Free Repairs; Climate Forum; CERT & More


October sessions will occur on the l0th and the 17th and in November the 14th and 21st. Northwest Free Repairs is a group of environmentally minded volunteers dedicated to reducing a “throw away mentality” for broken household items. It meets twice monthly on the second and third Sundays of each month from 1:00 – 3:30 pm in the Makers Space facility at Bellis Fair Mall (next door to Dick’s Sporting Goods.) Bring your broken household items and see what they can do! 

This service is provided free of charge. It is a combined continuation of two separate repair groups that have been successfully operating in Whatcom County for six years (prior to COVID.) They have had about a 70-80% success rate with repairs in the past and will evaluate anything that you can carry in to determine if it can be repaired. COVID restrictions to be observed.


Join the Nooksack Indian Tribe’s Cultural & Natural Resources Department for an online community forum, Thursday, October 14th | 6:00 – 8:00 pm, to learn about the Nooksack Indian Tribe’s Climate Adaptation Plan for key species and habitats.

The lead presenter will be Harriet Morgan from the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group. This session will highlight a subset of climate adaptation actions, and identify ways the community can help. Presentations will be followed by a Q and A.

Note: You must register for the event in order to receive the Zoom link to attend. There is no cost to register. Registration closes one hour prior to the event start time. Click here to register:…/water…/climate-change/


Zeke & I went through CERT training over 15 years ago. I would recommend it for every citizen over the age of 14. Yes, you can take your teenager with you. Real-life skills like how to run a fire extinguisher, conduct a search and rescue, handle a fire hose. You’ll come out of of training having built your own emergency kit too. I was afraid to take this program, worried that focusing on the possibility of disaster would leave me even more worried. I was wrong. CERT focuses on what we can, as individuals, do to make things better after a disaster. The greatest good for the greatest number. Sign up, folks! And while you’re at it, do a Map Your Neighborhood meeting  on your own block. If you live in or near the Columbia neighborhood, I’ll help you invite your neighbors and  facilitate your meeting over Zoom. Look it up: Map Your Neighborhood  – disaster preparedness by the block. Powerful stuff!


Handwarmers are back in season. Raincoats; warm coats, hats, gloves & heavy wool socks. Tents! And more cooks! I have lots of ingredients to share, and big pans, and to-go containers. Think spaghetti, tuna noodle casserole, shepherd’s pie, mac & cheese, simples to make and warms your body through and through. We’ ve got Outreacher friends who deliver daily. Sign up here:


Ted Matts is back with new monthly Local Folk shows on KMRE 102.3 FM , now at 8-9pm on the first Tuesday of each month. E also does a show every Thursday on KZAX 8-10pm where he plays a song from every act playing in the following week – mostly chronologically… everything he can find… this week will have a great set featuring the upcoming Bellingham Irish Music Festival.


I wrote this 15 years ago, before the disastrous remodel for which we’re in year 7. So we actually have “before” photos of the old kitchen & bathroom!

Quite a while ago a big on-line magazine asked if they could do a photo-feature on our house and garden. I was thrilled and terrified and embarrassed. OMG I’ve gotta clean house! There are children starving and I’m futzing with my house? And our contractor needed to have time to get the kitchen windows finished. Houzz checked back more than once to see if we were done yet. They scheduled to come earlier this summer, and then the Tim Eyman bridge collapsed days before they were due. Houzz emailed and said they’d reschedule when the bridge was back up. And they did. Kim, the photographer, came yesterday. My deepest thanks to the MANY friends & neighbors who helped complete projects and clean house. My house hasn’t EVER been this clean!  And I had great fun talking with Kim and following her around like a puppy to see what she noticed. She spent about 6 hours in our house and garden and took hundreds of photos. Here’s a link:



David Mallet wrote it. Ann Mayo Muir sang it with accompaniment from Gordon Bok & Ed Trickett. The song speaks so well to the way I feel about our dear home. (David Mallet also wrote Inch By Inch – The Garden Song. You might have heard that song.)


