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Double Your Bubble?
WD-40 Responses
YWCA Correction
More Hornet Advice
Cat Needs Home
Radio Free Fl!p: Here Comes That Rainbow Again


No, there isn’t violence and rioting planned in our community for tonight. Neighbors reached out to me. People got scared and were looking for reassurance and hoping to keep their families and neighbors safe, and quite a few people got alarmed. It’s OK. The police are on it and say nothing is planned. It’s even OK if you got scared and helped spread the rumors. It’s just because you love people. I’m not going to judge you for that. But you can let your guard down now, and get a little rest. It’s OK. I love you all!


Whatcom guide to gathering once it’s OK: From bring-your-own food to staying outside. Form a small and consistent group of people who don’t mingle with others, the Health Department advised.


I’d love to find some folks to brainstorm with me! Also, is there a graphic artist or two out there who might volunteer to help? I’d love to have a logo or banner for the online sign-up page. Any writers to help figure out what the sign-up page should say?


WD-40 is flammable and poisonous, and considered hazardous waste when disposed of.  If you spray it in an area where pets and wildlife will walk through it (and then lick their feet), where it can run-off into into streams, etc. — this is bad for us and the environment.  Please enjoy chalk art as temporary beauty; and as a joy to create again and again — but please do not spray WD-40 out on the road / sidewalk.

~ David Crook

I don’t know about WD-40 as a slip hazard, but most of our sidewalks are bordered by gardens and I definitely don’t want any WD-40 washing into my plants the next time it rains! (It’s also not so good for inhaling.)  Thanks,

~ Judy Kleinberg

WD 40 is listed as a pollutant in water.  I am not so sure about using this on chalk.

~ Steven Harper

Thanks Everybody! I guess that settles it. It is my hope that neighbors will chalk only in front of their own houses, or at the schools and churches that invite us. And that Chalkers will be thoughtful in their placement so viewers can get past without damaging either chalk or gardens. ~ Fl!p


You said in your newsletter that YWCA of Bellingham on Forest St will be accepting donations starting June 1. I am an active volunteer at the YWCA and this is not the case for clothing and bedding. The YWCA would be very grateful to receive donations of funds of any amount to support their transitional and emergency housing program for up to 36 single women. Currently 30+ women are residing in the building. Right now due to Covid restrictions the Clothing Boutique is closed and the YWCA is not accepting donations of clothing or any other items (unless brand new bedding in original packaging). 

FYI: to apply to stay at the YWCA you must call the Opportunity Council 360 734-5121, not the YWCA of Bellingham directly.

Thanks to the generous people of Bellingham and Whatcom County for all they do to help people in need! ~ Pat Rose


I called and reported our sighting of the Asian hornet and I asked her about what you had said that they only are near bee hives. She told me that the queen hornet can be sighted  up to 40 miles away from bee hives because she is out hunting for new places. She said the queens hibernate in the fall in a dead log or somewhere and come out in April, May and start looking for a place to furrow and make a nest. She said a bunch more but I can’t remember. Oh ya, she said we should not engage with it (step on it) but if find a dead one to put it in a baggy and photo it and then put it in the freezer. Send them the photo when you report it to them. ~ Carol Blaney


Mature cat needs a new home! Our father can no longer care for his sweet cat Tippy, and we all have full pet quotas already. She is friendly and would love petting. Dad overfed her, and she does need to go on a diet, but vet says she is healthy. We have vaccination records. Contact me for a photo and more details.

~ Sara Stamey, East Maplewood Ave.,


Following yesterday with a song I learned from Tom Hunter. Kris Kristofferson wrote this song, and sings it here. The images are from the movie Grapes Of Wrath, from the scene that inspired this song. Did you know that he was a Rhodes Scholar who attended Oxford University?

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text

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