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CONTENTS 02/25/2021
New Format
Columbia Neighborhood
  Covid Symptom Study
Soup Brigade
  From The Out-Reachers
  New Tiny Home Village!
  Bellingham Community Meal
Vaccination For Fl!p
  Fairhaven College Live Concerts Online
  Quarantine Happy Hour
  Radio Free Fl!p: Mississippi John Hurt
  Bonus: Welcome To The World

I’m still covering all three beats: First my neighborhood, then homelessness, then music. Just keep scrolling!



I’m happy to announce that there is no change to the SSC curbside recycling program, as a result of the near seamless transition from Northwest Recycling to Lautenbach Recycling. Our advice is still:  Clean – Dry – Empty, properly sorted and secured – everyone keep on doing the great job you have been for decades!

Thanks in advance for not parking in alleys on collection day, and not building things in alleys (gardens, fences, walls, etc) that restrict our drivers from getting in and out to serve you and your neighbors.
Rodd Pemble
Recycling/Safety Manager
Sanitary Service Company Inc


Help slow the spread of COVID-19. I have been using this app to report daily for many months. It provides a huge amount of data for researchers. The more of us that use it, the better it works. My app has been telling me we need just 37 more people in Whatcom County to sign up in order to get the most accurate picture of where we stand. This is my personal invitation. I would love you to join me!



I’m looking for cooks again, two per day, each making dinners, starting on Wednesday March 3. I am so relieved to have cooks till then! Thank you to all those who have stepped forward.

The goal is to cook for 25 or 30 people, or split with a friend and cook half that many. I have ingredients, containers, pots & pans to loan. And I get very cool ingredients. Talk to me!

I also have two ways to deliver: 5 PM drop-off at SwiftHaven (or we can probably find someone to pick up from you and drop off if needed). The other way is to have our evening out-reacher come by and pick up your meals from your house when she gets off work. She will know the day before what time she can come pick up. She generally gets off work between 7 and 9 PM.

To join, you sign up with me directly. My favorite channel is email because I can file those and look back when I can’t keep track of it all. I will also happily accept texts. And love talking on the phone, but it really helps to have a follow up by either email or text to confirm.

Thank you again! 360-671-4511


I asked the Out-Reachers tonight about the glorious homemade cookies that have been flowing through the last couple weeks. Here’s a response from a retired nurse: “Pretty much everyone is undernourished and many malnourished. They need calories. Lots and lots. Especially in the cold. Not at the expense of healthy food, of course, but in addition.” So, YES!

The encampment at Geri Field is growing again. Here’s one Out-Reacher’s take: “I personally have talked to several people who have been kicked out of apartments, either from family or significant-other arguments, but not hearing of evictions.”


A new tiny home village has been approved for the site of the old Clean Green off Lakeway & Woburn. It will be somewhat larger and will be run by Road2Home and the Low Income Housing Institute. Here’s a City weblink: Here’s an article with more details.


This coming Saturday at Assumption Gym on Cornwall. The Bellingham Community Meal provides hot lunches in to-go containers for all who need them. Bellingham Community Meal has been in existence for decades and provides a warm, nutritious meal to anyone who needs it. The BCM takes place at the Assumption Gym on the last Saturday of the month from January through October. During Covid, the meal pickup time is 12:30-2:30pm. This Saturday is the last Saturday in February, so we will have hundreds of warm, take-out meals ready.


We need baby wipes and sani-wipes. Cases of them (really truly cases). And AA, AAA & D batteries. Someone incredibly kind brought us enough to get us through this week. But we’ll need more again. If anyone can make a Costco run for these tomorrow, I can fund it. People have been lovely generous!


Zeke and I get our vaccines Saturday if all goes well. I didn’t intend to do that till the teachers and grocery workers had theirs. But I got my arm twisted by too many friends and neighbors. I really am seeing way too many people a day in the process of drop off and pick-up of ingredients, tents, winter clothing, hand warmers, etc. There has been a spate of home-baked cookies flowing through lately. Amazing cooks! I’m not good at distancing. It’s hard to remember to chase people back to the foot of the stairs when I am so glad to see you. A lovely friend got on the phone and stayed right with me through multiple tries till I had appointments for both me and Zeke. I still feel weird about it, but also kinda relieved. If this blog didn’t have a built-in, many hour lag, I would have sent you all a link!



Log on every Thursday at 7:00 PM when the link goes live.


5:30 every single evening
I haven’t reminded you lately of this amazing event! Daily live happy hour music from a different person or musical household every day to keep us connected and supported during the quarantine. The scheduled performer will play an hour of live music for you starting at 5:30PM Pacific Time. Virtual tip jars will be in effect and 100% of the tips go to the performer of the day. Get the quarantini fixings out and enjoy the music!


You Go To Walk That Lonesome Valley


From John McCutcheon & Si Kahn, in honor of a brand new life in this sweet old world! Welcome to the world, Phoebe!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you’re willing to share your phone  with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission. Nor would I ever exploit it. You might put mine in your phone so if I were to phone you, you’d know it was me. I’d also suggest adding to your contacts because that helps keep my emails from going to your junk mail.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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