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CONTENTS 7/30/2020
Concert Tonight
Internet Jamming?
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HAVILAH at 6:00 PM

Thanks to the partnership of The Eldridge Society for History and Preservation, Bellingham Parks and Recreation, and our friends at Varvid and KMRE 102.3 FM, these concerts are brought to you weekly, so we can stay safe and enjoy great music. We’ll get through this together.

Havilah began her music career at the age of 6 when she began composing songs on an old piano given to her family by some friends. Heavily influenced early on by James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones, The Police and a wide range of other styles, Havilah’s songs immediately took on an identity of their own.  She will be performing with the “Band of Havilah” for this show – Phil Sottile and David Vaughn.

We are grateful to the audiences and our community for helping us sustain these concerts in the past. We could not have brought this summer series to you without that support. Please consider helping us to continue to provide music to our community.


NOTE: All funds will go to the Eldridge Society for History and Preservation. You can option out of “tip” by clicking “other” and putting $0.00 in that field.

If you don’t want to donate online, checks can be made out to The Eldridge Society. Mail to P.O. Box Four, Bellingham, WA 98228 or 2430 Walnut Street, Bellingham, 98225



My son Josh (a fiddler) is interviewed about a new technology called JamKazam that allows musicians in separate locations to play together in real time, to hear each other as they play. Though some musicians have used Zoom effectively, Zoom does not allow musicians in remote locations to play together due to something called “latency,” that is, a lag in time between the musicians. Zoom (or any kind of conference-type call) requires the independent music tapes (musicians can’t hear each other in real time) to be edited so it only appears the musicians are playing together.

Here’s the link to the podcast – the show itself is called Get Up in the Cool and the man who broadcasts it is a banjo player named Cameron DeWhitt – he and Josh talk and play five old-time songs “together,” with Josh in Seattle and Cameron in Portland. I think Josh does a great job of explaining “latency” and how to set up an easy system at home via JamKazam that overcomes it.

Julie Larios, Williams Street


The link I sent a couple days ago was wrong.

And click on Upcoming Events.

Sorry! They’ll be back in 2 weeks. I particularly liked the cheddar garlic rolls, the salmon, and the cinnamon cardamom braid. I’m going to try the rhubarb one next time.


When I remember bygone days
I think how evening follows morn;
So many I loved were not yet dead,
So many I love were not yet born.
  ~ Ogden Nash

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