Susan Alcorn Pedal Steel. Her version lowered my blood pressure from the first note. Surprising key changes and great beauty.


Landscaper, Storm Drains, Election, Much More


Dear Neighbors – Here’s a follow up on Kim Eagle, the landscaper injured last summer on Eldridge. There are lots of photos. Thank you all for your support!


Fall storms can lead to clogged storm drains and standing water on City streets. Bellingham Public Works is asking for residents to help keep storm drains clear. Heavy rain and clogged drains forces water over roadways, which can make travel unsafe.

“While we run street-sweepers year-round, storms can push leaves and debris up to storm drains right after we’ve cleared them,” said Scott Brown-Davis, stormwater maintenance supervisor for Public Works. “We appreciate having neighbors help out by making sure the drains near their residences are kept clear, so long as it is safe to do so.”

Brown-Davis added that includes not pushing leaves from private property out onto City street, which is a violation of the Bellingham Municipal Code (BMC 10.20.060.)

Some areas of the city are prone to flooding during heavy rainfall.  Bellingham’s Public Works monitors creeks and streams and working to ensure there are no logjams or other obstructions at bridges and culvert crossings.  If rain or flood water cover city streets, they may be posted as “closed” to traffic.

According to Jason Porter, Bellingham’s surface and stormwater manager, the City works year-round on management of surface and stormwater issues, including flooding.  Bellingham’s Surface and Stormwater Utility covers the cost of flood response, as well as funding for flood relief projects to reduce the risk of damaging floods.


How do I report water over the road or flooding in my neighborhood?
The City has a 24-hour Stormwater Hotline for this purpose.  Please phone (360) 778-7979 or report the issue online, via SeeClickFix.

What do I need to know about flooding in Bellingham?

  • If you see flooding or water over a roadway, please contact the City.
  • Do not drive through standing water. It can be difficult to see any drop-offs or underlying street damage.
  • If there are “street closed / water on roadway” signs posted DO NOT drive through.
  • Be proactive about protecting your property from floodwaters, especially if you may need sandbags.

For additional information, please visit Keep Leaves and Grass Out of Storm Drains – City of Bellingham ( or email    


Tuesday, Oct. 5. From 6:00-9:00PM PM

Please be an educated voter! The League Of Women Voters’s next election forum for the general elections is TODAY.

Tune in to see the candidates for Whatcom County Council. The candidates are:

Whatcom County Council At Large Candidates: Kamal Bhachu, Barry Buchanan

Whatcom County Council District 1 Candidates:  Kaylee Galloway, Eddy Ury

Whatcom County Council District 3 Candidates: Tyler Byrd, Rebecca Lewis

Whatcom County Council District 2 Candidates: Todd Donovan, Kelley O’Connor

All our election forums will be airing live on BTV Bellingham and Zoom.

For more information OR to submit a question to the candidates – click here:…


Our kitty is back!! He was in somebody’s shop 😂 Thank you so much for your help! ~ Thea Rosenberg


(Picked up in error) Cash was returned to its owner. Thanks all! By the way, I was reminded, and I think this is a good place to share it, that it is technically illegal to put anything in your mailbox but stamped mail for delivery. Like it or not, that is the law. Cheers! ~ Leslie Glen, Elizabeth Street


Looking for someone to install a cast-iron mailbox on a concrete base. It involves digging a hole & mixing concrete for a base  that sticks up at least a foot, with bolts sticking out of the top to attach to, then installing the box for me. It’s for a little free library.  ~ Fl!p Breskin 360-671-4511 text or cell


Front loading. Not larger than 38″x27″x28″ Please email ~ Mary Stone, Williams Street


Traditional purple/light blue flowers for anyone who wants them at the corner of Walnut and Jefferson, across the street from the elementary school. ~ John Dunne 2500 Walnut St.


