Homemade Chalk Paint!, Avoiding Car Prowls, Mallard Ice Cream, Radio Free Fl!p Correction, Poem To A House, More

CONTENTS 5/26/2020
Homemade Chalk Paint!
Sidewalk Polls
Avoiding Car Prowls
Mallard Ice Cream Scoops Are Back!
Ideal Tenant?
Radio Free Fl!p Correction
  Inch By Inch
  I Knew This Place
Love Sonnet To A House


Sidewalk chalk paint is a great option for folks who want to participate in the chalk art festival but can’t find any chalk. The paint is easy to make—it’s just cornstarch, water, and food coloring or a little tempera paint—and it’s a lot of fun to use! You can find a recipe for it here: 


Théa Rosenburg, Park Street

[Many households have muffin tins. And one paint-brush per artist would do if there was also a bucket of water to rinse it in. Whew!  Love/Fl!p]


Early Bird/Night Owl?

We could write on the sidewalk in chalk and let people mark their answers…


Keep all valuables out of your vehicle, and leave nothing visible. We all get busy and can forget that we left things in our cars, but it’s important to get into the habit of taking items with us as we gather up bags, purses, jackets, etc… to take inside when we get home. When this becomes a habit, there’s less to pique the interest of a prowler. Harbor Freight has moving blankets cheaply priced, and coupons to further reduce the price are easily found. They are great to throw in the back of your vehicle, and effectively cover things that may entice a potential prowler to want to break in. These blankets are good to cover your purchases when you are out running errands. If your items are covered, prowlers are less likely to want to break in. These prowls are crimes of convenience: unlocked vehicles with visible content are chosen over vehicles locked and nothing visible inside. ~ Cathy Barron, Eldridge Avenue


Walk up service for scoops, 12 – 7 Monday – Saturday, plus pints & half gallons, tubs, ice cream sandwiches & more. They also have some gelato for a limited time.



(landlords have told me this often)
Hi, my name is Wenty Hill and I am a loving mature single professional woman with a radio show in town.

I LOVE the Columbia neighborhood (!!) and am looking for a cottage or small home for $700/month including utilities. Being responsible, clean, caring and friendly is important to me. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, son’t do recreational drugs, don’t party and do not have any pets. I am quiet and private and enjoy living alone. Have great references!

Please call me, Wenty, at: (928) 301-3360 (B’ham) (Please leave a message. Thank you). ~ Wenty Hill  yes@OneWithYou.com



The version of Inch By Inch that I posted yesterday had the composer, David Mallet, singing. I meant to post Pete Seeger! Here’s a corrected link, and a bonus of another of David Mallet song, I Knew This Place, with David singing. I don’t actually listen to the radio, and haven’t listened to albums for years except sometimes in the car. I’ve been thinking of songs I’d like to share with you all, and then hunting for the song online, seeking a great version. It’s been interesting research. Most of the songs I know I’ve learned directly from a singer, in person. Our house tends to be quiet, leaving room for either of us to invent live music.
Pete: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u90qRE2F7CM
David Mallet: I Knew This Place


That song reminded me of a sonnet Zeke wrote for our dear Cherry Street home:

Good house, to me you were but a device
To keep the rain outside, a shelter where
I could change clothes unseen, dodge winter’s ice,
And sometimes hang the hat I seldom wear
And also harbor bugs and molds and mice
Pyromaniac wiring and shortcuts rash
Remodelings whose lack we could not bear
A bottomless pit wherein to throw our cash
But living there with love, as love doth grow
Our house and home, thou growest too on me
We shape thee to our ends, and come to know
A good part of our lives are shaped to thee
I did not know before that builders’ art
Could really make a dwelling for the heart

all my love//Zeke Hoskin
June 17, 2003

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

Alert: Attempted Car Prowl? Chalk Report, Free Hose, Wet Suit & Tech Help, Correction: Basic Fairness, Song

CONTENTS 5/25/2020
Alert: Attempted Car Prowl?
Chalk Report
Free Hose
Wanted: Used Wet Suit For Child Or Small Woman
Tech Assistance
Correction: Basic Fairness
Song: Garden Song


At about 7:15 tonight (Monday) my car alarm went off, something that can’t easily happen without someone trying to get into the car without the fob nearby. In the back seat of my car was a container of used pet syringes I was planning on taking to the pharmacy today for disposal but couldn’t because of the holiday. I forgot the container when I returned from shopping. It was clearly visible on the seat and may have drawn the person’s attention. We called 911 and an officer drove by to check on the block, but wanted the neighborhood to know and keep their cars secure. Thanks, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor 2500 Williams Block


I think we should schedule viewing from 2:00 to 5:00 PM on Fourth Of July. I’d love to get the chalk distributed at least a week or two early.

There are over 100 sets of sidewalk chalk stacked in our front entry way. Thanks to everyone who helped get them here, especially Susanne & Brittany. But there are 1700 houses in our neighborhood! I have no idea how many households will decide to participate, but there seems to be something of both a local and a national shortage of sidewalk chalk. If you plan to join in (and I hope you will!), please try to get your chalk sooner rather than later. If you find a source with LOTS of chalk (cheap) please let me know right away and I’ll try to get it. Or you could. If anyone can help pay for chalk, I can take donations. 

