Vote!; Wreck; Late Night Constuction?; St Paul’s Parade; Lots More; RIP Michael Smith

CONTENTS 8/3/2020
Eldridge Wreck Follow-Up
Late Night Constuction?
St Paul’s Parade
Free Piano
For Sale Child Bike Seat
Tutor Recommendations?
Room For Rent Near Locust Beach
Radio Free Fl!P: Folk Music Looses A Giant


Polls close at 8 PM.

Less than 1/3 of ballots have been returned. Your vote counts! But only if you vote. ~ Fl!p

Do not hand your ballot to a stranger or anyone other than a family member. There are drop boxes all over the county.
~ Doug Brown, Cherry Street


Rumors are flying. I’m trying to confirm. I think it is my responsibility to confirm before printing. Here’s what is known

Many have written me about speeding. I’ll come back to it when I’ve got a fully functional computer again. And thanks to the many who have offered help with that!


I’ve been heavy equipment operating in the 3:00-4:00 hour last night and maybe two nights ago? It sounds like it’s coming from Eldrige or the direction of the waterfront. Do you know anything about this? I was just wondering what it could be.

~ Justin May, on Keesling


Hi neighbors, St Paul’s Episcopal is hosting a Drive-by Farewell Parade for our rector (priest) in our parking lot on Sunday, August 23, 12-1pm. We’ve divided up the time slots by last name to try to minimize a pile-up of cars. We will have people along the way wearing orange vests and holding posters (there may be cheering and clapping!). Map attached. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any concerns and we thank you for being our neighbors! – Amelia Vader, Junior Warden, or 206-218-2657. 


I have an old Baily upright grand that I need to get rid of (we are moving and can’t take it).  It was  tuned 2 years ago and I was told that it’s still in good shape.  I would be happy to give it away or even pay someone $200 to take it off my hands.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,
Christopher Morris , Park Street, 360-393-7413


Lightly used, excellent condition Thule brand Yepp child bike seat for sale – my kids have outgrown it. Normally retails for $220, selling for $100.  I can porch drop in the neighborhood. Please see attached link for product information.    Specs:
Courtney Dunne
Utter Street


I am searching for recommendations for a tutor for my elementary school aged kiddos (grades 1 and 4) to set up a regular schedule for tutoring sessions this school year either in-person or via Zoom. I would love to hear from you if you have someone to recommend.  Thank you!
Courtney Dunne
Utter Street


Room for rent in a 3 bdrm/1 bath house near Locust beach. Opens September 1st but move in date is flexible. The house is filled with 2 other kind people (1 male, 1 female) ages 26-35. Tenants are musicians and enjoy nature, gardening, art, and cooking. Looking for a third tenant to add to this home. $525 per month plus utilities. Please contact Celine Parton at (253) 389-5240 if interested.


Michael Peter Smith, Chicago songwriter, has died of cancer. He played here repeatedly, and our musical world was richer because of it. His songs were carefully constructed both lyrically and musically, and could strike deep in the heart and lodge for a lifetime. Or pretty much knock you right off your chair, gasping with laughter. Instead of a funeral, Smith requested, “If people sing my songs after I’m gone, they need to get the chords right.” Here, from the master himself, are two of my many favorites.


Decades before I ever heard the term Alzheimers.


A loving portrait from a former student

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Found Ring; Power Surge; Fix It; Lots More; Song: Fashioned In The Clay

CONTENTS 8/3/2020
Alert: Found Ring
Power Surge
Ballot Run
Fix It
Scam Alert
Local History
Thanks For Computer Help!
Nintendo Entertainment System?
Concert: Michael Marker And More
Radio Free Fl!p: Fashioned In The Clay


Found ring 2700 block Williams St. Call or text to identify and claim.  360.305.8961 ~ Mary Gorsuch


We had quite a power surge at our house on Elizabeth St, near Jefferson, when the car hit the utility pole this morning. Most lights in our house came on. Power surges can damage the protective electronics in GFCI receptacles and breakers. It’s not a bad idea to test these after any kind of surge or outage. Here’s a website that explains the process of checking GFCI receptacles if you’re not sure:

Todd Albachten-DeGolier, Elizabeth St


If you’ve waited a bit too long to get your ballot in by mail, I can pick yours up on Tuesday around 10am and deliver it with our family’s. Just email me at or text 360-389-6637. VOTE!  ~ Lizanne Schader on Victor


Appliance Depot is gone for good, but the technician is still here. I was an appliance technician for appliance depot, and while the plan was to just close temporarily due to Covid-19 AD couldn’t weather the storm. It’s a hard pill for me to swallow. I truly loved the mission, people, and working for such a great company. I’ve spent the last few weeks upset, stressed, and searching for jobs with no luck so far. I thought to myself why not try to continue the work you were doing for yourself and the community. While my wife and I don’t have the money to try and start a new business, I do have the will, want, and know how to repair, clean, and resale appliances at affordable prices to help a community in need. If you have appliances that you’ve replaced and want to get rid of, or appliances that are broken and you want to get fixed, please let me know! This is very new to me, so it is a work in progress for sure, but to continue Appliance Depots mission of salvaging appliances diverting them from the waste stream, protecting our environment, and working towards a more sustainable local economy is still a mission worth fighting for. I appreciate how amazing our community is and I hope to help my family, and the community thrive. Sorry for such a long post, I hope everyone is having a great day! If you have questions, comments, ideas, or want to donate an appliance feel free to give me a call! Also, I just finished repairing and cleaning a Amana gas dryer if anyone is in need of one (new rollers, and belt). Call to talk to me about pricing.  (Update: At the moment I don’t have any room to accept appliances at my house, but I am making house calls to fix appliances).  Justin Johnson (806) 500-6911


Bellingham Police Department

In the past few days we have become aware of a scam resurfacing in Bellingham and wanted to get the word out to warn the community not to fall for it. Here is how it goes –

Caller – “This is Deputy _____ from the Whatcom County Sheriffs Office and you missed jury duty and owe a fine. If you don’t pay a warrant will be issued for your arrest.”

