Smoke, Hospital Workers, Lots More


Air quality is unhealthy today. It is a good time to close doors, windows & skylights. And close curtains before the sunlight hits those windows to seal in the coolness. I learned lots of tricks for dealing with heat from my Mom, who grew up in Idaho long before air conditioning. If you have an air cleaner it’s time to get it out of storage. If you don’t you can rig a fan to blow through a furnace filter. If it also blows against a damp towel it will help cool the air. Those good N95 masks will help if you’re outside, not only with smoke but with the new Delta variant of Covid.


I just cancelled our pool reservations. I’ve been swimming 3 or 4 days a week. I’ll miss it! I’m going back to staying home as much as possible and limiting my interactions with others. I’d still love to see a few friends, outdoors and masked, one-on-one, at 6 feet. The situation in the world has changed again, and I will change with it.


Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert tents!)

TONIGHT! August 12 4TENS BAND, Fun Classic Rock Party Music

August 19 THE SWEET GOODBYES, Folk/Pop

August 26 CRAIGO’S PLANET GROOVE, Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk

September 2 BANDZANDT, The County’s Happiest Rock Band


Bellingham Friends of the Library is having a pop-up sale, Friday, August 13th! We’ll be selling Mystery and History fiction and biography. We’ll also have a cart of Nearly New books for sale. Come browse and buy! Your purchases help support a variety of library programs for children and adults in our community!

We’ll be outside the Bellingham Central Library near the front entrance from 10 AM until 2 PM.  Most books will be $1 and there’ll be lots to choose from!  You may pay using cash, check, debit and credit card.  Keep in mind, however, there will be an additional 10 cents per dollar charge for debit and credit card purchases to help offset the processing fee. Smaller bills preferred; we will not be able to accept bills over $20.


Hello Columbia Neighborhood Association members,

Our quarterly general meeting will be held on August 24, Tuesday, 7:00-8:30  pm via Zoom.  You will receive an invitation to the meeting by email closer to the day.

The CNA Board looked into having a dessert social that evening, but in the light of new warnings from our county health department about the spread of the more contagious Delta variant of COVID-19, we did not feel it was in everyone’s best interest to share food in a social setting yet. Hopefully by November we can meet in person again.

The Zoom meeting will include some time to talk with your neighbors in “breakout rooms,” and time to talk about issues that have come up this summer, such as the need for traffic calming along our arterial streets, for example.

    * The CNA Board is working on finding resources for our neighbors when they have to  deal with difficult situations.

    * There is an offer to set up a website for CNA, and we would like your feedback/ help.

    * The Share Shack has become a hub for free goods, so we’ll get an update on that project.

Just for fun… Here’s a puzzle that has many possible answers:

Can you think of a mnemonic [a device (phrase or sentence) that helps with memory] for the street names if you were going east-west (Meridian to Spruce) or north-south (Maplewood to Madison), or for small sections of streets, in Columbia?

What will yours be? (Maybe there is already one that long-time residents know.) Share it with us at the meeting! Please let the board know of other topics you would like to discuss at the meeting, by responding to this email.

Thank you. / dv

CNA Board members:

President/ Secretary:  Deborah Valentine

Vice-President:  Aaron Silverberg

Treasurer:  Aaron Ignac

Member-at-Large:  David Crook

Mayors Neighborhood Advisory Commission Alternate Rep:  Jennifer Moon


Bellingham hospital workers are having a very hard time.  I got an email from a neighbor who feels a strong need to stay anonymous. I would love help thinking about how we as a community can support our health care workers as they try to care for us. Here’s the text of the email I received: “We were protested at the hospital today by a large anti-vaccine crowd.  We have 7 Covid patients on life support and 26 in house. They are all un-vaccinated. Many of them are demanding treatment that is not science based, and stressing out out their care team with language calling their diagnosis a hoax. The morale at the hospital amongst the staff is awful. I’m emailing you because maybe your connections could think of a way to cheer us up. In 36 years in the trenches (I worked through the AIDS crisis) I’ve never seen morale so low as today. It was just so hurtful.” ~ Discouraged and Fatigued

I’ve been emailing back and forth with this writer, and their most recent response included this:

“I think what we need here is to feel some community love.  I like the idea of cards or signs at shift change or along those lines.  Also, a loud shout out that you all support vaccines and the vaccine policy mandating all employees be vaccinated.”

Hospital workers morale is at historic lows across the country. Our help is needed. Postcards with thanks, kind words and encouragement sent to workers at your local hospital are good. Not just medical staff. Everyone who works there is under appalling pressure right now. Gift cards for restaurant take-out, groceries & coffee are good if you can afford it. Flowers are problematic due to allergies.  You might support extra pay for health care workers as well. But please, calling unvaccinated people jerks will not actually raise the spirits of these ordinary friends and neighbors. They are trapped by this pandemic and struggling to do their best.

If you know any workers personally (and you almost certainly do) this is an excellent time to give each of them a Good Listening To. No advice, no interruptions, just listen kindly and attentively for a long time. If they have suggestions for helpful actions, see what you can do, and share what you learn with the rest of us.

One thing I learned is we mustn’t add to their burden. Social distance, wear your mask, get vaccinated, visit your doctor, and unless what you have is truly life threatening, go to a WALK IN CLINIC or URGENT CARE instead of the ER. Please share these helpful actions widely with everyone you know.

I’ve been in contact with an administrator at the hospital, but we haven’t managed to connect yet. I should know more this afternoon and tomorrow. But don’t wait for me! Start your own initiatives. There is room for hundreds of leaders on this project.

Aggressive grumpiness towards and about unvaccinated people are NOT helpful. Your feelings of upset do not help your friend’s morale or the community at large. Find someone who is not in the middle of the maelstrom to listen to your own upset in private rather than spreading contempt. The more disrespected and embattled people become, the less likely they are to change. Yes, limits need to be set, but not with accompanying attacks.

Here is the address for our local Bellingham, WA hospital for your postcards and notes with gift cards:

To the workers at: Saint Joseph’s Hospital – Peace Health

2901 Squalicum Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225


I have lots of electrolyte powder that needs to be put into individual bags (I have the bags too). This is to flavor the water and add electrolytes in the upcoming heat. A couple tablespoons per bag, and fold the bag top over. That’s the whole job. I could use a more volunteers if anyone has time today or tomorrow. Or even later. Fl!p 360-671-4511



From the recording Aniar released in 2020. Peadar MacMathuna,  guitar. Richard Scholtz, autoharp. Jon Sampson, bass. Words by Percy French, music by Peadar MacMathuna.

Here is one more music slide show with Helen’s images and a song from the recording with Peadar.

An Irish Mother – YouTube


Emergency Alert Test Tomorrow, Landscaper Update, LOTS More

This Wednesday, August 11 at 11:20 AM PDT, FEMA and the FCC will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). The EAS portion of the test will be limited to involvement of media broadcasters.
FEMA is seeking public feedback on the WEA portion. To participate in the WEA test, individuals must enable their cell phones to receive WEA test messages. Instructions on how to do so, as well as how to access and complete the post-test survey are available through the attached documents and the links below.
Your participation is important as Whatcom County will use IPAWS Alerts for Emergencies as part of our suite of notification tools.  You can also sign-up for customized notifications for your area by going to  Whenever a significant incident occurs in Whatcom County, the Whatcom Unified Emergency Operations Center uses various methods to notify the media and the public. One of those methods is a messaging system called AlertSense. AlertSense allows us to send a message to an email address, as a text message to a phone, and/or as a voice message to a phone. We also have the ability to send a message to everyone registered in the system, or we can target the message to only those who have registered to receive messages for specific geographic areas (i.e. cities, towns or communities).

Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert tents!)
August 12 4TENS BAND, Fun Classic Rock Party Music
August 19 THE SWEET GOODBYES, Folk/Pop
August 26 CRAIGO’S PLANET GROOVE, Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk
September 2 BANDZANDT, The County’s Happiest Rock Band

Bellingham Herald article:
(Trigger warning) Bellingham gardener who was hit by car ‘trying to cope the best way she can,’ family says
I have not copied the whole article. The link to it is here:
It’s been nearly a month since the life of Bellingham gardener Kim Eagle forever changed — a month of pain, a month of surgeries, a month of healing and setbacks, a month of coming to grips with what happened to her and how that instant changed everything for her.On the morning of July 9, Eagle, who owns Kim’s Care Gardening Service, was loading a bag of bark into her trailer parked along the street in the 2000 block of Eldridge Avenue when she was hit from behind by a red Mitsubishi… Eagle was taken to St. Joseph hospital in Bellingham and later airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle due to the severity of her injuries, documents state.In addition, Dickinson said Eagle suffered a broken pelvis, a tear in her intestines, head injuries and has developed clots on her lungs, and she has since undergone several surgeries and cleanings and washings on her legs to fight off infection.“This will change her life forever, she was such a fun vibrant loving busy lady,” Dickinson wrote. “I cannot even imagine. She is trying to cope the best way she can, she has her good and bad days.”Dickson and Eagle’s friend Sherry Boyd-Yost set up a gofundme page to help Eagle as she attempts to recover from the tragedy. As of Friday, the effort had raised more than $50,000 toward its $500,000 goal.
On Tuesday, Aug. 3, the Bellingham Police Department arrested Mark David Johnson, 31, on suspicion of vehicular assault as a result of the July 9 crash. Johnson is suspected of falling asleep behind the while seconds before his car struck Eagle, court documents state, which add that Johnson also took methamphetamine the night before…Jail records show Johnson is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.
…At home, Eagle has a horse, a donkey, three dogs, fish and a bird, Dickinson told The Herald. “We are able to care for her place while she is gone and will reconstruct her house to make it completely wheelchair accessible when the time comes,” Dickinson wrote. Paying for those changes to Eagle’s home are part of the reason for the gofundme page, Boyd-Yost said, but just covering Eagle’s medical expenses will be difficult. From the first week after the crash Eagle’s family received two bills totaling $60,000, according to Dickinson. “We are praying somehow this will get paid somehow,” Dicksinson wrote.
But right now, the first priority is Eagle’s recovery. Due to some of her injuries and the medication she has been on, Eagle has struggled to understand what happened to her and how her life has changed, Boyd-Yost wrote. The medical staff hasn’t even broached the subject of prosthetic legs, yet.
Eagle has not wanted to take the pain medications that make her too foggy, Boyd-Yost wrote, but not taking them has made the pain too much. “This has been such a twilight zone for Kim,” Boyd-Yost wrote. “She is really going through such torture. It has been a slow evolution of waking up from being in an induced coma for 13 days and slowly bringing her up to semi aware.” When Eagle’s infections have completely cleared and she is able to leave Harborview, the plan is to move Eagle to a rehabilitation center, before bringing her home.
And despite all the difficulties Eagle and her family and friends have experienced over the past month, they’ve remained grateful for the support they continue to receive. “We want to thank the community, the medics, friends, family and so many people we do not know that are blessing her in so many ways, which I cannot begin to say how grateful we are.,” Dickinson told The Herald. “The love from everyone is amazing.”

Bellingham Friends of the Library is having a pop-up sale, Friday, August 13th! We’ll be selling Mystery and History fiction and biography. We’ll also have a cart of Nearly New books for sale. Come browse and buy! Your purchases help support a variety of library programs for children and adults in our community!
We’ll be outside the Bellingham Central Library near the front entrance from 10 AM until 2 PM.
Most books will be $1 and there’ll be lots to choose from! You may pay using cash, check, debit and credit card. Keep in mind, however, there will be an additional 10 cents per dollar charge for debit and credit card purchases to help offset the processing fee. Smaller bills preferred; we will not be able to accept bills over $20.

I have a pot of these lovely native plants to give away. I’m also seeking small evergreen Deer Ferns. Thanks! ~ Fl!p Breskin 360-671-4511 text or phone, or just reply to this email.

We have moved the free metal edged garage or panty shelf back to our driveway. It is now in the alley behind 2304 Utter St.
Thank you, ~ Eric and Cat

The Outreachers tell me the situation is urgent. Folks without a home lose access to drinking water. Think of how hot your car gets in the summer sun. Now imagine trying to live in it. Costco bottled water is the cheapest in town. You are welcome to drop off water here, or donate so we can buy more. 2518 Cherry Street. Around back is best.

I have lots of electrolyte powder that needs to be put into individual bags (I have the bags too). This is to flavor the water and add electrolytes in the upcoming heat. A couple tablespoons per bag, and fold the bag top over. That’s the whole job. I could use a couple volunteers if anyone has time today or tomorrow. Or even later. Fl!p 360-671-4511

There are, at this time, three different people who pick up outreach meals from cooks. Mostly some time between 7 & 9 PM. Lorelei does Tuesdays, usually between 5 & 7 PM. Lunches are delivered most Tuesdays. Lorelei can help you be in touch through the meal train (link below).
I refresh the MealTrain screen every time I look at it, because it doesn’t update itself. And lately, not all the cooks have been actually signing up, which makes life confusing for all of us. We’re working on that! I just looked at the Mealtrain and there are definitely some cooks who haven’t signed up yet, but are planning to cook this week! On the other hand, sign-ups are for 35 meals, but the Outreachers can give away 100 when they can get them. If there are overlaps in sign-ups, that’s not a problem. Bea and I usually cook for 50 – 65, but there are two of us cooking together, so it only takes us 2 – 3 hours.
Simpler is better. Comfort food that’s easy to prepare. Bea and I made tuna casserole today: macaroni, cream of mushroom soup, and canned tuna, with frozen peas for color and some cheese on top. Outreachers say folks particularly love cheesy, creamy food that’s easy to chew. On a tough night where no one has volunteered to cook, Lydia will sometimes cook up a quick, huge pot of oatmeal with dried fruit and butter in it. And powdered milk, I think.
I have big pots, restaurant pans (big rectangular steel pans that go in the oven or on top of the stove over two burners), and square 16 oz paper take-out pails. With enough notice we can help with ingredients as well. Lydia tends to shop on Sundays and Tuesdays, so you get your lists to me before (not on) those days.

Thursday August 12 – Saturday August 14. This year’s Stringband will be especially subdued — with fewer people and plenty of breathing room — but it will still be a Jamboree! We will welcome a reduced crowd to the Deming Log Show Fairgrounds 
produce a three day livestream to be enjoyed in backyards in Bellingham
and around the world.  Tickets Sales end 10am Tuesday Aug 10th. Tickets are only available online. Sales end tomorrow. No sales at the gate. One day passes are available.