Saturday, October 9, 9 AM to 3 PM

2312 Lynn Street between Monroe and Washington

Halloween costumes, Outdoor backpacking/boating/fishing/ski gear, thermorest camp pads, Quality educational games, toys,books, sporting equipment for older elementary and middle school aged kids, Air hockey table, Racketball racquets, ski helmets and goggles, moon walkers, Chairs and furniture, Household and kitchen items, Tech items, printer, Medical office stool, equipment, furniture and supplies, Clothing for middle school and adult small/medium sizes., Art and yarn craft supplies, new and used picture frames, carpet remnants, new and used tools, gardening, planters and pet supplies,  bags of straw and hay, never used woolen handwoven area rugs and other textiles from Guatemala, Holiday items.


Private tutoring available from Columbia neighborhood teacher. I teach reading, writing, and math (up to Algebra). Please contact me for more information. Thank you! ~ Ruth Olsen 360-318-5380


I’ve got two bicycles that I haven’t used in years and won’t be using any more. I can tell I’ve aged out (osteoporosis). I’m looking for help cleaning them up for sale. My understanding is that there is a current shortage of bikes available. One of my bikes was top of the line (but long ago) and I’d love to recoup some of that money if the bike is still worth something. I’d love advice! ~ Fl!p Breskin 360-671-4511 text or cell


We are looking for a temporary renter for our furnished home in the heart of the columbia neighborhood.  4 months, possibly 5. Starting December 1 – could arrange a week earlier.  2 BR 1 bath, fenced yard.  Please contact Lori Province at 206.351.2956 for details.


We would love more cooks, and we can support you! We also need warm wool socks, raincoats, tents, and brown tarps.


We’re still seeking musicians to play in a covered area outside the hospital main entrance during shift change from 3:15 – 4:00 PM. I also have some beautiful cards I’d love to share so you can write thank you notes. Children’s artwork is also welcome. A big thing you can do is to avoid the emergency room unless your condition is life-threatening. Go to Urgent Care, a walk-in clinic, or your doctor’s office. Check with me, Fl!p 360-671-4511. Thanks!



Written by Charlie McGuire, sung by Sally Rogers. My mom grew up on an Idaho farm. This song caught me the first time I heard it, and floats up in my mind every year at this season.


Lost Cat, Pets, Blowing Signs, more


St Paul’s Episcopal Church corner of Holly & Walnut Street

Sunday, October 3, 2021 at 2 PM PDT

This event will be in the courtyard of the church. Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, lizards, stick bugs… Please bring pets leashed and contained as appropriate.


In the windstorm last night we lost a couple of our signs about the Animal Blessing this Sunday.  If someone happens to find them and lets you know, I’d be happy to come pick them up if they are salvageable. We were hoping to keep them to use every year but the weather had other plans. Thanks so much! ~ Mandy Gagnonn  360.733.2890, ext. 1109 


Our mail carrier just stopped to ask, thinking it had been us, but alas… Has anyone recently tried to pay a service provider (likely a gardener or a landscaper, but could be something else) by leaving an envelope of cash? A substitute carrier pulled that as being mail to be posted. It’s at the post office, so not “lost”, exactly, but they don’t know who to return it to. Our carrier’s name is Mark (I think), but it was his (new) sub that pulled the envelope. You can respond to me or go to the post office, although I can’t tell you who might be able to help you there. I’m more than happy to help reconnect you by letting Mark know that you’d like to try and claim your cash. ~ Leslie Glen, Elizabeth Street


Our cat, Gunner, has been missing since last night. He’s gray with a white chin, chest, and paws, and he’s very friendly. He will probably come right up to you and say hi. But he’s also very old (16!), so we’re quite worried about him. Please let us know if you see him! ~ Théa Rosenburg, 2618 Park St. near W North (360)305-0664



Bob Franke wrote this song, reaching for his own comfort. His new-born daughter was the little lame child. She grew up just fine, and all of us were left with this jewel of a song. It’s not the tidiest of recordings, but you get to hear the joy and love in the room. And Bob’s great guitar playing, aka ‘Carter Family meets Joseph Spence.’ The front row at Bob’s concerts is usually full of guitarists trying to figure out what Bob is doing with his hands while his songs heal hearts.