Citizen receiving call – shocked the caller knows their name, which lends validity to the call.

Caller – “you need to pay the fine or a warrant will be issued.”

The caller then gets more and more manipulative and demands the citizen pay the fine and many of our citizens do for fear of the warrant. The citizen is then manipulated into going to a local store and purchasing a gift card to pay the “fine.” When the caller gets the number from the citizen on the gift card, the call immediately ends and the caller spends the money.

The truth –

– no government agency will EVER ask/demand you purchase a gift card to pay a fine – it is a total SCAM

 – no legitimate organization will demand you stay on the phone with them while you go to get the gift card and demand you not hang up or tell anyone – that is the sign of a SCAM

 – The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (nor any other law enforcement agency) will EVER call you to pay a fine, or bail, or hospital bill – especially not by having you purchase a gift card or money order – it is a total SCAM

 – if you answer the phone and hear any of the above, hang up the phone immediately.

Please do not fall for the scammers. If you feel there is some legitimacy to their call, hang up and call the specific or hospital department directly (or call the family member they claim to be in jail or injured.)

If you are scammed, please report it to local Law Enforcement as well as to either of these places:


I just wanted to chime in – this film is really exciting to me, and has a connection to Bellingham via dancer Syvilla Fort.  Her parents were married in Bellingham and her father John W.L. Fort and grandfather William Oldwin were proprietors of the Mobile Cafe here in the early 1900s.  There is an amazing photograph of the family and their cafe at the Whatcom Museum Photo Archives.  When I found the connection to Syvilla Fort, I was excited (as I have a dance background) whom I had never heard of.  She has been overlooked and it is so nice to see her getting some deserved attention. ~ Kolby LaBree


If you think you may have found one of the big hornets, contact the Washington State Department of Agriculture using the online reporting form at


I have a loaner keyboard, and three potential repair technicians. Thank you SO much!


My grandson Conor is looking to buy a Nintendo Entertainment System. I asked about year and model etc, and Conor replied, Just that it works and has all the cables and a controller. Just can’t be the re-make small one.” He’s trying to find one for his partner’s birthday, so they can practice Tetris according to tournament standards. I have no idea what any of that means, but Conor says the unit is about the size of a toaster, so I could handle the shipping. He’s down near Portland.  ~ Fl!p


Thursday Aug 6, noon to 2:30 PM


Bok, Trickett, Muir. So good to remember this lovely, hopeful song!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Car Wreck; Vote; Kindness; Coyote Scat?; Appliance Recycling?; Lots More; Song: Don’t Get Trouble In Your Mind

Contents 8/2/2020
Car Wreck
Coyote Scat?
Dead Appliance Recycling?
Dvd Swap
Free Film
Help Elizabeth Station
Diamond Jim’s
Small Sewing Project
Busted Computer
Radio Free Fl!p: Don’t Get Trouble In Your Mind


Car hit a utility pole on Eldridge at 7 AM, shearing it off. Car wound up upside down in front yard. Police have the street closed. Electricity is out for 26 houses. PSE is hoping to have power back by 3:30 PM today. The driver appeared to be talking with first responders after the accident, but was taken on a stretcher to the hospital, not looking so great. We don’t know if she survived. One car, one driver.  Wah!

Neighbors are discussing traffic calming for Eldridge. I called Tim Douglas, former mayor, who lives nearby. I think he originally got into politics over the trucks on Eldridge. He says the first step is for neighbors to track speeding: day, time, direction, whatever you can see or hear. Log this, and work with police. The City must be able to demonstrate need before they can take action, and we can do this by keeping a log.

Here’s a note from Tim: It occurred to me after you called that I should have mentioned an effort several of us made to get a red light installed at Carl Lobe Park so that pedestrians would be protected when crossing Eldridge.  After getting a successful decision by the City to install it, it was later removed for a very legitimate reasons:  drivers so rarely encountered anyone crossing there, they began routinely running the light—endangering anyone who would enter the crosswalk thinking they’d be safe. I hope our neighborhood will start noting time and general places where speeding occurs and informing police so they can post a patrol car likely to catch effective speeders at such times. 


A tiny percentage of us vote in this election. Really tiny. Your vote counts more today than it will in the Fall. At this point you should take your ballot in to the drop box. Due Tuesday. I’ll be glad to help you figure where your drop box is.


It turns out that one of the best things you can do for your own state of mind is to find ways to be kind t others. There are things you can do right from your own couch – Write to someone (or call) to let them know the specifics of why you are glad they’re in your life. Tell them something they did right. Send a photo of something beautiful. Ask how they are doing and lend a listening ear. Not just elders who may be isolated. Young adults and teens need extra connection at this time. Don’t we all?