As I may have mentioned, I’m making this up as I go along. I’d love to hear your ideas, and if anyone wants to give me a good listening to, I have noticed I think better with extra ears and kind hearts nearby.


I want a used short or long wet suit for a small, petite woman under 5 feet tall. If anyone has one to sell or borrow, please contact Analeise Volpe at merriumvolpe@gmail.com.


Awhile back you posted a woman who wanted old tablets for the Mt. Baker Assisted Facility.  I have one but I can’t download my photos onto a laptop or other device. If anyone knows how to do this, let me know. It’s an old tablet that doesn’t seem to connect with my new lap top.
Thank you.
Analeise Volpe
Victor Street


I received some help from local journalism professionals, and am taking it to heart. An important part of US legal structure is that every person is innocent until proven guilty. It is particularly important for people writing to an audience to be rigorous with our language. There was a person who was arrested in our neighborhood last week on suspicion of stalking. They have not been formally charged yet, let alone convicted. I will be far more careful with my language as I follow up on this arrest. I can make sure our neighborhood has needed information without acting like judge and jury myself, or encouraging my neighbors to do so. Thank you!


Written by David Mallet, and sung by Pete Seeger here. Our dinner tonight was stir fry from our garden. Someone who’s gardening skills I respect once told me that the bugs & slugs go for the sweetest veggies, so I’m experimenting with cleaning the stuff that’s been nibbled on and cooking it. Seems to be working fine so far! If anyone is going shopping for more garden starts, I’d love it if you’d pick me up a few more too. Call for specifics: 360-671-4511


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

Chalk Walk, Safer Memorial Day, Stalker Follow-Up, Free Hose Sensible & Actionable Virus Info, Song

CONTENTS 5/24/2020
Fourth Of July Chalk Art Walk
Stalking Follow-Up
How To Have A Safer Pandemic Memorial Day
Clear, Calm, Sensible, Actionable Information
Song: Isle Au Haut Lullabye


From “Max” Eberhard Eichner

I would like to make the suggestion for people in general on that day to be invited to “dress up” for this individual  or household distanced walk about. Since we can still “see” each other we can turn that into an artful, fun and playful “hug” using only our eyes! It would be fun and interesting to see people in creative outfits either inspired by current experience or just out to “wear” a plain “good ol’ time.” As part of my art, I plan to wear some of my big “masks” that day and maybe walk the neighborhood a little bit, to model “mask safety” and to keep the foot/bike traffic going, reminding people to not linger too long or bunch up…

In addition, my housemate is a cellist and ukulelist  etc. and plans, reservedly seated in the back of our display, to serenade/set a mood for the passers-by for parts of the day. If the weather gods have mercy on us Columbianers, and we all catch your enthusiasm, this is going to be a more then memorable Fourth.

[Thanks Eberhard! I think Zeke and I are likely to play a little music for passers-by on our own front porch as well. I love the thought of Playing Dress Up! And we can all show off our masks whether or not we show off our chalk art… Love/Fl!p]


My goal is to reduce fear while increasing alertness and information to base it on. The person who was suspected of stalking is in jail at least through Tuesday afternoon. The homeowner’s immediate neighbors have been watching over her. That’s something we all can do.

Here is the police report on the arrest (printed out just below as well):

May 20 2020 3:47PM
Location: 2300 Blk Eldridge Ave
Offense: Stalking
Case #: 20B29047
Officers arrested a male for suspected stalking.
Arrested: [Name Redacted] Age: 54

He will appear before a judge on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile he is being held at the main jail on $1000 bail. https://apps1.whatcomcounty.us/jaildata/roster.html

If you want to know when the man leaves jail, here is a link where you can track jail releases: http://apps1.whatcomcounty.us/jaildata/releases.html

I have also learned that the Western Front newspaper will have an article  on this next week, and I will post that as well.


 A black 100′ foot hose is free and is on the corner of Lynn&Jefferson.  It does not have holes.  Too heavy for me to comfortably handle.
Katy Velasquez
Lynn Street


You shouldn’t gather in groups this weekend, but we know you probably will. So here’s some guidance from the biology professor whose advice for lowering coronavirus risk has reached millions.



If you can’t get this open, email me and I’ll copy the contents for you.



Bok Trickett Muir
I never learned to sail, but I spent many hours of my childhood with my family on a little wooden sailboat, including Memorial Days. This song resonates deeply.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

Chalk Art, Share Shack Correction, Free Sedge Plants, Summer Activities?, Harp Guitar, Kermit Sings


CONTENTS 5/23/2020
Fourth Of July Chalk Art Celebration
Correction: Share Shack Location
Free Sedge Plants
Risk Levels Of 14 Summer Activities
Instrumental: Muriel Anderson Harp Guitar
Song: Rainbow Connection


I really believe this is going to happen! There sure are a lot of details to figure out. I’m making it up as I go along. But as of this evening, there are 130 sets of pastel colored chalk inside my front entry. (Thank you Susanne Hancock for delivery!) Now I need to figure out how to safely distribute chalk. The last thing I want is to hoard it! Got ideas? I’d love to hear them.

