Rumor Reduction? Chalk Show! CSA Shares, Knowledgeable Neighbors, New Old Time Chautauqua, Song: Better Times Will Come

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Rumor Reduction?
Chalk Show!

Columbia CSA Shares Still Available
Knowledgeable Neighbors!
  Giant Hornet Timeline
  Asian Giant Hornet Info & Trapping
  WD-40 History
Fl!p’s Pix
  New Old Time Chautauqua!
  About Chautauqua
Radio Free Fl!p: Better Times Will Come


Wow! There sure were a lot of rumors flying around last night. I had worried neighbors bringing me their concerns. (If you were one of the, it wasn’t just you!)  I promise, if I hear about something in the neighborhood that we need to handle right away, I will tell you. If you hear more scary rumors, I invite you to call, text or email me personally instead of spreading the worry to everyone you know. And if someone calls you with a rumor, ask where they heard it. Let’s stay connected! I’m at 360-671-4511 phone or text, and ~ Love/Fl!p


It looks like we will have a well-known local celebrity interviewing local dignitaries online, in support of our July 4th Chalk Festival. A Chalk Show Host! Two big boxes of chalk  arrived on our front porch today, shipped as a gift from one of Zeke’s cousins in Las Vegas. A skilled neighbor is working on an online sign-up form. Another one just sent me a recipe for home-made chalk made with eggshells. You may want to save and dry your eggshells this month. (We’re just throwing our shells in the oven to dry out gradually without help from flies.) Get the Columbia Neighborhood Fourth Of July Chalk Festival on your calendar now! At 10:00 AM we’ll get started Chalking, and from 2:00 to 5:00 PM we can go tour our neighborhood Chalk, with an online map to guide us. Is that cool? Please come out play! You don’t have to leave home to join in!


I just heard from my CSA farmer (Community Supported Agriculture) that there are some shares still available. The pick up spot is my house on Walnut St. Pick up is Thursdays 5-7. June thru October. Will prorate to start next Thursday. Email:

Great opportunity to support local organic farms. ~ Jill MacIntyre Witt, Walnut St.


Hornets & WD-40: We have some knowledgeable neighbors!


[From Lane Morgan] I wrote a timeline entry on the giant hornet for a few weeks ago. It doesn’t cover the most recent sightings in the county, but it does have some more background on their habits, etc., and the nature of the efforts to monitor and eliminate them around here. Thirty-eight apiaries in Whatcom County alone, spearheaded by the Mount Baker Beekeepers Association, had joined the effort to track and eliminate the invader.”

It’s under a Creative Commons license and can be shared, quoted, ad infinitum with credit to

~ Lane Morgan, Victor Street


My understanding is that trapping shouldn’t start until July. With the trap being 6’ to 7’ above ground. I’ve read that if you want to trap, you must follow their guidelines and mail in anything in your trap catch weekly. But I wonder if we can set traps, and just call if you have a Giant Hornet. There is a very good video with Q&A, as well as phone numbers. It sounds as though if they found a live bee they could put a tracking thing on it to find the hive. The large majority of the hives are underground. But they want anyone to report possible sightings as well. A lot of info to read through. My understanding is that Whatcom County is the first line of defense, per se. They also have a FB page. ~ Dave Lind, Lorraine Ellis Court


I think I missed what started this, but here is what I learned from an executive at Rocket Chemical in San Diego (Before it became WD-40) many years ago. WD-40 is mostly good old-fashioned kerosene, which does have haz-mat issues, mixed with some other petroleum-based lubricants. It does tend to evaporate, rather quickly, but leaves behind a film of petroleum-based oils. The kerosene gives it the ability to penetrate rusted/seized parts.

 THAT was their big secret, and the key to their commercial success. People had simply forgotten about kerosene, since they had not been using kerosene lamps and stoves in their homes for a couple of generations.

That said, we should, out of concern for our environment, be very careful about spreading petroleum products about.

Cheers! ~ Brian Wall, Eldridge Ave


presents a

Sunday, June 14th at 6pm PDT / 9PM EDT
[I have my ticket!!! ~ Fl!p]

Ticket per screen: $20 – Brown Paper Tickets:

ZOOM ID and Password will be emailed 1 hour before the show.

  Relive the glory days of vaudeville through an evening that combines circus, music, magic, vaudeville, and other arts. All proceeds help NOTC fulfill its mission to build community through entertainment, education, and laughter.  

New Old Time Chautauqua had to cancel its benefit shows and summer 2020 to Wisconsin to register voters for the November general elections. Instead, NOTC brings our big show to your very own screen, with each artist performing from their own home via Zoom.

Where else can you find a line-up like this? The shows feature everyone’s favorite 8-foot clown, Godfrey Daniels; Broadway stars, The Flying Karamazov Brothers; international Eccentric Performer, Poki; The World’s Best and Most Famous Bubble Guy, Tom Noddy; Lyrical, Evocative Singer Songwriter, Jan Luby; funny man and physical maniac, Frank Olivier; Artis the Spoonman (yes, of Soundgarden “Spoonman” fame); award-winning magician, Joey Pipia; multi-instrumentalist with hands and feet, Fiona Rose; social clown, Kristin Crowley; band composer and Tune Savant, Thaddeus Spae, as the incorrigible “Uncle Pappy”; Swinging Singing Troubadour, Harry “Boom Boom” Levine; Barnum and Bailey Clown, Chris Bricker; aerialista, Tayna Gagne; Whistler Extraordinaire and “The Voice of Woodstock,” Jason Serinus; physical comedienne, Sayde Osterloh; Beltin’ Balladeer, Kym Trippsmith — plus the Most Amazing Horn Band, now virtual, and celebrating its 45th year together, The Virtual Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band/Orchestra.


NOTC is a not-for-profit intergenerational all-volunteer organization of educators and entertainers, directed by Flying Karamazov Brother and NOTC Co-Founder, Paul Magid, that travels for a month each summer to collaborate with diverse communities and present educational workshops. Since 1981, NOTC has brought its exuberant magic to rural and underprivileged communities, tribal groups, boys and girls clubs, incarcerated citizens, and juvenile detention centers throughout the Greater Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta. NOTC also traveled to New Orleans to provide healing magic after Hurricane Katrina. NOTC is a 501 (c) 3, all donations are tax deductible.


Janis Ian has invited folks to upload their versions of her new song. This is a community-building shelter-in-place project with lots of musicians posting their own versions. Steve Baughman’s was the first post I saw. It inspired me to pull my old gourd banjo off the wall and go back to trying to get my right hand to do the drop-thumb frailing / “clawhammer” move that is so different from guitar picking. While trying to get my left hand to play in tune with no frets! It’s a big challenge, but so worth it. When I got my gourd banjo some years back, I took it with me to guitar camp and left it on a table in the dining room so other musicians could play with it. Steve picked it up and he didn’t just play with it. He played it! And then he went home and ordered his own. I’ve been trying again to figure it out for a couple weeks now and am beginning to see a little progress. Anyway, here’s a bunch of great musicians  each playing the same  hopeful song.

Steve Baughman

John Gorka

Natalia Zukerman

Eric Bibb

Jeff Lake

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text

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