If you haven’t heard him, it’s time. Distilled joy! Loose, creative, the words didn’t matter, he hung onto just enough to hang the tune on. And cracked himself up. He welcomed all of us in on the fun!


Here’s another song and a bunch of photos. I saw him live in 1972, but have not been able to find any video of him.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

Loose Dog, lots more


There’s a cute Australian Shepard puppy or mini wondering out in the street in this weather. It had a collar on and it’s name was Aspen. But there was no address, phone number or contact info. tt walked right into the street toward my car so I just helped it cross onto the other side. It was on the corner of Cherry and Monroe.  Hope it can find its way home! ~ Heather Wanlass


We encourage eligible families to return income information on the free and reduced price meal application. While all students in Bellingham Public Schools are provided meals at no charge this school year, collecting this information helps with more than just meals.

Students and families who qualify will access district or community reduced fee benefits, including fees associated with athletics, health benefits and after-school care.

In addition, the information may be used to qualify eligible children for school year 21–22 and summer 2022 P- EBT if programs are extended.

Please use the online application for the quickest and most efficient way to submit this information. The 2021-22 income guidelines and eligibility charts are also found online.

Please note: Meal applications can be submitted any time during the school year. Households that experience a change in income due to job loss or other circumstances are encouraged to apply. In addition, there are no citizenship requirements for participation in these programs, and immigration status is not requested or disclosed on the application.

If you have additional questions about the free and reduced meals application, contact Food Services at (360) 676-6504.…/families-encouraged-to…/


My kids full suspension mountain bikes were stolen from our garage last night. Size small Norco Sight black with red lettering, red pedals, and red grips. Size medium Specialized Status grey with burgundy lettering. 2600 block of Henry street. Please keep an eye out. Some very heartbroken hard working kids over here. ~ Kelly Abbott


I have an Akane Apple Tree in my yard that is overflowing. Do you know of anyone, a pie maker or a farmer in need of animal feed, that might want them? ~ Mark Kotwic <>    2310 Jaeger


I have a new sink with cabinet and need a plumber to fix or replace the valve assembly, check for leaks and attach the sink to its cabinet.  Can anyone give me a recommendation for someone they like?  It would be great if that person is also not terribly expensive.  Thanks! ~ Penny Chambers  Victor Street


And Douglas fir. If you’ve got windfall, I’m looking for 1 – 3 foot long branches with lots of green for an art project. Thank you! ~ Fl!p Breskin 360-671-4511, 2518 Cherry Street


Here we go again. Urgent needs include cooks for hot food (we can help with pots, pans & ingredients); brown & camo tarps 10’ and bigger is best; raincoats, ponchos, dry socks. Answer this email and I’ll direct traffic. Thank you! Love/Fl!p



Jody Stecher, traditional song dating back at least to the mid-1600s.


Toy Share, Animals, Arms Around The Cold, More


I have temporarily taken down the toy share on the 2400 block of Henry! After last weeks stormy weather, I decided it was time to either winterize or take down until spring. Does any one know of someone who I could hire to winterize this shelf? I’m thinking doors & roofing would do the job!

Thank you to all the lovely people who have stopped by & enjoyed the toy share this past spring/summer! It has been so much fun to see the joy it brings to all the kids & it has been a wonderful way to make connections! ~Caitlyn Sayler


St Paul’s Episcopal Church corner of Holly & Walnut Street

Sunday, October 3, 2021 at 2 PM PDT

This event will be in the courtyard of the church. Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, lizards, stick bugs… Please bring pets leashed and contained as appropriate.


