March 20 Corona Virus Update

Hot bath, good meal, cuddle, walk outdoors in beauty. Hands in soil to help things grow. What will be will be, but right now there is beauty, and the joy of living. I have a procedure to offer you when you get overwhelmed. When you feel tears nearby in your heart, try this: Focus your attention rigorously on the goodness and beauty of our amazing universe and wonderful planet; and on the goodness of people around you (yes, focus on the ones you know are good!); and lastly on your own goodness and potential for more goodness. Then let the tears fall. When you do it this way, every teardrop that falls is a piece of confusion falling away forever.

“Betsy Brown, MD Update from an Epidemic”
Seattle doctor, trusted source for me.
“… The world has shifted. The past few days have had an uptick in positive tests. Word came in the community of a beloved store owner dying. I spoke with a patient yesterday who had a family member die at home. And then overnight, the results seem to have tripled. The doc on call needed help to reach people… Tough call to send one to the hospital because he was worsening, and I called the ER to let them know he was coming, talking with the ER doc who resignedly told me the hospital is full, that they are holding people in the ER until there is space. And now another patient is coming in for them to care for. I felt like a priest, hearing confession. And then he said: do you know that half of the people in our ICU with COVID-19 are younger than 50?”
From the Whatcom County Health Department website:
Confirmed Case Details:
◦ Female in her 60s
◦ Female in her 40s
◦ Female in her 20s
◦ Male in his 60s
◦ Male in his 40s
◦ Male in his teens
◦ Male in his 50s
Not all these are hospitalized.

Starting Monday, March 23, Bellingham Public Schools will be offering free meals to help students and families who may struggle with food security when schools are closed. We are looking into drive-thru and delivery options.
Based on guidance from the governor’s office and local health officials, we will practice social distancing while offering this service.
Each student will receive two meals: lunch for the day and breakfast for the following day.
Our plan is to provide meals Monday through Friday through the closure, but as we have seen in the past week, plans may change based on access to food, staff and supplies; guidance from the health department; or orders from the governor to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further. This service is possible with the incredible efforts of our food services team and the generosity of Bellingham Public Schools Foundation.

Lighthouse Mission Ministries is moving its emergency Drop-In Center for the homeless to Bellingham High School due to the coronavirus outbreak. The move will help the organization comply with social distancing. The move will take place tomorrow, Friday, March 20. The move is temporary and is a partnership between Lighthouse Mission, the Bellingham School District and Whatcom Unified Command.
Excepted rom Bellingham Herald article. For much more detail, read here:

 We have 2.5 gallon tubs of our various ice creams and sorbets available for purchase at $100 – $120 each. Email if you are interested in arranging a pick up. The tubs are about 10″ in diameter and 10-11″ tall.
 While we sort out the logistics of how Mallard will proceed throughout our community’s current situation, as a start I would say that we still have the ability to make and prepackage ice cream. We also have an assortment of pints that are ready to go right now. It doesn’t make sense for us to sell out of our store front, but to pool orders of 10-12+ among neighborhoods, families, individuals, and friends and arrange pickup or drop off methods that encourage best practices in accordance to state-wide and local authorities. Mallard is pretty low-tech compared to most (pretty much all) other restaurants, so I am not suggesting a same day delivery or pick-up sort of situation out the gate, but more of a distribution model where orders/requests are submitted and picked up or dropped off a day or two later to allow ourselves to figure out how it could all work and at what capacity moving forward. Let us know what we can do for y’all! The best way currently for us to begin to sort this all out is to e-mail via our back of house at and when and if that becomes overwhelming (but also as we move forward) better systems of transaction will be established. I will let you know at the time of ordering what we currently have available and make plans based on your desires to produce runs of specifically requested ice creams and non-dairy options as we go. Thank you and stay safe!
 [Anybody want to pool? ~Fl!p]

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