Coyote scat on sidewalk of 2300 block of Victor. Strewn on the south east corner of Victor and Monroe. It has hair in it. Also, it is scattered all over the sidewalk and most dogs in the neighborhood are not allowed to do that. Also, I have read that the reason we used to encounter wolf scat in the middle of trails in Algonquin Park was because they purposefully leave it there as territorial markers…this display looked as if it could be of similar intent. ~ Mary Anne Pultz


3 Weeks ago my toaster oven broke. I don’t want to replace it. I like the space it leaves. Today, i went all over looking for 802 Marine Drive for Appliance Depot, where they take broken appliances. Finally asked people nearby and they said it doesn’t exist anymore. I left a message at Sustainable Connections to find out if there is any place in B’ham for recycling appliances but they haven’t called me back yet. Does anyone know if anything else exists? Or does it just go to the dump….? ~ Sara Todd


(From my friend Richard Scholtz, who lives on the South Side. He thought our neighborhood might enjoy this.) The other day I saw neighbors I didn’t know well, out walking and she asked if we had any dvds we would be willing to loan because they had a TV but no cable. Sure: not very many and  it was an odd collection but they could try a couple and see if they liked them. So, by now they have watched 6. I wouldn’t have guessed they would have liked any of them – and they have liked all of them.


The Space Needle is one of Seattle’s iconic structures attracting thousands of visitors each year, especially in the summer. It is now open with limited capacity. Few who visit the Needle know the fascinating story behind it’s distinctive design. Director BJ Bullert reveals the history in her short film, “Space Needle: A Hidden History,” an Official Selection in CASCADIA’s 2020 festival. See it again here free of charge this weekend starting Saturday, Aug. 1 through Sunday, Aug. 2.   Donations to CASCADIA support the work of the festival to promote the stories of women directors throughout the world told through the media of film.


Elizabeth Station is struggling right now to stay open. They really could use our support. It is definitely worth a trip. Their prices are good. Also, they have implemented some really great safety measures for dining in. They now serve pizza.


This local restaurant also needs our help. Traffic is very light, and they really could use our community support. A business that is doing it right, not just doing it ok. ~ Aaron Booker


We are seeking a 6-10/hr per week property maintenance helper for our 10 beautifully forested acres with multiple living units and out buildings. The independent contract job would range from general labor tasks to semi-skilled handy-person tasks (we have another person who helps us with gardening). Mainly outside with some inside (masked). We pay $25/hr and are 10 minutes from the Columbia neighborhood out Sunset/Mt. Baker. Please call or e-mail if you are interested.  Kara Black (360-676-2300,


I need help cutting and sewing used curtains to fit.vThree panels, open to discuss. Contact Scotty at
Scotty Lewis, Victor Street


You haven’t heard from me much lately because my computer is busted. Intermittently. Keyboard problem. $700 to fix – I talked with Apple. If my computer was a few months younger, it would be trivial. One way to get me to shut up! I may be looking for a fairly recent model refurbished MacBook Pro. But this was a good one… ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511


Carolina Chocolate Drops

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Concert Tonight!; Internet Jamming?; Poem

CONTENTS 7/30/2020
Concert Tonight
Internet Jamming?
Piroshky Link


HAVILAH at 6:00 PM

Thanks to the partnership of The Eldridge Society for History and Preservation, Bellingham Parks and Recreation, and our friends at Varvid and KMRE 102.3 FM, these concerts are brought to you weekly, so we can stay safe and enjoy great music. We’ll get through this together.

Havilah began her music career at the age of 6 when she began composing songs on an old piano given to her family by some friends. Heavily influenced early on by James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones, The Police and a wide range of other styles, Havilah’s songs immediately took on an identity of their own.  She will be performing with the “Band of Havilah” for this show – Phil Sottile and David Vaughn.

We are grateful to the audiences and our community for helping us sustain these concerts in the past. We could not have brought this summer series to you without that support. Please consider helping us to continue to provide music to our community.


NOTE: All funds will go to the Eldridge Society for History and Preservation. You can option out of “tip” by clicking “other” and putting $0.00 in that field.

If you don’t want to donate online, checks can be made out to The Eldridge Society. Mail to P.O. Box Four, Bellingham, WA 98228 or 2430 Walnut Street, Bellingham, 98225



My son Josh (a fiddler) is interviewed about a new technology called JamKazam that allows musicians in separate locations to play together in real time, to hear each other as they play. Though some musicians have used Zoom effectively, Zoom does not allow musicians in remote locations to play together due to something called “latency,” that is, a lag in time between the musicians. Zoom (or any kind of conference-type call) requires the independent music tapes (musicians can’t hear each other in real time) to be edited so it only appears the musicians are playing together.

Here’s the link to the podcast – the show itself is called Get Up in the Cool and the man who broadcasts it is a banjo player named Cameron DeWhitt – he and Josh talk and play five old-time songs “together,” with Josh in Seattle and Cameron in Portland. I think Josh does a great job of explaining “latency” and how to set up an easy system at home via JamKazam that overcomes it.

Julie Larios, Williams Street


The link I sent a couple days ago was wrong.

And click on Upcoming Events.

Sorry! They’ll be back in 2 weeks. I particularly liked the cheddar garlic rolls, the salmon, and the cinnamon cardamom braid. I’m going to try the rhubarb one next time.


