Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, New COVID Theory, Halloween? Lots More, Night Songs From A Neighboring Village

CONTENTS 9/2/2020
Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes
New COVID Theory
Charm Bracelet
Free Pallets
Mattress Mess
Student Desk Success
Tumbleweed Folk Festival
Fairhaven Online Concert Tomorrow
Radio Free Fl!p: Night Songs Of A Neighboring Village


To Columbia Neighborhood Association members,
The link  to the minutes from the August 25, 2020, Zoom meeting is included here.

Thank you for your membership in CNA. The board welcomes your feedback at

Note: Memberships purchased at the 2019 Block Party will be honored through the end of 2020. New membership applications and renewals will begin again at the first 2021 meeting.

CNA Board members:
Jill MacIntyre Witt, President and Mayor’s Neighborhood Action Commission (MNAC) Rep
Aaron Silverberg, Vice President
Aaron Ignac, Treasurer
Deb Valentine, Secretary
David Crook, Board member at-large
Jennifer Moon, MNAC Alternate Rep

New COVID Theory

A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged. I found this fascinating. No final answers, but we get to watch science happening right before our eyes!


Has anyone started thinking about Halloween and how we could plan for it as a neighborhood? I’d love to help us share ideas.


Found:  Pandora charm bracelet near  Williams and North September 1st. Contact JA at 831 566-6012 to identify and retrieve. ~ Julie Anne Hopkins

FREE DESK (Gone Already) 

Free new IKEA desk, two tiered. Needs to be put together.  All parts are present with directions. Please email or call 360 734 7403.


We have three pallets remaining from a back yard project.  They are on the parking strip in front of our house at 1609 E. Maplewood Ave.  Check out Pinterest for all the creative ways to use pallets. And the price (FREE) is the best! ~ Joan Gaasland-Smith


We have a perfect desk for a successful school year. We had several neighbors reach out and we just feel so blessed to be a part of this community. Thank you so much!

Keri & Chlöe Clark
Meridian Street


Local singer/storyteller David Donohue. Look for Fairhaven College Music Festival Streaming Series, and scroll down to the link when it goes live Thursday at 7 PM.


To experience some of the best Northwest performers, go to this site The festival goes live this weekend, and will stay up afterwards to visit at your leisure. Zeke and I will be performing online as part of it on the Art Gallery stage. Check out the full schedule in advance at


Julian Kytasty and Michael Alpert performing “A Recruit’s Song” from a concert at The Ukrainian Museum, New York City, February 12th, 2010.

My husband Zeke spent some years learning to play the bandora, a harp/lute that is national instrument of Ukraine. Zeke first met the bandora at the Seattle Folklife Festival. Teachers in Bellingham were in short supply, though we learned that there were bandura camps around North America. However, all camps were conducted in Ukrainian.

My skillset included decades of running guitar camp, folk music concert series at the Roeder Home and such. So we invited the pre-eminant teacher and ambassador of Bandura to come from New York to Bellingham instead, and to teach in English. I coordinated a series of concerts and workshops for Julian Kystasty in the Northwest and in Vancouver BC. We drove him around, and stayed up late into the night talking with him. He has an amazing story.

The banduristy were the voice of Ukraine, blind bards who kept the history in song, and also spoke truth to power through their music. Stalin rounded them up and executed them all. Except one man, who had been a lead-boy for banduristy. That man had emigrated to Australia. He was left as the sole apparent repository of centuries of music. When his nephew, Julian, showed musical promise, Julian was given the mission of saving his people’s music. Many songs told stories of the origins of the Kozaks (Cossacks) who defended their peoples against raids. My own people told quite different stories about the Cossacks…

In his travels, Julian met another musician who had also been tapped to save the vanishing music of his own people, Michael Alpert. That music was Yiddish music from The Jewish Pale, in the same geographical part of the world. The two of them sat down to play together and discovered that the musicians who created each of their heritages had clearly been secretly listening to each other. Across all the horrors, musicians had heard, respected and learned each other’s music. Night Songs Of A Neighboring Village is a program created by Michael & Julian. Sometimes we change the world one song at a time.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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