Chalk: Pick-Up; Bring Your Own; Chalk Music!; Lots More; Song: Your State’s Name Here

CONTENTS 6/29/2020
Chalk Pick-Up
Bring Your Own Chalk?
Chalk Music!
Kmre 102.3Fm Summer Fund Drive
Coviddle Tunes
Free Couch
Baby / Toddler Equipment
Radio Free Fl!p: Your State’s Name Here


If you’ve signed up and asked for chalk (I still have plenty!) just phone me to set up a time, and come pick it up. If signing up is daunting, I’ll be glad to help you. We’re up to 109 households! And more musicians are adding all the time…

Fl!p Breskin   2518 Cherry – red house with green trim   360-671-4511


Regarding “Another Chalk Idea”- IMHO it is not a good idea to encourage the sharing of chalk among neighbors and/or strangers i.e. “chalk left in place for use by passersby”. As neighborly as this would be in different times, given our current situation it could potentially be dangerous. Be safe and have a good day. ~ Tony Cava


In no particular order! Look on the map. I’ll publish a list of other fun plans as well. If you want to add more, or modify your description, I can help! Call me at 360-671-4511. ~Fl!p

2424 Park Street CABIN FEVER NW
Musical duo Cabin Fever NW (Tara Caldwell and Dianne Bochsler) will perform from 2 – 4pm, socially distanced from the front yard. Alternate Root magazine says “Imagine Simon and Garfunkel singing with the Carter Family’s devotion”. Original and traditional folk.

2116 Williams Street TRILLIUM
Did you know it rains almost every Tuesday at 2:30 pm? Undaunted, we’ve been holding a few social distanced, outdoor practices!  Beth Fuller, Laura Shelton and Lesley Rigg, AKA Trillium, will be doing (and redoing) a set of 6 songs–a cappella–ranging from a 16th century madrigal to Traditional English Folk to the political/protest songs of Woody Guthrie and Current folk artists Linda Allen and Artemisia.

2700 Victor St. #2 “Max” Eberhard Eichner
Ample spaced sets of several puppet theater displays of the Folktales and Fabled Fables by Puppeteer “Max” and Pappenspiel. Cartoon like blurbs will do some “telling” while you can spin the stories on your way …

Extra special bonus: “Moments of fully masked and kept at arms length Puppet Walk-abouts will be happening to live music…

2720 Elm Street  Dance Party Zone!
We plan to decorate and designate the sidewalk in front of our house as the Dance Party Zone! We’ll be playing music from a PA speaker on our front porch and encouraging passers-by to dance-walk their way down the sidewalk through the “Dance Party Zone.”

2214 Williams Street   The Celtic Knots
Jason (handsome husband) and I will be attempting a colorful celtic knot pattern on the sidewalk, so I put the word out to some of my local ceilidh club friends, inviting them over to play some Irish Tunes with us. (Jas plays guitar, I play the penny whistle, most of our friends play fiddle.) Sounds like it might end up being a belated celebration of St. Patrick’s Day over here, in conjunction with Independence Day! Albeit at biologically appropriate distances. 🍀

1601 Broadway   WOODWIND TRIO
There will be “fun classical music for woodwind trio.” Details are Jennifer Weeks – oboe, Ken Bronstein – oboe, and Pat Nelson – bassoon, will be playing a variety of classical trios from 2:00 until we’re too tired to play anymore!

2132 Walnut Street
Acoustic guitar, alt Americana kinds of songs, family friendly and good for foot-tapping, like we might hear around a campfire. All covers..

2230 Utter Street
Chalk art and trombone music!

2415 Cherry Street
Come dance to some Kids-Bop while enjoying our sidewalk

2518 Cherry Street  Fl!p & Zeke
Traditional and original folk

2510 Keesling Street
Old time fiddle tunes and classical cello

2618 Park Street
Singing folk songs on our front porch


Through July 1 at  Local non-profit all-volunteer community radio station KMRE is holding a Summer Fund Drive to replace the old audio board. KMRE has been broadcasting in Bellingham for over 15 years. It became a separate non-profit 2 years ago and broadcasts local voices and stories as well as Americana/roots/blues/jazz music. Some of our recent programming includes Bellingham/Whatcom Corona Virus stories with John Stark, Margaret Bikman and others, the Elizabeth Park Concert Series, as well as reporting live from the BLM protest in downtown Bellingham. These are challenging times for everyone, but if you can, please keep local voices on the air and donate at   ~ Suzanne Blais


Festival Of American Fiddle Tunes is still running online all this week. Free (but do please donate). Very cool music, workshops, and more.


FREE. Available now. This well-loved couch. A leather two-seater. It’s got many more years to go. Kiddo friendly. All ages, really. Read a book, take a nap, watch a movie, munch popcorn, catch up with a friend. ~ Lisa Citron <>


Red double Chariot (Cougar 2) for sale. Good condition, has many more years of life left. Comes with 2 harnesses, infant sling, rain cover, jogging wheel, and bike attachment. Email for photos/more info.

