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CONTENTS 6/27/2020
Masks On West Street
Chalk Report
    Brand New Sidewalks
Another Coyote / Cat
Goodwill Open
Store Run?
Dana Lyons
Jacqueline Schwab
Radio Free Fl!p: Jacqueline Schwab


2525 West Street

I’ve sewn and donated over 1500 masks now to Healthcare and essential workers. I again have more available for you neighborhood folks.

I have both kids and adult sizes out and will continue sewing . I’m putting them on a table in my yard, right inside the fence. You can reach over the fence to choose. They are individually bagged up.

Donations of around $5/mask would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be dropped in my mailbox or or Venmo me @lindsaymknight. Or PayPal me at  ~ Lindsay Knight


I had a steady stream of neighbors picking up sets of chalk today. It was a big relief! We’ve got over 90 households signed up at this point. A bunch of folks picked up for their neighbors too. I’m hoping to get everyone who is chalking, onto the map so neighbors will know where to wander in the afternoon on Fourth Of July. I still have over 200 sets of chalk to give away. I’d love to give one to YOU to help decorate and celebrate our neighborhood! If you don’t have a sidewalk, come to Columbia Elementary School, Franklin Academy or Immanuel Bible Church. Use their addresses to sign up. I’ll be glad to help.

Sign up here:

Pick up here:
Fl!p Breskin
2518 Cherry Street (red house/green trim)
360-671-4511 (phone is most reliable contact)
It helps if you phone to let me know you’re on your way.


On Victor Street between Jefferson and Monroe, the city just put in on both sides of the street, newly laid white sidewalks.  ~ Jacie DeLaruelle, Victor Street

Sidewalk along W North was just repaved, and a bit on Utter, so it will be GREAT to draw on! All are welcome to come join me (at a social distance). ~ Marilyn Stoops, Utter Street

[Wow! That would be some great canvas! C’mon Victor, Utter & W North Street neighbors! I’ve got free chalk here for you… Love/Fl!p]


Another kitty was taken on Park St sometime this morning. Owner was notified. Keep your kitties inside.  ~ Amber Hixson, Park St

[Repeated instances may indicate coyote pups being taught how to hunt. Do keep your cats safe inside from dusk till there are lots of humans up and around again in the morning. ~ Fl!p]


Goodwill is open, but is not currently accepting donated furniture.

If anyone is making a store run, we’d love to be included. Also, we’re running low on a few things from the Asia Market.  Thanks! ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511


Orca Month Online Concert
Sunday June 28 4pm

I’m happy to be performing a second online concert for  Orca Month. You can watch the show live or later on.

Watch Live On-Line Orca Month Concerts at Dana’s Music Facebook Page June 28


Many years ago I taught at a family dance camp in the Bay Area. There were several pianists there, but I could tell from the very first notes when Jacqueline was at the keyboard, from anywhere on the conference site. Her touch is exquisite. I’m not the only one who noticed. Ken Burns had her as his pianist for the Civil War series among others. I brought her out to Bellingham from the east coast one year and loved her concert. We’ve stayed in touch, and she just sent me this:

Tuesday, June 30, at 3 pm PDT, I’ll perform an hour-long I Lift My Lamp concert from my living room and would love to “see you there!” This collection celebrates music by immigrants from Europe, Africa and South America—not a “map of the world” but my personal journey from my Pittsburgh “melting pot” childhood” and my later Boston life, which I hope might be a doorway into the roots of this wonderful music. You’ll hear an Irish air, Scottish strathspey/reel set, Polish kujawiak, Finnish anthem, Swedish waltz, Bulgarian dance tune, Neapolitan tarantella, African-American spiritual, Brazilian tango, and Chilean song, as time allows. This was originally booked as a local concert for my hometown Brewster Ladies Library but has now become an online, streaming one, sponsored by the library. (If I understand correctly, you could also listen another time, on either my or the library’s Facebook pages for the next few weeks.) Tune in at or at Since this is my first “streaming adventure,” I hope it will work—but if problems on June 30, text Edmund, at (617) 710-0508. If you’d like, you can leave a tip in my virtual “tip jar,” at, to

Just so you get a sense of her music. The first tune always brings me tears. The second is just joyfully playful…

Last Rose Of Summer

Take Me Out To The Ball Game 

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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