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Radio Free Fl!p: Ring it In!!


Yesterday 4 new tents arrived. The only model that hasn’t ever blown down at City Hall. And then today neighbors from Birch Bay drove all the way to Marysville to pick of 6 of the larger version of the same tent, and dropped them off here. They’ve got still more ordered for delivery in about a week. You all are amazing! And two TVs were offered. More are still needed. There will be more tiny home encampments built this winter. And two people offered help building my donations form! Hopefully we’ll get it done sometime next week. Our real safety is in each other. You all fill up my heart… THANK YOU!


Key returned to owner. Thanks! ~ Sharon Avolio


I recorded memories of how PSGW New Years Retreat began back in 1999, and then at minute 2:12, Patrice Haan, Tony Marcus, Elian Carbone & Jamie Jamison take over and sing the round with which we all welcomed the New Year for 20 circles round the sun. The four of them sang it a bunch of times so you could all join in and sing along. Pat Cole worked the computer magic to help them sing it together from the Bay Area, Olympia & Bellingham. The song was written by a then-teenaged Anne Herrmann. Now imagine a huge wood-beamed hall lit by twinkle lights, with not 4, but between 80 and 200 adults, teens and children singing at the top of their lungs and dancing around all together, stopping to hug one another, or continuing to sing while hugging. The children parade all around the hall towards the bell tower in a long line, and then every child grabs hold of the rope all together, and  they ring ring the big bell with all their might.


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