Plant Stand Opens, Elizabeth Park Follow-Up, What Is Society? Giant Hornet Instructions, Radio Free Fl!p: Tico Tico, More

CONTENTS 5/30/2020
W North Street Plant Stand Opens
Elizabeth Park Event Follow-Up
What Is Society?
D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano
Strong Back?
What To Do If You See A Giant Hornet
Grocery Run?
Radio Free Fl!p: Tico Tico


Hey Neighbors!
Sadly we won’t be having our Big June Plant Sale this year due to the Coronavirus. But we will have our summer plant stand open early this year, starting this weekend! Stop on by anytime and shop. We will try and keep it stocked with our leftover herbs from this season. Please remember to social distance and keep safe! 2200 W North Street plant stand.


In case you haven’t talked to anyone that went to the gathering, we went and walked down to the library and then most people walked on to Trader Joe’s. It looked like there were hundreds of people. I would say 99% were wearing masks. Hard to stay 6 feet apart all the time, but people were spread out for blocks and blocks, taking up most of Dupont Street from Broadway to downtown. It was very mellow. Here is a link to a Bellingham Herald video of the vigil at the library the night before. The offerings were really touching. ~ Jana Williams, Walnut Street   


“What is society? … It’s a contract we sign as human beings amongst each other. We sign a contract with each other as people, whether it’s spoken or unspoken, where we say, amongst this group of us we agree on common rules, common ideals, and common practices that are going to define us as a group. . . And as with most contracts, the contract is only as strong as the people who are abiding by it. . . There is no contract if law and people in power don’t uphold their end of it. . . It’s the same way we tell parents to set an example for their kids. . . If you lead by example there is a good chance that people will follow that example you have set. ” ~ Trevor Noah, Dominos video

[I was impressed enough with this description that I took the time to transcribe it word for word. If you want a link, I’ll find it for you. Love/Fl!p]


D’Anna’s on State St has re-opened for curbside takeout service 4:00 – 9:00 PM Monday – Saturday. Order their website or phone call us at 360-714-0188.

[If you hear of other beloved restaurants re-opening for take-out, please send me a notice.]


Looking for Help Moving Large Garden Rocks.  Need a few hours (paid) work to help move garden rocks and perhaps shovel dirt to make a new raised bed in my yard for a vegetable garden.  Strong back required!  Please call/text Susan or Tony at 360-303-8182 or email  Thanks!  Susan Holland, Utter St.


Mostly these hornets are found around beehives, so I’ll be surprised if any show up in our neighborhood. They have a very distinctive big yellow face, and are as long as a man’s thumb. There’s a photo in the links in the Bellingham Herald quote below.

If you think you’ve seen an Asian giant hornet, the Washington State Department of Agriculture wants you to report it. Here’s how:
▪ Go online to the Hornet Watch Report Form.
▪ Email
▪ Call 1-800-443-6684.
Stay updated at the Asian giant hornet watch Facebook group. Learn more at, including how to make bottle traps for Asian giant hornets.


If anyone is going to Haggen’s or the Food Coop tomorrow or Monday, we’re running low on a few things. For that matter, there were items I used to buy regularly at Trader Joe’s, Smart Foods, Nieto’s, and the Asia Market, so any time anyone is headed for any of those, I would love your help to re-stock. Zeke and I are still staying home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the neighbors and friends who continue to make that possible.


Here is a guitar Instrumental from Duo Siqueira Lima – Watch as this couple plays a duet with four hands on one guitar at a party, and everyone has such fun!

And here they are doing the entire piece in a formal concert setting. Guitarists note: they sometimes swap half parts: invert their hands and play each other’s right hand, so each of them is playing one part with their left hand and a different part with their right hand, at the same time! She is from Uruguay and he is from Brazil. They met for the first time during a guitar competition in Brazil. They tied for first place. I am so happy they are now married.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text

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