Neighborhood: Virus Follow-Up; Homelessness: Big Coats; Beef Sticks; Song: Freight Train

CONTENTS 02/28/2021
Columbia Neighborhood
   We-Transfer Virus Follow-Up
   Wanted:  Old Bricks
   Need Big Coats
   Beef Sticks?
   Radio Free Fl!p: Freight Train



I have been getting unending notices from Norton Securities, a similar scam. They come two to three times a week.  Each implies that an automatic renewal is coming up that will charge my bank account over $500.  Like We Transfer, it’s very likely a vehicle for a computer virus.

You probably already know this but there are two strategies to employ whenever one of these shows up.

  1. Copy the sender email address (which in my emails just shows up as “Norton Securities” and paste it in a Word document which will reveal the real sender address, which is always some weird gmail.
  2. NEVER answer the email itself or open anything. If you think the post may be legitimate, go to the real website (Norton Securities in my case) and call or write them for more information

~ Marie Eaton


Looking for around 50 bricks for a short garden wall. Thought someone may have some from a chimney. ~ Chris Wermas Victor Street 



From an Outreacher: We are very low on men’s outer wear coats in XL and 2XL. Most of the gloves donated have fit women. If people could specifically look at old gear that big men no longer wear. The problem is that if your coat is tight it’s actually colder. And these people have 5-6 layers on underneath.


I found a snack food that unsheltered neighbors really like! Beef sticks hold up well without refrigeration. If anyone wants to donate more soft-ish skinny sausages, steak strips, or such, that would be wonderful! Any variety of meat is fine (chicken, turkey, pork), but jerky is too hard for people who haven’t been able to afford a dentist in a long time. It’s gotta be softer. Needs to be individually wrapped. Minis are fine. Thank you!


I could use a SmartFood run tomorrow if anyone has time. But I still have lots of ingredients here to share. Delighted to talk menus!


We’ve got cooks lined up through Monday March 8. My stress level has dropped considerably! I’m delighted to sign more cooks up after that. Let me know. No meal-train or online sign-up; just get hold of me. Email is great; text is fine; and I even like talking on the phone while we figure out all the details and answer all the questions. 360-671-4511.



My beloved Libba Cotten. I had never seen this bit of film, but I watched those hands up close during my younger years. I used to run the campus coffee house in the 1970s and brought Libba at least once a year. She’d come stay at my house and we’d play together. Her version of teaching was to sit down with me and play the song or tune I wanted to learn, from beginning to end, up to speed, for a couple hours. And I fumbled along as best I could as I gradually figured out what to watch for, what to listen for, where to focus. Guitar players note: Libba played left handed on a right handed guitar. This did not produce a mirror image. She could reach things I couldn’t. Had fingers available I didn’t. She didn’t know the names of chords and wasn’t interested. I don’t think I have ever been so respected as a learner, or treated with such generosity. I would watch and watch, and finally figure out where she was hitting one note in the whole tune as it went by. And then had to try to remember it, and get ready, and catch it as it went by. And once I could do that, watch for the next. And the next. It really did take two hours. Or more. Libba clearly enjoyed it too. She knew I would remember her and her music. And I would share it after she was gone. And I have. What brought me here to this video tonight was a discussion I had yesterday with my granddaughter about what I learned from Libba, whose music still resonates in my heart and my hands after more than 50 years. I hope to gift it to my grandchildren’s hands and hearts.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you’re willing to share your phone  with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission. Nor would I ever exploit it. You might put mine in your phone so if I were to phone you, you’d know it was me. I’d also suggest adding to your contacts because that helps keep my emails from going to your junk mail.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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