I found a very high-quality mountain bike seemingly abandoned in the alley of Henry Street on 9/23, and it lay out there all day, so I took it in so it wouldn’t get re-stolen. It looks like it was already stolen and abandoned. If you lost a mountain bike, please call me and identify. Sam 707-273-2720 <>


Keep your eyes peeled for a little kitty stray in the area. She is approximately 9 months old, black with brown patches behind her ears and in her undercoat. She is friendly, a little apprehensive at first, very sweet, and hungry. She was brought in from the county yesterday and then got free from the person who found her at Elizabeth park after chewing through her cardboard carrier. She was last seen running into the neighborhood near the corner of Walnut and Madison.  She needs a new home or to be brought to a shelter.  If you find her and are unable to bring her to a shelter, please contact  Jessica Radovich ( who will help connect her back to the person who found her to ensure she reaches the shelter.


Thanks to all who helped Leon find a new home.


Free 20 gallon working freshwater fish tank with hood, filter and heater. Looking to re-home fish ASAP for a member in my home has asthma and can not tolerate living with fish. ~ Kaleigh Diwning, Washington St , 206-698-3940


I’ve got a big bag full and would love to see it re-used. ~ Fl!p 360-671-4511 text or phone.


For years around this time of year we have collected warm gear for neighbors without adequate shelter. Arms Around the Cold provides a safe way for youth and their families to support our unhoused neighbors. Here is an opportunity for your family to be part of a community service project this fall/winter. Donate: scarves, hats, mitts, coats, socks, hand warmers, money. Cook meals. Craft: make tags for packages. Join us: on our Thanksgiving food truck run and give out warm gear. ~ Lorelei Bowers


Thanks to all who brought sheets for the Swifthaven Tiny Home Village. I delivered them yesterday. The whole first batch of sheets were lovely warm flannel! And the second batch had pillows! And the third had other bedding as well. Thank you SO much!


Extensive water damaged our home just before major shoulder surgery. We are searching for a 2 bedroom quiet rental from September 27 to the end of November. We are quiet retired teacher and artist with a small no shed, sweet service dog. Please contact Sarah at 360.305.1558. Much gratitude! ~ Julin


When I am stressed & overwhelmed, I set my mind firmly on the goodness of the universe, the goodness & beauty of the world around me, the goodness of individual people I love dearly, and my own actual goodness. Then I let the tears fall as needed. When I do this rigorously, each teardrop that falls is a piece of confusion falling away forever. ~ Love/Fl!p



Libby Roderick – I come from a long line of dead people…


Storm Aftermath, So Much More


[The power outage really clobbered my ISP and I was unable to post till now.]

The wind took down some pretty big branches. If your power goes out, always be VERY careful with candles or any other flames. Fire is a really big risk. Think kindly of the workers out in the storm getting our power back! If they’re working near you, you might offer coffee or hot cocoa or something. And check in with your neighbors to be sure they’re alright, ok?


Today is a great time to clear leaves out of storm drains, but please be very careful of traffic. Move leaves to compost or Clean Green bins so they don’t wash or blow right back in to the drains.


September 25 & 26 8 AM to 5 PM

2430 Walnut Street

Lots of treasures! Furniture, clothing, kitchenware, Disney, seasonal decor. 50 years of accumulation. Thank you. ~ Joy Dunne, Walnut St.


The pressure on our hospital workers has not eased off. Please keep writing! Our cards and letters make a difference in this hard time. Also painted rocks placed in the rockeries around the building. We’re still looking for musicians to play at shift changes (under cover, by the front door) and seeking donations of more gift cards for local cafes and other businesses. The musicians have been able to share these. And we’ve been given a grant to pay musicians an honorarium. Contact me, Fl!p for details or to donate. 360-671-4511

Mail letters to:

The Workers At St Joseph Hospital / Peacehealth

2901 Squalicum Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225

Please remember, and help others to learn, not to go to the emergency room unless your emergency is life threatening. Call and then go to Urgent Care, walk-in clinics, or your doctor’s office.