When I remember bygone days
I think how evening follows morn;
So many I loved were not yet dead,
So many I love were not yet born.
  ~ Ogden Nash

Listening Session Tonight; Chalk Website & Photos; More; Lost Watch; Songs: Mississippi John Hurt

CONTENTS 7/28/2020
Listening Session Tonight
Chalk Website & Photos!
Lost Watch
Free Printer Cartridges
Refrigerator Carton?
Radio Free Fl!p: Mississippi John Hurt


First Community Listening Session on Race and Justice to Be Held Tonight, Tuesday, July 28

Whatcom County and City of Bellingham officials are hosting a listening series on race and justice, an opportunity for community members to share their experiences and their ideas for how leaders can make meaningful, effective changes.

The first of the four scheduled sessions will be held Tuesday, July 28, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  Preregistration is recommend ( The Zoom meeting ID is 958 0522 4763 and the password is 123. 

You can also connect to the meeting by phone at any of the following numbers:

  • (253) 215-8782
  • (346) 248-7799
  • (669) 900-6833

This and future sessions will be aired live on BTV and the City’s YouTube channel.

“We intend this to be the beginning step in a continuum that includes joining communities nationwide in doing the hard work of identifying how we dismantle structural racism in our organizations and our community,” said Bellingham Mayor Seth Fleetwood, who helped initiate the series.

Whatcom County Executive Satpal Sidhu said community leaders are receiving many requests for action. “We intend this listening series to be the first step in a process of understanding our community’s experiences with racism and injustice and taking steps to effectively address these issues,” he said. “It is the beginning of a dialogue that will result in necessary changes.


The photos are up!!! You can scroll through all of them, and click on any one to enlarge it. The map is now static, showing all the events. I am SO excited! I don’t think we got photos of everything, and there are some duplicates, but what we have is quite a testament to how much fun we can have safely in this neighborhood, and how much beauty and whimsey and love and connection shines through. Thank you again! (And thanks to Jonny Kemp for taking on such a huge task! Little did I know what I was asking…)


Men’s style Seiko, gold color, brown leather band.  After waiting for it to turn up in my house somewhere over last couple weeks, I strongly believe that it must have fallen out of my pocket on one of my almost daily walks in the neighborhood, as that is last place I remember having it.  Hoping someone came across it in the last 2-3 weeks and picked it up, maybe even during the July 5 chalk fest.  Thanks! ~ Christy Mann  Elm Street


We have 934 (black) and 935 (color) HP printer cartridges to give away. Some are full and some are refillable. Text me at 360-319-4744 to inquire.
Karen Walkup, Lynn Street 


Buying a new refrigerator? Or something else that big? We really, really want the carton, preferably still whole, to mock up a cabinet. Call Fl!p at 360-671-4511. Thanks!


Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor

Mississippi John Hurt sings Gilbert & Sullivan!

(Really. Click on it!)

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Found Chicken; Piroshky; Vermont Chalk; More; Apartment Available; Song: Chicken

CONTENTS 7/27/2020
Found Chicken
Vermont Chalk
Kefir Grains
Free Wine Rack
Apartment For Rent
Radio Free Fl!p: Chicken Song


There’s a hen in our yard! If you’re missing a chicken, give us a call or text. Megan and Jeremy Noet
2500 block of Vallette st


Zeke and I just got drive-through behind Boundary Bay Brewery. The truck is there till 4 PM. Yum! Savory and sweet varieties of pastries wrapped in sweet roll dough. They’re coming up from Seattle every couple weeks.


I just read in the blog about the other places that were inspired by us to do Chalk Festivals. I thought you would want to know that my friend in Brattleboro, VT contacted me and they are having a Chalk Fest on August 1st. ~ Susan Casey


Milk Kefir grains- Have you been interested in trying to make your own milk kefir? Or maybe you are experienced and just need the grains? All you will need is a clean jar, whole milk (I use grass fed, organic), a non-metal strainer, a bowl or pitcher and a refrigerator. My kefir has been growing like crazy this season so I have lots of extra grains to share. Contact me at  To your health! Lizanne Schader


24 bottle cedar wine rack, will deliver.  ~ Jack Kintner


Available August 2020
Large apartment in historic Fountain District
$1500/monthly + deposit and last month
Water/Sewer, laundry included
Pet and smoke free building
Karen Walkup
Lynn Street


Mississippi John Hurt sings one of my favorites.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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Online Concert Tomorrow & Subscription; Quarantine / Isolation; Adopt A Dog?; Found Bag; Song: I’m Married

CONTENTS 7/22/2020
Elizabeth Park Online Concert Tomorrow
Elizabeth Park Online Concert Subscription
Quarantine / Isolation
Adopt A Foster Dog?
Found Bag
Radio Free Fl!p: I’m Married


Thursday, July 23 6-8 PM
Playing Fun Classic Rock Party Music
Ian Bakke-Vocals
John Delaney-Guitar
Bob Oldham-Bass
Dale Kreiser- Drums

All these concerts are safely online this year!

Here’s the link for YouTube

Here’s the link for Facebook:

And of Course, KMRE-FM 102.3 on your radio dial.

And here’s the link for the fresh off the presses Elizabeth Park Concert Series GoFundme, since we don’t have the ability to collect donations at the concerts.

Thank you for your generosity. We could not bring this to you this year if it weren’t for the community support in previous years. We are very grateful.
Marla Bronstein


Hello Friends..I would would appreciate it if you would subscribe to our YouTube page so we can livestream our concerts for those in our community who don’t have Facebook. Thanks for your support!!

Elizabeth Park Summer Concert Series-Bellingham,WA

We’re more than halfway there to 100 subscribers. Please subscribe!! You’ll be the first to know when concert videos are being premiered, and you can watch them over and over!!