Also for sale: with a Joovy Room2 portable play yard. This is like a pack n play but larger square (about 40 x 40″). Comes with 2 sheets, carrying case, and 2″ custom memory foam that can be added to mattress for more comfort. Email for photos/more info.
Claire McPhee


Lou & Peter Berryman used to come through every few years. I sing lots of their songs. This one just cracks me up every time. As the pavement finally warms up for summer bare feet, this song came to mind. There really is a song for everything… almost.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Chalk Fest; Ice Cream Interlude; Chalk Talk: Peter Roberts; Fireworks; Racial Justice Forum; Lots More Song: Foolish Questions

CONTENTS 6/28/2020
Columbia Neighborhood Fourth Of July Chalk Festival
Another Chalk Idea
Ice Cream Interlude
Chalk Talk: Peter Roberts
Upcoming Chalk Talk: Mayor Seth Fleetwood!
Where & When Fireworks Are Legal
Racial Justice Forum
Bunk Beds
Cat Sitter?
Wanted To Buy Home
Quarantine Rental?
Food Co-Op Or Haggens?
Radio Free Fl!p: Foolish Questions

July 4th, free
10 – 2 Chalk in front of your own house, or ask Fl!p for other locations
2 – 5 tour the neighborhood, looking at chalk and listening to music. Check out other special events as well. All socially distanced. Wear your masks. We can do this together!
We now have over 100 households signed up. Zeke says that’s 6% of our neighborhood. I still have chalk here for 150 more. Sign up, or I’ll help you sign up, and we’ll set a time for you to come pick up your chalk. Even if you already have chalk, sign up so you show up on the map! Please, please help invite your neighbors. And friends, who can show up at the schools or Immanuel Church to use the sidewalks there.
Sign-up and view the event map at

From Victor Street neighbor Greg Hope:
I have seen some “sidewalk polls” that can be simple yet powerful. These usually just feature a question with two possible answers (and some chalk left in place for use by passersby), and hash marks begin to appear as people “cast their votes.” Some examples:
“I am…” Night owl ~or~ Early bird
“I prefer” Apples ~or~ Bananas
“Favorite season” Spring ~or~ Summer ~or~ Fall ~or~ Winter
“It’s raining” Umbrella ~or~ Jacket

I wrote to the Sugar Shack Ice Cream Truck a while back to see if they wanted to visit our festival. They didn’t think they could, but I just got this message!
We will aim to be at the sidewalk chalk festival at 11:30ish, we have something else in Bellingham so we will come right after! We will park by the church first for about 10 minutes until everyone gets their ice cream and then we will move over towards Columbia elementary and do the same. 👍🏼

The Eldridge Society donated $300 towards chalk for us all, the money they usually spent on the Fourth Of July Picnic. I am SO grateful, and having such fun giving the chalk away! They are also funding the Thursday evening Virtual Concerts In The Park.


(Nowhere In Bellingham)

scheduled for Wednesday, July 1st, 7 – 9 PM over Zoom.
Hosted by the Bellingham Friends Meeting.
Look who is on the panel!
• County Executive Satpal Sidhu;
• Rosalinda Guillén of Community to Community;
• Bellingham Deputy Police Chief Flo Simon;
• Shirley Williams of White Swan Environmental and the Lummi Nation;
• Black entrepreneur Jonathan Randolph of Bellingham.

Solid wood bunk beds for sale. Painted white. Gently used, grandkids have outgrown them. Text if interested (360)926-3924 or email
Chris Peterson.

Trustworthy cat sitter sought for low key fur ball. Will sanitize all surfaces prior to you coming over and expect the same as you leave. All you have to do is come over in the evening, provide scratches, and let him snuggle you while you sleep. $20 per day. Columbia local would be perfect. Email
Jessica Burciel
Henry Street

$225-$250k We want to be in Bellingham or close within the county (but also open to any ideas). We would like our children to remain in the Bellingham School District. Public transportation/bicycle accessibility is important to us, but not a total necessity. We would like to have a yard to build a garden, and a safe and clean home—that’s really it. This is where we want to raise our kids, build our home, and grow old. The community here is so strong and rooted in helping one another. If you, or anyone you know, or anyone beyond them knows of anyone willing to sell something within this range, or possibly rent to own, or any other creative option please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Emily Nelson and Bernard Miller

We are wondering if anyone in the neighborhood might have a separate space
for visiting sister July 14 – 28. We realize it is best to quarantine yourself after cross country air travel for 10 -14 days. Looking for a possible week or two studio apt before she stays with us. Our house is not set up well for this – but day visits & meals with us outside will be likely. Anyone needing a house or pet sitter during that time? OR we’ll be looking for something a bit reasonably priced if possible… Any suggestions welcome.
Contact Vicki Roy or Carol Oberton
Park St

Is anyone going to either on Monday? Need just a couple things.

The Canote Twins, Jere & Greg, at the peak of their nearly identical powers!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511
If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Masks; Chalk; Coyote Alert; Goodwill; Concerts; Piano: Jacqueline Schwab

CONTENTS 6/27/2020
Masks On West Street
Chalk Report
    Brand New Sidewalks
Another Coyote / Cat
Goodwill Open
Store Run?
Dana Lyons
Jacqueline Schwab
Radio Free Fl!p: Jacqueline Schwab


2525 West Street

I’ve sewn and donated over 1500 masks now to Healthcare and essential workers. I again have more available for you neighborhood folks.

I have both kids and adult sizes out and will continue sewing . I’m putting them on a table in my yard, right inside the fence. You can reach over the fence to choose. They are individually bagged up.

Donations of around $5/mask would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be dropped in my mailbox or or Venmo me @lindsaymknight. Or PayPal me at  ~ Lindsay Knight


I had a steady stream of neighbors picking up sets of chalk today. It was a big relief! We’ve got over 90 households signed up at this point. A bunch of folks picked up for their neighbors too. I’m hoping to get everyone who is chalking, onto the map so neighbors will know where to wander in the afternoon on Fourth Of July. I still have over 200 sets of chalk to give away. I’d love to give one to YOU to help decorate and celebrate our neighborhood! If you don’t have a sidewalk, come to Columbia Elementary School, Franklin Academy or Immanuel Bible Church. Use their addresses to sign up. I’ll be glad to help.

