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CONTENTS 11/24/2020
88 More Cases
Supporting Neighbors Without Homes
Salish Current
Help With Lights
Printer Wanted
More Eggs
Free Season Tickets!
Radio Free Fl!p: Happy Birthday Song


Whatcom County say a record 88 more residents test positive for COVID-19, the Washington State Department of Health reported on Tuesday, Nov. 24. No new deaths were reported. Please stay home!!!



Sat. December 12, 10:00am-12:30pm

You are invited to a training hosted by Road2Home.org, a Whatcom County non-profit focusing on supporting our neighbors without homes. Learn more about trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), social justice when volunteering, local resources, common reasons for homelessness, and more. Our first live Zoom training will be Saturday, December 12th from 10-12:30. Our goal is to help you feel more confident and comfortable when you volunteer at any local organization serving people who have experienced trauma (hint, that’s anywhere, because so many of us have trauma). This training has been made possible by funding from Whatcom Community Foundation.

For Zoom link, go to https://road2home.org/events/


Startup local nonprofit news platform moves forward with two-month fundraising challenge. Salish Current (https://salish-current.org), a local nonprofit, independent news platform dedicated to reporting news for the civic good, is participating in the national NewsMatch giving campaign which will match individual donations (https://salish-current.org/donate/) in November and December. “Funds raised will go directly to paying freelancers writing news,” said volunteer publisher and founder Amy Nelson.

Since February, Salish Current has published and made freely accessible over 40 original news stories reported by professional freelancers, emailed weekly newsletters (https://salish-current.org/newsletters/) of curated local news items to subscribers, and hosted community members to share their thoughts in essays, opinion pieces and analyses. “Our goal is to report local news in a way that provides nonpartisan, factual information our communities can use to discuss issues,” Nelson said. “Controversies abound, but Salish Current hopes to add to the light, not the heat, of discussion and decisions.”

To learn about Salish Current’s goals, principles, board of directors, advisors, donors and freelancers, go to their website About Salish Current. (https://salish-current.org/about/)  To have your support of independent, local news matched, donate here. (https://salish-current.org/donate/)


Our handyman Evan Miller (who we found via this newsletter) asked me yesterday if I knew anyone who, because of physical limitations, might need help putting up outdoor Christmas lights. If you are such a person, he would be glad to help with your project for free. His e-mail is evan.pnw@gmail.com. Warmly, Kara Black


Looking for a smallish (approximately 15″x12″) printer. ~ Mary Stone, Williams St. marywstone@gmail.com or 360-201-0909  text, please


I could use still more eggs. I have enough for tomorrow and a bit beyond. I’ve been taking 4 dozen hard boiled eggs down to the City Hall encampment of people without homes each day. I deliver them hot, because chilly people can tuck them in a pocket as a hand-warmer for a while before they eat them. If anyone is going to Smart Foods or Costco, they sell huge boxes of 10 or 15 dozen. It’s chilly enough that the eggs will hold in my front entry. Maybe check with me before you buy to make sure I haven’t been swamped, but I could use a hand getting more at this point.  Thank you! flip@columbianeighborhood.org


Alvin Ailey Dance Troop has announced a free virtual season. This is a BIG deal! My folks took us to see them live when I was a teen. They are amazing dancers!

This performing arts community plays a crucial social role, using the beauty and humanity of the African-American heritage and other cultures to unite people of all races, ages and backgrounds.

Moved to Inspire – Inspired to Move: Mr. Ailey taught us to “hold a mirror to society so that people can see how beautiful they are.” Our performances and education programs illuminate the human spirit, unlock potential, and spark change.



Tom Chapin’s birthday song. Seems like more people know Tom’s brother Harry Chapin. Today is Zeke’s 74th birthday, and my GrandTwins Lucy’s & Henry’s 12th birthdays. And we had two more in the family this month, on the 12th & 22nd. I wonder if Valentines Day has anything to do with all those November birthdays? This is a short song, so I’m including two versions of it. Maybe three. The last one is pretty funny!

I remember the first time I heard this song. Must have been on Prairie Home Companion. I was driving in the car. I was so taken with the song that I pulled over to give it my full attention, and also started scribbling. The tune was familiar (Merry Widow Waltz), and it’s short, so by the end of a few times through, I had it. I just adore this song!




Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

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