There is some more chalk coming, too. I’m hoping many households will get their own, and pick up extra for neighbors. I could use donations to help cover the cost of the first mountain of boxes. There appears to be something of a national shortage of sidewalk chalk at the moment, so don’t wait for the last minute. Check local stores to help the money stay in town. A lot of the online stores are out. My goal is for us to connect and celebrate as a neighborhood while still socially distancing.

I have figured out that I will use my front walk for our household art, instead of the sidewalk, so I don’t get in the way of walkers and strollers. Young artists (and adult ones as well) may need some preparation for the fact that our artwork will wind up getting walked on! Unless you have a fence you could decorate instead…

I’m hoping to get some teams together to help. Zeke and I are staying home, so I’ll need volunteers: photographers to get good shots of the artwork (and artists), hosts to mark the sidewalk around Columbia Elementary for social distancing. Hosts to distribute chalk (safely) to anyone who needs some. Some sets could go in Little Free Libraries, with an invitation included. I’ll talk with some local shops. What else?  Love/Fl!p


My yesterday’s post incorrectly listed Aaron’s home address as the address of the Share Shack.  The Share Shack is located at the SW corner of Henry and Connecticut!


Two large sedge plants that can be divided.  They are in the alley behind 2725 Utter St. ~ Kathy Piscitello


The more time you spend and the closer in space you are to any infected people, the higher your risk. Interacting with more people raises your risk, and indoor places are riskier than outdoors. Always choose outdoors over indoor, always choose masking over or not masking, and always choose more space for fewer people over a smaller space.



Playing a Dire Straits song, and a Beatles song. Muriel used to teach at Guitar Camp. I remember her teaching her whole class the theme from The Flintstones… She’s having an online birthday party concert tomorrow. Check murielanderson.com for details.

Sung by Kermit, of course.

While we’re at it, I found Kermit & Steve Martin playing Dueling Banjos! I myself have been working on learning to play old time drop-thumb “frailing” on my fretless gourd banjo. It’s just barely beginning to sound a bit like music.  Not like this though!

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

Columbia Stalker Is In Custody, Face Masks, Virus Science Updates, Song: Here Is My Home

CONTENTS 5/22/2020
Columbia Stalker Is In Custody
Columbia Neighborhood Association (C.N.A.)
Quarterly General Meeting Minutes
Share Shack Update
Hop-Thru Produce Stand
Face Masks
Masks At Goods Will Be Back
CDC Reassurance & Surface Transmission
Distance, Masking, Time, Hand Washing
Inaccurate Tests: Why Test At All?
Real Research On Singing Together
Song: Here Is My Home


I just got a call from the Whatcom County prosecutor’s office to let us know that a male stalker who has been impacting the Columbia neighborhood is in custody.


May 19, 2020 Via Zoom Meeting, 7-8 PM
Attendance:  Five board members, 2 guest speakers, and 10 community members. Next quarterly meeting is in August. The CNA Board will notify the community of details as they develop. Here is a link to the minutes:



My post incorrectly listed Aaron’s home address as the address of the Share Shack.  The Share Shack is located at the SW corner of Henry and Connecticut!

This is not the Share Hut at Walnut & Connecticut. We are so lucky to have both!

  • The Share Shack shelves are closed for sharing. When the green tarp is over the cabinet, the shelves are closed.
  • The white board (for posting offers and requests), the bulletin board, and little free library are open for use with cautions to use clean hands.
  • It is okay to use the Share Shack as a rendezvous point for free exchanges.
  • The May Day Art on Display event on May 1 generated some kids’ art donations
    ~ by Aaron Silverberg, CNA Vice President


I am still hosting Rabbit Fields Farm at my house every Saturday from 9-1. Online Pre Order & Walk Up. The organic produce is bagged or box and ranges from $5.00-30.00. The veggies have been harvested and packaged safely and we maintain a mindful distance and distribution at the stand. I hope to see you at what has become, a lovely community offering.
~ Heather Fitzstrawn, 2526 Kulshan Street

2525 West Street

Are you still looking? Let’s keep each other safe!!!

I’ve sewn and donated over 1000 masks to Healthcare and essential workers. Now I have more available for you neighborhood folks.

I have LOTS of kids sizes right now and maybe 50 adult. I’m putting them on a table in my yard, right inside the fence. You can reach over the fence to choose. They are individually bagged up.

Donations of around $5/mask would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped in my mailbox or or Venmo me @lindsaymknight. Or PayPal my email lindsay.m.knight@gmail.com. its not about the money, just trying to recoup some costs for my donated masks. ~ Lindsay Knight


Little Bird Salon is making more masks. I will drop off another round of 30 or so later next week as soon as my elastic arrives!



Here is information from my cousin the epidemiologist – I wrote him after another friend worried about whether we could still trust the CDC when they told us that surfaces are not the main way COVID spreads. To me the big issue wasn’t surface spread, it was general trust of the CDC. Alex answered in detail and offered a way forward as well. I am watching so many of us  looking for reassurance that there is an objective reality, and that it will be possible to understand it, despite all the disinformation being spread about. Yes. reality definitely exists, though answers may not be simple. ~Fl!p

Here’s what he wrote me. I’m feeling much reassured!

From the CDC website:
“From touching surfaces or objects: It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, but we are still learning more about this virus.”

