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Dear Neighbors – Here’s a follow up on Kim Eagle, the landscaper injured last summer on Eldridge. There are lots of photos. Thank you all for your support!


Fall storms can lead to clogged storm drains and standing water on City streets. Bellingham Public Works is asking for residents to help keep storm drains clear. Heavy rain and clogged drains forces water over roadways, which can make travel unsafe.

“While we run street-sweepers year-round, storms can push leaves and debris up to storm drains right after we’ve cleared them,” said Scott Brown-Davis, stormwater maintenance supervisor for Public Works. “We appreciate having neighbors help out by making sure the drains near their residences are kept clear, so long as it is safe to do so.”

Brown-Davis added that includes not pushing leaves from private property out onto City street, which is a violation of the Bellingham Municipal Code (BMC 10.20.060.)

Some areas of the city are prone to flooding during heavy rainfall.  Bellingham’s Public Works monitors creeks and streams and working to ensure there are no logjams or other obstructions at bridges and culvert crossings.  If rain or flood water cover city streets, they may be posted as “closed” to traffic.

According to Jason Porter, Bellingham’s surface and stormwater manager, the City works year-round on management of surface and stormwater issues, including flooding.  Bellingham’s Surface and Stormwater Utility covers the cost of flood response, as well as funding for flood relief projects to reduce the risk of damaging floods.


How do I report water over the road or flooding in my neighborhood?
The City has a 24-hour Stormwater Hotline for this purpose.  Please phone (360) 778-7979 or report the issue online, via SeeClickFix.

What do I need to know about flooding in Bellingham?

  • If you see flooding or water over a roadway, please contact the City.
  • Do not drive through standing water. It can be difficult to see any drop-offs or underlying street damage.
  • If there are “street closed / water on roadway” signs posted DO NOT drive through.
  • Be proactive about protecting your property from floodwaters, especially if you may need sandbags.

For additional information, please visit Keep Leaves and Grass Out of Storm Drains – City of Bellingham ( or email    


Tuesday, Oct. 5. From 6:00-9:00PM PM

Please be an educated voter! The League Of Women Voters’s next election forum for the general elections is TODAY.

Tune in to see the candidates for Whatcom County Council. The candidates are:

Whatcom County Council At Large Candidates: Kamal Bhachu, Barry Buchanan

Whatcom County Council District 1 Candidates:  Kaylee Galloway, Eddy Ury

Whatcom County Council District 3 Candidates: Tyler Byrd, Rebecca Lewis

Whatcom County Council District 2 Candidates: Todd Donovan, Kelley O’Connor

All our election forums will be airing live on BTV Bellingham and Zoom.

For more information OR to submit a question to the candidates – click here:…


Our kitty is back!! He was in somebody’s shop 😂 Thank you so much for your help! ~ Thea Rosenberg


(Picked up in error) Cash was returned to its owner. Thanks all! By the way, I was reminded, and I think this is a good place to share it, that it is technically illegal to put anything in your mailbox but stamped mail for delivery. Like it or not, that is the law. Cheers! ~ Leslie Glen, Elizabeth Street


Looking for someone to install a cast-iron mailbox on a concrete base. It involves digging a hole & mixing concrete for a base  that sticks up at least a foot, with bolts sticking out of the top to attach to, then installing the box for me. It’s for a little free library.  ~ Fl!p Breskin 360-671-4511 text or cell


Front loading. Not larger than 38″x27″x28″ Please email ~ Mary Stone, Williams Street


Traditional purple/light blue flowers for anyone who wants them at the corner of Walnut and Jefferson, across the street from the elementary school. ~ John Dunne 2500 Walnut St.


Saturday, October 9, 9 AM to 3 PM

2312 Lynn Street between Monroe and Washington

Halloween costumes, Outdoor backpacking/boating/fishing/ski gear, thermorest camp pads, Quality educational games, toys,books, sporting equipment for older elementary and middle school aged kids, Air hockey table, Racketball racquets, ski helmets and goggles, moon walkers, Chairs and furniture, Household and kitchen items, Tech items, printer, Medical office stool, equipment, furniture and supplies, Clothing for middle school and adult small/medium sizes., Art and yarn craft supplies, new and used picture frames, carpet remnants, new and used tools, gardening, planters and pet supplies,  bags of straw and hay, never used woolen handwoven area rugs and other textiles from Guatemala, Holiday items.


Private tutoring available from Columbia neighborhood teacher. I teach reading, writing, and math (up to Algebra). Please contact me for more information. Thank you! ~ Ruth Olsen 360-318-5380


I’ve got two bicycles that I haven’t used in years and won’t be using any more. I can tell I’ve aged out (osteoporosis). I’m looking for help cleaning them up for sale. My understanding is that there is a current shortage of bikes available. One of my bikes was top of the line (but long ago) and I’d love to recoup some of that money if the bike is still worth something. I’d love advice! ~ Fl!p Breskin 360-671-4511 text or cell


We are looking for a temporary renter for our furnished home in the heart of the columbia neighborhood.  4 months, possibly 5. Starting December 1 – could arrange a week earlier.  2 BR 1 bath, fenced yard.  Please contact Lori Province at 206.351.2956 for details.


We would love more cooks, and we can support you! We also need warm wool socks, raincoats, tents, and brown tarps.


We’re still seeking musicians to play in a covered area outside the hospital main entrance during shift change from 3:15 – 4:00 PM. I also have some beautiful cards I’d love to share so you can write thank you notes. Children’s artwork is also welcome. A big thing you can do is to avoid the emergency room unless your condition is life-threatening. Go to Urgent Care, a walk-in clinic, or your doctor’s office. Check with me, Fl!p 360-671-4511. Thanks!



Written by Charlie McGuire, sung by Sally Rogers. My mom grew up on an Idaho farm. This song caught me the first time I heard it, and floats up in my mind every year at this season.


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