Sign up here:

Pick up here:
Fl!p Breskin
2518 Cherry Street (red house/green trim)
360-671-4511 (phone is most reliable contact)
It helps if you phone to let me know you’re on your way.


On Victor Street between Jefferson and Monroe, the city just put in on both sides of the street, newly laid white sidewalks.  ~ Jacie DeLaruelle, Victor Street

Sidewalk along W North was just repaved, and a bit on Utter, so it will be GREAT to draw on! All are welcome to come join me (at a social distance). ~ Marilyn Stoops, Utter Street

[Wow! That would be some great canvas! C’mon Victor, Utter & W North Street neighbors! I’ve got free chalk here for you… Love/Fl!p]


Another kitty was taken on Park St sometime this morning. Owner was notified. Keep your kitties inside.  ~ Amber Hixson, Park St

[Repeated instances may indicate coyote pups being taught how to hunt. Do keep your cats safe inside from dusk till there are lots of humans up and around again in the morning. ~ Fl!p]


Goodwill is open, but is not currently accepting donated furniture.

If anyone is making a store run, we’d love to be included. Also, we’re running low on a few things from the Asia Market.  Thanks! ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511


Orca Month Online Concert
Sunday June 28 4pm

I’m happy to be performing a second online concert for  Orca Month. You can watch the show live or later on.

Watch Live On-Line Orca Month Concerts at Dana’s Music Facebook Page June 28


Many years ago I taught at a family dance camp in the Bay Area. There were several pianists there, but I could tell from the very first notes when Jacqueline was at the keyboard, from anywhere on the conference site. Her touch is exquisite. I’m not the only one who noticed. Ken Burns had her as his pianist for the Civil War series among others. I brought her out to Bellingham from the east coast one year and loved her concert. We’ve stayed in touch, and she just sent me this:

Tuesday, June 30, at 3 pm PDT, I’ll perform an hour-long I Lift My Lamp concert from my living room and would love to “see you there!” This collection celebrates music by immigrants from Europe, Africa and South America—not a “map of the world” but my personal journey from my Pittsburgh “melting pot” childhood” and my later Boston life, which I hope might be a doorway into the roots of this wonderful music. You’ll hear an Irish air, Scottish strathspey/reel set, Polish kujawiak, Finnish anthem, Swedish waltz, Bulgarian dance tune, Neapolitan tarantella, African-American spiritual, Brazilian tango, and Chilean song, as time allows. This was originally booked as a local concert for my hometown Brewster Ladies Library but has now become an online, streaming one, sponsored by the library. (If I understand correctly, you could also listen another time, on either my or the library’s Facebook pages for the next few weeks.) Tune in at or at Since this is my first “streaming adventure,” I hope it will work—but if problems on June 30, text Edmund, at (617) 710-0508. If you’d like, you can leave a tip in my virtual “tip jar,” at, to

Just so you get a sense of her music. The first tune always brings me tears. The second is just joyfully playful…

Last Rose Of Summer

Take Me Out To The Ball Game 

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Chalk!; Justice Forum New Date; Coyote Alert; Fiddle Tunes; Firehouse; Lots More; Song: Don’t Get Trouble In Your Mind

CONTENTS 6/26/2020
   Free Chalk Sets
   Signing Up
   Not An Artist?
   Chalk Music: Lawn-Certs
Racial Justice Online Forum Rescheduled
Rabbit Fields Farm In Columbia
Found Wool Vest
Coyote Alert – Cat Warning
Garage Attic Studio For Rent
Fiddle Tunes!
Firehouse Studio
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Radio Free Fl!p:  Don’t Get Trouble In Your Mind


Give me one more week, (a week from tomorrow!) and I’ll shut about about chalk… except for the virtual tour which should be available after everyone uploads their chalk photos!


I over-prepared and have about 200 sets of chalk languishing in my front entry. Please come pick it up and use it on the Fourth Of July! I’ve got cool ice-cream-cone shaped chalk sets for kids. I’ve got brilliantly colored chalk sets for teens and adults. I’ve got mountains of sidewalk chalk! Free! Tell your neighbors too.


We have 70 neighbors signed up. But we have 1700 households! Columbia Elementary School, Immanuel Bible Church, and Franklin Academy have all volunteered their sidewalks as well. Pretty please, come get chalk! (I’m always home.) Sign up so your Chalk shows on the map. No info will be exploited in any way. If you’re coming to the school or church sidewalks, we can register you at that address. If you need any help signing up, just call me and I’ll get you set up.

If you’re already signed up, please talk your neighbors into signing up too. I bet folks out walking in the afternoon will be looking at the map to see where there’s a bunch of chalk. That could be your block!


Just make a hop-scotch grid! We could use lots of those. My beloved neighbor Bea just made me a stencil of vines and flowers on her Kricut machine. If you’ve got a friend with one of those machines, I bet they could do the same for you. Run a vine clear down your own sidewalk, and have your neighbors join up with their own. See if you can get the vine to run clear down your block. Or draw a music staff and put notes on it for people to figure out what the tune is. Wouldn’t it be cool to have lots of stencils of feet around the ‘hood, to lead passers-by in dance steps. Or Simon Says: Giant Steps, Baby Steps, Walk Backwards, Etc. Or add a sign that says “Ministry Of Silly Walks.”  Zeke says, “A Chalk-Tac-Toe Tournament?” Write out a favorite poem. If you don’t think you’d be any good at “art,” just pretend you’re a kid and go see what happens! Invite your grandkids, nieces & nephews, artist buddies… Invite all the alumni from our neighborhood schools and churches. Don’t you want to come out and play with us?

Fl!p Breskin
2518 Cherry Street (red house with green trim)


Click here, then scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the cool stuff happening a week from tomorrow! If you’re playing music, send me a blurb about it and I’ll post a run-down of all the music, here, soon.


