March 20 Neighborhood Update

I’m doing fine emotionally (after all, I have all of you to support me!) but my inbox this week has been so full I haven’t managed to read it all, let alone respond to each of you. Nor have I managed to add all the new folks requesting to be on this list. I have been lining up assistance so I can hand over as many tasks as possible to unclog the line (shout out to my new team!!!). I hope by late this afternoon my blog website will be up and running and I’ll send you a link. All these posts will go there, and what I send to lists will just be the table of contents and the link. You will be welcome to share the blog. I have had two lists for many years, Columbia Neighborhood Updates (to couple thousand people until lately) and Fl!p’s Pix For Music (around 1000 subscribers). I’ve combined the two for now. It may make sense to split them again going forward but not right now

Today, Friday, at noon local time, all over the planet, we are invited to go outside and cheer, sing, bang on pots and pans, and make a lot of noise in honor of health care workers. I would add all the other essential workers who are keeping us going through this challenging time. It’s a great time to appreciate each other!

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