On Wednesday, August 18th AND Thursday, August 19th, we will be hosting live, virtual PSGW Teacher Concerts from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (PST). The line-ups are subject to change:
Wed. August 18th Lineup
Cayley Schmid and Aaron Guest
Suzy Thompson
Cosy Sheridan
Geof Morgan
Marie Eaton
John Knowles
(Becky Knowles interlude)
Olivia Brownlee
Amy Friedricks
Patrice Haan
Tony Marcus
Tom Moran
Nova Devonie and David Keenan

Thurs. August 19th Lineup
Orville Johnson
Kathy Kallick
Tristan Scroggins
Hubby Jenkins
Sylvia Herold
Jen Hodge
(Becky Knowles interlude)
Kristina Olsen
Marco de Carvalho
Sean Williams
Gina Davis
Kenny Feinstein
To receive the zoom link by email, contact
A link to the PSGW General Fund will be made visible throughout the concerts and all proceeds received each night will be distributed evenly to our teachers.
Puget Sound Guitar Workshop
PO Box 896
Bellingham, WA 98227-0896

We had a HUGE Beatles jam! Packed room with folks who KNEW ALL THE PARTS! All the licks, all the harmonies. I took along three Sgt Pepper costumes and we dressed up and danced for the appropriate songs. It was a little goofy out, but VERY high quality goofy. Plus we put out 2 five-gallon containers of Mallard ice cream (Super Chocolate & Super Vanilla), plus a dozen assorted pints. In various rooms off the Main Lodge or in some of the cabins, there was Bluegrass, swing, Celtic, singer-songwriters, cowboy music… I had an excessively good time. (I think this was the event that inspired me to host two Beatles Sing-Alongs here in town. I wanted everybody to be able to have that much fun!)


From my friend Bob Franke (from Massachusetts and from Guitar Camp), who writes the most incredible songs. I ran into a photo of a squirt bottle of “No Chew Deterrent” for dogs. The bottle had been mangled. Teeth marks all over it…


Elizabeth Park Events, Homeless Need Water, Lots More


August 5 @ 6 – 8 PM Elizabeth Park

Country folk, Rock, Blues, and Boogie Woogie

Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert tents!)


Saturday August 7, 7:30 – 9;00 PM


Live (socially distanced and outdoor) performance!

**Note: this performance is best suited for people 13 years snd older.  Not so much the subject matter, but it’s just not a play intended for all ages.**

The year is 2021 and the employees of Glamazon have had a “reEmersion” retreat created for them by their AI Human Resources manager, Alexis. The retreat is located on the coast of Washington and provides a backdrop for these unlikely friends to rediscover human connection in a post-pandemic world.

A new devised work performed each night in a different location: August 5 in Fairhaven Park on the lawn; August 6 at Maritime Heritage Park; August 7 at the Elizabeth Park Gazebo.

This script is best for audience members 13 and older. Discussion of body dysmorphia, PTSD, self-harm/suicide, and alcoholism. Produced by Theatre on the Intersection for Western Summer Theatre. Theatre on the Intersection is a concept piece for underserved writers, performers, and emerging artists to explore and produce theatrical work with a supportive company. The production will explore the idea of being a person that lives in intersectionality; a human that doesn’t fit into one culture because they intersect so many.


We are moving soon, and could use some moving boxes. Small to medium to large, if anyone has some, or knows where in town I could pick up some for free? ~ Jessica  Burchiel, Henry Street


We are looking for a long term rental in Columbia neighborhood. We moved to B-ham over 2 years ago from Europe and fell in love with it. Our 3 little kids aged 1, 3 and 5 love bike riding, paddling on Padden or skiing on Mt. Baker. We would love to stay in the neighborhood that is our home. Unfortunately, the house we have been renting since the beginning is going for sale soon. So we are looking for a new home. No pets (only 3 little kids 😉 Price – Uu to $2800 is reasonable. Thank you for offering. ~ Jan & Barbora, Phone: 516.513.4215


The Outreachers tell me the need is urgent. Folks without a home lose access to drinking water. Think of how hot your car gets in the summer sun. Now imagine trying to live in it. Costco bottled water is the cheapest in town. You are welcome to drop off water here, or donate so we can buy more. Thank you!



Eddie Cochran, the original, in 1959. This has been a hit again in every generation.


Driver In Landscaper Crash Charged; Much More


Just heard from a neighbor who works with law enforcement that the driver who hit Kim has finally been taken into custody and makes first court appearance today. I wrote the editor of the Bellingham Herald, and she wrote back that they have the story. Here it is. Consider there to be a trigger warning on the story. If you need help accessing it, let me know. Here are the first two paragraphs of a much longer story.

A driver is suspected of falling asleep behind the wheel before he reportedly hit a Bellingham woman working in her yard with his car last month in the Columbia neighborhood, resulting in the amputation of both of the woman’s legs. The driver reportedly later admitted he used methamphetamine the night before.

Bellingham Police booked Mark David Johnson, 31, into Whatcom County Jail Tuesday, Aug. 3, on suspicion of vehicular assault. He was charged in Whatcom County Superior Court July 22 and a warrant was issued for his arrest July 23.

And here’s the link again for the GoFundMe for the landscaper. Any amount helps.


VOX PACIFICA tonight Wed Aug 4 @ 7:00pm

D’VAS AND DUDES tomorrow August 5 @ 6 – 8 PM

Country folk, Rock, Blues, and Boogie Woogie

Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert tents!)


We have a sturdy, garage-quality shelf unit up for grabs. It is 4ft x 4ft x 1ft and the two middle shelves are adjustable. It is currently at the end of the alley on Washington street between Walnut and Utter.  ~ Eric and Cat


Please keep donating water, sunscreen, bug repellent, and AA & AAA batteries for the most vulnerable among us. You can drop any of that here at 2518 Cherry Street. Thank you!  Love/Fl!p



Well, not today, but yesterday and probably tomorrow. The skies reminded me of this sweet song.  Simon & Garfunkel live, 1967


Delta, Election, Lots More


With the Delta variant now here in Whatcom County, and hospitalizations on the rise, I am returning to masking both indoors and out, based on the fact that although I am fully vaccinated, I am an elder and immune compromised. New discoveries show that this new variant raises the risk considerably that I could unknowingly infect others. Science wasn’t wrong. The situation has changed.

The recommendation that vaccinated people in some parts of the country dust off their masks was based largely on one troublesome finding, according to Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. New research showed that vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant carry tremendous amounts of the virus in the nose and throat, she said in an email responding to questions from The New York Times.

The finding contradicts what scientists had observed in vaccinated people infected with previous versions of the virus, who mostly seemed incapable of infecting others. That conclusion dealt Americans a heavy blow: People with so-called breakthrough infections — cases that occur despite full vaccination — of the Delta variant may be just as contagious as unvaccinated people, even if they have no symptoms.

That means fully immunized people with young children, aging parents, or friends and family with weak immune systems will need to renew vigilance, particularly in high-transmission communities. Vaccinated Americans may need to wear masks not just to protect themselves, but everyone in their orbit.


Tuesday August 3rd. Ballots must be in before 8 PM.

You can register to vote, even on Election Day, at the county courthouse (but don’t wait till 8 PM). Primaries are important elections, and your vote counts for more since few people vote. Only about 20% of eligible ballots have been returned at this point. Be an influencer! Make a difference! If you haven’t received your ballot, contact the Whatcom County Auditor’s office at 360-778-5102. At this point it’s better to take your ballot to a ballot box instead of a post office box, to be sure it’s postmarked or received in time. Here is a link to a wealth of information, including ballot box locations:


has prepared a short set of songs celebrating the anniversary of voting rights for women and all that it means. We’d love to share this music with you, under the trees, in some of your favorite Bellingham parks! We hope that you and your friends and family will join us for these free performances at any of the following locations.

Elizabeth Park, Gazebo:  Wed Aug 4 @ 7:00pm

Cornwall Park, North Shelter: Wed Aug 11 @ 7:00pm

Whatcom Falls Park, Derby Pond: Wed Aug 18 @ 7:00pm

Learn more from our website:


Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert tents!)

