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Saturday June 19, 2021


Sunday July 4

In the morning: Chalk on the sidewalk out front of your house. If you don’t have a sidewalk, check in with your neighbors.

Noon concert at Elizabeth Park with a group from the Bellingham Community Band, Ebb Tides. (Looks like West Coast Pops popsicle truck will attend.)

Afternoon: Tour the neighborhood, following the online map. Decorate your bikes, trikes, wagons, and delightful selves. Let’s make the viewers part of the show!

We have 100 boxes of brightly colored chalk waiting for your fun, courtesy of the Eldridge Historical Society & the Columbia Neighborhood Association. Come and get ‘em! At the Share Shack Saturdays 1 – 3 or here from me, Fl!p. Text or call to arrange pick-up: 360-671-4511.

We only have about a dozen neighbors signed up so far. Last year we had almost 200! We’d love to have folks from every corner of the neighborhood. Make a hopscotch pattern. Or dance instructions (draw feet?). Or a waterfall down your front steps.  Enlist your grandkids; they’ll have lots of ideas!

Here are three Chalk Talk videos from last year, created by Marla Bronstein. Some of the info is out of date but most of it still works fine! (We have plenty of chalk this year, and we’re way less scared.) Thank you Marla!

Peter Roberts.



Please invite your neighbors! These emails are not getting out to probably half the list, so I’m counting on you to spread the word. Play music from your front porch. Show off (and sell) your crafts, garden plants, artwork. Post it all on the map. Let’s celebrate this wonderful neighborhood!


It looks like my emails are not getting through to many subscribers on Comcast. If you’re on Comcast and haven’t received emails, start by adding to you contacts list. If that doesn’t work, please let me know so we can further pinpoint the problem. Meanwhile, please let your neighbors know they can safely click the link to read these posts. Tell them about the Chalk Festival too!


Thank you to all the folks who wrote to say they missed my posts. Once we work out the bumps, I’ll be back posting, but only occasionally. There were folks who asked if I could use help personally. After some thought, I could sure use a hand with my garden if you are a knowledgeable gardener with a little free time. Thank you! Love/Fl!p


Today, Saturday June 19th AT 3 PM – 7 PM

Free, Maritime Heritage Park

Spectators are encouraged to bring a blanket and a picnic dinner for a celebration featuring music, dance and speakers. This year’s Juneteenth will focus on the range of Black music, featuring local artists performing in genres made uniquely American by the descendants of enslaved Africans: gospel, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, rap and hip-hop. Cosmos Bistro and the Bellingham Food Co-op’s deli counter are featuring special meals for the event.


The documentary “Children of the Civil Rights” directed by CASCADIA President Julia Clifford, tells the story of these children and their commitment to equality. CASCADIA is proud to present this encore screening of the film, online, in celebration of Juneteenth and commemoration of the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Watch the trailer here

The film is available here Friday, June 18 through Sunday, June 20. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased here on CASCADIA’s festival page . Once you have purchased your ticket, you may watch the film on demand whenever you’d like during the three days. Learn more about the film here

A recorded panel discussion about the film, the experiences of those in it and their views about the current Black Lives Matter movement is also available on CASCADIA’s website.


I’m reading a book on the legacy of racism that offers an interesting way for each of us to heal our hearts so we can do the work to realize the American dream of Liberty and Justice for All. The path this book offers may lead us closer to being able to do that work effectively.


Registration for Wild Whatcom 2021-2022 Programming is Now Open!

During Wild Whatcom programs, participants connect with the natural world and each other by exploring the changing seasons, developing naturalist knowledge, practicing wilderness skills, and, of course, playing games! 

Neighborhood Nature is an after school program for grades K-6 that meets at local parks Monday-Thursday. A new walking option is now available on Wednesdays from Columbia Elementary at 2:30pm. Learn more and register online at

Financial assistance is available. Need assistance with online registration? Give Wild Whatcom a call at 360.389.3414.


A young man named Nolan Ferree has been helping with heavy labor in my yard. He’s happy to dig holes and trenches, and do the heavy lifting and pruning my back no longer appreciates. Nolan is not an experienced gardener, so we work side-by-side. He’s got a great work ethic and is happy to help out elders. 951 712 3899. ~Fl!p



My favorite ever Teacher’s Assistant, who’s mid-way through her masters of ed’ @WWU, needs housing, $1,200 max.  50 years ish?  Wants a solo place.  Lives in Mt Vernon, needs to be out by 7/31 but would far prefer to move into a place sooner- 7/15/21 is ideal.  Bellingham would be great, but points Mt Vernon or Burlington would be dandy too.  Suggestions?  Thankee, ~ Drew Winsor 425 341 3738


We have a friend moving to Bellingham from Ketchum, ID. They are super into the Columbia neighborhood and are looking to either buy or rent. They have 2 (soon to be 3) kids. Anyone with info can contact Ben Bradley for details ~ Courtney Rambo


Life-long Bellinghamster searching for a 2-3 bedroom long-term rental of any sort to rent starting in August. I work at the hospital and my daughter attends BHS (4th generation!), so I am really hoping to stay close to both. Please contact me at if you have any leads. Thanks so much! ~ Melissa Gregory


Safeway has a coupon this week for 24 bottles of water for $1.99, though water is even cheaper at Costco. I’d love your help donating water for unsheltered neighbors. Access to clean water is a huge issue. You can bring donations to my front or back porch.Thank you!!! We can also use more cash donations to buy to-go meal containers. (And more cooks to prepare meals! We can provide most ingredients.) We also need clean empty water jugs with tight screw-on lids. Even clean empty milk jugs can hold water for washing. You can bring them here for pick-up. Front or back porch. 2518 Cherry Street – red house with green trim. Thank you!  Love, Fl!p 360-671-4511.



Live at the Wild Buffalo, July 17, 8 PM

Rock and Roll, done well. Some of you know my connection with this local band made good.


Rhiannon Giddens on a sweet fretless banjo. How can a flow of so many notes be so calming?

I remember Libba Cotten singing this song, while playing banjo upside down and backwards of course! At the time of this recording I found, Libba was 93. It was one of her last public performances. I used to bring her to Bellingham to play, and she taught me tunes, some of which I have passed on to musicians who weren’t yet born when Libba passed. What a privilege to pay it forward!


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