From BetsyBrowmMD/

The CDC today adjusted its recommendations for how long to isolate after a positive test for COVID-19. The recommendation is now 10 days from when symptoms started or 24 hours after the fever breaks. If you have no symptoms, the period is 10 days after testing. This is based in better data. I am glad to get clarification to help my patients understand better. It has been confusing. The old recommendation was to have two (!?) negative tests before leaving isolation. It has been difficult enough to get even one test; but to get 2 more? Impractical and nearly impossible! Especially in some states. Keep in mind, though, that some people may have symptoms for longer, but almost everyone doesn’t have transmissible virus after 10 days. There is a difference in viral particles or RNA and a viable virus that can infect and reproduce.

Quarantine is essentially the same activity as isolation but for people actually exposed, so they don’t transmit COVID-19 before they get symptoms. The recommendation is still 14 days, the same you would need to quarantine yourself if you went to New York from Washington State. (We have now been added to the undesirable list based on our high R0 which has gone up). Of course, if someone develops COVID-19 their isolation is extend for 10 mores days from when symptoms started.

One of the big failings in testing I see is that people get tested, often after a known exposure or with mild symptoms, but then they don’t isolate or quarantine themselves while waiting for results. I hear these stories so often- in the news, congressmen, patients, co-workers. I am not sure what they are thinking or if they worry about exposing someone else. When they find out they are positive, most feel horrible they exposed others. I don’t necessarily blame that person. I think the testing site needs to educate and emphasize safety. But somehow we need to educate better on why physical distancing and mask wearing are important, in particular after possible exposure and after testing.

Last night I awoke from a vivid dream and could not get back to sleep. In the dream, I started coughing and knew I had COVID-19. That scared me; but what really upset me was that I coughed near Jamie without a mask and I was afraid I had given it to him. Such an awful feeling that stuck with me. I hope and pray that none of you every get that feeling. And I am grateful that it was just a dream.

The interesting news is that OB/GYN’s in several countries have noted a significant drop in premature births during our shutdowns. The reasons are unknown and at this point there is only speculation. However, many researchers, who have studied pre-term births and the causes, are now hoping to use this to seek possible preventive measures. Hopefully some good will come from this.

Wash your hands, cover your nose, stay 6 feet away from others, and be kind.

And finally, my caveat is that this is my experience and my opinions, which are subject to change as more information is available, and not related to the organization I work for. Thanks for reading.


My kids love dogs and we have recently become involved in fostering rescue pups. Through word of mouth I was connected with a woman in Tacoma whom purchased a “Covid Puppy” and was no longer able to care for it. She was furloughed at work, had all three of her kids home, bought them a puppy to play with, and then when the world started turning again, she started working overtime and her kids went to daycare. The puppy was being kenneled alone at home for 10-12 hours a day. No one to care for it regularly and give it the love it needs. 

My heart hurt for the little guy and so I asked if she would consider giving him up to find a better home. She said she paid 1500$ for him from an online breeder and he was current on his first round of immunizations and deworming. I talked her down to an amount closer to what a shelter would charge for a rehoming fee, and took him with faith that there is a better home for him here in Bellingham somewhere. 

When she bought him he was 3-4lbs. He is 11-12 weeks now and almost 7lbs. He should not get bigger than about 10-12lbs. He is a stealthy chihuahua dachshund mix, and looks like a micro-sized black lab! My two daughters, 6 & 7, have been working with me to help potty training him (he was taught to go on puddle pads in his kennel), and get him accustomed to walking on a leash, playing with other dogs, and working through teething with lots of chew toys. He is doing great!! 

He often goes 10 hours at night with no accidents. He is quick to adjust behavior when we redirect his chewing, and we take him out every 2hours or less to help him succeed. He is a ton of fun, super sweet and loves to run after us in the parks while we play soccer or frisbee together. When he is exhausted from walks and play time, he is a snuggler and will cuddle up on my lap to just be pet. He is vocal about wanting attention and will let you know that he wants to be picked up and loved. 

He has been somewhat neglected, so he needs to be with someone who wants a dog, knows how to care for and teach him patiently as he grows. We have purchased a large kennel, cozy bed, food/water dish, chew toys, kong, harness, leash and food that I am happy to send with him to make the transition seamless. A rehoming fee will apply to help ensure he goes to a good home and help cover our costs in fostering him.

Alaina Sawaya  360.778.9499  


Last night around midnight we woke up to a highly agitated man yelling in front of our house. He threw something into our parking strip and walked down the street. Probably a car prowl–if you are missing a zippered bag that says Platt and Intermatic, and can describe the contents, let me know! Lee Gulyas, Keesling Street


