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CONTENTS 6/10/2020
Please Get Chalk Soon
Toy Garden Chalk
Music Porch Offered
Pandemic Big Picture
20th Annual Subdued Stringband Jamboree
Radio Free Fl!p: Bright Morning Stars


Let’s get our chalk while the local stores still have time to order more. Right now I have no idea whether 50 households will choose to play, or 500! Jonny is close to having the sign-up form ready to go. Once you can sign up, I hope you do, in droves! There’s a place on the form to say if you have chalk or need chalk. Once I can see that, I’ll know how much more to look for! You can start picking chalk up from me any time now, as long as you promise to save it to use at the festival. For the pros, Alan at Dakota Art still has almost 30 sets of the really vivid chalk left. The cheap chalk isn’t great, and the great chalk isn’t cheap, but he’s marked the price down for us. He’s limiting the fancy stuff to one to a customer for now.  Love/Fl!p


A neighbor sent me another local chalk source!
Fairhaven Toy Garden
909 Harris Ave

Here is a link to the sidewalk chalk: 

We have 12 buckets left. (These could be shared with multiple households.)

Here is a link to the artist chalk:

It is vibrant, but very soft, so not so suitable for rough surfaces, but if you had a smooth patch of sidewalk it might work.  We only have two left of this set.

On our website we offer curbside pickup.  Just choose ‘Pick up at store’ when checking out.

Our store is open from 10am to 7pm Mon-Sat and 10am to 6pm on Sundays.  We also have private shopping by appointment 9am-10am and 7pm-8pm Mon-Sat and 9am-10am and 6pm-7pm on Sundays for those that feel at risk.  Call 360-714-8552 to make an appointment.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you! ~ Tina


If there are a trio of acoustic musicians that need a covered porch to perform on, we’d like to offer up ours. ~ Rebecque and Charles Asher, West Street,


I think this may be the most important thing I’m sending out today. I didn’t recognize the website, so I posted elsewhere first, and asked friends to vet this. Many of them did. This response was the best, from David Olson. David is a local doctor who is also a music buddy, and (for the musicians) the guy who sparked the Taylor Holden GS Mini guitars project. I have great confidence in him. I really like the article I link to here. Clear, good detail, I’d rather have facts to base my choices on, even if the situation isn’t what I would most like.

Dr. Michael Osterholm was one of my favorite professors in Medical School at the University of Minnesota. He has been one of the country’s best epidemiologists for decades. I have read everything he has written on Covid19, and he doesn’t shy away from hard truths. There is nothing about this that has been, or will be easy. He is right though – at this point, we must learn to live with it, rather than hope it will go away or expect that we can somehow beat it in a few months. Also, he is one of the few voices who recognizes that this is NOT the flu, and won’t necessarily have the same seasonal pattern that influenza exhibits. ~ Dr David Olson


Looking for used cardboard boxes for a move.  Not for us, thankfully, but for my cousin.  If anyone has any used cardboard boxes they’d like to get rid of, please call or text me with address and I’ll pick them up, or send my cousin to pick them up.  

Liz Chiz & Richard Metawi
Victor St.  310-600-5274


Online this year. It’s a glorious event.


Whatcom County choirs put this together this week as a message of healing and reconciliation, on behalf of Whatcom Interfaith. The song is, “Bright Morning Stars” and you may recognize some of the musicians. I have warm memories of singing this song over many years with people I love dearly, usually after staying up singing together all night long.

Love/Fl!p  360-671-4511

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