Warming Shelter Opens!!!! Volunteer Now! Lots More; Song: It’s Getting Better!

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Warming Shelter Opening
Volunteers Needed Now!!!
Hot Food?
Say Thank You!
Call Emergency Session Now
Productive Discussion
Drop In Center Correction
We Got Rules
Soup Brigade
Love Your Neighbors Week
Radio Free Fl!p: It’s Getting Better



Good News!!!! Please sign up if your health will permit. Many volunteers will be needed. Masks will be required: parks@cob.org

The City has established a temporary warming site at Depot Market Square, located in the 1100 block of Railroad Avenue in downtown Bellingham.

“Depot Market Square will be available as a warming site beginning at 5 p.m. Tuesday, February 9 and remain open 24/7 through Noon Tuesday, February 16. People experiencing homelessness may use this location to stay warm. COVID-19 precautions will be required, including masks and social distancing, while using the space.

“The warming site will be staffed by volunteers. People who wish to volunteer should contact the Parks Department at parks@cob.org to sign up.

“With frigid weather followed by snow in the forecast, standing up this site is the right thing to do to provide an additional place for people living unsheltered to stay warm.

“More details will be posted on this page as plans are” completed.”



Unknown yet if city will “allow” meals at Depot Market building. I’m guessing if our volunteers brought some out towards the sidewalk they would find their way into bodies needing nourishment. I’ve got individual containers here. Those will for sure be needed.


I believe our letters, emails, phone calls and testimony have made a difference. Now we need to say thank you. Really. Please!




I still think this needs to be done. I suspect the warming center may overflow quickly. But government is moving at last in a better direction. Let’s help it keep going!

I’d like to see a flood of emails to all our elected officials with the subject line: “Call An Emergency Session Now.” At last night’s meeting it sounded like they’ve gotten 1000 emails and don’t have time to read and respond to every one, but they are listening. But they hadn’t yet figured out how to take action. Now they have begun. Let’s keep moving. Tiny House Villages immediately, and little apartment buildings scattered everywhere for permanent housing as soon as possible. (Let each neighborhood determine where.) Outreach vans, staffed with paid workers, to go out in the field and meet people without housing where they are. Let’s actually find out what the issues are that we need to solve.

Our elected officials signed up for the job in hopes of making things better, and are getting slammed for every mistake they, and we, have ever made. Most of us are numb most of the time. Otherwise how could we keep going? Kindness helps cut through the numbness. Please be kind to absolutely everyone.

City Hall’s street address is 210 Lottie Street, 98225.



The Whatcom County Courthouse address is 311 Grand Avenue, 98225




The Facebook post on Columbia page re. Space for homeless is below. I think that’s what you were asking for! ~ Michelle Smith



You had mentioned that the drop-in center has been completely empty so far this year and I just wanted to let you know that’s not the case. I’ve been volunteering at the Overflow Shelter since it began operating on JAN 24 in rotation with about 60-80 other volunteers. More information on that here. So far, Base Camp has been sending over about 12-15 men per night and they are almost always the same men every night. It’s my understanding that these are chill, easy going regulars at Base Camp who want to sleep at the Drop-In center because it is quieter and they can get a nice quiet night’s sleep. I’ve just been riding in the van back and forth picking up the guys for the night, serving them coffee/tea/snacks, getting them set up with their cots/blankets/etc and being available for conversation. I agree that Base Camp cannot and should not be expected to meet all the diverse needs of a growing group of unhoused community members. But they are doing what they can, the best they can and I can respect that and help in this small way to support what they’re doing. I just wanted to let you know so you’d have accurate info to include in your large email distribution. Best, ~ Dana Carr


If you couldn’t read the article and want to, email me and ask, with Rules in the subject line.


Sign up with me to make 25 dinners. At this point it’s still worth discussing over the phone. We’re still getting a system in place, and it may change some with the warming shelter. But email me and ask for a date!


I currently have a pork loin, pork roast, small ham, small turkey, large turkey breast and Frozen vegetables. I can probably deliver. Shari (So ask Fl!p)


I have a lot of strong cardboard boxes from my recent move.  If they would be helpful for staying warm, I’d like to donate them.  But I have a small car and would need some help to get them to homeless sites. If they are not suitable (well, they will get wet), could you post that they are available for someone who is about to move?  You can give my phone number and say that I am in the Cordata area. (I was in lettered streets until 2 weeks ago.)

Joanna Colrain, 404-423-3213  colrain@mac.com


We’ve got a mountain here. Can someone help figure out where it’s needed and come get it?  Love/Fl!p


Decorate the Columbia Share Shack with hearts, pictures, art on the clothesline with messages of love for your neighbors between 2/14 and 2/20. On Valentines Day, draw hearts and messages of love on the sidewalks for your neighbors to enjoy! On Saturday 2/20 from 10am-2pm, we will have our annual CNA membership drive AT the Share Shack (Corner of W. Connecticut and Henry St) where 40% of your membership will be donated to one of the following organizations of your choice: Whatcom Human Rights Task Force, Whatcom Community Foundation, Homes Now, The Mission, Northwest Youth Services or The Food Bank. $10 individual membership, $15 for family membership. You can drive up and we will have COVID safe measures for paying for your membership (cash, check, venmo options) and for letting us know where you want your donation to go! If you can’t make it to the membership drive, please fill out this form:


IF you would like to become a CNA Board member, you can indicate your interest on the form too!

Thank you,  Columbia Neighborhood Association Board


The Beatles. First song that came to mind, with the news about the Warming Shelter!


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street flip@columbianeighborhood.org

If you’re willing to share your phone and address with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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