August 5 D’VAS AND DUDES, Country folk, Rock, Blues, and Boogie Woogie

August 12 4TENS BAND, Fun Classic Rock Party Music

August 19 THE SWEET GOODBYES, Folk/Pop

August 26 CRAIGO’S PLANET GROOVE, Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk

September 2 BANDZANDT, The County’s Happiest Rock Band


Hello to all of you that have supported Kim in some way. We wanted to let you all know how so very much everything is appreciated. The love in so many ways that so many of you have blessed Kim with and all of your help and prayers. She will have another surgery tomorrow 7/30 to do another cleaning on her legs, there are signs of infection. She still has a clot on her lung, and some short term memory from a few years back. She’s trying to deal with all that has happened to her with so many questions, Why??? The love and blessings you all have shown is amazing. So many people we do not even know. Every dime of this is going toward Kim and will be accounted for. Homebills, medical bills her animals, and when the time comes, a reconstruction of her house so it will be completely wheelchair accessible when she gets to come home. We wanted to put faces to our names and to thank you all so much. Pics: Lee(Clarence) am her only child. My wife Bobbie and our kids. Blessings to you all (Photos are up on the link below.)

For those who are uncomfortable donating money online, here are two other options. The account is set up in the Nugents Corner ICU Industrial Credit Union. That’s the branch where the account is opened, but you can go to any ICU in Bellingham, WA

You can also just mail in a check, the account is under Clarence Leroy Dickinson, account name is Kim’s Fund, Please feel free to pass this along.

We have set up her monthly bills to be auto paid out from this account. So she doesn’t need to worry about it. Some of our friends on fixed income are putting a $25-$50 donation which will really help with her monthly bills. Thanks so much neighbors!


The Friends of the Library is holding two book sales this August with a new experience.  They will be held at the front entrance of the library from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

August 6th – Mystery and History

August 13th – Fiction and Biography

Most books will be $1.  You may pay using cash, check, debit and credit card.  Keep in mind, however there will be an additional 10 cents per dollar charge for debit and credit card purchases to help offset the processing fee.  Smaller bills preferred; we will not be able to accept bills over $20. All proceeds support the work of the Bellingham Public Library. ~ Kathy Sparks, Utter Street


Do you feel like trying to stay on top of all the COVID news is like trying to drink from a fire hose? Well, here’s some good news that’s easier to swallow — something you can do for a healthier life. Bonus: it’s fun!

Washington State University Extension service offers a Diabetes Prevention Program in Whatcom and Skagit counties. If you are at least 18 years of age and have risk factors for Type 2 diabetes, WSU DPP will help you take charge of your health, now and in the future. The 22-week program incorporates lifestyle change interventions that guide you to make lasting commitments to reduce your risk for Type 2 diabetes — which could save you from blindness, kidney disease, damage to your heart, blood vessels, and nerves, even possible amputations.  The good news is Type 2 diabetes can be prevented. How do you know if you might be prediabetic? Take this quiz:

If your score shows you are at high risk for prediabetes, talk to your health care provider or contact the WSU diabetes program, Diane Smith, 360 395 2355, to see if you qualify for this low-cost program. Some insurance plans and Medicare cover the $430 cost. WSU also offers scholarships and payment plans for people with limited income. You learn the skills you need to manage stress, be more active, lose weight; a trained lifestyle coach will guide and encourage you with the support from other participants with the same goals as you — to live your life to its fullest. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.~ Micki Jackson


My name is Reis Ramsey and I am looking for summer jobs in the Columbia Neighborhood. Examples of tasks/ jobs- chopping vegetables, cleaning baseboards, carrying/ moving items, walking dogs & etc. I am enterprising, responsible, capable, respectful  student at Whatcom Middle School. 314-517-2024- (Laura)  This is my mom’s phone number so she can help me reply quickly with any questions etc.~ Reis Ramsey, Victor Street


Last night around 11pm a very sweet and small kitty came right up to me on my porch. No collar, but super shiny and soft.  VERY friendly. No picture but the kitty has a dark slightly striped body and a face that’s half orange/half black with yellow eyes.  Seemed young. Corner of Victor and Walnut. ~ Kamarie Astrid




Gardeners, cooks, etc! Do you have extra: Lavender, Mint, Eucalyptus, Catnip, Citronella, Cinnamon, Tea tree, Thyme, Peppermint? Willing to donate to your unhoused neighbors in need? Mosquitos are BAD in camps we visit. Fran Bond has come up with a natural bug repellent. Thanks Fran! Help us collect the supplies to make bug repellent pouches.  Contact Fl!p to drop at her place.


We’re headed into some hotter days. Please donate flats of bottled water if you can. You can drop them at our house: 2518 Cherry Street. Around back is best. Thank you!



Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen. I needed a lullaby. Sometimes shared grief is also a comfort.


Concert Tonight, LOTS more!


Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert tents!)

[Tonight! Tracy is just amazing!!! I’m really looking forward to this.]

July 29 TRACY SPRING AND JEZEBEL’S MOTHER, Rootsy – bluesy – lively – lovely

August 5 D’VAS AND DUDES, Country folk, Rock, Blues, and Boogie Woogie

August 12 4TENS BAND, Fun Classic Rock Party Music

August 19 THE SWEET GOODBYES, Folk/Pop

August 26 CRAIGO’S PLANET GROOVE, Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk

September 2 BANDZANDT, The County’s Happiest Rock Band


You can register to vote right up to Election Day at the county courthouse. Primaries are important elections, and your vote counts for more since few people vote. Less than 20% of eligible ballots have been returned at this point. Have an influence! Make a difference! If you haven’t received your ballot, contact the Whatcom County Auditor’s office at 360-778-5102. Here is a link to a wealth of information:


This is follow up from the wreck on Eldridge on July 9. There’s a GoFundMe to help the landscaper who was injured, and the organizer of that has been posting updates on Kim. I have not yet been able to get more information on the driver. The police are still investigating, and not sharing information yet. Love/Fl!p

