Storm Aftermath, So Much More


[The power outage really clobbered my ISP and I was unable to post till now.]

The wind took down some pretty big branches. If your power goes out, always be VERY careful with candles or any other flames. Fire is a really big risk. Think kindly of the workers out in the storm getting our power back! If they’re working near you, you might offer coffee or hot cocoa or something. And check in with your neighbors to be sure they’re alright, ok?


Today is a great time to clear leaves out of storm drains, but please be very careful of traffic. Move leaves to compost or Clean Green bins so they don’t wash or blow right back in to the drains.


September 25 & 26 8 AM to 5 PM

2430 Walnut Street

Lots of treasures! Furniture, clothing, kitchenware, Disney, seasonal decor. 50 years of accumulation. Thank you. ~ Joy Dunne, Walnut St.


The pressure on our hospital workers has not eased off. Please keep writing! Our cards and letters make a difference in this hard time. Also painted rocks placed in the rockeries around the building. We’re still looking for musicians to play at shift changes (under cover, by the front door) and seeking donations of more gift cards for local cafes and other businesses. The musicians have been able to share these. And we’ve been given a grant to pay musicians an honorarium. Contact me, Fl!p for details or to donate. 360-671-4511

Mail letters to:

The Workers At St Joseph Hospital / Peacehealth

2901 Squalicum Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225

Please remember, and help others to learn, not to go to the emergency room unless your emergency is life threatening. Call and then go to Urgent Care, walk-in clinics, or your doctor’s office.



Blankets, pillows and sheets needed for local non profit.

Hi neighbors, I am a volunteer for HomesNow. Not Later organization, a local non profit and tiny homes village (swift haven) over by civic field. They are in desperate need of bedding for twin beds. There are two new people coming in tomorrow and all the supplies are depleted. If anyone has any twin sheets, pillows, blankets, and comforters to spare, it would be greatly appreciated. Used but clean is fine. You can drop at our home: 2518 Cherry. These are a wonderful group of people trying to get their lives on track and they are so appreciative of everything that the neighbors have done for them. Thank you.  [I forgot who sent me this. Sorry!]


With cold weather creeping in fast: coats, boots, hats/gloves/scarves are all needed. We are switching from water bottles as a high need to cocoa packets, apple cider pkgs,  and water gallons as a new ask. Also brown or camo tarps, rather than blue, to avoid attracting attention.


Cooks have been feeding from 45 to 100 campers a night all winter, spring and summer. Bridge2services outreach take the meals to the camps that aren’t reached by local resources regularly. Huge THANKS! to the people that have continuously signed up on the B2S meal train. We are always looking for more cooks. If you are interested email Lorelei at



I’m looking for someone to do repair work on an older brick chimney with a stainless steel liner.  Last inspection turned up some needed repairs to brickwork and flashings.  It was recommended I find a chimney repair “expert.” ~ Frank Haulgren, Lafayette St.


Do you know anyone that would be interested in adopting a lovely 2-year old neutered male cat with a lovely disposition? He has just been to the vet and has a clean bill of health. He is indoor only. I have determined that I am not ready to have a pet in my life right now, even one as lovely and gentle as Leon. I want him to go to the best possible home ~ Nathan Scarborough,


I have a house in the Lettered Streets neighborhood available for a short-term rental for the week of Thanksgiving (11/21-11/28) and the last half of December (roughly 12/19-1/1). The house: 2bdrm, 1ba with a yard and plenty of amenities. No pets or smokers, please.  Email for details/rate: ~ Michael Little


We’re looking for someone young, light, and comfortable on a ladder to do two small  outdoors tasks at single-story roof peak level.  Text Fl!p 360-671-4511


In  the summer of 2015 I went to Maine to care for my sister Kitty as she died of pancreatic & ovarian cancer. My brother Joe joined me. I recently ran into a poem I wrote back then, which reminded me of another memory as well.

I am training wheels for death:

A slightly wobbly glide into new territory

Trying to avoid crashing on the way down this hill

An unfamiliar balancing act

But so far the slope is gentle.

Kitty had a medical alert bracelet on her wrist that demanded DNR – do not resuscitate. Metal link chain with a metal plate. Fairly small – more like a woman’s than a man’s bracelet I think. But with her wrist so skeletal, it looked like a heavy burden. The morning of the day after my brother Joe arrived, when I awoke, her bracelet was lying on the bedside table. I realized Kitty finally felt safe enough to take it off. She trusted Joe to be able to defend her. She was confident of his ability to enforce her decision. I felt sad that she hadn’t been able to trust me to pull that off, but very glad that she was finally able to lay that burden down. Joe shouldered a lot of burdens, and always has. I’m glad Joe now has someone he trusts to share some burdens of his own.



One of the great sing-alongs. No wonder folks are still singing it over a century later.

Sin-Killer Griffin – the original Library Of Congress field recording. This version is actually sung by Griffin’s song-leader in the Darrington Prison, April 1934

Personally, I learned it from Steve Lalor, kinda like this. (For the guitar pickers out there, I tried to work it out off an old tape of Steve playing it, but I couldn’t get it to work. He was playing it in the key of G, and I could only get those sounds in Open D tuning. Months or years later I asked Steve how he did it. He tuned to Open D, and capoed his guitar up to G so he could sing.)


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