July 1st, 7-9 p.m.

After an overwhelming turnout and a glitch in the Zoom process for expanding our meeting capacity, the Forum on Racial Justice has been rescheduled. So many people were trying to get in at once that it was impossible for some of the panelists to get into the meeting. We are encouraging people to join the call around 6:45 p.m.

Panelists will include:
     County Executive Satpal Sidhu
     Rosalinda Guillén of Community to Community, advocates for food security and immigrant rights
     Bellingham Deputy Police Chief Flo Simon
     Shirley Williams of White Swan Environmental and the Lummi Nation;
     Black entrepreneur Jonathan Randolph of Bellingham.

Hosted by the Bellingham Friends Meeting. This will be recorded live and posted at as soon as possible following the forum.

Saturdays 9-1 at 2526 Kulshan Street. Skagit Valley organic produce, already bagged. Prices range from $5.00-30.00 Or pre-order online:


Someone rode by our house on bike and dropped their very nice Filson Wool Vest in our yard on accident.
Julea Ivancovich
(360) 820-3581
West Connecticut Street


A coyote is clearly ranging far from the ravine these days. Keep your kitties in at night. A cat who lost to a coyote was discovered at Walnut and Jefferson on Wednesday morning. Animal control picked up the remains and identified it as coyote event. Thank you to neighbor Jani Adderley for dealing with this sad situation! Jani reached out to the cat’s Park Street family, and we offer them our deepest condolences.


Birchwood neighborhood (close to Columbia!) Available August 1st, $900/mo 

Includes all utilities, including wifi. Ideal for single, minimalist, professional without pets. Wood floor, real kitchen with granite countertops, on 1/2 acre with garden and fruit trees. Peaceful quiet setting, no laundry on site. Please email if you are interested, and share a bit about yourself and your situation. First, last, and damage required.
Thank you!
Megan Sherman


Friday June 26 to Friday July 3

This years virtual Festival Of American Fiddle Tunes: a week of free fiddling! and on Saturday and Sunday special lectures about the contributions of black musicians. All events will be free to attend, with a festival-wide tip jar to benefit organizations working for social justice on behalf of people of color. ht/t Kate Nichols


The iconic Fairhaven landmark has come up with a new mission. In keeping with Washington State’s Stay Safe – Stay Healthy order in Phase 2 and beyond, the FireHouse Performing Arts & Events Center has created a new and innovative use of the famous FireHouse Theatre space – live performance video recording and editing. 

While the magic and excitement of gathering together in a theater can never be equaled, the FireHouse is exploring new ways to present video-recorded performances. Artists will have the opportunity to perform in a live theatre setting, and have their videos accessible online to fans both old and new. Audiences will have a sense of being right there with the performers.

Musicians, storytellers, and dancers can perform on stage in the Theatre/Studio while being recorded by a professional staff using state-of-the art video, lighting, and sound equipment – all at safe distances.


Also did you know the National Theatre of London it’s streaming it’s plays for free? Shakespeare midsummers night dream is this week! What could be more timely? ~ Kate Nichols


Carolina Chocolate Drops. In honor of Fiddle Tunes Festival beginning today.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Concert Tonight: Chalk Talk; Suspicious Vehicle; Fireworks; Lots more; Song: Be Counted!

CONTENTS 6/23/2020
Elizabeth Park Concert Tonight!
Chalk Talk!
Chalk: Not Just For “Artists”
Suspicious Vehicle
Fireworks Details
Racial Justice Forum Postponed
Yard Sale
Radio Free Fl!p: Be Counted!


Thursday June 25th @ 6pm (We’ll see if this gets out in time…)

CraigO’s Planet Groove 

A blend of Grateful Dead-centric tunes, New Orleans Funk, and Originals. We’ll bring our groove so that you can groove.

You won’t need to have Facebook to watch it there. If you do have a Facebook account, think about hosting your own “watch party.”

Or, you can listen to the livestream broadcast on KMRE-FM 102.3, every Thursday 6 – 8 PM from June 18 until August 20.


Thank you SO much to Marla Bronstein for creating all these fun 2-minute videos! This one is an overview with a few words from all the Chalk Talkers.


I want YOU!!! Our chalk festival on the Fourth Of July doesn’t have to be fancy or professional or anything like that. My vision is that we get to do something together, as a neighborhood. We get to enjoy each other’s sense of fun. We get to play together, and connect, even while we stay safely socially distanced. And I have lots of chalk to share! Come and get it!!! Sign up, so your place shows up on the map. Invite your neighbors, personally. That would be a big favor to me. 

We’ll spend Fourth Of July from 2 – 5 PM strolling around to see what happened. And checking out all the music. Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of that too. Sign up now, and come pick up your chalk. I’ve got a couple hundred sets here, waiting for you!
Fl!p Breskin
2518 Cherry Street


I’m the Bellingham Police Department’s Behavioral Health Officer, Zack Serad. I assigned myself to a suspicious vehicle case on 06/23/2020. A neighbor called 911 reporting that a black 2007 Toyota Camry, WA/ASX6711 was circling the neighborhood several times. The caller was able to obtain the above-mentioned license plate. Further investigation lead to a male driver who was positively identified by the 911 caller. The male was contacted by police. He claimed to be in the area to listen to live music. It was confirmed that the male had no legitimate reason to be in the neighborhood. He was warned that any further witnesses calling his vehicle in would prompt further police actions. He was contacted by Bellingham PD nearly a decade prior in your same neighborhood due to similar actions. 

Neighbors are asked to call 911 and reference case #20B35684 if the above-mentioned vehicle is seen in the Columbia neighborhood only. At this point, there is nothing criminal in nature due to his actions and the investigation will be closed. 

