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Soup Brigade Delivery Modification
Today’s Ingredients
Donation Form Progress
Gloves Now
Radio Free Flip: January Man


From now on, folks delivering food to the City Hall encampment have the option of having Food Tent volunteers come to their vehicle to collect their food. Here’s how to do that: Drive between City Hall and the back of the library, headed in the direction of the courthouse. After you pass the flag plaza and city hall front doors, watch for the big food tent on your right. When you see it, BACK IN to a parking spot across the street on the library side. Then FLASH YOUR HEADLIGHTS that are aimed at the food tent. A masked volunteer there will recognize your signal and come get your food. You will never need to leave your car. (If you want to go visit instead you are welcome, of course.)

It is helpful if your containers of hot food are packed tightly in 2 or 3 nested cardboard boxes that serve as insulation to keep the food warm until it can be served. Cardboard is also a valuable resource at the encampment because of the mud from all the rains. You can usually get boxes to pack in at SmartFood on Ohio behind Bellingham High School. They put their boxes in bins outside the doors.

Please write the date on the top of each individual container. Hearty hot food is what’s needed. Think of Lumberjacks – lots of meat & cheese and carbohydrates. Here’s where to sign up for the MealTrain, to help keep the flow of food steady.


We’ve got almost a dozen great big soup pots, and a large restaurant pan here for you to fill. Tonight we’ve got 4 bags with 8 lovely large sandwich rolls each. They look like they’d make great grinders or club sandwiches. Please come pick them up and use them. The sooner the better! For that matter, if you have freezer space we’d love some for bread. We still have cheese, about 2 pounds of grated mozzarella and a 1# block of cheddar. And 1 gallon whole milk. Gotta get all that used up! So even if you’ve signed up to make something else, you can change what you’re making and come get our ingredients. We still have two jars of Costco Pesto. Someone delivered a big bag of lovely huge parsnips today. We have lots of potatoes again, and spaghetti noodles, ziti noodles (like macaroni), rice, two kinds of lentils, yellow and red onions (always), #2 bacon in the freezer, soup bases (ham, chicken & beef), a case of canned, chopped tomatoes, canned tuna, canned chicken, a tub of curry paste (add to lentils & onions?), and 5# of butter.

We also have containers with lids, dinner boxes, and bakery sacks for delivery. You can sign up to take meals for 50 (round up some friends to help) or hearty snacks for 20. Again, check the MealTrain to sign up for a time slot:


A donation form is under development that will let donors (you) fill in a form to tell us what you’ve got and how to reach you.  Then you keep your donation safely at your home until it can actually be accepted and used. I will have a few trusted outreach workers reviewing the offers to figure out who needs what and when and where. They will let me know, and then I’ll help you connect to actually donate. Householders have far more options for storing a few objects than folks with no homes do. I will let you know as soon as we get the form ready to go. It’s already being reviewed. Thank you!


Gloves are needed immediately. They can come here to our house, since they are small objects.. No cotton. Wool or poly or high-tech. Both fingerless and full gloves. Mittens if you have them. 2518 Cherry Street – red with green trim. Thank you SO much!


Played and sung by Bert Jansch, written by Dave Goulder. Jansch was a Scottish folk musician and founding member of the band Pentangle. I love this personification of the year cycle.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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