This is accurate — surfaces are not the main route of transmission. That does not mean it does not happen, just that most transmission is person-to-person. Studies have been coming out showing the virus can survive for extended periods on surfaces, but that is but one step in the evidence chain needed to understand how likely transmission is via surfaces. However, given that it does happen, being cautious and washing your hands frequently after touching possibly contaminated surfaces is a good idea.

In general, I think the CDC is still a good source to turn to. Their policy statements may be becoming problematic due to presidential interference, but the scientists there are still top-notch. When in doubt you can cross-reference with the WHO.

One of the things happening is people are seeing scientific discovery happen in real-time. Unfortunately, unlike what the media makes it seem, science does not progress in huge forward leaps. It is a series of tiny steps forward and backward, with clouds of uncertainty being pierced by small bits of knowledge on occasion. It’s disconcerting to people not used to it, and certainly makes it seem like everyone is giving conflicting or inaccurate information.


From Betsy Brown, MD, one of my most trusted sources.

The more we learn about this pandemic and its spread and how it can be contained, the more clear it is to me that these 4 simple concepts of distance, masking, exposure time, and hand washing can reduce our risk and keep us safe. This goes back to the article I posted last week and restated here. Wearing a mask works best to reduce the risk of the wearer to transmit it. Data confirms this. Stories from people I know who had COVID-19 confirm that wearing a mask prevented others from catching it from them. Wearing a mask protects the wearer, not perfectly, but it helps.

We just need to keep in mind that the tests checking for the viral RNA have poor reliability and 30-50% false negatives depending on symptoms. This means if someone tells you “I don’t need to wear a mask because I tested negative”, stay at least 6 feet away and wear your mask and wash your hands. The test could be wrong. When both people wear masks, the risk of transmission drops very low, add in keeping a 6 foot distance, even lower. If we add the concept of limiting time of exposure, we can feel less fear. That means we don’t need to fear if someone runs by us closer than 6 feet. So you can keep those factors in mind as your community opens up again.

It is helpful to look at your own risks which come in different levels. Here is a good explanation of pooled risks and how to assess your own. I like the idea of two families being able to interact closely if everyone in the group has not had possible exposure for 2 weeks. This could be a way for close friends to play tunes together again or see their grandkids.

And we are learning more and more all the time. Some news is good, some not so good, but I have hope, overall. We know masks work, and we know that we have cut the number of infections by our behaviors of time, distance, masking, and hand washing,.

Considering where I thought we’d be when I started writing the first week of March, you done good! ~ Betsy Brown MD


Another friend asked me, if testing is 30% to 50% inaccurate what is the purpose of testing? 

My friend Lisbeth Jorgensen answered really well: Generally tests with a high false negative rate have a very low false positive rate. So, if you get a positive, you can be pretty darn sure you actually have it. This is clinically useful information.

Would a zero false positive and a zero false negative rate be better? Yes absolutely. But this is why professionals interpret medical testing, even simple ones where the result is reported as “pos/neg” there’s always more considerations that go into the final diagnosis.

Some tests just suck and have both high false positive and high false negative rates. Those tests should NOT be used because they tell you absolutely nothing.

Best case with mediocre tests, you run 2 tests simultaneously. Once with a high false positive rate and one with a high false negative rate and compare the results to make a better clinical decision.

(Basic clinical test design theory courtesy of undergrad UW microbiology department coursework circa 2001/2… I doubt the basics have changed much since then. Pharmacy school didn’t disagree at all, but didn’t cover it in as much detail either.) [I love having real scientists among my family and friends! ~Fl!p]


Barbershop singers & others have now funded proper research. We’ll share results when available.



Peter Amidon Singers, on a song SI Kahn wrote. I miss singing it with friends late at night, hearing our voices blend and feeling the sound vibrate in my chest. The air seems alive. And our neighborhood is in my mind’s eye when I sing those words. Home is both people and a place. For me, deep water and rushing creeks, wind off the bay, sword ferns & cedars & salal.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

Graduation Parade,Chalk Art, Unemployment Benefit Safety, Kids’ Cooking Classes, Mask Directive More

CONTENTS 5/22/2020
Graduation Parade
Neighborhood Walk For Chalk Art
Unemployment Benefit Safety
Cooking Classes For Kids
Hosta Clearance
Hearing Aid Found!
Seattle Folklife Festival Online
Whatcom County Cloth Face Covering Directive
Costco Run?
Song: Canned Goods


Calling all 2020 High School Graduates from Columbia!!! Since traditional graduation parties aren’t possible this year let’s start a new tradition: SENIOR PARADE! Think 4th-of-July Neighborhood Parade but the seniors will be driven in their personally decorated cars on Saturday, June 13th from 12:00-1:30ish. Meet at Mrs. Valle’s house at 2515 Kulshan Street at high noon to start the line up of vehicles  The parade will snake up and down Columbia streets so that neighbors can celebrate our seniors in the safety of their yards. Seniors wear your 🎓 and gowns.  Neighbors prepare to make some noise in celebration!! Thank you, ~ Natalie Wermus, 2527 Victor


Saturday, July Fourth, 2020

Each household is invited to create chalk art in front of their own house! That lets us handle social distancing. Risk equals proximity times duration. Since artwork takes lots of time, we also need lots of distance. Our house lots are 40 feet wide. That should do it.