Z. Serad
Behavioral Health Officer
Bellingham Police Department
(360) 778 8777

[Please do not hesitate to call 911 if you see this vehicle. I am very pleased that we’re getting a handle on this problem quickly this time. We absolutely can handle this. Love/Fl!p]


All consumer fireworks are prohibited within City limits.  Only trick and novelty devices are allowed.

Trick or novelty device means any small fireworks devices that are not regulated as explosives and are not classified as consumer or display fireworks by the United States Department of Transportation……and includes the following:

  • Snakes, glow worm.
  • Party popper.
  • Snapper
  • Toy smoke devices.
  • Toy Caps.
  • Trick and novelty devices does not include any kind of sparklers……

Please call 911 if consumer fireworks are being used near you.  The more detail you can give to the location of the fireworks the more likely patrol will be able to locate them and confiscate them. 

Also, please call 911 if homemade fireworks are located such as sparkler bombs, chemical reaction bombs (dry ice and acid usually placed in a two liter soda bottle), tennis ball bombs (often filled with match sticks) or anything else that looks homemade.  Do NOT move these yourself they are highly volatile!

Have a safe and happy Fourth!
Katrin Dearborn | Outreach Officer
Bellingham Police Department


Because of the technical problem of people not allowed in after 100 (including some of the presenters), they will reschedule. If you wish to be notified when this event is rescheduled, send an email to:


Saturday June 27th, 9 am – 2 pm. Priced to Sell!
2604 Jefferson Street (at the far west end)

Lots of children’s toys: legos, matchbox cars, Build-a-Bear clothes and stuffies, Stuffed animals, etc. I don’t want all this in the landfill, I want to pass it on – even if the exchange is 25 cents. We also have a 1950’s formica table and household stuff. Women’s Chicos clothing size 2 and 3.

Colleen Haggerty, Jefferson Street


This manages to be a public service announcement about the census, and a joyful musical at the same time. Pretty fun!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

E. Park Tomorrow; Clyde Ford at Noon; Forum Tonight; Chalk Lawn-certs; More; Song: Rock Me Roll Me

CONTENTS 6/23/2020
Elizabeth Park Concert Tomorrow!
Clyde Ford at Noon
Racial Justice Forum Tonight
Chalk Lawn-Certs
Wheelchair Ramp?
Wheelchair Warehouse
Radio Free Fl!p: Rock Me Roll Me


Thursday June 25th @ 6pm

CraigO’s Planet Groove

A blend of Grateful Dead-centric tunes, New Orleans Funk, and Originals. We’ll bring our groove so that you can groove.
Craig Ostom: Guitar, Vocals, & Orginals
Jd Sinclair: Bass & Vocals
Rick Haykin: Keys, Sax, & Vocals
Thom Dykas: Drums & Vocals
You won’t need to have Facebook to watch it there. If you do have a Facebook account, think about hosting your own “watch party.”

Or, you can listen to the livestream broadcast on KMRE-FM 102.3, every Thursday 6 – 8 PM from June 18 until August 20.


Noon Today! Technology & Social Justice During A Pandemic. I hope I can get this Update out in time for you to zoom in. Clyde is thoughtful and brilliant.


This Evening! Wednesday, June 24, 7 – 9 PM over Zoom.

Hosted by the Bellingham Friends Meeting.
Look who is on the panel!

  • • County Executive Satpal Sidhu;
  • • Rosalinda Guillén of Community to Community;
  • • Bellingham Deputy Police Chief Flo Simon;
  • • Shirley Williams of White Swan Environmental and the Lummi Nation;
  • • Black entrepreneur Jonathan Randolph of Bellingham.


Really, come get free chalk! Call when you’re ready to come.
Fl!p Breskin
2518 Cherry Street


We’re getting a lot of music sign-ups as part of the Chalk Festival! I’m so excited. I’m trying to collect descriptions of each group’s music, and will run it as a feature. If you plan to linger at one, be sure to mask up, maintain social distance (think 8 feet, not 6 please), and bring your own chair if you want one. There will be some amazing music!


We are looking for someone to give us a bid for a wheelchair accessible ramp, railing off the front porch and a section of fence.  Contact us at 360-734-7403 or 360-223-0231.
Elaine and Mike Wood
Lynn St 


[It occurred to me to go check and see if the Lion’s Club Al Bode Wheelchair Warehouse was open during the pandemic. Most of the volunteers there are pretty well along in years. Amazingly, they are! Please support them, and please wear your masks if you need to go there!]

Our Wheelchair Warehouse will be open from 9 to 11:30 on Mondays and Thursdays.  Appointments are no longer required.  Please wait at the door to be invited in as we are limiting the number of clients we will allow into our service space to 2 parties. We ask that you respect our good health by wearing a mask when entering our facility. If you don’t have a mask we will be happy to provide one.  If you are returning or donating equipment, please deposit it in the area outside and to the right of the warehouse entry door. You do NOT need to wait in line. We appreciate your patience.  Our Warehouse is located at 4141 Maplewood Ave.  Phone number: 360-752-5526. A gentle reminder that your donations support our efforts to support you.


