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Masks Again
Business Shout-Outs
    El Mana
    Bellingham Yoga Collective
    Goji’s Bistro
    Darrah Blanton Dance
Free Documentary Film Link
Film LinkBike Trailer For A Child?
Oops! Computer Balks Again
Radio Free Fl!p: Fairie’s Death Waltz, Performed!


There turns out there is one kind of mask that is actually worse than not wearing one. “…breathable neck gaiter, well-liked by runners for its lightweight fabric, ranked worse than the no-mask control group. The gaiter tested by the researchers was described in the study as a “neck fleece” made out of a polyester spandex material…” This article in the Washington Post does a good job of describing the Duke University research methods and results in detail.


I highly recommend Diamond Jim’s. Like most locally owned businesses their attendance has slowed.  The home made, from scratch items on their menu are excellent and filling. I ordered Eggs Benedict last visit there. Not only was it delicious, but its hollandaise met my high standards. The service and spacing were perfect.  Jim’s breakfasts and lunches are both grrreeaattt! Please visit them. ~ Karen Walkup, Lynn St

This is a shoutout to the folks a Goods Nursery and their kindness to me. I tripped and fell in the street, not on their property, after making a purchase from them. They ran right over there to help me up, walk me to my car, and make sure I was OK.  They replaced the eggs and strawberries that were strewn all over the street, and wouldn’t take money for the replacements. I am touched by their kindness and want everyone in the neighborhood to know. Thank you. ~ Carol Brach

Guatemalan Honduran Restaurant  El Mana is just down about three doors from the old Albertsons on Northwest. I particularly like the pupusas and the Guatemalan enchiladas. They definitely could use our business. They are open for indoor seating as well. The place is large and there is usually no one there. Staff is all one family and they are very friendly. ~ Kristin Barber

Small business recommendation:
Bellingham Yoga Collective: They are offering outdoor deck yoga at their Waypoint Park location.  Small groups, socially distanced, masked until you’re on your mat (and then again when class ends).  Enjoy the glorious water view, fresh air and variety of classes/instructors.  Highly recommend! ~ Darrah Blanton, Williams St.

Small Business Recommendation
Goji’s Bistro in the small strip mall at Kellogg and Cordata (across from the new building at WCC) has been doing it right for several months now.  When small businesses were give the go-ahead to open with certain restrictions, Peter determined that it was still not safe enough so they remain a Take Out only provider of fresh, wholesome, and hearty meals.  His staff has always worn the masks and gloves and collects the pens used to sign your credit card receipts for sanitation during their slower period.  Their close proximity to WCC made them a favorite of the students there so they have obviously lost some of that business.  If you can, I hope you will consider throwing some of your business their way. Call 360 656-6291. ~ Tom & Kathy Sparks, Utter Street

Darrah Blanton Dance ( has been wonderful for our kids, both in person and now online. The teachers are engaging and prepared. Our kids look forward to weekly classes and have made lots of progress with their dancing.  I highly recommend trying out a class. ~ Cathy Halka (Lynn St)


On August 18, 1919 the 19th amendment was ratified by the United States Congress providing the first women with the right to vote. CASCADIA will celebrate the centennial of  this historic day the special screening of the documentary film, “Inez Milholland: Forward Into Light,” directed by Martha Wheelock.  Watch the trailer here. The film honors suffragist Inez Milholland who literally gave her life fighting for the right to vote. Her martyrdom compelled women to be the first group to picket the White House, with Inez’s plea emblazoned on their banners: “How long must women wait for Liberty?” This civil disobedience and direct action pushed women’s suffrage front and center and finally into the 19th Federal Amendment. The film will be available free of charge August 15th and 16th. Here’s the direct link: Password: inezlight2016. Will not play without the password. 


I had no idea! Treasured by gardeners for slug control and calcium. The big volunteer garden that supplies food programs will take all we can provide. I’ll be a drop-off point. 2518 Cherry Street. Prefer paper sacks to plastic. Fine to crunch the shells down. Thanks! ~ Fl!p


We’d like to borrow a (chariot style?) bike trailer for a while, perhaps three weeks. We could leave a damage deposit.  Does anyone have one they aren’t using?  ~ Kathy Fox, Elizabeth St.  360 441 6239


Looking for a Rollaway Bed. If anyone has one that they are not using and would be willing to rent out for a couple of months, I would be interested. Contact Kristin Barber


I may be out of commission for long enough to get a new keyboard. For now, format for me so I don’t have to type. Headline, first and last name, street. Thanks!


Here’s the music, and then a synthesizer performance of it. Look at the sheet music first to see why this cracked me up!

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