David Dodson both wrote and sang this. Today & tomorrow are the 22nd anniversary of Zeke & my wedding. (Yes, it took us two days because I married a Canadian, and we followed all the rules really carefully.) We’re cuddling, cooking celebratory food, doing some house projects and laundry, making music together. We made great bacon and french toast with real maple syrup for breakfast, and we’ll grill steaks for dinner, from Carne, here in the neighborhood. (No we didn’t. We’ll do that tomorrow. We got take-out from the Soy House instead.) And we’re playing/cleaning house! (I don’t think we’d vacuumed in a month… one of the disadvantages of no visitors.) After we get the last of the laundry finished, Zeke has promised to play with my old wooden train set with me! Pre-Brio. All unpainted maple. When I was a kid, my siblings and I still played with the trains and track when we were in junior high. I added to the set when my kids were small and we lived near the factory that made them. I got all sorts of track, switches, cars, signs, bridges & trestles. And then when my first pair of grandsons were small, Tim Hutton here in Bellingham made me train stations, a couple little houses, and some passenger cars with windows. And he let me help! I found the box deep under the bed a while ago, and have been longing not just to play with them, but to have someone to play with them with me. And no kids in safe reach at the moment. So Zeke and I will be kids for a while. Having someone to play with may be the most glorious part of being married. Plus that “for better and for worse, in sickness and in health” part isn’t so bad either. Thanks Zeke!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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COVID Resource; Skin Rash; Sunnyland Soft Shoe; Judge Forum; More; Song: Daughters Of Feminists

CONTENTS 7/17/2020
Important COVID Report
Skin Rash As Early COVID Symptom
Sunnyland Soft Shoe On Saturday
Judges Forum Online
Lost Ear Bud
Rental Wanted By Three Roommates
Rental Wanted By Handyman
Radio Free Fl!p: Daughter Of Feminists


White House “Report To Governors” report gives state-by-state and county-by-county weekly tracking of COVID, with trends and detailed recommendations.

Here are the charts. Scroll way down near the end to get to Washington state and Whatcom county (page 330 I think).


Data from the COVID Symptom Study shows that characteristic skin rashes and ‘COVID fingers and toes’ should be considered as key diagnostic signs of the disease, and can occur in the absence of any other symptoms. I joined this study and get regular updates. It seems both safe to do so, and useful at this time. I report daily. It takes less than a minute on an app.


I have always loved Sunnyland’s neighborhood celebration, and this year they are creating a socially-distanced event, and we are all invited. 


Informed voter are so important. It’s particularly challenging to sort out judges from the information in the voter’s pamphlet so I was glad to hear of this forum. If you hear of any other candidate forums, I would appreciate hearing about them.

Candidate Forum – Whatcom Superior Court Judge, Pos. 4
Monday July 20  7:00 PM
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 841 5616 9856
Password: 101690

POSITION DUTIES – WHATCOM SUPERIOR COURT JUDGEEach of Washington’s 39 counties has a superior court.  Whatcom’s has 4 judges elected to 4-year terms and 3 commissioners appointed by judges. Judges and commissioners hear and decide cases assigned to them by the presiding judge

Types of cases superior court handles:
o Adult Felonies
o Civil cases – (includes cases involving real property and/or claims in excess of $35,000)
o Divorce/Child Custody/Child Support matters
o Probate/guardianships
o Paternity actions
o Adoptions
o Juvenile cases
o Mental Illness cases

The presiding judge is elected by the other judges to serve not less than two years,  He or she supervises the judicial business of the Superior Court, acts as the spokesperson for the court, directs the court administrator in implementing administrative and general court policy, and performs judicial and administrative duties.

Court commissioners are appointed by the superior court judges. They have some of the same powers and duties as judges and are authorized to hear ex parte, domestic, criminal, juvenile offender, dependency and mental illness proceedings. They may sit as judges pro tempore if all parties agree.

Candidates submit their statements. The Office of the Secretary of State does not make corrections or verify statements for truth or fact.  See


I have a “handywoman”  that I want to recommend.  Very capable and knowledgeable. She does repairs and construction. She’s just now putting herself out on the market… Her name is Daniella Hirt.  phone:  206.310.6963. She lives on Henry, across the street from me. I’m happy to recommend her; she has done numerous things for me.  A nice person too. ~ Sara Todd


I lost an ear bud in the alley between Victor and Lynn on Thursday July 16. It is red with a L (for left) and R for brand name. Any help finding appreciated.
Jim Schmotzer


3 roommates looking for 2 bed, minimum 1.5 bath place to stay for easy transport to work and school, looking to move by end of August/beginning of September. Max monthly rent around $1500, preferably with utilities included. Prefer parking space for two cars. Responsible, quiet and clean; would prefer pet friendly (2 indoor cats). Need LGBT-friendly options. Employment, rental and character references available upon request.  Please contact Ean Broyles at:  THANK YOU


Looking for a place to live; something more private like a mother-in-law suite, garage converted apartment or basement type place to rent. Currently in Blaine but would be ok with Ferndale, Bellingham or Fairhaven area. Jordan, 23 years old, very mature for his age and has a well mannered dog named Eli (80lb Black lab mix) that surprisingly barely barks. Jordan works for Andgar heating and air corp. He has references if wanted, is a handyman with many skills beyond his age and of course always willing to lend a hand. He’s looking for something temporary 6-8 months to rent but ok if it’s longer than that. Not a smoker, enjoys the occasional Batch15 from Aslan. $900 is the cap but willing to pay more for the right place and environment.
Jordan Booth
(From his girlfriend, Genesis)


Written by Nancy White, originally on her album Momnipotant. Here is a pandemic version, in honor of the album’s 30th anniversary. I would have had a such a daughter, if I hadn’t only had sons.

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Concert Tomorrow; Vote; Critters & Cars; Masks; Misinformation; Song: I Wanna Be A Dog

CONTENTS 7/15/2020
Concert Tomorrow!
Vote! And First, Inform Yourself
Raccoon Tolerance
Another Coyote / Cat
Car Prowling
Masks May Protect Us Both
Radio Free Fl!p: I Wanna Be A Dog


Don’t forget Elizabeth Park Online Concert tomorrow, 6-8 PM.
FREE HARMONY:  Chuck Dingée and Sharon Mayson’s beautiful vocals.