If you don’t have a sidewalk, see if you can talk a neighbor into letting you use theirs. Or use Columbia School. (We’re invited.) If you can’t get down on your knees, invite your grandkids to create your artwork and cheer them on through the front window. If you have a big board fence, use that! If you have spare cash, hire a professional artist to do your fence or sidewalk. They sure need the work! (It’s your fence; you could even have them use real paint…)

If it rains, we’ll just shift to the next dry day. But it will be July so we’re probably fine…

Many families already have their own chalk. We’re trying to get a bulk price on chalk sets. You can go buy your own now. Supplies seem to be limited, so look soon. I’d love donations of either chalk sets or money to buy more so we can have them available for households that might need chalk. We don’t want money to get in the way of neighbors joining in!

There are some streets without sidewalks in our neighborhood. Blocks could apply to have their block closed and do art work on the streets.

I spoke today with the Principal of Columbia Elementary, and he says we can use the sidewalks surrounding the school, and maybe the playground too. He’s going to talk with the PTA, and send a notice to families in mid-June. I think it would be good if we had some volunteers at the school to help designate squares and make sure artists maintain distancing.

I’d love a team of roving photographers to get pictures of all the artwork, and maybe of the artists too. Are you good with a camera?

Let’s throw a party!!!  Love/Fl!p


FYI, someone has filed for unemployment benefits in my name (it’s happening to A TON of people right now.)  I just talked to an officer at the Bellingham PD and they said you should create a profile with the unemployment department, without making a claim.  If you have claimed your info, then an identity theft will not be able to make a separate claim with your info. ~ Amber Hixson, Park St. 


From Common Threads: We joyfully garden, cook, and eat with 7000+ kids in schools across Whatcom County. ABC Salad and a Noodle Bowl. Kids ages 5 and up are invited to follow along with our food educators over Zoom to make simple, healthy, and tasty recipes. Parents are invited to join too!

Ingredient and supply lists are posted in the event description on our website – but don’t worry if you don’t have the exact items. Our Food Educators will offer ideas for substitution and creativity. Payment is on a pay what you can sliding scale. Please sign up no later than the day before the event. Once you’ve registered, you will receive an email an hour before class with a link to join. You can expect to see classes on Tuesdays and Fridays, and we’ll continue adding classes to the website as registration becomes available.



My husband Kurt is trying to get out of the hosta business this season, so he is selling mature, multi stem (most are dividable into several plants) hostas for $3 each. If you are interested in buying any, please get in touch with him directly by email kurt@treefrognight.com or text 360-319-3172.  You can pick them up at his permaculture food forest, 4 miles from I-5 on the Mt. Baker Highway. Warm thoughts to all, Kara Black


Unbelievably we went back to the Squalicum Park trail today and Vicki FOUND her hearing aid on the trail!AMAZING luck!!! ~ Carol Oberton


This weekend: May 23-25. Featuring 6 program channels and a virtual marketplace, this festival will bring together over 30 performances, 30 vendors, and YOU.

Music: https://www.nwfolklifestreaming.org/

Vendors: https://www.nwfolklifestreaming.org/virtualmarketplace/



Starting May 22, 2020, everyone in Whatcom County is directed to wear a face covering while at any indoor or outdoor public space where you may be within 6 feet of someone who does not live with you. For more information about the Whatcom County Health Department’s cloth face covering directive, visit www.whatcomcounty.us/masks.


If anyone is going to Costco, I learned they have something seasonal in stock that I adore. ~ Love/Fl!p


Greg Brown wrote this song about his Grandma. You might also like the 14 minute version with the story in the middle. Greg is a great story teller. You can find it on YouTube. My mom grew up on a farm and always made home-canned produce. She had a root cellar built under the 1950s suburban ranch house where I grew up. My folks had a small basement room dug out under the kitchen, accessed from outside. Rough concrete walls with a dirt floor. And shelves and shelves of pickles & peaches and pears…


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

Summer Cancellations, Chalk Art?, Lost Hearing Aid, End Of Life Planning For Covid, Diamond Jim’s, Lots More

CONTENTS 5/20/2020
No Neighborhood Garage Sale Or July 4th (Wah!)
Chalk Art?
Alert: Lost Hearing Aid
Advance Care (End Of Life) Planning
Diamond Jim’s Take-Out
Ballet Space?
Drone Is Home
Self-Quarantine Housing?
Song: Wild Mountain Thyme


Marla Bronstein (who organizes the Elizabeth Park concerts) and Peter Roberts (president The Eldridge Society that sponsors them) have been meeting with Parks both physically and virtually all year. They had submitted requests for their permits prior to COVID-19, but the Health Dept shut all events down for the whole summer through September. They were able to navigate the Online Concert Series but not the 4th of July, although Parks said if a group of kids wanted to ride around the neighborhood, they did not object. However the Governor’s order prohibits group gatherings and Parks pointed out there is no way to control your numbers without a confined space. With all the uncertainty The Eldridge Society will pass on sponsoring the June garage sale and the 4th of July Parade & Picnic this year.


I’m feeling SO sad about the Fourth Of July Picnic & Parade! What if we had a neighborhood chalk art festival that weekend? I’m trying to think about social distancing: like no more than one art square in front of each lot – so 40 feet apart. Have folks decorate in front of their own houses and businesses throughout the neighborhood. Wandering could be a journey of discovery.

