Map Your Neighborhood; Puppets Again; More; Zeke & Fl!p At Tumbleweed

CONTENTS 9/5/2020
Map Your Neighborhood
Puppets Again
Smoke Resource
Free Soil
Found Phone
Rental Wanted
Radio Free Fl!p: Zeke & Fl!p At Tumbleweed


If there was one thing you could do for me in this time when we are being so divided, I would ask you to come together one block at a time for a meeting to plan for disaster preparedness with your immediate neighbors. I will come join you to facilitate. One 90 minute meeting can make a huge difference for the future, and really, from that day forward, for you and your neighbors. If you would consider hosting your block, let me know. I’ll host an informational Zoom meeting in the next couple weeks and we’ll get going on this project. My dream is to have every one of the 100 blocks in Columbia neighborhood join this lovely project. And if you live outside the ‘hood, I’ll help you get the resources you need to do it as well. Respond to me, Fl!p Breskin at


The story box is so much fun and such a charming break from the “normal” of the super normal, if I dare say so myself, that I have decided to re-run the whole thing tomorrow.

Traffic is low and slow, perfect! After all, it’s Labor Day weekend and we should live it with ease and care. Thanks for your interest and – anyway, yes, if you are in the neighborhood, stroll on over. to the corner of Victor & W. Connecticut.  Cheers ~ Max


It looks like we dodged the bullet this weekend, but you might be interested in this website. It was sent me by my brother in Idaho. ~ Lynne Pendleton


Anyone interest in good soil for garden? I use to have my compost on this site.  Columbia Neighborhood ~ Bea Doran 360-325-2639 


I still have that Android phone. I’ve got it plugged in. Hoping someone calls it so we can find the owner. I printed a big sign with my name and phone on my computer screen, and managed to take a photo of it with the found camera in hopes that the camera saves photos to the cloud and the owner finds the picture. I’m open to more suggestions. Love/Fl!p


My son’s bike was taken out of our driveway on the evening of 9/1. It is a blue Haro Downtown BMX bike. The back wheel wasn’t working well, so it may not have gotten far. We are on Eldridge near the “train park.” If you see it lying around, please let me know: ~ Matt Dowling 360.927.8582


Active senior looking for a place to call home. A non-smoker with no pets who enjoys a good read, gardening, short trips in her VW and spending time with family would love an ADU or attached unit w/ private entrance. Her manta “Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live” speaks volumes about her way of being. ~ Pam Graham 206-851-6600


This year, Tumbleweed Music Festival went virtual, and we went with them. No drive to Kennewick, no outdoor stages in the hot Labor Day sunshine. So easy for us, and for you! (But not for the poor tech crew! Essential workers tearing their hair out and somehow managing to pull it all together.) Want to hear three songs Zeke wrote?

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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