Si Kahn. Still thinking about Laura’s new granddaughter…

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Masks Required; Chalk Map & Free Chalk; Public Restrooms; Justice Forum; Lots More; Song: Welcome To The World

CONTENTS 6/23/2020
Masks Are Now Required State-Wide
Chalk Map
We Have Free Chalk!
Public Restrooms
Racial Justice Forum
BAAY Arts Enrichment For Kids This Summer
Clearcut Proposed
Spare Tomato Cage?
Rental Wanted
Radio Free Fl!p: Welcome To The World



The chalk map is starting to look pretty decorative itself! Sixty sign-ups, color coded by age: child, teen, adult, whole family. Plus who’s playing music or displaying other kinds of arts or crafts. There’s room in the “other” category for plant and flower stands, produce sales and the like as well. Each location has a pop-up where you can describe what you’re planning. Go click on a few. There’s some amazing creativity coming up! And all the Little Free Libraries in the ‘hood have been located (we think). If we missed one, let me know! And thank David Crook for researching this. When you go to the map, keep scrolling clear to the bottom of the page, and there is a key for the different tags. (Thank you Jonny Kemp!!!)


Come and get it! I was so worried we wouldn’t have enough, but we’re doing fine. We’re happy to supply you! Email to let me know you’re coming, and treat my phone as a doorbell. And if you’re willing to pick up a few postcards to hand to friends and neighbors to encourage them to sign up as well, please let me know. I’d love your help!

Fl!p Breskin
2518 Cherry Street

From the Washington Post

First, wear a mask and clean your hands before you go in, says Gretchen Snoeyenbos Newman, an infectious-disease physician at the University of Washington. Once in the restroom, do your business, and before you flush, close the lid (if there is one). The coronavirus has been found in feces, and although it’s not clear yet whether it spreads this way, a new study suggests that “plumes” from the toilet when flushed may spread the virus.

When you’re done in the stall wash your hands with soap and water and dry them with whatever is available. Some studies have suggested that air dryers could potentially blow pathogens around the room, but it’s not clear that this is a source of covid-19 spread. “I would preferentially use a paper towel, but the air dryers aren’t enough of a worry to not use them,” Snoeyenbos Newman says. Don’t touch your phone or your face while you’re in the restroom, and as soon as you’re out, clean your hands again with a sanitizer, to make sure you didn’t pick up anything from the door. Do all of this, and you should be fine, Snoeyenbos Newman says.

[Plan on using only your own bathroom during the Chalk Festival. For most of us that should be easy – just walk back in your front door. Schools and churches will be closed; we’re just using their sidewalks. Worst case, head for Elizabeth Park, where the public restroom is open, rather than asking a neighbor if you can use theirs, for their safety.]


Wednesday, June 24, 7 – 9 PM over Zoom.
Hosted by the Bellingham Friends Meeting.
Look who is on the panel!

  • • County Executive Satpal Sidhu;
  • • Rosalinda Guillén of Community to Community;
  • • Bellingham Deputy Police Chief Flo Simon;
  • • Shirley Williams of White Swan Environmental and the Lummi Nation;
  • • Black entrepreneur Jonathan Randolph of Bellingham.


BAAY (Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth), a local nonprofit that has been hit hard by the COVID-related closures, has pulled together a great lineup of arts classes for kids 5-18 this summer! Singing, dance, stage combat, music theory, theatre tech, Shakespeare, and more – all currently planned courses are at – the first session starts next week (June 29) and the second session starts July 27. BAAY has lots of options for kids to learn specific skills as they also connect with a supportive community. 

These classes are a perfect gift to give from grandparents too! Financial aid is available, and on that note, tax-deductible donations are welcome and vital to make these programs accessible for ALL local children – you can make a difference for local kids at  Please email Mikyn at with any questions about supporting BAAY.


I have heard from multiple neighbors about this out-of-the-blue project, in the headwaters of the North Fork Nooksack River in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Over 1,400 football fields of forest clearcuts are proposed without assessing the impacts on the Nooksack watershed, crucial habitat for Chinook salmon. Clearcutting increases the risk of landslides and degrades the water running into the Nooksack. The deadline for public comment is July 2nd.


Fl!p is looking for just one.


I have a friend looking for a 2 bedroom apartment or house in the Columbia
neighborhood. Ideally, available as soon as possible and in the range of
$2000/mo. She is former resident of Columbia, non-smoker, professional
woman – with no pets. Please email me and I will put you in touch!
Lise Grace on Lynn St.


Si Kahn & John McCutcheon. In honor of Ruby Linn, born today. My dear friend (and magnificent banjo player) Laura Smith-Clawson’s granddaughter. Mazel Tov!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

Chalk Talk: Janet Lightner, Bright Chalk, Help!; Racial Justice Forum; Police Oversight; More; Song: Our Four Fathers

CONTENTS 6/22/2020
Chalk Talk: Janet Lightner
Bright Chalk Has Arrived
Spread The Word!
Mask Enforcement?
Racial Justice Forum
Police Oversight & Other Discussions
Backyard Loitering
Father’s Day!
Radio Free Fl!p: Our Four Fathers


Boundary Bay Brewery general manager, who loves and enables creativity!


If you signed up for free chalk and have been waiting for the bright chalk sets to arrive, so have I. It’s here! Call me to let me know you’re coming, and I’ll have your chalk waiting on the front porch with your name on it. I got 50 sets, available on a  first come, first served basis. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now at


I’d love your help spreading the word about the Chalk Festival! There’s now an event page on Facebook and another on NextDoor. And there are always neighbors across the street or back fence…

We’ve got 50 neighbors signed up for the Chalk Festival so far and I’m thrilled to have them. But we have room for 1700 households, safely socially distanced! And I have a couple hundred sets of chalk to give away. So I’m working on other ways to get the word out. I’d love your help inviting people. And do sign up yourself!

This afternoon I got 200 postcard size invitations printed and would love help passing them out. Pick them up from me here at 2518 Cherry Street and pass them to your neighbors. (The artwork on the postcard was created by neighbor Alaya Rousseau.)