  • July 22, 2021
    by Sherry Boyd-Yost, Organizer
    Good evening friends of Kim Eagle.
  • Kim is doing better.  She is getting clearer in her thoughts and much more lucid. She now knows she has lost her legs, has  broken pelvis and punctured intestine. And has been through several surgeries, and as you can imagine she is processing it but handling it as the tough woman that we all know her to be. I know she will have her ups and downs. It will be great to be able to show her how many have reached out to Love and help her in this huge change in her life. She wants to move around and has to be restrained so that she doesn’t fall out of bed. Her son Lee was very happy to be able to speak with his Mother and hold her hand, the last couple of days. She is reacting very well.
  • I am heading to Seattle early tomorrow. I will be able to sit with her and talk with her now that they have brought her out of the induced coma. Lee will be able to be home this weekend, having a chance to begin preparing Kim’s home for when she will be able to get home. Your donations will help to put in some larger doors, and ramps to make it easier for Kim to get in and out of the house and rearrange her bathroom so it will be better for her new functional needs. Clearance Leroy (Lee) Dickenson IV is Kim’s Son Lee. He and his wife Bobbie and Lee’s children are taking good care of all Kim’s animals and home so happy to say this is working out.
  • I am so grateful she is hanging in there for us to still love her and be loved by her and have her in our lives. I am looking forward to seeing her for myself. I will give report tomorrow after I spend some time with her, and tell her how many people love her and have donated money to help her afford to pay her bills, make the changes that will make it functional for her new challenges.
  • Thanks to you all for all you have done. Love Is all there is! ~ Sherry
  • July 26, 2021
    by Sherry Boyd-Yost, Organizer
    Hello friends and loved ones of Kim Louise Eagle.
  • The last three days have been an awakening. When I arrive at Harbor View Hospital last Friday I don’t know that many of us can imagine what it’s like to wake up to find that your legs are gone and you have no feet. And the realization is so heavy that your beyond yourself trying to figure out what has happened to you. Kim has been sedated for 13 days, then they started to wake her up slowly so that she could start to realize what’s happened to her, Kim is one of the strongest women I have ever met in my whole life. I’ve known Kim since we were 21 or 22 years old. We’ve been friends ever since, We have raise our kids together, and enjoyed every bit of it. Many tragedies have happened to Kim and her life, and to have this to wake up to and see that you have no legs and no feet. “What am I going to do? What will I do? How did this happen? What do I do?”She says.
  • Her short term memory is not good right now with all of the sedation meds, I’ll have to re-tell her what happened over, as she wishes to hear, she just shakes her head. We have just lock eyes for the longest time in our disbelief, without saying a word. I want her to know I am here for her this is my dear dear friend.
  • I know so many of you care about her and obviously we appreciate so much what you’ve helped to donate and gained enough money to help her get through this. This is so tough for this beautiful gazelle that I’ve known for many years, her heart and her life have been all about her children, nature and plants and animals and for her realization to now know she’s not able to do the work on her clients projects, To not be working in the gardens. Not long ago, she was wondering when she would retire, and she says now I’m retired no matter what I think is how do I get back from this what do I do? What do I do, she asked the nurse. The nurse says well right now Kim, you mourn the loss of your legs, you go through the healling, this will take a while, and then we are going to help you, and you won’t believe how many people will help you get to a new normal. This is really hard in the best thing to do right now is just to mourn and realize you need to do everything you can to get back to your own self, and be strong and healthy.
  • Kim’s realization now is that she is so weak and she’s been out of it for 15 days and now She is frustrated being so sedated she did not want any more pain medication, so she told them only Tylenol, so they gave her Tylenol, and then all the the pain was so hard on her, she had to have painkillers and she finally went to sleep after whirling around in her head about what this situation means to her. Before she fell asleep she seemed calmer, the advise the nurse told her seemed to help her clarify her direction and she calmed herself and fell asleep.
  • At this time she has blood clots in her lungs, the contusion on her forehead is looking better, the MRI shows no blood clots in her head. You have to gown up with PPE, due to an over abundance of ekoli due to her punctured intestines. Her stumps have a lot of sutures and scabbing. and that is so hard for her to see.
  • Thank you all for your love and support. I have told her about everyone’s generosity, and she is overwhelmed and appreciatve by all the love! I am heading to the hospital soon, I will continue to let her know how you all care for her and love her dearly!  All the finest wishes everyone, Sherry
  • (I donated. Every little bit helps.) Love/Fl!p


I found a wallet on my walk around the outside of Elizabeth Park on Monday. It’s a trifold black leather wallet with an insignia stamped on it. It looked like it had been rifled through and discarded, so possibly stolen.

There is one card left with a name on it, so it’ll be easy to identify. Please email, or text or call 360-318-3815 to ID and claim. This and the superhero wallet I found last week will be surrendered to the police some time next week if I don’t hear anything to the contrary. ~ Leslie Glen, Elizabeth Street


July 31 at 2:00 at the Congregational Church on Cornwall. If you knew and loved her, you’re welcome. Unfortunately, not too many of her family will be here- some live in other countries and can’t travel, some have very young kids and are hesitant to jump a plane with Covid still such an issue.  


Water, batteries, bug spray, sunscreen. Lots and lots of water. You can drop these here for pick-up. If anyone wants to cook, we can mentor you and give you pots, to-go containers and ingredients. We can always use fresh cooks!


Want a couple of boxes of packing material?  We have a box of very high end, harder plastic, bubble wrap and a second box of regular bubble wrap and some styrofoam peanuts.  ~ Tina Martin


We’re a family of 4 & have lived in Columbia for 13 yrs. We will be doing a pretty big home renovation project this fall. We’re hoping to stay close-by while the work is being done so we’re looking for a 3-4 month rental this fall (Sept-Nov or Dec). 2-3 bedrooms would be great. Please contact me at Thank you! ~ Wendy Czopp

(I know these folks personally, and I would rent to them in a heartbeat if I was going to be away. Great folks! ~ Love/Fl!p)


Hello! Need a temporary house/apt sitter? Have a house, apartment or room to rent that allows for a medium sized dog? Could you use a dog sitter to boot? I’m newly arrived to WA, waiting to move into my long term home, looking for some housing for Sept and October. I’m searching for jobs teaching science in the area, love to explore the trails with my 3yr old rescue pup and hope to rent while possibly dog sit, water your yard, keep up, safeguard your home, or anything that can help us both.  Thanks ~Mara Dobrov


For part/all of mid-August to mid-September to care for gentle and calm adult cat and beautiful yard/garden in the Birchwood area. Stipend available.  360-296-4348 ~ Peggy Allen


Hi neighbors.   Out oldest daughter and her husband, Jessika and Andrew , will be visiting us August 6 to the 16 (possibly a little longer). It would be great to have them in the neighborhood.  So, if anyone needs house sitting during any of those dates, please let me know. They do not have any pets, but could take care of your dogs but not cats due to a cat allergy. Or if you know anyone anywhere in the Bellingham area that needs house sitting, that would work also.  Thank you!    Jana Williams on Walnut.   360-920-5518.  Call or text.   


Recipe, also a snapshot of how my mind works…

Someone asked again about how I make caramelized onions. Here is some more detail: I do 10# at a time. I cool them down afterwards and store in the freezer in gallon ziploc bags, which I use over and over for years. I spread the cooked onions 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick so I can just break off a chunk any time I want some, and it thaws really quickly. I’ve tried oven and instant pot recipes, but so far I just get out my two big 10″antique cast-iron skillets and spend an hour or so reducing the chopped or sliced onions to “deep mahogany brown goo.” I usually add garlic too. I start frying as soon as the first onion is cooked, and keep adding more as I cut. By the time I add the last onion, the rest have cooked down enough that all 10 – 12 pounds fit in my two skillets. By the time I’m done, the onions can all fit in one pan. I start with different fats depending: olive oil for vegans, or butter, or bacon. I use water or white wine to deglaze the pan, depending on what I want to do with the onions later. I listen for the pitch of the sizzle and if it sounds too hot, or the onions start sticking, then it’s time to add a few tablespoons of water or wine or whatever before it burns. The liquid softens and boils off the sticky bits. I also prepare some batches with sesame oil and fresh grated ginger, with a little fish sauce & soy sauce in water for deglazing. I’ve currently got a bag or two of each style in the freezer. Some for stir fry, some for soups, stews, casseroles, sauces, stuffing & gravy. I haven’t been bothering with the vegan version lately because I’m just feeding me and Zeke. The bacon version is amazing to spread in a grilled cheese sandwich before cooking.



Herdman, Hills & Mangsen

My son Jon just sent me a video of the 6 cords of firewood he split and stacked at home in north Ontario. So I thought of this song, which I heard Larry Hanks and Laura Smith sing back when they lived in the Columbia Neighborhood. A lot more of us a lot more of us heated with wood back then. Oh, that’s Jon Auer of the Posies. Some of you probably know that band. This isn’t them signing the song though.


Concert Tonight, Landscaper Update, Lots More


Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert!)

