if they are salvageable. We were hoping to keep them to use every year but the weather had other plans. Thanks so much! ~ Mandy Gagnonn  mandy@stpaulsbellingham.org  360.733.2890, ext. 1109 


Our mail carrier just stopped to ask, thinking it had been us, but alas… Has anyone recently tried to pay a service provider (likely a gardener or a landscaper, but could be something else) by leaving an envelope of cash? A substitute carrier pulled that as being mail to be posted. It’s at the post office, so not “lost”, exactly, but they don’t know who to return it to. Our carrier’s name is Mark (I think), but it was his (new) sub that pulled the envelope. You can respond to me or go to the post office, although I can’t tell you who might be able to help you there. I’m more than happy to help reconnect you by letting Mark know that you’d like to try and claim your cash. ~ Leslie Glen, Elizabeth Street bhamscot@gmail.com


Our cat, Gunner, has been missing since last night. He’s gray with a white chin, chest, and paws, and he’s very friendly. He will probably come right up to you and say hi. But he’s also very old (16!), so we’re quite worried about him. Please let us know if you see him! ~ Théa Rosenburg, 2618 Park St. near W North (360)305-0664



Bob Franke wrote this song, reaching for his own comfort. His new-born daughter was the little lame child. She grew up just fine, and all of us were left with this jewel of a song. It’s not the tidiest of recordings, but you get to hear the joy and love in the room. And Bob’s great guitar playing, aka ‘Carter Family meets Joseph Spence.’ The front row at Bob’s concerts is usually full of guitarists trying to figure out what Bob is doing with his hands while his songs heal hearts.




If you haven’t heard him, it’s time. Distilled joy! Loose, creative, the words didn’t matter, he hung onto just enough to hang the tune on. And cracked himself up. He welcomed all of us in on the fun!



Here’s another song and a bunch of photos. I saw him live in 1972, but have not been able to find any video of him.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511