City Hall Encampment Needs; Puppet-teller; Lost Necklace, More; Song: Thanksgiving Eve

CONTENTS 11/25/2020
City Hall Encampment
A Fable Each Day Keeps The Doctor Away!
Lost Necklace
Do You Knit?
Small Rental Needed
Radio Free Fl!p: Thanksgiving Eve


Needs donations of
solar lights,
battery lights – all styles hanging , held, string.  And batteries like c, d, aa, aaa.
* tent stakes
* tarps
* tents, sleeping bags/ mats
* electrical strip
* Duct Tape
* Camp chairs
* pants m/w
* hot meals
* hot water
(No fire no fuel lights). There is a tent that accepts donations of food (individually wrapped) and another that accepts other supplies. When I am dropping off fresh, hot hard boiled eggs each morning, I wait in the car until a moment when things are quiet in front of the food tent, and then put on my mask and take my eggs over.


Your chance to catch some shorter, older thoughts on things over this weekend: Thursday through Sunday, 11 am till dark at the self-guided, walk-by, rain or shine, humble curbside diorama on the Corner of Victor/W. Connecticut. Enjoy! ~ “Max” Eberhard Eichner, puppeteller


I lost my necklace somewhere in the neighborhood yesterday, between Elizabeth station and the corner of Victor and Connecticut. It’s a sterling silver necklace with a pendant about the size of a penny that has an opal in the center. It was a gift from my parents, I’ve had it for a long time and it has a lot of sentimental value to me. If anyone comes across it, I would be eternally grateful to have it returned. ~ Isabel Kowacz,, 425-737-3136


I am hoping to find someone who would knit me a cotton pillow cover, maybe a foot square, based on a design my sister created many years ago. I could email you a photo. ~ Fl!p Breskin,


Our dad is coming to Bellingham for 3-4 months December through March/April.  We are looking for a room to rent, a backyard cottage, a basement apartment, or short term house-sitting option for him to be here for the winter season. Ideally we would find him a place for the whole stretch, but we can also work out a couple of shorter rentals within those months. Since we both live in the Columbia neighborhood our preference would be to find him a place here, but if you have friends in other parts of town with a small rental we are open to that as well. He travels really light, the place could be furnished or unfurnished. He is friendly, easy-going and responsible. Thanks!

Laura Todd , Williams Street  360.224.0116

Alexandrea Spaulding, Williams Street  360.224.0094


By Bob Franke, sung by Sally Rogers. Bob wrote it for this night of the year. It sings in my heart often.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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