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CONTENTS 9/3/2020
Missing Kitten
Eviction Rent Assistance
Halloween Ideas
Write Your Will
Free Truck Bed Liner
Houseplant For Adoption
Free Cherry Tomatoes
Free “Urbanite”
Free Desk Is Gone
Is Anyone Going Shopping?
Room Or Mil Wanted
Fairhaven Online Concert Tonight
Radio Free Fl!p: Tide And The River Rising


Last night both of our 5 month old kittens went missing in the 2500 block of Elizabeth Street. Our male kitten came home about 1 am meowing like he had quite a story to tell. Our female (light grey tabby, very small) is still missing. Our kittens are incredibly friendly and are the delight of our entire block. I often see them being petted and loved by people walking by. We are SO worried! A whole block of kids are on a mission to find her. She has made so many people happy this summer. Both kittens are constantly getting out of their collars. They are scheduled to be spayed/neutered and microchipped on Tuesday. Spent hours last night and early morning looking and calling for her. We are all worried that someone might have thought she should come with them or that she is in a garage/shed. Her name is Cora, extremely friendly and LOVED by us and many children on our street. If you have any info PLEASE call or text 360-920-2145. ~ Wendy Blum, 2518 Elizabeth Street



Commerce’s Eviction Rent Assistance program, funded with federal CARES Act dollars, may prevent evictions by paying past due and current/future rent for people in distress. Rental assistance is provided through local housing providers in each community, not directly from Commerce. Over 20 counties have partners established to distribute funds and application periods currently open. Funds are limited. Community members are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Click here for a full list of currently open application periods. Looks like this is available in Whatcom County through the Opportunity Council. ~ Aurora Fox 206.372.2750


I have an idea for trick-or-treating. I work at the library and we are following guidelines to quarantine all items for four days, so I assume that unopened treats would be very similar. That being said, I wonder if, for trick-or-treating, we could draw up a map of flow so that people aren’t walking close together/toward each other…we could possibly draw large arrows on the sidewalk/street with chalk. Something like that? ~ Candice Munson, Walnut St
[Or maybe organize even-sides and odd-sides of the streets as one ways?]


This August was National Make-A-Will month, and the Southern Poverty Law Center recently introduced a new online tool to help you write a will, for free. We shared this tool in the spirit of providing easy-to-use, accessible resources to help you protect the people you love. Writing a will is the best way to create a plan for your future on your own terms. This tool removes the expensive legal costs associated with writing a will and may take as little as 20 minutes to complete. Sheltering at home gives us more time to complete this important task if we haven’t yet done so. You can also use this resource to create other estate planning documents like a living will (also known as Advanced Healthcare Directive) and a Financial Power of Attorney.  Learn more and get started. Consider writing your will soon and get some much-needed peace of mind knowing you’ve protected what matters most.


We have a bed liner for a Chevy 6 ft bed. Free on the corner of Victor and Illinois.  ~ Amy Devaney. 360-410-1264


I took in a lovely 6” Maidenhair Fern that unfortunately has become a living snack tree for my kitty. It needs a new (safer) home!  ~ Jessica Burchiel, Henry Street  jessicaburchiel@gmail.com


We have an excess. You pick. For that matter, we have more chard than we can reasonably get through. Fl!p 360-671-4511


Hi! I am redoing my walk and have lots of chunks of concrete for garden projects if anyone wants them. I am leaving all of it on the parking strip in front of my house at 2627 Park St between North and Connecticut for the next couple of days, and then I will haul whatever is left away. Help yourself if you want some! ~ Tom Crestodina, Park Street


Thanks everybody….


We could use some items from each of these: Costco, Winco, Rite-Aid and Haggens. If anyone is going to any of these, we’d love to piggyback on your expedition. ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511


Hello neighbors, I have a wonderful friend who is searching for a place to call home during the school year. If you or anyone you know has a link, please reach out.  Thank you! ~ Shelley Wilfong

Looking for room to rent or mother-in-law home/tiny home to rent in Bellingham area. Hi all, my name is Patty and I am looking for a room to rent or a one bedroom in or just outside of Bellingham. I will be working towards going back to graduate school at Western Washington University in the Mental Health Counseling program. I am an avid climber, runner and mountaineer. I have worked as an outdoor educator for the last 8 years and currently have two other masters degrees in public health and recreation. I am a healthy non-smoker, vegetarian. I am an active anti-racist, feminist and LGBTQ+ ally. In my free time I love to recreate, play music, sing, dance and get together for friends for fun in whatever way we are able to play during COVID. I love animals and am open to any house with pets. Because I am very active in a lot of areas of my life I tend to shell up and need introvert time when at home. It is just something I need in order to recharge, so if I am in my room it is probably because I just need alone time. I am looking to rent for under $750. Please let me know if you are interested or know of anything. Thank you! ~ Patty Haltom  pmhaltom10@gmail.com


Local singer/storyteller David Donohue. Look for Fairhaven College Music Festival Streaming Series, and scroll down to the link when it goes live tonight, Thursday at 7 PM. https://www.facebook.com/groups/298533994557015/


A particularly beautiful song by Cindy Kallet. She is an extraordinarily dextrous and complex guitarist who has often taught for Guitar Camp over the years. Her voice tends to calm me down.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

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