We’ve got a lot of kids, and a lot of great artists, and a lot of folks with a little extra time. I don’t care if it gets “judged” – like the kid’s races and games at the Fourth Of July Picnic, that’s not the point. (Though maybe Blocks could try for having the greatest number of participants.) We could decorate each other’s lives and cheer each other on as we do. Musicians could even add live acoustic music from their front porches. I am willing to look for a chalk donor or two, purchase in bulk, & distribute really bright chalk, and set up a map so neighbors could list & locate artwork. What do you think?  Love/Fl!p


While on a walk tonight between 8:00-9:00pm( Wednesday, May 20th) my hearing aide must have fallen out

Somewhere  between Elizabeth Park, Washington to West Street & the Squalicum Park upper trail… Of course, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. BUT if anyone happens to find a curved gray hearing aide, clear ear cup inset with a red dot please let me know. Thanks!  Text or call Vicki Roy, Park Street  360-961-2157


A valuable “tip sheet” for planning in the time of Covid-19 – less than two pages, succinct, from a respected organization — and a very good “conversation starter.” https://theconversationproject.org/covid19/


This Fountain District restaurant has re-opened for take-out!

Monday thru Friday: 8:00-1:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00-2:00pm
Call (360) 734-8687 to place your order

Serving breakfast and lunch options: our current Take Out menu can be found on our website: http://diamondjimsgrill.com


Urgent!  Anyone out there with connections to theaters, or drama departments, or with a big storage space and a big heart?  I am writing on behalf of Northwest Ballet Theater.  Covid-19 has taken its toll on this fabulous ballet company and school, where my daughters have dances for over 10 years, and they have lost their lease.  There is an urgent need to find homes, either temporary or permanent, for some big props and a good number of costumes.  In particular – a 5 foot diameter papier-mache bright yellow teapot and a 2 – 3 foot purple mushroom from Alice in Wonderland, and a magic sleigh from Nutcracker.  If your theater group, school, or garage could make use or at least help with preserving these amazing props and costumes, please contact Artistic Director John Bishop at 360-421-4013 as soon as possible!  Thank you for thinking of some options. ~ Miriam Schwartz, Victor Street


Someone found it in their yard and it’s already home!!!

Thank you so much, neighbors!!! ~ Jerry McGarity, Victor Street


Separate spaces are needed for two young women returning from working with farm workers in Yakima before they return to their own families. They need somewhere to self-quarantine for two weeks, starting at the end of this week. Each would need a room, with access to kitchen and bathroom. C2C can get food delivered to them. If you know of any place that might fit the bill, please contact Rosalinda at  rosalindag@foodjustice.org  


Dick Gaughan, Emmylou Harris and the McGarrigles along with Rufas Wainwright. Back to beautiful music.


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

Food & Supplies Drive, Little Free Libraries, Garden Stuff & Magazines, Lost Drone, The Wrong Song

CONTENTS 5/19/2020
Whatcom County Helpers
Community Food & Supplies Drive!
Little Free Libraries Etc.
Garden Stuff And Magazines
Lost Drone
Cheese Making Supplies?
Wrong Song: Random Canyon

Community Food & Supplies Drive!

Saturday May 23, 2020 10 AM to noon

Whatcom County Community Helpers is a nonpartisan, unaffiliated grassroots group of volunteers created to protect our community from the Covid-19 pandemic by connecting Neighbors in Need with Healthy Helpers who complete essential tasks using strict safety protocols. Whatcom County Community Helpers is partnered with local nonprofit Fellowship of Messengers, an interfaith community of people seeking to build social connections through volunteer work. 100% of Funds donated to this account are directed toward members of our community whose employment has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The WCCH team is super excited to host a Community Food & Supplies Drive in collaboration with four Bellingham churches – Cornwall, Grace, Hillcrest and Redeemer. On the morning of Saturday, May 23, 2020 each church will serve as a drop off location for donations of shelf stable foods, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies. Members of the community who want to participate should shop or clear personal pantries of the items indicated on the list below and find the drop off location nearest their home. A team of WCCH and volunteers from each church will be on hand from 10am to 12pm to receive donations on a drive-thru basis. We will be trading donations of food and supplies for handcrafted masks sewn with love from our friends at Whatcom Mask Collective! Locations of the four churches listed above are on the website. So are lists of needed items.



A neighbor raised a concern about the risks of Coronavirus transmission through the generous exchanges in our neighborhood. So I went and asked a doctor for his input. His response is that there is some slight risk, and people using the exchanges might want to wear gloves. And let books rest a few days before reading. Wipe down other objects, and wash produce – as well as hands – as soon as you get home. He thinks the likelihood of transmission is reasonably low. And being able to support our neighbors and be supported is so important to all of us.


There are a few plants and spare seeds out in front of my house on Victor Street. 2500 block, under the huge maple tree. I don’t have as many as usual this spring, but I will try to keep replenishing: horseradish; native groundcovers including wild ginger, “inside-out flower,” beach strawberry, and small false Solomon seal. All of them do well in shade.

 Also – I’m putting out some bags of the magazines I usually would donate to the library. Mostly New Yorkers and New York Review of Books. I think the safest and best thing would be to just take the whole bag as a surprise package rather than rummaging through. They have all had a good long spell untouched at my house.

