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Oops! Two posts Tonight
Explosion Tonight
City Hall Encampment
   Yesterday And Today
   Donation Locations
   Another Option
   Snacks & Hand Warmers
Zipper Repair
Evan Ingalls Sings Carols Old & New
Radio Free Fl!p: Sweet And Low


Looks like I never pushed the final button last night. So here are two posts in a row, really truly yesterday and today.


About 9:30 this evening. Pretty loud. May have been down on Cornwall, near the old GP site. I haven’t been able to learn more. 2020 going out with a Bang? (I shouldn’t have said that, and I really hope no-one got hurt!)


It’s been an amazing couple of days. I’ve never had such generous support in my life! I’m fumbling my way through, once again Surfing The Tsunami. Getting help organizing all your help. Like, someone who had signed up to cook dinner tonight lost power (in Sudden Valley), so someone else filled in for her at the last minute. Someone called with a load of firewood, and received help delivering it during his lunch hour. A policeman showed up on our porch with box after box of donated ingredients and snacks. Volunteers picking up a load of wool blankets to help warm freezing campers last night. And hot cider mix. Brand new sleeping bags. A SmartFood run for noodles, cheese, soup base. A Costco run that included pesto to flavor soups and stews. Volunteers out in the middle of the night at Fred Meyers getting tarps & mylar blankets. Tomorrow someone is picking up bales of straw.  Whenever I’ve asked for help, help has arrived. You’re magnificent!!! Thank you!!!


All food donations should come here to 2518 Cherry. Non-food donations (sleeping bags, tarps, tents, AA batteries, tent stakes, sleeping pads, hats, gloves (not cotton!) first aid supplies, Pepto-Bismol) can be delivered to 2524 Keesling, just a block from our house. Please don’t take supplies downtown. The folks on-site have nowhere dry and secure to receive, hold, and distribute them as yet. We will deliver supplies as they are requested.


A policeman dropped off boxes and boxes of cans of black beans, cans of tuna fish and lots of cheese. Looks like someone could make chili, and someone else could make a big tuna casserole with cheese. All those cheesy-meaty-starchy lumberjack foods get folks through the cold. There are also some cans of peaches and pears for cobbler, cake or crisp. We need cooks to use it up!

We also now have many #4 bags of noodles, big bags of shredded cheese, rice, lentils, onions. Jars of soup base. Someone dropped off carrots, celery & potatoes. I’ve got Costco pesto to add flavor. There are more eggs, and some hamburger coming tomorrow.  Please come pick up ingredients and make them into hot, nourishing food. (We still need more donated big soup pots.)


Another option for soup delivery: I bought 8 quarts from Leaf & Ladle and delivered them to the encampment mid-afternoon on a rainy Saturday. Was easier for me than cooking, and supporting a local restaurant felt like feeding two birds with one crumb. I called ahead to make sure they’d have enough soup. If I do again, I’ll order pints or even cups, which come in paper containers (rather than plastic quarts), and are closer to a single serving. ~ Michael Weaver

And we have 16 oz serving cups with lids, a stack of which you could hand to the restaurant. What a cool idea!


The policeman also dropped off lots of boxes of snack foods which have now made their way down to the encampment. I also learned that hand and foot warmers can be delivered to the food tent and campers can pick them up as needed. Sounds like more are needed. (Also Pepto-Bismol.) Baby, it’s COLD outside!


A few months ago a blind man wrote in to Flips Pics requesting a good place to replace a heavy duty zipper. I wrote him right away with the general location of this unnamed  store. Here are the details:
Sandy and Vale’s Shoe Repair.
1333 Railroad.
Call first because of Covid-19. 360- 647-1274 Their old hours:  Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 7pm. ~ Laya Shriaberg


Single, working dad seeking 2 to 3 bedroom house or apartment, available January 15th or sooner, in Columbia neighborhood. Shares custody of two children. Prefer cat allowed.Email Warren Meier at


Wed, Dec 23 at 7pm

In this year of incomprehensible crisis, we need some of the same old things to bring us comfort at the holidays. So after 9 months without performing, I’ll be livestreaming from my living room to bring you the magic of the darkest days of the year. This time, some new songs will find their way in among the old. Make yourself a mug of hot cider and a flaming pudding, and settle in to try to ward off the dark and the wind and the rain.To watch the livestream, follow this link:

The concert is free for anyone to watch! I will have a donation link up, and will split the donations with a COVID relief fund. Go ahead and invite anyone who you think might enjoy (or need) some wintry music right now!


Here’s what my brother Joe wrote about this recording: Flip Breskin and Aimee Ringle singing for/with my mom, Maryann Breskin, 09/06/09, at the Willows, in Bellingham. This is a 145 year old song (1863) that Flip and I often play as a duet, since Flip decoded it one night nearly 50 years ago… This is a song that we each learned from mom as a cradle song, when we were infants.  I do not know how Aimee knew it, but she seems to know most of the music of my heart, verbatim.  Words by Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892) musical setting Sir Joseph Barnaby (1838-1896)…  Flip is playing our family’s “Snowden” guitar, acquired by our great grandmother’s sister on a trip to Paris in 1880. Aimee is playing my 1928 Washburn parlor guitar (Aimee and I had met for the first time the evening before and hadn’t made it to bed yet.)

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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