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Contents 10/30/2020
One More Bean (Halloween)
Vote Early
Here’s To The Women
From Where They Are
Clean-Up Party
Help A Neighbor?
Radio Free Fl!p: Old Woman All Skin And Bones


Saturday and Sunday afternoons

Puppetry and, yes, a made up, humble, little story of the magic kind, is on curbside display in the Little Mighty Story Box.  A casual eye candy treat for all ages at the leisure and by the pace of your own feet. Part one from 1pm till after dark on Halloween and part two on Sunday at same times. Located at Victor/W. Connecticut. Do your thing! Lighten the gathering dark clouds! Celebrate imagination! ! ”Max” Eberhard Eichner, Puppeteller


Thanks for updating this Flip. Jake & his buddy are heroes for making public data more user-friendly. This data is used by political parties, campaigns, and PACs, it’s about time that regular folks have access too! ~ Jon Scanlon, Jaeger Street [I have found it very useful myself! ~Fl!p]


Whether you are using the ballot boxes (recommended) or the mail, do not wait for the last minute. In a former election, over 1000 ballots were returned too late, and failed to be counted, sometimes missing the deadlines by minutes. Ballots dropped into a post office box after the last mail pick-up on Election Day won’t be counted even if you drop it before 8 PM. The last pickup time may be noon or earlier. Ballots taken to a ballot drop box after 8:00 PM won’t be counted either. There may be quite a line up on Election Day. Go early please. Best to vote this weekend, or at least Monday. The longer you wait, the longer the lines will be. And the harder it will be on the election workers. Let’s be kind to each other!


A story of Suffrage, Linda breathes life into the 19th Amendment through words, songs, and images showing the struggles and triumphs that women endured to gain the right to VOTE! Due to the timely release Linda is making  this performance free to view until November 8th, and all donations made on Linda’s website through November 8th will go to The League of Women Voters. Here is the link:

You can view the short, 3-minute trailer here:

I am partnering with the FireHouse Arts and Events Center, here in Bellingham, where this was filmed.  It’s a gem of small theater who has made a strong commitment to virtually host performers.  Check their gallery to see the many offerings at affordable prices.


“from where they are”, from Kuntz & Company is a screen piece that shares the perspectives of 14 children, ages 7-16, about their time and experience during COVID-19. We have heard from the Doctors, Politicians, and Scientists… it’s time to hear from the kids. Kuntz and Company is donating all profits gained through ticket sales from this piece to the FireHouse as a fundraiser, so not only will you get to watch an intriguing piece you will also be supporting the FireHouse so we can continue to support the community…it’s a win-win! Both of these new recordings are very relevant to the crazy times we are living in these days.


Put on a Halloween costume and head out anytime between October 21st and November 1st for a solo cleanup, send us your photos and win a chance for some sweet treats! Join Surfrider Northwest Straits Chapter, Surfider Western Washington University Club, and RE Sources to get that Trash Monster this fall!

We need anyone in Whatcom County who wants to lend a hand picking up trash! Just be sure to follow all health and safety guidelines and have fun out there!  Complete your cleanup anytime between October 21st and November 1st. Submit your photo along with the rough amount of trash cleaned up to Kirsten by 5 PM on November 1st for a chance to win some prizes, including some t-shirts, soap from Sea Witch Botanicals, and gift certificates to local Ocean Friendly Restaurants! We especially encourage folks to head out on Saturday, October 24th for Make a Difference Day, but anytime that works for you is a good time! 

Why? To keep our waterways clean and free of harmful garbage! And because we can’t organize larger cleanups like we usually do because of COVID, we’d love for everyone to still come together as a community to make an impact on the trash monster


On behalf of my good friend Jamie Jedinak, over on East Maplewood, I’d like to share this opportunity for our community to support her healing for this next year. We’ve created this GoFundMe site to make it easy. ~ Cindi Landreth


This is the kind of stuff we used to scare each other with as kids. Not for the littlest ones! Jill Trinka sings this version. Jean Ritchie also did a great job on it.

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