Windy Tomorrow; Halloween; Two Car Break-Ins; Lots More; Song: Old Fat Boat

CONTENTS 9/6/2020
Windy & Warm!
Two Car Break-Ins
More Found Phone Strategies
More Found Phone Advice
Free Yellow String Beans
Puppies Wanted
Electronics Repair Needed
Radio Free Fl!p: Old Fat Boat


The wind will likely be gusting tomorrow 15-25 mph. Folk might want to check their yard and belongings for anything that might blow away or blow over. Including garbage & recycling. ~ Maggi Kriger, Keesling Street

[And it’s supposed to hit 80 degrees! I can’t resist this: the tune is Windy And Warm, by John D Loudermilk. All us finger-style guitar players learned it back in the day. Here’s Chet Atkins because I couldn’t get Doc Watson to load.]


Sounds like Sunnyland neighborhood is talking too! They seem To like the idea of the contactless trick-or-treating… decorating and setting a bowl of candy at the edge of the yard so no one is knocking on doors.  (Seems like later in the evening there might be some older kids who clear out the candy bowls, but who cares?!?!) I also think trying to get folks to participate in flow of traffic map is a really good idea.  Might take a couple great minds to figure out, but I think it can be done! ~ Kamarie Chapman


Good morning, I noticed some evidence that my car was prowled on Friday night, I must not have locked it. Nothing was taken,  but I had been driving around with a large Dell box of donations items I’d just gave away that morning.  They removed the fuse box cover,  don’t know if that’s a way to hot wire it or ? 3000 block of the alley between Kulshan and Meridian. Lock your doors! ~ Lisa Brogan

A car on Utter was also gone through last night, and again, nothing appeared to be taken, except a sign from the yard. ~ Sara Smith


I love that people keep sending ideas! I haven’t managed to get the phone to respond to spoken commands yet, and it doesn’t seem to have an ICE where I can find it, but I have it plugged in and charged at least. Please keep your ears peeled. Here are the latest suggestions:

I once found a phone in the street whose screen was smashed and useless. By using a voice command,  I was able to get it to redial the last number called. It was a total shot in the dark, but it worked. The party who answered the call recognized who it was “from” and contacted them via a mutual friend.” ~ Marc Hoffman

“On the pre log in screen of my android there is “ice” and a phone number. If your found phone has that, calling it will be a help in finding the owner. Ice is in case of emergency.”  ~ Robina Page


There is a huge bag full at the Share Hut at 2721 Walnut Street. There are some extra bags there, but you might want to bring your own as well.


Myself and at least one other person I know are looking for puppies. My friend is looking for a shepherd mix for her depressed teenage daughter. I am looking for a Benji sized (when adult) that is super smart and great with kids for my disabled child with the. intention to train for some disability services. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.  360.527.2812 call or text or email ~ Mystique


I have a Toshiba device that converts VHS to DVDs: DVD Video Recorder / Video Cassette Recorder, DVR620KU. It hasn’t been used many times, but I can’t get it to turn on. I am looking for someone to fix it for me. Contact ~ Elisabeth Starnes 360.920.9209


Gordon Bok. When I was a kid our family had a small wooden sailboat. On summer evenings Dad would drag us all out on the water to watch the sunset, with Mom planning, organizing, and packing dinner and supplies for two adults and three little kids. (Don’t forget the pee bucket!) My brother and sister both caught Dad’s passion and wound up sailing and building sailboats. My sister Kitty moved out to Maine for the second half of her life. She hand-sewed sails till her hands gave out, and then went back to school and became a geotechnical engineer, designing highways and bridges for the Maine DOT. I got to go help care for her at her home in Boothbay, during her last summer – in 2015, in these very days of the year. This song is a wry and sweet meditation from Gordon up in Camden, Maine. He reminds me of my time in Maine with my sister and brother, and also of summer evenings in my childhood.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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