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Monday, June 28, 2021

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Sunday July 4th (this coming Sunday!)

Here we go! Last year I posted a starting time of 10:00 AM. Now I can’t imagine why. I figure I’ll just get up in the morning and start chalking. Looks like it’s going to be a LOT cooler by then! But I’ll still start early, in the cool of the day.

I would love your help with this:

1. Sign up on the map so folks can find your chalk. It’s the only way people know where to visit. And the more dots there are in an area, the more folks will come see what’s going on. If you click on the dots on the map, many of them have descriptions of what’s going on: chalk, music, food, arts & crafts, you name it! You can describe your own as well. There are already several live Front Porch Concerts on the map. They were quite the thing last year.

2. Please spread the word. Let your neighbors know. My posts are still not getting through to a whole lot of people. Last year I was worried about letting folks outside the neighborhood know. This year I’m not worried about that at all. Invite your friends to come help decorate. If you don’t have a sidewalk, there are plenty around the parks. Just make sure you socially distance and leave room for walkers to get by.

3. Come get chalk! I bought 100 sets early, because chalk was so hard to find last year. Both the Eldridge Society & the Columbia Neighborhood Association funded it. I got some nice bright colors this year! We’re at 2518 Cherry Street. It’s a red house with green trim. Let me know you’re coming and I’ll put some out for you if I’m unable to greet you personally, though I’d always much rather say Hi if I can! Come get it! 360-671-4511 text or phone.

4. Decorate your bikes, trikes, wagons, cars, and selves when you come out to tour the chalk. The audience is really always a key part of any show, but we can make that really clear this year.

There will be an informal noon concert at Elizabeth Park by Ebb Tide, if you’d like to listen to a little classic Brass Band music. They are part of the Bellingham Community Band (formerly the BHS Alumni Band). Be sure to socially distance. I’ve been told that West Coast Pops plans to bring their stand over. (Local fancy popsicles, $3 each) or pack your own goodies.

Then go tour all the cool stuff happening in the ‘hood! If you live outside the ‘hood you’re welcome this year! Click on the map from your phone to plan your own tour.

Here’s where to sign up on the map. You’re signing up with ME. Your contact info will never be exploited.

Here are all the Chalk Talks recorded by Marla Bronstein for last year’s Chalk Festival!



My friend Ana Castro has moved back to town! I’m thrilled and so is my garden. And she just got back, so she has room on her calendar. Here’s her number: 626-453-4538.


Whew! I lay in wait for our letter carrier this afternoon. Gave him an ice-cold ginger ale. He showed me that another neighbor had just handed him an ice cream bar. It’s 100 degrees out there! Mid-seventies tonight, mid-eighties with a breeze tomorrow, and mid-sixties tomorrow night! I can’t wait.


Thank you to the many friends and neighbors who have showed up with water, or donated so we could buy it. Several neighbors also helped make hundreds of packets of hydration powder that folks in need could add to those bottles of water. We’ve started adding Kool-Aid to the mix and some extra sugar, and it’s much appreciated. Someone donated a refrigerator/freezer and Lydia is now able to keep the water cold for delivery. That’s going to make a big difference all summer. By the way, water will still be a big need all summer long. I would love your help. Here’s a meal trail I’m involved in. Every penny you donate here goes directly for food, water and other needs for local homeless neighbors.


Do you have one of those little rigid-sided kiddie pools that you would be willing to lend (or sell) Susan?  Toddler grandson coming up just in time for hot weather.  All the stores are out.  Grateful!

Susan Witter,, 360-647-0310.


The Star Club in Bellingham is closed its doors six years ago. They created something amazing for a while – a place where people listened intently to live music. Really listened. The music was excellent to begin with, but better than it ever could have been in any other circumstances. The “listening  audience” half of a great concert is often underestimated and even ignored in our culture, but our listening lifts up the musicians and creates beauty that could not otherwise occur. Thanks Brock!


My view of the world is that even the meanest people in the world are my family, placed under an evil enchantment. My desire is not only to stop them, but also to free them.



From the recording Aniar released in 2020. Four ‘hamsters & former ‘hamsters. Peadar MacMathuna, vocal and guitar. Richard Scholtz, autoharp. Jon Sampson, bass, Photographs by Helen Scholtz. Four responsive artists, listening passionately. Three with their ears and one with her eyes. I felt my body unclench immediately.

For more about Peadar:

Helen: Helen Scholtz Photography – Images by Helen Scholtz

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