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CONTENTS 6/8/2020
Free Testing For Protesters
Excerpt From Dr Betsy Brown, MD
Our Next Step
Chalk Photo Posting Service?
Planning For Chalk
Local Sources For Chalk
    Dakota Art
    Launching Success
    Yeagers (All Out)
    Tell Me Where You Find More!
Online Kid’s Cooking Classes
Seeking Piano For Musical Home
Missing Easel
Radio Free Fl!p: For What It’s Worth


Please, if you attended one of the large public gatherings last week, consider getting tested for Covid as soon as possible. This is also about taking care of all of us. The virus doesn’t care what our intentions are. Masks help, but aren’t foolproof and we don’t want to spread the pandemic. If your doctor won’t recommend you for testing here, on the basis of having been in a very large group of people, Skagit County department of health is doing drive-through testing for anyone who wants it. No insurance or doctor’s prescription needed. You can live anywhere in Washington State. If you have insurance or a social security card, take your cards along. But Skagit will test you even if you don’t have them. The self-tests they are using are far less painful than the ones you’ve heard about.


We … know more clearly that much of the chatter on social media can be wrong. Pushing false information is truly another pandemic. You may be spreading mis-information. I may be too! Remember, recommendations change as we learn more about the virus, which can make mis-information easier to spread. I recommend looking at these couple of sites to help you learn to recognize what is false, what is reliable, and what is misleading: Infodemic Blog and Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center from

Yes, things seem to have slowed and life is re-opening, but this ain’t over yet.


I think the key task for White people at this point is to reach out to other White people, and especially to our officials. Even a short written or emailed note. Personal, one on one, not form letters or petitions. Warm in tone. Clear on actions that would be helpful. You can read up on helpful actions being taken in many places online. And reach out to listen to people who may not agree with you. Listen to try to understand a different viewpoint, and to care about another hurting heart. Listening is probably the hardest task ahead, and the most important. And it takes a long, long time. We don’t have to wait to make changes, but if we don’t build the relationships, our changes can’t last. Please, let’s be neighbors. Let’s explore what values we hold in common. Thank you!  Love/Fl!p


I need advice! It turns out to be not-so-simple to post your Chalk photos online in a way that makes them easy to attach to your address. Or at least the answer is not obvious. Can anyone advise me on this one? I really want to be able to take a virtual chalk tour! Call me at 360-671-4511. If you don’t know, but you might know someone who would know, please call them and then tell me. OK? Thanks!


Please, please, please buy your chalk now while there is still time for local shops to get in more. And know that the deep, vibrant colors cost more. The chalk that was used for the Downtown Chalk Festival was called Prang Freart. Dakota has about 30 sets of that. If you know of anyplace else in town that has it, please let me know. Actually, if you find any place in town that has chalk at all, please let me know.

Here’s a best guess for how much chalk or space you should plan for:

When the city did the chalk art festival the allotted spaces were about 5 or 6 feet square. So, splitting the difference, that makes the squares just over 30 square feet.

Usually the Freart chalk was enough to do that and folks usually had left over chalk.

We really don’t know how far the smaller sticks will go. A lot is going to depend on the design, whether there are open spaces or if large areas are going to be filled in.



Alan Weydert was a Keesling Street neighbor for decades. He has been so helpful! He owns Dakota Art, downtown on Cornwall Ave. They have curbside pickup. There’s a chance they will re-open for walk-in later this week, but you should phone ahead! 

Hours for now are: 10am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday.
Store phone is 360-676-8918.
1322 Cornwall Ave
Email is fine, it might take us an hour or so to respond. Any emails that come in after 5pm on Friday won’t be answered until Monday.

Here’s what he’s got:

I’ve been working with Flip on finding sidewalk chalk. Apparently, sidewalk chalk is a big item now and our supplier is out until August.

We have a very small amount of Crayola chalk, which would be the cheapest (box of 12= $3.32, box of 16=$4.45, box of 24=$5.97). We do have about 30 boxes of Prang Freart chalk, which is what was used years back when there was a downtown chalk festival put on by Allied Arts. These list for $23.21 but our price is $18.95. These sticks are 1″d. x 4″. and come 12 colors to a set.

Both the Crayola and the Prang are out of stock at our supplier, so what we have is all there is available.

We did bring in some sets of kids chalk pastels. These are sticks that are about 3/8″ square and about 3″ long. They are definitely more colorful than the Crayola, but being smaller they will wear down quicker.

We brought in sets that contain 24 colors. They list at $10.99 but we can sell for $6.95. It looks like our supplier has a decent amount on hand, I brought in 24 sets on our last order to start with.

We also brought in some 12 and 24 color sets of basically the same thing but in a slightly higher grade: 12 color set at $7.95 and a 24 color set at 13.95. 

One thing that we do have is aerosol chalk in a spray can. We brought it in years ago and it never really sold. I’m going to take a can home to test and see if it still viable. They were selling for $12.95 but we marked them down to $5.50/can. These would be great for large areas and they do wash off with a hose pretty easily, although you might need to use a brush or broom to loosen a bit. These might not be the best for younger children to use… they are still an aerosol with all of the aerosol warnings.

We don’t have a washable tempera, I’ve never been happy with the colors available, but I can order it in. We’re out currently, but we usually have 8 oz plastic squeeze bottles. They are $1.95 each.


We have 3 different chalk sets:
A bucket of 20 pieces for $5.99
A Sweet shop set and an ice cream set for $26.99
The sets for $26.99 are much more decorative and fun (by Melissa and Doug)
The bucket is basic sidewalk chalk from Toysmith.

Washable paint~
We sell it by the bottle (16oz) for $3.99
We also have a crayola set of 6 colors (2oz each) for $5.99

Customers can shop in store from 11-4 Monday-Sat, order online for free delivery or curbside pickup, call us @ 360-527-2641 and we can take the order over the phone.

We are willing to do whatever customers feel comfortable with!
Jen Zimmermann, Owner
133 Prince Ave. Bellingham WA 98226


Is out and can’t get more in time.


Just a few sets of Crayola chalks in the store. They’re open. Call before you go.




Pay what you can online cooking classes for kids for the month of June. Sign your kids up to make one of these simple, healthy, and tasty recipes (you can join too!):

  • Rainbow Rice (6/12)
  • Fruit & Veggie Rolls (6/16)
  • Chickpea Curry (6/19)
  • Veggie Sushi (6/23)
  • Root Veggie Latkes (6/26)
  • Plant Part Sandwich (6/30)

Are you thinking about gardening for the first time this year and not sure where to start? Have you been gardening for a while but still have questions? If you would like some personalized help with local knowledge, we’d love to support you! 

Farmer Joe will be available online on Wednesday mornings (6/17, 6/24, and 7/1) 9:00am-9:30am to answer garden-related, food-growing questions big and small. No question is too basic! Visit our website to sign-up for free. 


Hello! Our names are Samantha and Alex and we are new to the Columbia neighborhood. We are serious musicians seeking an upright piano. We are looking for a piano that’s in good working condition. We are happy to have it tuned and are willing to hire movers. Please contact us at


Black easel as on the link left at Port of Bellingham on 7 June, with an oil painting. Please contact me on 360 223 5537 if you have it with you. Thank you, Alaya Rousseau


Del MacRory Band & Friends play an old Buffalo Springfield song.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone.

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