July 22  HIGH MOUNTAIN STRING BAND, Bellingham based Progressive Bluegrass Band


Trigger warning: Injuries

July 19th: Some good news, Kim was taken out of ICU, she is still very sedated and still is not aware of the extent of her injuries, she knows she was in an accident, and responded that she did understand she had been in an accident. Kim had a hit to her head due to a ladder that was in her truck flew back and hit her in the head on impact. They did an MRI and we are waiting for the results. They hope to give Kim an epidural to block any pain from her injuries in the lower half of her body, so they can help her sit up when they are able to give her an epidural.

Kim’s son Lee and his wife Bobbie have been working hard taking care of business. Lee has been down to HarborView Hospital most days and coming back up to help stay on top of Kim’s affairs. Her grandchildren have done a great job taking good care of the animals and her home.

When Kim is lucid and communicating and we tell her of all your love and support, it will most likely show how many people helped get her back to living a new way of life. She has a long way back. I know our donations will make a huge difference. We are still hoping people keep sharing this “Go Fund Me” page, as much as you can, to help her not lose what she has worked so hard for and keep her bills paid. Thanks again so very much. Sherry

Scroll down the link to the organizer, and there is s square labeled “Contact” which you can use to contact Sherry directly. I hope you can keep sharing this GoFundMe. Still haven’t learned more about the driver who hit her.


AAA batteries (and some AA) are an ongoing need. Also tents. If you’re upgrading, consider donating your old one. Thank you!

There have been a number if unhoused neighbors that have gotten housing recently and who are feeling challenged with the transition to be stable. We’re looking for cooks/ outreach that would be interested in bringing a few meals a week to these newly stable individuals/ families. Total maybe 6 meals over two weeks time.


From Jason Quick, school counselor (and one-armed juggler)

I’m writing because it seems that something important got left out of your advice for the adult working with an aggressive toddler.  

I agree with setting loving limits, playing  games that put the child in positions of power (while making sure the child knows that you are a capable and powerful protector/advocate), not tickling (tickling is often nonconsensual harassment that confuses our messaging around healthy sexual behaviors), and making sure that you are always relationship building.  

What was left out…demonstrating and teaching pro-social behaviors! Many children invent aggressive solutions to problems when they don’t know what to do. “I want that toy”, “I’m overwhelmed with all of these people”, “I don’t want to wait for a turn”, “I don’t like the way that kid is looking at me”, “I feel unimportant” are all situations that young people (and a lot of older people) don’t have a toolkit of pro-social behaviors to address.  Teaching pro-social strategies for getting your needs met in times of low stress is really important, otherwise you’re just waiting for the child to invent a behavior that is not intuitive and not easy to observe in the people around you. Once you’ve taught skills for handling these situations it’s much easier to step in as the protector and remind a child which skill to use. Also, be on the lookout for pro-social behavors so you spend more time catching a child doing the behaviors you want to see and less time catching them doing something wrong.

Thanks for being a powerful teacher and advocate in the world; I hope this note comes across as a helpful addition to your strong advice to an adult trying to help a child become the best version of their self. ~ Jason Quick


I had my oil changed today and the engine filter had been damaged by mice.  I was told there is a bigger population of births this year because people were not moving around as usual because of COVID.  The remedy is peppermint spray in the engine and front wheel wells.  Reapply about once a week. I’d never had a mouse problem in my engine in the 25 years I’ve lived here. Thought I’d pass on. ~ Katy Velasquez, Lynn Street


Zeke and I are celebrating 23 years today and tomorrow. I think we’re going to get dressed up in our wedding outfits (they still fit!) and find a nice place to go out to dinner where we can sit outside.



From the recording Aniar released in 2020. Peadar MacMathuna,  guitar. Richard Scholtz, autoharp. Jon Sampson, bass.

Helen Scholtz, images & visions. Richard Scholtz editing.

For more about Peadar:

For more information about Helen:


Injured Landscaper Update, Lots More

I am unable to make links work on my blog tonight. Darn!

(Trigger Warning: Injuries)
Friday July 9, a woman who has worked as a landscaper in our neighborhood for 3 decades was struck by a driver on Eldridge and seriously injured. She was flown to Harborview Hospital in Seattle, where she has undergone multiple surgeries, including amputating both legs. I heard this week that Kim had been taken off oxygen and survived that. The Herald. is still working on the story, and will keep me in the loop. I received this message yesterday morning about a GoFundMe for the landscaper.
Hello, my name is Sherry Boyd-Yost.
To my horror, I was informed my best friend Kim Eagle of “Kim’s Care Gardening Service” was working at a client’s property and loading equipment into her vehicle, when a driver apparently fell asleep at the wheel and smashed right into her, amputating one of her legs. After being resuscitated and air lifted to Harborview Hospital in Seattle she went immediately to surgery, but they were unable to save her other leg and it was amputated as well.
What she is in for is waking to not knowing what happened to her, and finding she has lost her legs from just above her knees. She also suffers a broken pelvis and punctured intestine. She will not be able to continue her business and her income is gone. Months or years of therapy face her, and expenses getting her through this huge life change.
Kim has always been a vital person, loving nature and animals. She has a horse, donkey, four dogs, a fish named Paku, and a parrot.
She has a long way to get home.
I am starting this GoFundMe to help her get through this very tough time that lies ahead. she is a beautiful, earth loving, hard working woman! A person I love so dearly! Thank you for your help!
I also heard from Katie, who set up the first GoFundMe:
I am transferring the funds raised so far to this other account her best friend will be administering. A different GoFundMe is now set up for Kim and here is the link.
I have donated, and hope others will too. Every little bit helps.
I found the file number for this wreck on the police daily report but can’t find a way to access the report online: 21B37906. Can anyone help with information on the driver?
Reported: Jul 9 2021 10:18AM
Location: 2000 BLK ELDRIDGE AVE
Case #: 21B37906

Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert!)
July 22 HIGH MOUNTAIN STRING BAND, Bellingham based Progressive Bluegrass Band
July 29 TRACY SPRING AND JEZEBEL’S MOTHER, Rootsy – bluesy – lively – lovely
August 5 D’VAS AND DUDES, Country folk, Rock, Blues, and Boogie Woogie
August 12 4TENS BAND, Fun Classic Rock Party Music
August 19 THE SWEET GOODBYES, Folk/Pop
August 26 CRAIGO’S PLANET GROOVE, Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk
September 2 BANDZANDT, The County’s Happiest Rock Band

The smaller the turnout for an election, the larger the impact each voter can have. This is the big one in terms of your own influence!
Ballots have already been sent out. If you haven’t received yours, contact the Whatcom County Auditor’s Office at
Voter registration and address changes online or by mail must be received at the Whatcom County Auditor’s Office by July 26. Visit our office to register to vote or change your address by 8:00 pm Election Day. Here’s where you can register online:
The Auditor’s office has online information. League of Women Voters has online forums and other information:

Here is information about the FLAG (Little Free Art Gallery) in Columbia neighborhood on West Street and Eldridge Avenue.
The Little Free Art Gallery is near the corner of West Street and Eldridge Avenue. It’s the same concept as a little free library, but for art. There are many creative, talented, generous artists of all ages, amateur, dabbling, professional contributing to and collecting from the gallery. I would encourage everyone to come by for a visit! It has been a daily delight to see the creativity and playfulness of this neighborhood and beyond, and to see artists connecting to other artists via the gallery. So fun! There is also another gallery in the Broadway Park neighborhood if you want to create your own art walk.
There is also a ‘free’ supply and kit box. Currently there are some coloring pages in there. I hope to add some more supplies to it in the next couple of weeks, as my day job and summer schedule allow. If you want to know the WHOLE story, Whatcom Talk wrote a really nice article.

