Alert: Found Passports & More; Storytelling Update; Laptops For Rwanda; More; Song: Impressionist Two-Step

CONTENTS 10/3/2020
Alert: Found Passports & More
Storytelling Update
Laptops For Rwanda
Flowers, Berries, Figs?
Radio Free Fl!p: Impressionist Two-Step


Does anyone know a “Claudia & Roger” in the neighborhood connected to a Whitlock, a Bertrand for car service book with Dewey Griffin and/or Justin Ridley? I found several gift cards, driver license and passports belonging to different people in the bushes this AM, spread over several blocks near Connecticut and Walnut, and appears car prowling happened. We’ve connected the passports with owners already and confirmed theirs were stolen from their vehicle. Whitlock was the gifter of a Lost Giants coder gift card to “Claudia and Roger”, and I sent a text to the listed phone number for Whitlock in Edmonds and waiting to hear back. Please feel free to share my post to the email blog. I also think Bertrand may be the car’s name 🙂 I posted an image of the car service booklet to my Facebook Columbia post. The driver license belonging to Justin Ridley (Edmonds address) is hole punched so those remaining items are at least of nominal value ($10 gift card to Lost Giants cider house for Claudia and Roger). ~ Dana Sturtz, Victor Street


Bob and I found multiple items that were on our walk this morning. Most items were on Connecticut, Williams and Utter. Owner’s manual for a 4 Runner, binoculars, coin tray etc. Another person had found a wallet and passport. I think there were multiple car break ins. Call or text Mary at (360) 305-8961  ~ Mary Gorsuch


Today & tomorrow, October 3 and 4, The Little Mighty Storybox next to the file cabinet  curbside library on the corner of Victor/W.Connecticut streets will display an adaptation of H.C. Anderson’s tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Again, this is a one-of-a-kind tableau/diorama/cartoon style presentation of storytelling theater via a variety of reused materials, a.k.a. world’s only curbside, walk by, papercup Puppetelling display !

There will be 4 scenes or acts: Opening “curtain” at 11am each day with every scene lasting for 2 hours.  Scene changes occur at 1pm – 3pm – 5pm.  Closing curtain at 7pm.

Walk by, cycle by, stop and look in. Please, mind our currently needed healthy space to each other at the storybox – and, very importantly, too, mind your heart when you carry on, walk on, weave your story into and through this puzzling world… Enjoy.

Upcoming Little Mighty Storybox event on Halloween : “The Fearsome Giant on top of the Beanstalk” – a walk-by glimpse of Evil as inspired by the well known and adapted story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Shown illuminated into the dark hours of Halloween. Followed on Nov. 1, so the next day, Sunday, in full daylight, by the empowering,  positive and peace invigorating idea and tableau of “Another Giant, another Beanstalk” . More info here when the dates come closer.
Love and Peace to All. ~ ”Max” Eberhard Eichner – Puppeteller


Next week’s cooking classes for kids ages 5+ on Zoom are open for registration! Classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm – just in time for you to enjoy what your kids made at dinner! Sign up to secure your spot in one of the next classes (Mediterranean Grain Bowls and Zoodle Noodles!). More classes will be added to the website each week. (Here’s a sneak peek: Veggie Sushi and Veggie Stir Fry will be coming soon!) – Common Threads Farm


I’m making a collection of serviceable laptops to send to Journey House Africa (JHA) in Gashora, Rwanda. This is the organization that I was going to volunteer at before COVID intervened. I’ll certainly be volunteering there when COVID is no longer the threat that it currently is.  Meanwhile, I’m planning to ship laptops to JHA this autumn. The laptops will be used to help children develop IT skills, learn virtually and communicate globally. If folks have a laptop they could donate, they should send me an email at I’m coordinating collection and shipment. Here’s a link to the Journey House Africa website: Thanks! ~ Alex Brede 


Looking for calendula flowers, hawthorn berries, and figs from abundant gardens or publicly accessible areas. I’m very happy to pay or barter for any of them! 360.820.9330 or ~ Sara De Roy


Is anyone going to Haggens, Food Coop, Hardware Sales or Smart Food? We could use a few pick-ups. Love/Fl!p


Featuring Pop Wagner. Written by Pop and former Bellinghamster Jack Hansen at a long ago Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. (Pop Wagner introduced me to Charlie McGuire, whose songs I’ve included lately. It’s a small world.) When I was a kid, my folks had a collection of tall fine-art reproduction books: Monet, Manet, Broughel, Brueghel, Michelangelo. I think they must have had a subscription. I scrolled through them like a 1950s Facebook. Buried for hours on a rainy Saturday. The year I turned 6 there was a Van Gogh exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum at Volunteer Park. (We always got to sit on the camels out front. Now the camels are safely inside and protected from too much love, but you can still see the smoothly polished areas created by generations of little kid bottoms.) My memory of the Van Gogh exhibit is that I was transfixed by his painting of the Potato Eaters. And that my Mom eventually just left me there to go see the rest of the exhibit and came back to get me maybe an hour or so later. I checked with her decades later to see if I imagined that but, no, she said that was exactly what happened. It was great having a good-sized reproduction in a book, but that was overlaid on the Real Thing. – So now you understand why this song completely cracked me up!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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