Lane Morgan – Lmastonisher@hotmail.com


Black Sky Rider (no camera) got caught in the wind and blew northeast this evening. It came down somewhere in the 2600 block of either Williams or Utter, just north of North. Please contact me if you find it. It is not used to being away from home overnight.
~ Jerry McGarity, Victor Street 360) 319-9076


Does anyone know where or if one can get cheese making supplies in our area? ~Fl!p


And now for something completely different! And not particularly tasteful. If you are easily offended do not click this one. He uses a naughty word and is quite rude, although no one is being blamed for anything. It’s a pure celebration. It’s possible alcohol may have been involved. (I wouldn’t know. I only use it for cooking.) Do not anticipate mellow and comforting music if you do click. But I promise you won’t be bored.This song & performance has cracked me up from the first moment I heard it over half a lifetime ago. My jaw hit my chest and went downhill from there. I despair of ever singing it with the utter abandon of Van Ronk, but it’s a great dream. If you’re ready to blow off a little steam in a not-particularly-socially-acceptable way, here’s your chance. My sense of humor is occasionally a little warped. It’s possible that my judgement is less than stellar tonight, and I apologize for pushing the limits, possibly right over the canyon wall. You might not want to click on this one. I promise I’ll be nice and sweet again tomorrow.

Random Canyon, by Peter Stampfel, sung by Dave Van Ronk


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

Meeting Tomorrow, Masks In Public, Concert Line-Up, Walnut Share Hut, Bagelry, More

CONTENTS 5/18/2020
Masks In Public Requested Starting Friday
Coronavirus Levels Within Whatcom County
Neighborhood Meeting Tomorrow!
Elizabeth Park Summer Concerts
Elizabeth Park Summer 2020 Lineup
Walnut Street Share Hut
The Bagelry Re-Opens
Found People
Hug Guard For Grandma?
Song: The Water Is Wide
Shop For Fl!p?


“This is a should rather than a shall. We will not be issuing tickets. We will not be citing people who aren’t wearing a mask,” Lautenbach explained. “We also ask that the public not call 911 or call the health department with complaints about people not wearing masks.” Read more here, by Kie Relyea:




Online – Zoom Call
Tuesday, May 19 7-8pm

Our Neighborhood Quarterly Meeting will be focused on neighbors helping neighbors and beginning a discussion on moving forward towards a zero waste future.


1) Welcome

2) Guest Speaker – Sandi Heinrich, Founder – Whatcomhelpers.org

Sandi will share about the program and help people to understand that they don’t need to go to the store or pick up prescriptions if they are elderly or otherwise at high risk… There are healthy less vulnerable people who can do that for them. We are also able to offer assistance with food and other supplies for low income families who need help paying for these items, Especially if they’ve lost their job due to Covid.

3) CNA Treasurer’s Report

4) MNAC (Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission) Update

5) Food Bank Updates – Jennifer Moon

6) Columbia Share Shack Updates/Discussion(if there is time)- Future use of the Share Shack

7) Guest Speaker – Mark Peterson, Sustainable Business and Food Recovery Program Manager, Sustainable Connections

He will be giving a presentation on: Food Waste A Global Issue Ripe for Individual Action: sharing some of the issues surrounding the global issues of food waste and how we as individuals can reduce our own food waste and make a positive impact.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 974 1245 2295
Password: 531288
One tap mobile


Thanks to an incredibly committed community, the Summer of 2020 will include Elizabeth Park Summer virtual concert series, thanks to the continued partnership of The Eldridge Society for History and Preservation and Bellingham Parks and Recreation.  We won’t meet face-to-face in the park, not while grabbing dinner or waiting in line for Mallard’s ice cream while listening to music as we have in the past. But we will all be able to safely and distantly socialize from our own homes. 

These concerts will be a mix of Live and pre-recorded shows, all live- streamed on the Elizabeth Park Concert Facebook page, as well as the Elizabeth Park YouTube Channel. Viewers will NOT need to have either a Facebook or YouTube account to watch either concert feed. But make sure you can turn up your speakers!! If you do have Facebook account; think about hosting your own “watch party.” We will get through this together, while continuing to enjoy what Bellingham has to offer and staying safe.


BAND        GENRE            DATE

Free Harmony          Classic folk-rock harmonies                06/18/20

CraigO’s Planet Groove        Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk       06/25/20

The Sweet Goodbyes Folk/Pop                        07/02/20

High Mountain String Band Bellingham Based Progressive Bluegrass Band     07/09/20

Free Harmony        Classic folk-rock harmonies         7/16/20

4TENS Band        Fun Classic Rock Party Music         7/23/20

Di Young/Fruit Cocktail        Sultry Jazz and Pop Ensemble/Eclectic         07/30/20

The Soul Shakers        Horn Heavy Funk and Soul         08/06/20

bandZandt        The County’s Best Dance Band         08/13/20

CraigO’s Planet Groove        Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk 08/20/20


In front of my home at 2721 Walnut Street sits a chicken coop sized structure that is the neighborhood share hut.  It was built through a neighborhood grant many years back. I wish I could remember exactly how many years it has stood there but close to ten. Over that time the share hut’s latch has been opened by many; young, old, well off and those without a home. Often it is filled with treasures just waiting to be discovered. Kids enjoy the hand painted rocks and books they find there by parents cleaning their children’s closets. While adults may find shoes, books, cloth, fresh vegetables, canned food and many household items. The highlight of my day is watching the delight on someone’s face as they find that perfect something in the share hut.