Katrina Lyon’s Little Free Art Gallery Sparks a Miniature Arts Renaissance in the Columbia Neighborhood

There is also a Little Free Art Gallery on Connecticut near Victor, provided by Eberhard Eichner, who does the Pappenspeil plays. And a Poetry site at 1700 W North Street at Utter. What else am I missing?

The City, partner organizations, and the community have worked hard to improve water quality and restore habitat in the Squalicum Creek watershed to protect this important natural space for fish, wildlife, and people. Learn about these efforts in this new video and at
Watch the video below or at

A friend of mine who is visiting from BC dropped her drivers license when she was out running today. Her name is Jamee Brotherton. I live at 2731 Walnut Thank you ~ Michael

Superhero wallet at Columbia school yard on the “portables” side. E-mail me at or call or text 360-318-3815 to identify and claim it!
You could say what color it is, who the superhero is or what is in it, or all three! ~ Leslie Glen, Elizabeth Street

My husband and son and I are moving to Iceland for the next year, leaving August 2nd. We’re looking for someone to foster our cat while we’re gone. I wonder if you know of anyone who would enjoy a snuggly lap cat, indoor only? He’s a year and a half old and very timid. He can’t be in a home with dogs, but another mellow cat might be okay. He likes kids. ~ Laura Engelhoff

I’m looking for someone to rent a downstairs unit in a two unit house. In this unit, there are two small/medium size bedrooms with carpet and closets, there’s a bathroom with shower (no tub) a small kitchen (has oven, no dishwasher), full size  fridge, a good sized living room and a shared laundry. There’s a big yard. Near Geneva Elementary School. Pets considered. Rental is short term, available now through end of September. $1100/ month. For more details, please contact Arielle by TEXT at 360-540-4847 to arrange further conversation.  Thank you! ~ Arielle Stein

My dear friends and bandmates Brian Dolphin and Elizabeth Laprelle, and their 19 month old Noah, are looking for housing in Bellingham starting September 1st! Two bedrooms, under $1600/month (ideally closer to 1000-1200) somewhere in town. They would prefer their own house, apartment or mother-in-law, but sharing with the right roommates could work too. I am so excited to welcome these wonderful friends and musicians to the community in Bellingham. Right now we are having a music residency (also with Annie Schermer) where I live on Waldron Island, and we are hoping to find them a good landing spot in Bellingham. Brian is a songwriter, community song leader and audio engineer who will be in his last year of grad school (remote) for ethnomusicology. Elizabeth is a ballad singer, banjo player and music teacher. They are parents to a very sweet boy who will be 2 in November. Please forward this e-mail to any friends you think of, as it can be hard to find things simply through craigslist. We appreciate your assistance!

Seeking a short term 2+ bedroom home for my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and two well behaved pets starting in early August. If you have a comfortable place for them to stay while they house hunt for their forever home in Bellingham, please reach out to me at
Appreciate any help!
Korey Krause
Elm Street

I had a question from a far-away friend, and decided my answer to him could be useful to more of you. I’ve expanded it somewhat.
“Hi Flip! An 18-month-old toddler who likes to hit other kids. Throws things at them. I take his hand, look at him severely, and tell him “No!” Am I doing the right thing?”
Ah!!! You’re right to set a limit, but it will take much more than that. Fortunately this one is still very young. You can make a HUGE difference for him.
He’s feeling intolerably disconnected from others. It’s time to start, yourself, connecting with him through play, at moments not when he is in crisis. Even a few minutes of vigorous play, several times a week at least. Daily would be better. Play that puts him in charge, in a powerful position, even for a few minutes.
You’re the big, clumsy, confused, well-intentioned adult who can’t quite catch him as he runs away, who wants him desperately but can’t quite catch up as you lumber behind him. Find things that bring laughter, and then keep the laughter coming. (But no tickling, none at all! Trust me on this one.) It’s the laughter you’re looking for. Build closeness over time. There’s no instant fix. It’s about the relationship.
From that close relationship, you can kindly set limits, without harshness. None of us got such kind, loving limits – especially not us White people from the US. But it can be done. Move right in close and say, “No dear. I can’t let you do that,” in the warmest, calmest, most loving tone. That’s something you can do even today. Put your body between him and those he’s trying to harm. Physically keep him from hurting others. Promise him that you won’t let him hurt others, and that no one needs to be hurt in order for him to heal.
And he will melt down when you bring him the limit lovingly. All the horrible tensions inside will boil up and pour off him. He’ll be on the ground, screaming and flailing around. At this point, you move in even closer. Offer eye contact. He won’t be able to meet your loving eyes, but you stick with it. Right in close. He’ll probably say he hates you, and scream that you’re hurting him. Be ready to spend an hour or more while the waves of anguish roll off him.
Eventually he’ll reach the point where he can meet your eyes without falling apart again. At this point, he’s done, and will head off to play in a far more relaxed way. You, on the other hand, may need an adult to listen to your own feelings!
Between the attacks, limits, and melt-downs: play, play, play! Be delighted to see him each time you meet. Flirt with him. Over a few months you will see this child blossom. Reach out to other adults to join you in this project.
His parents also need your kind, warm attention. Somewhere in the young one’s life, there is an overwhelmed adult passing on their own pain. The adult isn’t bad. Just in pain. They also need to be listened to. And taught new parenting skills – these ones: play that puts the child in charge, setting kind limits and then staying close and listening through the melt-down. Every parent wants closeness with their children. It won’t work to come in with harsh judgements on anyone. It really won’t help.
There’s a website and a book. The woman that taught me these skills is Patty Wipfler, from California. She got in there with me and my sons, in person, up to the elbows, many decades ago. Her website is The book is Listen! It will change this child’s life, and yours. Love/Fl!p

We particularly need drinking water, bug repellent & sunscreen. It would be good to get a supply of N95 masks in preparation for smoke season. 100 masks would be a beginning. Every little bit helps. And we still need more cooks. Thank you! You can always contact me: or text 360-671-4511.


We may need a hand, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday, evening. We need to move some furniture and belongings in our living room to clear space for window replacement. The date is still tentative. My guess is no more than an hour. All the heavy items are on slides. There are some fragile items on the wall. Zeke and I are both fully immunized, but I am immune compromised and would prefer it if everyone was not only immunized but also still wore masks. 360-671-4511


I’ve been teaching my 12 year old grand twins to play guitar over Zoom for this past year. Lucy fell in love with this song, so I went looking for it online so she’d have a version to play along with. John Denver did an easy to follow version.

Chalk Follow-Up, Music, Homeless Help, More


I had a marvelous time last Sunday! Thanks to everyone who participated! We had over ninety households sign up this year to Chalk, make music, offer goodies, show off crafts, and more. I remembered last year, and kept my own Chalking very simple because I knew I was likely to get to see lots and lots of people Sunday morning and early afternoon. And I DID! I got dozens of phone calls, texts, emails, IMs etc. And every one of them started with “Is it too late? Do you have any chalk left?” It kept me laughing, and SO happy to have plenty of chalk. Last minute was not a problem. I got to see a lot of neighbors in person, which I love. And Zeke and I got out Monday morning to see a bunch of chalk. BRAVO!!!  And we even have some chalk stored for next year. Let’s do it again, eh?


By Mark Allyn


The Eldridge Society for funding chalk! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jonny Kemp for creating and updating the online map!

Ebb Tide for a sweet noon concert at Elizabeth Park. They’re hoping we can have the big Parade again next year, and they’ll bring back the float/parade wagon!

Deb Valentine, president of the Columbia Neighborhood Association, for putting up signs & sending out messages, for handing out chalk at the Share Shack three Saturdays in a row, and for holding my hand!

Marla Bronstein for reworking the Chalk Talks from last year and for helping spread the word!

