HS Senior Car Parade; Wait For Testing; Elizabeth Station; Lots More; Song: Requiem For Whatcom Creek

CONTENTS 6/9/2020
High School Senior Car Parade
Wait For Testing: Correction
Elizabeth Station Re-Opens
Tiny Onion
Black Lives Matter Signs
Seeking Handy-Person
Missing Easel Correction
Radio Free Fl!p: Requiem For Whatcom Creek


This Saturday, June 13th, between 12:15 -1:00, we will celebrate senior graduates of 2020 who went to Columbia Elementary as they are driven up and down the streets of Columbia Neighborhood.  Come out in your front yard and cheer them on!

Graduates, meet Saturday at 12:00 at 2515 Kulshan St. in your decorated vehicle to line up.  Wear your cap and gown.
 ~ Natalie and Chris Wermus


My understanding of current recommendations is that today’s blog contained an inaccurate recommendation. The Covid-19 virus in a newly infected person can take an average of about a week to build up enough in the system to turn a test from negative to positive. So if you (as I did) went to Saturday’s demonstration and got infected (I hope not), my test results might show up falsely negative until next weekend. 

So people shouldn’t get tested “as soon as possible” after exposure, as the blog suggests. Relying on results from tests done too early can be dangerous, as they may result in a false sense of security. A person infected may think they are not, and may expose more of their contacts to infection until they actually get sick enough to be re-tested. 

So the current recommendation is that we should wait a week or so after exposure to get our Covid-19 test.

 ~ Hank Levine, MD

[And please both limit and keep track of your contacts between now and when you get your results. And wear your masks rigorously. They do seem to be working. Thank you all, and thank you Hank! ~Fl!p]


This is Patrick from Elizabeth Station on Holly Street. I wanted to clarify something for everyone about masks, direct from the Governor’s speech:

-all businesses are required to post signs asking customers to wear masks

-The business is not required to enforce mask usage, but they can at their own discretion.

-When working, all employees except those working alone are required to wear masks 

There has been a lot of confusion about this. Here we are going to require masks for shopping when we open starting this Saturday, as we feel this is the best for the community. It doesn’t hurt anyone to have to wear a mask, and we all can do better to protect those with deficient immune systems, and those caring for people with health issues too.

As a quick last note, we had announced we’d be opening for shopping this coming Friday, but out of respect (and be a part of) the Black Lives Matter strike this Friday, we are going to wait to open until Saturday.

Thanks  -Patrick McEvoy


Every year, I see information about this event in Sanford, Florida, and think it could be a wonderful neighborhood event for Bellingham. Obviously, the style and vintage of certain neighborhoods would lend itself to a “Porchfest,” more than others.  This is the Porchfest where my sister lives and she sends me photos each year. Just thought I would put it out there to musicians….and caring community members!!

 ~ Marcia Robey

[I have friends in Oakland who tell me tiny porch concerts have been happening weekly there. I am hoping neighborhood musicians will sign up to share some acoustic music for our Chalk Festival. Or just sit on your porch and play a little any sunny day. I’ve got my gourd banjo almost ready to take out in public, but not quite yet… ~Fl!p]


Tiny Onion Cooking School with Annalee Dunn is also live streaming free cooking classes for kids. It is a wonderful and enlightening little breather from the day to day anguish. Saturday Mornings are free. ~ Robin Wallbridge



We have 9 extra Black Lives Matter yard signs (plastic signs plus wire posts) to share if anyone would like one. We’ll leave them on our front porch (2427 Williams) for no-contact handoff. First come first served. They were $12/sign. Instead of reimbursing us, we’d ask that folks donate the cost of the sign to a relevant cause.  ~ ~  ~ Allison Pfeiffer  206-679-0339


We are looking for a reliable handy-person for smaller fix -it work, repairs, etc. Know of anyone? Thanks!

 Steve and Michael Scott  sscottreloan@gmail.com


Black easel was left at Little Squalicum Beach, not at the Port, on 7 June, with an oil painting. Please contact me on 360 223 5537 if you have it with you. Thank you, ~ Alaya Rousseau


On June 10, 1999, a gasoline pipeline operated by Olympic Pipeline Company exploded in Bellingham, Washington’s Whatcom Falls Park. The disaster started at 3:25 PM PDT when a gasoline pipeline ruptured due to various errors and malfunctions on the part of Olympic Pipeline and others. Wikipedia

I remember. Two young boys and a young man died. And I remember a radio announcer saying that there were people who would care about the boys, and then there were those who would only care about the trees lost. I was horrified that anyone would try to divide our community at such a time. So I wrote about it, with my guitar in hand. [There is something about money in the link. Not to worry. Just click on the song and I’ll sing to you.]


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone.

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