The share hut has no rules. In the beginning we had a sign that said, “consider this a place to leave a gift for a neighbor”. What I learned through the years is that people think of “gifts” differently depending on their circumstances. So, when the plastic organizational bins were taken, I assumed they were taken by folks who truly could not afford organizational bins on their own. I replaced them with cardboard boxes. This worked until someone needed the boxes and they were taken. Luckily, this was not a problem as I could get more. Some items folks leave are better off at the goodwill or in the trash but for the most part people leave great things. I try to clean it out once a month but often to my delight, a neighbor has gotten there before me. The share hut provides a place for so many to be involved. It really has helped us develop a larger sense of community.

My favorite stories involve folks who feel that they want to give back to the community through the share hut. One young woman left camping gear that was in terrific condition exclaiming that she had taken so much it was her turn to re-stoke it. Another neighbor leaves beautiful bouquets for anyone to take. A few years back I ran into a street minister who regularly filled it with clean dry socks and warm hats in the winter.

Recently the share hut has been showing its age. A moving van drove into it and now it is off kilter.  As a birthday gift, my partner is putting it on pavers to straighten it and a neighbor is rebuilding the door. This little hut has brought immeasurable joy to my life and the neighborhood as well. I hope you will consider a visit there sometime soon!  Love/Jackie Brown
[This is different from the Share Shack, at Utter & West North Street. ~Fl!p]


Has anyone else been missing Bagelry bagels? Online orders, or weekly or every-other-week subscriptions are now available. You can even get Challah as part of the Friday big box subscription called “The Works.” If fresh bagels are put straight in the freezer, they’ll still taste fresh for a couple weeks. Orders will be available for curbside pick up or free delivery (within Bellingham city limits ) Mondays, Fridays, or Saturdays. Deliveries will start at 8:30 and be done sometime around 11. If you do curbside pick-up, you could combine your pick-up with Mallard ice cream! Support local businesses!




We found the lost dog’s people! Thank you all! ~ Megan Noet




Karla Bonoff & Nina Gerber. Nina has been a frequent teacher at PSGW for half a lifetime. I remember in the early years of Guitar Camp we realized we had to wait for a young woman to grow up to find our lead teacher. So we did, and she did. (Nina is holding a little doohickey in her right hand called an eBow. That’s why her guitar sounds like that.)



Is anyone going to the Food Coop or Haggens today or tomorrow? There are a couple items we’d love to replenish.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text flip@columbianeighborhood.org

Alert: Found Dog, Neighborhood Meeting, Found Baby Blanket & Bibs, Free Plants, More

CONTENTS 5/17/2020
Alert: Found Dog
Neighborhood Meeting
Found Baby Blanket & Bibs
More Free Plants
Need Help Moving Equipment
Song: All Shall Be Well Again


We just found a large, black long haired dog, male. Older, with some white speckling on the paws, ruff, head. White spot on the back. No collar. Very friendly.
Megan & Jeremy Noet
Vallette St.


Tuesday, May 19 7-8pm Online – Zoom Call

Our Neighborhood Quarterly Meeting will be focused on neighbors helping neighbors and beginning a discussion on moving forward towards a zero waste future.

Join Zoom Meeting
https://zoom.us/j/97412452295?pwd=RXU5a2ZPWnNRQUNPcGlzR25JbWNmdz09Meeting ID: 974 1245 2295
Password: 531288
One tap mobile


I found a nice baby blanket (2’x3’) and two small baby bibs in front yard of 3014 Lynn St, recently. Hoping to return to owner and baby.
Jim Fox
(360) 383-7271


Hi Neighbors,
We are still deleting mismanaged plants and several ‘drop-ins’.

Off the curb and east of the telephone pole you will find more white Japanese anemone, love-in-the mist, geraniums that I suspect are blue, 4 little pots of a shrub rose with red/grey leaves. It flowers only once annually and has small 4 pointed pink/purple blossoms and luscious hips. Sorry, forgot its name. Only one jostaberry start. Starts of a rambling rose  that blooms throughout the season and has soft lavender/pink full blossoms. Portuguese laurel that needs to be dug out and may

be 4 individual plants. 5 small native Garry Oak trees. Lots of lily-of-the valley and mint and others. Again, I would be happy to peruse my garden with you for other starts.

Lorraine Affek
2325 Eldridge
360 220 0470


I need 2 strong backed people to help move heavy woodworking equipment. Will pay $200 for 4-5 hours, $25/hr after 5 hrs. There will be a crane. Looking at the last week of the month, depending on weather forecasts. You will be provided with a n95 mask, & all precautions will be taken as much as possible. I have an immune issue, so I ask that you’ve followed the State’s stay at home order, & have practiced social distancing.

E-Mail:  HelpMoving@comcast.net
Dave Lind
Lorraine Ellis Court


In the end
I want my heart
to be covered
in stretch marks.



Gordon Bok, Ed Trickett & Anne Muir again. The proper name for this song for Spring is Julian Of Norwich, composed by: Sydney Carter