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League Of Women Voters

We have an election forum on Saturday, Oct. 16th covering the Bellingham Citizen Initiatives 1-4, beginning at 9:30AMTune in to see discussion on Bellingham Citizen  Initiatives 1-4. The initiatives are:

Initiative 1: Expands Tenant Rights to Include Rental Relocation Assistance (9:30 AM)

Initiative 2: Concerns the Use of Facial Recognition Technology and Predictive Policing Technology (10:05AM)

Initiative 3: Concerns Recipients Using City Funds to Discourage Unionization Efforts (10:55 AM)

Initiative 4: Concerns Employee Rights for Hourly-Wage Employees and Gig Workers (11:25 AM)

All our election forums will be airing live on BTV Bellingham and Zoom. Spanish interpretation will be available at the Zoom link.

For more information or to get the Zoom link, click here: https://www.lwvbellinghamwhatcom.org/2021-general…/…

Click here to submit a question for the forum: https://forms.gle/ptmhxXauJgjuMoke9


We are urgently requesting all impacted community members write to the City of Bellingham regarding the excessive speeds on Eldridge Avenue and lack of pedestrian safety. The speed in a residential zone is 25 MPH. There are no stop lights, roundabouts, curb bulbs (chokers) or signs between Bennett and BroadwayEarly Sunday morning, October 10, 2021 around 2 AM, a vehicle struck a parked car, sheared off a wood utility pole, a fire hydrant was sent into the street, and demolished the bus stop sign, fencing, trees, and shrubs. We need to avert future horrendous vehicular collisions like the one Friday, July 9, 2021, that caused amputations. This is a public safety issue on Eldridge Ave.  An impaired driver who is speeding is more dangerous than one going at lower speeds. City of Bellingham please help our neighborhood. We request the city devise speed mitigation solutions to decrease speeds on Eldridge Avenue, provide safe street crossings to allow pedestrians to cross the street, allow vehicles to park safely in front of homes, and slow traffic down. Thank you neighbors. ~ Barbara Alten, Eldridge Avenue 


Next Monday, October 18th, at 4 PM is the monthly ecumenical Prayers for Peace in the Middle East. This month it will be held at St Paul’s Episcopal Church. Please join us for this 30 minute gathering related to issues that affect so much of our world. ~ Laurie Parrish


I just would like to give a big shout out to the four Northwest Free Repairs guys. I took my wobbly floor lamp to them on Sunday and they fixed it to be as good as new! And they fixed the faulty switch too. We had a wonderful conversation while I waited. I tried to tip them but they refused, so I posted a big shout out for them on Facebook. And now here too. What a wonderful service these guys are providing to our community. We are so blessed to have them here. With much gratitude, ~ Chris Peterson, Patton St.


October 17th and November 14th and 21st from 1:00 – 3:30 pm

Northwest Free Repairs is a group of environmentally minded volunteers dedicated to reducing a “throw away mentality” for broken household items. It meets twice monthly on the second and third Sundays of each month from 1:00 – 3:30 pm in the Makers Space facility at Bellis Fair Mall (next door to Dick’s Sporting Goods.) Bring your broken household items and see what they can do! This service is provided free of charge. It is a combined continuation of two separate repair groups that have been successfully operating in Whatcom County for six years (prior to COVID.) They have had about a 70-80% success rate with repairs in the past and will evaluate anything that you can carry in to determine if it can be repaired.

COVID restrictions to be observed.


It’s getting colder and wetter. Gloves, hats, scarves, socks, boots & sturdy shoes (especially larger sizes); sleeping bags, tents & brown tarps (especially 10’ tarps and larger).  Hand warmers, AAA batteries & AA batteries (2 – 1 ratio). Donations of cash. I’ll be glad to receive here and get them to the volunteer Outreachers. And we always need cooks! I can supply pots & pans, ingredients and to-go containers. And advice. Love/Fl!p Breskin, 2518 Cherry Street, 360-671-4511


The purple-collared cat has been s been found!!:) Thank you for everything. ~ Katy Velasquez

Great news! Trumpet made his way home. He definitely smelled of adventure. He must have meandered through a few musty garages and dank, dirty crawl spaces. He was certainly anxious to get back inside to tell us he had a good time. Our many thanks for the communal karmic support. ~ Drew Kretzschmar


I’m missing my male Maine Coon Cat: 7 year’s old. Caught him once after 61 days. He was home a couple weeks. My boyfriend, his owner passed away, and Booger ran out the door again. He has been seen on the corner of Jefferson and Cherry streets, but runs when people get close. If anyone can lure him inside with catnip I can come get him.  I miss you Booger! Come home! He is chipped,  My number is 360 224 4143.  ~ Gloria Byrd


Called ANDGAR Heating yesterday at 12:00. A tech showed up a little after 4:00. Very courteous; the furnace was fixed and totally checked over for a very reasonable price. Very highly recommended.  ~ Dallas Talkington


Dear Columbia neighborhood, 

Hello my name is Ella Dowling. I attend Whatcom Hills Waldorf School and I am raising money for my 8th grade project which is focused on photography. I am raising money for camera supplies and printing material. I would love an opportunity to raise money by house and pet sitting. Unfortunately I cannot spend the night, but can easily come by feed/walk pets, water plants, get mail etc. Same with pet sitting; I can come to your house more than once to feed, walk and give them attention, or if you just don’t have time to walk your pet I’m more than happy to come and help out. Contact me care of my Dad, Matthew Dowling <mattdowl@gmail.com>. Thanks ~ Ella      


Hi neighbors, I’ve been living aboard our sailboat at Squalicum Harbor with my 2 boys for the past nearly 6 years and am looking to transition back to a land-based lifestyle—seeking a home in the Columbia neighborhood.  I’m a local small business owner (www.wolfeboat.com), devoted dad, and longtime Columbia neighbor.  I first moved to Bellingham in 1989 during my high school years, lived on Cherry Street, and have rented two different homes on Victor Street over the years.  As well, before he passed, my dad lived on Williams Street.  That is to say, Bellingham and the Columbia neighborhood feels like home.  I am hoping to find a place with 1 – 3 bedrooms and a garage.  I’m honest, respectful, responsible.  My rental history is 100% positive.  I look forward to this next adventure on land with my kids—hoping someone might have an offering or a lead!  ~ Tr!stan Wolfe Tulavak@hotmail.com 360-319-9759


A sweet old memory: I had never thought about playing real duets with a baby!  I sat with an 8 month old baby on my lap at the piano this afternoon and echoed her playing. She wasn’t playing single notes, so neither did I. Small handfuls of two to four notes in gentle rhythmic cadences, following hers as precisely as I could. She led me for at least 10 minutes with delight and relaxed assurance. She definitely got it that I was following her lead. I’d give her a phrase’s worth of head start and then join in fugue-style, doing my best to hear what she was doing as I played approximately what she had already played, maintaining rhythm and general cadence above all.  Challenging and great fun!



Paul Simon with Graham Nash, and David Crosby



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