Is there someone who would volunteer to put a few in each neighborhood Little Free Library? David Crook, from the neighborhood association board, researched and created a list of all the local boxes, and Jonny Kemp added them to our neighborhood map. The map is at the bottom of the sign-up page: 


Wondering why Whatcom isn’t enforcing its face-covering directive? These are the reasons.


Wednesday, June 24, 7 – 9 PM over Zoom.
Hosted by the Bellingham Friends Meeting.

Look who is on the panel!
• County Executive Satpal Sidhu;
• Rosalinda Guillén of Community to Community;
• Bellingham Deputy Police Chief Flo Simon;
• Shirley Williams of White Swan Environmental and the Lummi Nation;
• Black entrepreneur Jonathan Randolph of Bellingham.

Our diverse panelists will discuss their perspectives on police violence, and next steps we can take as a community to nurture racial justice in Bellingham and Whatcom County. The scope of the discussion will address both practices (such as how individual law enforcement officers deal with a specific incident) and our broader priorities and goals as a community.

This panel brings together people with a wide variety of life experiences and professional expertise, which we hope will lead to a lively and collaborative exchange.


There is a lot going on right now both nationally and locally.


We awoke Monday morning (June 22) with a bunch of random items in our back yard/driveway that abuts the alley — a pair of running shoes, several small rocks, a cup, a gold-tone coffee filter, a small purse (empty), an electronic device from something, and a pile LEGOs (with a little motorized car), several books, some sheet music, a broken Christmas tree ornament.  The LEGOs and rocks were arranged as if a child had been playing with them.  If you are missing any of these items, please let us know.  As far as we can tell, nothing of ours was stolen or damaged.
Gena & Jason Pass
2627 Utter Street


I missed sending a Father’s Day greeting to all the Dad’s out there yesterday, so here’s a song for you today, a bit belated but oh so sincere!


A light-hearted look at all the old tropes we learned in school, and are currently re-evaluating. The re-evaluation is long overdue.

John Knowles wrote this with his son Jay, when Jay was just a little kid after Jay observed that Benjamin Frank-o-lin rhymed with Abraham Linc-o-lin. Jay is all grown up and one of Nashville’s top songwriters these day. For the guitar junkies on the list, John tours with Tommy Emmanuel, and is one of only four CGPs (Certified Guitar Player) ever awarded by Chet Atkins (who invented the designation). John gave up being a genuine rocket scientist for NASA to go play guitar with Chet. The world is lucky!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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ChalkTalk: Hannah Stone; Invite Your Neighbors! Finding Accurate Info; Appliance Depot; More; Song: Crazy In Alabama

CONTENTS 6/21/2020
Chalk Talk With Hannah Stone
Chalk: Invite Your Neighbors!
Appliance Depot Liquidation Sale
Finding Accurate Covid Info
Mask Pattern
Gutter Cleaning?
Seeking Rental
Seeking Short Term Furnished Apt
Radio Free Fl!p: Crazy In Alabama


Hannah is our other neighborhood representative on the City Council. Columbia spans Wards One and Two, with the larger southern section in Ward Two, and just a tiny bit along Kulshan, and Meridian in Ward Three if I’m reading the maps correctly. The neighborhood boundaries were originally set to reflect the catchment areas for each elementary school, but that was long ago, and school boundaries change over time. Something that I really love in Bellingham is that, although I tend to start with Gene or Hannah when I have a concern, in my experience every council member considers themselves responsive and responsible for the city as a whole.


We’ve got 43 sign-ups so far, and some very cool live bands as well. The sign-up form and map are working. (Thank you Jonny Kemp!) I’ve got enough free chalk for nearly 200 households, and we have 1700 households in our neighborhood, plus the businesses, schools and churches that also call us home. I’d love your help getting the word out and getting lots of people signed up early. I have 50 sets of bright colored chalk on the way (being shipped). Dakota Art, down on Cornwall, has about 25 sets of the big, vivid chalks that used to be part of the Allied Arts Downtown Chalk Fest in years gone by. They also have smaller sets of bright colored chalk. There is still time for them to be able to order more bright colored chalk if folks buy all they have, but only if it happens fast. We’re two weeks away right now. Come by my house to pick up pale chalk. I’ve got over 140 sets right now. Just call first to set up a time. 360-671-4511, first come, first served.


Sat, Jun 27, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Appliance Depot has closed. We are hosting a liquidation sale of appliances, parts, tools and more. Please come with cash, including smaller bills. Exact change is appreciated. Credit cards can be used for purchases of $50 or more.

The sale will be held mainly outdoors, weather permitting. A few items will be inside. Please come prepared with a mask. We ask that customers adhere to social distancing protocol including wearing a mask if it’s not possible to stay 6 feet apart. All appliances are sold as is, no warranties given. Delivery will not be available. Come prepared to load and transport your purchases day of sale.

No Earlybirds! Earlybirds Pay Double.


From Betsy Brown MD: Arming yourself with knowledge and skills to ferret out misinformation can help. I especially like this Infodemic Blog which teaches how to decide if a source is reliable. We need more of that. Another good source is which has a Coronavirus misinformation tracking center. It is not political to help prevent infections.


Interesting mask story & pattern.