AnnMarie Jordan & Jennifer Moon for taking flyers to businesses & helping publicize!

Aaron Silverberg for also handing out chalk at the Share Shack and taking flyers to the Little Free Libraries!


In order to have a parade next year, we’ll need a host to organize it. The parade itself doesn’t take a lot, but it does take some. The picnic & games at Elizabeth Park takes more. There are lots of supplies, and a lot of information and support available from folks who’ve done it in years past. Please consider stepping forward! I can steer you to the right folks.


This Sunday July 11, 5 – 7 PM both online & for a small live audience, outdoors. Right here in the neighborhood in the alley between Victor & Williams / W North & Connecticut. We’ll be outdoors and socially distanced. Bring your own chair. Walk up quietly please. Zeke and I are guests at Robert Blake’s Kitchen Table concert. Songs, stories, tunes, and my beloved Columbia Neighborhood Guitar. I’ve been thinking about songs I have sung around campfires for years, but don’t know of any existing recordings by anyone, anywhere. I’ve learned so many songs live, from people I love, and share them the same way. I’d love to see you there! You can tune in, or you can show up in person!


Thursdays 6 – 8 PM at the gazebo

July 15 Free Harmony, Classic folk-rock harmonies

July 22 High Mountain String Band, Bellingham based Progressive Bluegrass Band

July 29 Tracy Spring and Jezebel’s Mother, Rootsy – bluesy – lively – lovely\

August 5 D’vas and Dudes, Country folk, Rock, Blues, and Boogie Woogie

August 12 4TENS Band, Fun Classic Rock Party Music

August 19 The Sweet Goodbyes, Folk/Pop

August 26 CraigO’s Planet Groove, Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk

September 2 bandZandt, The County’s Happiest Rock Band 


Saturday July 17 from 4:30-7:30

Open House, Happy Hour, House Party!


At Elizabeth Park — Thursday after the Elizabeth Park concert, my son left his newish hoverboard at/near the basketball court in the park. If anyone happened to find it please let us know. He saved his money to purchase it. We are happy to provide more detail describing it to show ownership. Thanks in advance! ~ Jason Pass, 2627 Utter Street, 360-961-5054


A couple days ago someone signed for and took delivery of a package meant for me. I’m guessing that it was someone expecting a package from UPS who signed, thinking it was theirs. If you did get a UPS package meant for Oona Cava, would you contact me at, and I can swing by and pick it up? Many thanks, Oona Cava


On the myLIBRO app, Bellingham Public Library patrons can search the catalog, place holds, check their account status and more.


I hear there is a Little Free Art Gallery in the Columbia Neighborhood. I’d love the location, and to hear more about it. Thank you! Love/Fl!p


We are looking for a nanny for 2 children (ages 4 and 1). Nanny duties will include drop off and pickups at daycare (at minimum 2 days a week; 7-8:15am and then 4:30-5:30pm) and once or twice a month evenings. In addition, we would like this person to come a couple times a week to help around the house (2-4 hours a week). Duties include cleaning dishes, picking up around the house, laundry, etc. The ideal candidate should be someone who is passionate about kids, patient and kind. Also they must be ok with dogs, as we have a sweet 10 years dog. Pay depending on experience $12-15 per hour. Please contact Alysia Paxton ( to apply or with any questions.


Yes, I’m still involved, and would love any help you can offer. I’m posting far less as I build my health back up, but I’m still doing what I can. Bridge To Services (B2S) has my complete trust. Here’s what’s been going on lately, with ways you can help.

Our “on the ground (otg) “outreach team has been providing meals 7 days a week since October’20.

After the sweep of the City Hall camp Jan.’21, outreach visits increased. We currently supply meals to 6 different locations in Bellingham.

Thanks to our meal train cooks B2S outreach workers have had the opportunity to distribute food, and, thanks to our regular donors, supplies. Summer supplies include: water, batteries, socks, clothing, snacks, hand warmers, and when available, a tent, tarp and blanket.

Over time incredible connections have been made, a chance to bridge to goals- WA id, employment, pet care, housing lists, family reconciliation…

In collaboration with local nonprofit, HomesNow, Bridge2services has been able to participate in the approval of several tenting neighbors to residents at HomesNow tiny village. Since moving in one person has found employment and holds a management position in the community.

Thanks to all who contribute to the strength of our bridges, from meals to applying for WA IDs, otg support to supplies. All your efforts are seen and appreciated!

For regular outreach updates please join our facebook community at Bridge2services. We would love to hear from you in the comments

~ water
As the sun shines, water needs increase. Outreach goes through 1 to 2 flats of water on sunny days.
~ tents & tarps
Weekly relocating of camps by the city has increased needs for tents and tarps. Please keep this in mind while upgrading your camping supplies for the upcoming summer adventures.
Donation drop off locations(pls email: before arriving):

  • Bellingham- 3016 Bennet Dr., entrance off Cedarwood
  • *Become a Bridge Builder ~ No time to cook or distribute? Let us do that for you. With your monthly financial contribution, we can have the security of consistent funding to make bulk orders of regular supplies we give out

    $ Donations:



Guy Van Duser on fingerstyle guitar

Or BoomWhackers! Pretty silly…

Concert Tonight & lots more



Thursday July 8, 6 – 8 PM at Elizabeth Park Gazebo

It’s going to be a beautiful afternoon for an outdoor show! Join us in the Columbia neighborhood today for Pacific Twang. Juanita’s and Edaleen Dairy will be serving up dinner and dessert or bring your own picnic dinner! See you later!!


Ballots mailed July 14

We The People vote, and it matters who we vote for. To do this well, we need to understand just who we’re voting for. Here are ways to find out. Be a citizen! Time to do our research!

Online Voter’s Guide for this Primary Election:

To register to vote, or check your registration:

Candidates Forums: See them for yourself.


My vision is a family adopts a newly housed person/ family for 2 weeks. Helps them feel welcome. Brings them a meal 3x a week. We can help with ingredients and delivery if needed. To volunteer, contact Lorelei Bowers –


Friday July 9th from 7:30-1:00 only!! Antique kitchen cupboard, antique camelback trunk, antique dolls and crocks, many more antiques, too many to list. Tools, hardware, tables, books. You name it we got it! Please come and help us get ready for the move. 2823 Walnut St  ~ Carol Blaney


Friday, July 9, 6 -8 pm. Firehouse Arts Center 1314 Harris Ave

Songs of Home, Heart & Hope

No cover, Limited Seating. First come. 


July 10th  2-4pm at the Share Shack. No minimum is required. Anyone can attend even if it’s just to learn about gardening and see how we swap/trade/gift. ~Aaron Siilverberg


Sunday July 11, 5- 7 PM both online & for a small live audience, outdoors.

Right here in the neighborhood. Bring your own chair. Contact me for location. Zeke and I are guests this Sunday at Robert Blake’s Kitchen Table concert. Songs, stories, tunes, and my beloved Columbia Neighborhood Guitar!


My cousin Bobbie is moving here in late summer or early fall, as her move-in date is flexible.  She will pay up to $1500 mo. and prefers either a 2 bedroom house or a basement rental within a 5 mile radius of Columbia.  She is a young and active senior who lives alone and does not smoke or own pets.  She also prefers existing appliances, as well as washer & dryer, and garage or off street parking.  Please call or text her at 310-614-3192. ~ Michael Berres, 360 393 6802



Steve Lalor, acoustic guitar

When I was a child, everyone in the US knew this song. We had music in the schools and everybody learned it. I believe this to be one of our greatest cultural treasures. If you know it, please teach others to sing it. Let’s not lose it.