Here’s the link for the Facebook feed:

Here’s the link for YouTube

And of Course, KMRE-FM 102.3


There is a primary election coming right up. Our voter’s pamphlet arrived today and ballots will follow soon. Being a citizen gives us both rights and responsibilities. The people who created our system of government counted on voters educating themselves. I consider it part of what gets called Adulting these days. I am not in the least interested in telling you who to vote for, but I really do want to encourage each of you to vote, and to inform yourself as best you can, before you vote. Whenever I find out about a forum or other good source of information I will let you know. This particular primary election coming up is the one in which each individual (that means you) has the greatest influence on the outcomes. That is because traditionally, voter turnout is low. Your vote is a higher percentage of the total. I have seen outcomes hinge on less than a dozen votes. This is a big opportunity!


In case it helps Raccoon tolerance, mothers have to protect their babies from males who will kill them. And teach them how to flatten their spines to get thru tight spots. “Raccoon Nation”, through our library, shows this. Riveting to watch!  ~ Gillian Brightwater


I live on 2200 block of Utter street. I walked out of my house this morning to walk to work, took a right in front of the big Victorian house next to me and there’s a deceased orange and white cat that very obviously had been attacked by a coyote or something. I recognize the cat as being a resident of our neighborhood. I called animal control and left a message. So awful and sad. Sincerely, ~ Nancy Rathjen


Just a friendly heads up, don’t forget to lock your car doors. I just heard a few people on bikes around 3:45 AM (Wednesday) opening up my neighbor’s car.  ~ Rachel Greenwood, 2600 block of Walnut Street

[Coyotes aren’t the only ones prowling!]


This looks both hopeful and credible.


People easily share information to others to be “helpful” without checking for accuracy. This study shows that social media affects judgement but that it may be possible to slow it down by asking about accuracy. Amazingly, the simple question “is it accurate?” slowed people down enough that the information shared was more accurate and less misguided. More misinformation was shared when the question was not asked. If it could be that simple, we could make a difference. Asking people to slow down and check accuracy might actually help.


The Canote Brothers sing an identical twin duet; written by Barry Louis Polisar (who wrote the Yuch song, which I utterly adore and love singing to children, often to their parents’ horror. I may post Yuch sometime… Barry also wrote It Came From Under The Rug and My Brother Threw Up On My Toy Stuffed Bunny. He writes about Real Life for kids. This song is a little safer, but not completely safe.)

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Concert Thursday!; Chalk Video, Forum Link; Critters; Veggies; Art; Rentals Wanted; Songs From The French; A Recipe

CONTENTS 7/14/2020
Elizabeth Park Thursday Concert (Online)
Chalk Video
Racial Justice Forum Link
Raccoon Family On The Hunt
Cougar Sighting In Birchwood
Sweet Peas
Hop Through Produce Stand
Open Air Art Show
Mom Visit Rental?
Short Term Rental?
Radio Free Fl!p: Songs From The French
A Recipe (Long)


Thursday, July 16 from 6-8pm.FREE HARMONY

Chuck Dingée and Sharon Mayson’s beautiful vocals are what make Free Harmony unique and a treat to listen to. They formed the duo in 2017 and have been busy entertaining people in the Northwest ever since. A founding member of Bellingham’s popular classic rock band The Walrus, Chuck has been singing and playing in the area for over 40 years.  He has an eclectic repertoire of hundreds of songs from Gershwin to Beatles to Pink Floyd. Having sung all her life, Sharon has an incredibly smooth voice and performs in local Northwest bands High Spirits and Pacific Twang. Together they play an entertaining mix of originals and songs ranging from the 60s to present, by artists like Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, Emmylou Harris, John Denver, Indigo Girls, The Police, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, and many others.

Free Harmony, joined by Carr Johnson performs a great night of music. Thanks to the partnership of The Eldridge Society for History and Preservation, Bellingham Parks and Recreation, and our friends at Varvid and KMRE 102.3 FM, these concerts are brought to you weekly, so we can stay safe and enjoy great music. We’ll get through this together.

Here’s the link for the Facebook feed:

Here’s the link for YouTube

And of Course, KMRE-FM 102.3


Neighbor Mark Allyn made a chalk video. He has also submitted the video to Access Bellingham.


The Racial Justice Working Group (RJWG) of the Bellingham Friends Meeting is grateful for the robust community participation in the online Whatcom Racial Justice Forum held on July 1.  We were honored that over 250 attendees joined us!  This event was made possible by the well-informed and articulate panelists who shared their expertise and personal experiences. The link to view the video of the Whatcom Racial Justice event is with closed captioning included.

