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Short-term housing, 6 – 8 weeks, for nurses who have traveled from other areas to fill in at St Joe’s, which is currently overwhelmed with Covid patients. They are having trouble finding housing. If you might be able to help, please contact please contact Emily Miller at St Joe’s. Neighbors were wonderful at the beginning of Covid, offering housing for nurses who were scared to go home to their families. Can we come through again this time? Maybe let me know too.  Love/Fl!p


In an effort to help protect Bellingham area consumers from emerging scams, AARP has joined forces with the Bellingham Police Department, the Northwest Regional Council, the Whatcoma County Asset Building Coalition, the State Attorney General’s Office, BECU, and Nomorobo to launch “Tip-offs to Rip-offs.”

As part of that work, the call blocking service Nomorobo is providing ongoing access to real-time reports of the latest scam calls making the rounds in Bellingham. The most recent “top-five” roll call of robocall scams is listed on the link below, including actual recordings of each type of call. Take a moment to listen to the calls to better familiarize yourself with each specific pitch and how they sound. Be sure to visit this page often, as we’ll be updating the list regularly.


We’ll have candy necklaces for the young’uns and dark chocolate truffles for their parents at 2518 Cherry Street. Please wear your masks, as will we since I am both immune-compromised and an elder. I have so missed getting to hand out candy and admire costumes! Love/Fl!p 

Wanted to add to your Halloween/trick or treat conversation that kids under 12 aren’t yet able to be vaccinated. Masking up when opening the door to them would help protect everyone. 

~ A Neighbor


Jan Peters is seeking a one bedroom unit of any kind where integrity & good energy are more important than current market rental rates. I’d prefer to pay between $500 and $700 a month, leaving headroom for utilities, etc.  I have steady income from solid arts patronage as well as my music work and teaching.  If necessary, I could go as high as $800/month, if that would include utilities. I’m an established professional acoustic musician, teacher, and show maker here in Bellingham for around 22 years now.  I’m 61, last time I checked, and have many folks in this town who can speak on my behalf. 360 820 0486


YOU CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES – James Taylor & Carly Simon

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