Emergency Water Needed

Emergency Water is still needed for homeless folks. You can drop bottles here, on either front or back porch. 2518 Cherry. Red house with green trim. Thank you!!!
Zeke and I made a big batch of hydration powder this morning. (Thank you Suzanne for the sugar! and Lizanne for making the first batch!)
Here is a (slightly modified) recipe for home-made inexpensive hydration powder to add to water as a sports drink substitute. Those powdered packets are really expensive! It was pretty simple to make. It would be great if others made a bunch too. And I have LOTS of little paper bags to share.
To replace electrolytes, one needs sodium, potassium, magnesium, and sugar:
    8 cups of sugar
    1/3 cup Morton Lite Salt
    2/3 cup baking soda
    4 packets of Emergen-C or other brand for the magnesium and also for the flavor. Or you can add Kool-Aid powder or whatever. But flavoring really helps when it’s time to drink.
Use one tablespoon per packet, which makes a pint bottle of water into a sports drink. Use in every other bottle you drink. Drink a little water out of the bottle before you add powder and shake, to make sure there’s room. Including room for it to fizz a little.
If anyone is up for making a bunch, I have little paper bakery bags by the hundreds for packaging, which I’d love to share. Paper, not plastic. Just roll it up. You don’t even have to seal it. We can use hundreds of packets in the next couple days.


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