Our RJWG has received much useful and appreciated feedback, and is working toward preparing another event that will tentatively take place in September, with details to be announced. We welcome further suggestions from the community and are open to the participation of others as we plan future events and actions in Whatcom County.  Please contact us through our web page:


At 6 pm today, July 13, my neighbor alerted me to a family of 3 raccoons in my yard in the 2300 block of Park St. Normally a raccoon is a nocturnal hunter, but when a mama has babies to feed, she will start to show up in the daytime. I let my chickens range in my yard, but it is very risky this time of year. Last year I witnessed a big raccoon scaling my 6 foot fence with one of my chickens in her jaws. Raccoons will also attack cats, especially if there is pet food outside that the raccoon wants, or as hunting lessons for their young. I won’t share the gory details of the fate of one of my cats, but please be warned that these cute little critters are in fact skilled predators. The cat I mentioned survived, but lost his tail in the battle. It happened when we lived in Seattle, but the same situation of a big tree, a family of raccoons, and my cat left outside while I was out of town. And while I might chase them out of my yard, I keep my distance, because they are not afraid of people, and will defend their babies. Live and learn…  ~ Deb Valentine


Yesterday, on the trail between Cherrywood & Alderwood. Close enough to Columbia to offer a heads up.  During Washington’s nearly 200 years of recorded post European history there have been fewer than a dozen total cougar attacks on humans. Here’s what to do if you encounter it:

  • Immediately and forcefully show the animal that you’re a human:  Put small children behind you or pick them up. Stop, look big, wave your arms, vocalize. Also, control your dogs, — Do not run away. Running and rapid movements may trigger a chase response. This is all that’s necessary in most encounters and will put the cougar to flight.
  • Otherwise, face the cougar. Talk to it firmly while slowly backing away. Always leave the animal an escape route.
    Do not take your eyes off the cougar or turn your back. Do not crouch down or try to hide.


Sweet Pea flower bunches for sale! $5 each.
Tuesday, 7/14 starting at noon.
The sweet peas are blooming profusely! Come and get a bunch while we’ve got them available.
Lindsey and Family
West & Jefferson

Saturdays 9-1 at 2526 Kulshan street. Skagit Valley organic produce, already bagged. Prices range from $5.00-30.00 Or pre-order online:
Heather Fitstrawn


Saturday July 18 10-2, W. North at Peabody Street
Open Air Pop Up Market in the yard.


I’m looking for an air bnb or simple rental situation for my mother who plans to visit sometime between Aug 6-13.  A private bedroom and bathroom feels like enough, but also open to a fuller situation.  She is in her 60’s, mobile and familiar with the neighborhood.  Any possibilities please reach out to me at  Thanks! ~ Jess Radovich


I am looking to rent a room or air bnb from someone before the dorms open (September 18th-23rd) and possibly longer. I really need a place close to a bus line or very close to Western University campus. I’ll be studying environmental science. I am great with animals and small children, very easy going, calm, and careful about protecting myself and others against covid. I have a little bitty dog that visits sometimes. I don’t smoke.

I am available to talk or text when and if you have time.  I would appreciate any information or help you have time to provide. I absolutely love Bellingham and I am looking forward to living there. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact me at ~ Ellie Peterson


It’s Bastille Day! Or at least it still was when I was writing this. My Dad trained to be a French interpreter in WWII, though he never made it overseas. We celebrated July 14 when I was a kid, including the year my big brother and his best buddy built a genuine, functioning guillotine. Threatened dolls and smaller children till the grownups confiscated and dismantled it. My memory says they may have burned it in a bonfire. Anyway, my mood is not the bloodthirsty La Marseillaise today. Wait! Maybe the version from Casa Blanca. OK. You get three songs!

La Marseillaise
Sequence from Casa Blanca

Plaisir d’Amour
Classical French love song written in 1784

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger doing the version Elvis made famous here.


An old friend requested a recipe. I had as much fun writing it as I did making it. You might too. But it’s long…

Fl!p’s Stroganoff Recipe
2 very large cast iron skillets
(or cut your amounts in half, but why?)
1# bacon ends and pieces, chopped
5# jumbo yellow onions, chopped
Fresh minced garlic if you want.
2# pre-sliced mushrooms (because I’m lazy)

(I get my onions and mushrooms at SmartFoods because they are way cheaper in bulk. I just got 25# onions and split them with Bea across the street, and cooked them immediately. Now I have a freezer full of goodies.)

Egg noodles if you’re me. Bowknots if you’re Zeke.
Really cheap white wine
Really good quality pre-sliced rare roast beef from the deli – 1 or 2 slices for each serving, cut into inch-wide strips. Return beef to the fridge till the last minute.
Large quality sour cream
Fresh chives and parsley from garden, minced.

Fry the bacon most of the way
Add the onion and keep frying till the onion is deep brown and gooey.
Add garlic.
Add the mushrooms and keep frying till mushrooms are done and gooey as well.
Add white wine (or some broth or some water) as you go along to keep anything from burning.

All this is going to take a long time but it’s worth it. I do about 10# per month of just onions, with olive oil or with sesame oil, garlic and ginger so I’ve got some waiting for stir fry.
When you’re done, shovel most of it into ziplock bags, seal, spread out no more than 1/2” thick. 5# onions & 2# of mushrooms should cook down to two 1/2 thick 1-gallon Ziplocks. Easy to break off chunks for future use. Freeze. Now you have amazing gravy or sauce or soup base at a moment’s notice.

Later, after a nice rest for your feet:
Boil a big pot of water and start the noodles.

Take the part of the glorious goo you want for this batch of stroganoff (still in fry pan). Dilute with wine, broth or water. Stir and scrape pan to get all the crunchy goodies. Maybe add some salt. Depends on your bacon. Thicken with corn starch or flour or tapioca.

When the noodles are ready, put in shallow bowl or deep plate. Arrange cold roast beef slices on top. Dump gravy goo over everything. Add big shplop of sour cream on top. Garnish  with chives and parsley. Eat till you burst.

Repeat that last part on future days till your mushroom goo is gone and you’ve gained 10#. Go get more ingredients.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

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