I am looking for someone who can clean out gutters and roof at my place, 1305 W. Illinois.  Can you post this info on your page? My e-mail is: and my phone is (360) 671-5788. Thanks!    Pat Brown


I am looking for a 2-3 bedroom home to rent in the Colombia or surrounding neighborhoods, available in August. $1700 or less a month, 2 cats, no smoking, no dogs. ~ Melissa Gregory 360-527-6741


My brother in law and girlfriend are looking for a furnished apartment or mother in law this summer for 1-2 months. They need a one or two bedroom apartment, any where in Bellingham would be great. Doesn’t have to allow pets and price no higher than $2500. Please contact Alysia if you have anything available: – Alysia Paxton


By Kate Campbell. I met her years ago when we both taught at a music camp back east. I just fell in love with her. She wrote this about being a White kid down South during the civil rights movement. An extraordinary song, with a perspective rarely heard, and so important.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If

Chalk, Chalk, Chalk! Gene Knutson, Sign Ups, Advice, More; COVID Trends Upward; Wild Whatcom; Song: Hamster For A Year

CONTENTS 6/20/2020
Chalk, Chalk, Chalk!
   Chalk Talk With Gene Knutson
   Franklin Academy Offers Sidewalk
   If You Signed Up For The Chalk Festival
   If You Didn’t Sign  Up For The Chalk Festival

Chalk Advice
   Professional Artists?
Covid Trends Upward
Wild Whatcom
House Cleaner Wanted
Radio Free Fl!p: Hamster For A Year


Gene is the City Council member who represents our district. From my earliest years here, I have found him to be open to listen to any concerns I’ve had.  He has often carried them to the whole council. I bet he’d listen to you too!  And he grew up here in Columbia!


Franklin Academy, over on East Victor has joined Columbia Elementary School and Immanuel Bible Church in offering their sidewalks for our Chalk. Sounds like they may have some chalk available too.


We have 33 households signed up to chalk so far, with several different bands planning to play as well. However, we are having some challenges getting our website to work properly, so your registration probably doesn’t yet show on the Chalk Map.

The bright chalk has not yet arrived. I’ve got 100 or so sets of pale pastel chalk from the dollar store waiting for pick-up any time; just let me know you’re coming. Best bet is to phone 360-671-4511 to let me know you’re coming because texts don’t always get through. I will post as soon as the bright colors arrive, hopefully early this coming week. It has already been shipped from the east coast. I’ve only got 40 of those, so sign up soon.


Do it now!!!! We want you!!! If you sign up, you’ll be on the map. And you can request chalk…


You mentioned using water and a paint brush. I had good luck using a spray bottle. For your comfort use your garden kneeler instead of or on top of cardboard. Gloves!! I think nitrile medical gloves would work well. I used my nitrile garden gloves and washed them in the machine with my chalk clothes. So many little things to remember. I agree with wondering if my body is up to this; that is why I stopped doing Allied Arts. But I plan to have a chair and drinks and take lots of breaks. Can’t wait!

Susan Casey, Walnut Street


I’ve had a couple inquiries from neighbors wanting to find professional artists to decorate their sidewalks. Far be it from me to interfere with artists being able to make a living! Here are some places to look. Individual artists are welcome to send me links to their work to post. I figure neighborhood artists may be busy chalking their own sidewalks, so I will happily post (family friendly) links to any artists who want to play. Payment will need to be negotiated between individuals.


No cases traced to Black Lives Matter marches or rallies so far.

It was surprisingly hard to dig out this data. Cases per 100,000 are trending upwards in Whatcom County.

I was able to click on Whatcom in the upper left hand corner: 2.4 two weeks ago; 5.4 on June 19

Also here:

And in the Herald today:

Public health officials worry that too many people might get together to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 21, and the Fourth of July, leading to a spike in new COVID-19 cases in Whatcom County….

…On Monday, June 15, the health department said recent confirmed cases were linked to large, private social gatherings in late May, two of which had 50 or more people at them. Such gatherings create instability in the county’s ability to move forward to Phase 3, Erika Lautenbach, director of the Whatcom County Health Department,  said Friday. “It has always been our goal to make sure that we move forward with allowing businesses to open and people to get back to work. And a very distant second goal is for people to have parties and socialize,” Lautenbach said. “We’re concerned that these social events and parties are putting all of that economic recovery at risk,” she said.

None of the recent cases have been linked to a May 29 vigil, a May 30 march or a June 6 rally to mourn Blacks, Native American and other people of color killed by police and white vigilantes, according to Lautenbach.

Please, please wear your masks! Yours protects me. Mine protects you. Love in action. 


In-person and virtual camps coming up in July — stay connected with friends and neighbors and get outside while the weather is gorgeous!

  • In-Person Camps similar to our regularly scheduled summer camps but with smaller groups and additional safety measures: 
    • 3-5 days available for grades 1-6 (Camps for older grades almost sold out, so register today! Waitlists available for sold out camps).
    • Read more about our new protocols to keep campers and families safe in our COVID-19 Risk Management Plan for Families and Participants
    • Custom camps may be arranged for groups of 6-8 kids in any grade. If you’re interested, please let us know at!
  • Virtual Outings 
    • Skills “outings” to learn about birding, navigation, and other naturalist skills on Zoom and/or
    • Story Games (similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but with a nature focus) played over two-week sessions on Zoom
    • Please review our Online Safety and Best Practices for participation in these programs
    • Want to see other virtual skills or gatherings? Let us know at!

Registration for all summer programs is open today!

Did you know that several Wild Whatcom staff and board members live in the Columbia neighborhood? We hope to see our neighbors outside this summer whether in Wild Whatcom camps or in our beautiful neighborhood parks!
Licia Sahagun


Wanted… someone who is looking for work and willing to clean my home on a bi-monthly basis. This job includes deep cleaning every 2-3 months. Please call Lisa Jeffries, Elizabeth Street, 360-223-1184


My friend Nat Budin moved from Boston to Bellingham for a year a while back. He and Vic wound up in Bothell, which is our loss. But he continued to drive up for songwriters group; these days he zooms in with the rest of us. He noticed local landmarks like the corner of West North Street and Northwest Avenue, right here in the neighborhood. Sometimes it take a newcomer to really see your own hometown.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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