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Thursday March 26 1:05 PM

Correction: Safe Grocery

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Still Some Duplicate Emails


In a recent email, a message with a link to a video on “PSA SAFE GROCERY..”  The text in the email said it was a video from the CDC.  This is incorrect.  This video was made and shared by a private individual, Jeffrey VanWingen, who is neither associated with the CDC nor working in epidemiology or infectious diseases. I think the confusion is due to the ad placement in YouTube. Youtube is putting an advertisement banner from the CDC on lots of videos right now.  It’s not an endorsement from the CDC, it’s an advert YouTube has placed there because the content of the video is related to certain included terms such as Coronavirus or COVID-19.

 Gregory Rehm

  Keesling Street

[Thank you Gregory and the other folks who alerted me. Now I know more of what to watch out for, and you do too. I will try to remove that post today. And I appreciate all the potential fact checkers out them. I’ll take all the help I can get! ~ Love/Fl!p


as of Thursday March 26 at 12:30 PM: 86

Deaths: 4


Local Facebook Helpers groups, by neighborhood

FIND HELP is a national site with links to local resources


It’s abundantly clear that our healthcare workers are working under unbelievably stressful conditions and need our love and support at this time. From the lack of protective equipment, to long hours, to uncertainty about testing, this is a very hard time to be a healthcare provider. They are all working under unusually stressful conditions and need as much love and support we can send their way.  In response a group of us have gotten together (not physically obviously) and created signs of support for our healthcare providers. These signs have been placed on people’s lawns as well as at the 2 main entrances at the hospital. So far the feedback we have received has been nothing but positive, and we want to continue sending our love and support in the weeks to come. 

  So here’s what we are asking: Please make up signs of support for healthcare workers and put them in a visible place outside your home. We want our healthcare providers to see signs of support popping up all over town. We are also asking those people who are close to the hospital and can easily make it over there to make up signs and put them on the lawn leading up to the main entrance to the hospital. We currently have a bunch of signs there now, but how awesome would it be to have hundreds more?! 

  Please take photos of your signs and post them on what ever social media site(s) you use… let’s spread this far and wide!

  Finally, there are many other people out there working to support out community right now (police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, grocery personnel)… so if you’re so moved to support them as well, we think that is a fantastic idea!

  Matthew Dowling


We were unable to find replacement batteries for our digital thermometer in town so we ordered some online, but had to order 40 of them. They are 1.5 volt #LR41 which seems to be the same 384 or 392. They fit both thermometers and watches. FREE  to anyone who needs them. I will put them in (sterilized)  bag on a fence post at 2829 Lynn St. 

Or if anyone knows of medical facility that might need them, let me know. 

  Gail MacDonald

  360 733-6867

  Lynn St


Hoping this is the last day for these. Thank you for your forebearence.


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