Blankets, pillows and sheets needed for local non profit.

Hi neighbors, I am a volunteer for HomesNow. Not Later organization, a local non profit and tiny homes village (swift haven) over by civic field. They are in desperate need of bedding for twin beds. There are two new people coming in tomorrow and all the supplies are depleted. If anyone has any twin sheets, pillows, blankets, and comforters to spare, it would be greatly appreciated. Used but clean is fine. You can drop at our home: 2518 Cherry. These are a wonderful group of people trying to get their lives on track and they are so appreciative of everything that the neighbors have done for them. Thank you.  [I forgot who sent me this. Sorry!]


With cold weather creeping in fast: coats, boots, hats/gloves/scarves are all needed. We are switching from water bottles as a high need to cocoa packets, apple cider pkgs,  and water gallons as a new ask. Also brown or camo tarps, rather than blue, to avoid attracting attention.


Cooks have been feeding from 45 to 100 campers a night all winter, spring and summer. Bridge2services outreach take the meals to the camps that aren’t reached by local resources regularly. Huge THANKS! to the people that have continuously signed up on the B2S meal train. We are always looking for more cooks. If you are interested email Lorelei at



I’m looking for someone to do repair work on an older brick chimney with a stainless steel liner.  Last inspection turned up some needed repairs to brickwork and flashings.  It was recommended I find a chimney repair “expert.” ~ Frank Haulgren, Lafayette St.


Do you know anyone that would be interested in adopting a lovely 2-year old neutered male cat with a lovely disposition? He has just been to the vet and has a clean bill of health. He is indoor only. I have determined that I am not ready to have a pet in my life right now, even one as lovely and gentle as Leon. I want him to go to the best possible home ~ Nathan Scarborough,


I have a house in the Lettered Streets neighborhood available for a short-term rental for the week of Thanksgiving (11/21-11/28) and the last half of December (roughly 12/19-1/1). The house: 2bdrm, 1ba with a yard and plenty of amenities. No pets or smokers, please.  Email for details/rate: ~ Michael Little


We’re looking for someone young, light, and comfortable on a ladder to do two small  outdoors tasks at single-story roof peak level.  Text Fl!p 360-671-4511


In  the summer of 2015 I went to Maine to care for my sister Kitty as she died of pancreatic & ovarian cancer. My brother Joe joined me. I recently ran into a poem I wrote back then, which reminded me of another memory as well.

I am training wheels for death:

A slightly wobbly glide into new territory

Trying to avoid crashing on the way down this hill

An unfamiliar balancing act

But so far the slope is gentle.

Kitty had a medical alert bracelet on her wrist that demanded DNR – do not resuscitate. Metal link chain with a metal plate. Fairly small – more like a woman’s than a man’s bracelet I think. But with her wrist so skeletal, it looked like a heavy burden. The morning of the day after my brother Joe arrived, when I awoke, her bracelet was lying on the bedside table. I realized Kitty finally felt safe enough to take it off. She trusted Joe to be able to defend her. She was confident of his ability to enforce her decision. I felt sad that she hadn’t been able to trust me to pull that off, but very glad that she was finally able to lay that burden down. Joe shouldered a lot of burdens, and always has. I’m glad Joe now has someone he trusts to share some burdens of his own.



One of the great sing-alongs. No wonder folks are still singing it over a century later.

Sin-Killer Griffin – the original Library Of Congress field recording. This version is actually sung by Griffin’s song-leader in the Darrington Prison, April 1934

Personally, I learned it from Steve Lalor, kinda like this. (For the guitar pickers out there, I tried to work it out off an old tape of Steve playing it, but I couldn’t get it to work. He was playing it in the key of G, and I could only get those sounds in Open D tuning. Months or years later I asked Steve how he did it. He tuned to Open D, and capoed his guitar up to G so he could sing.)


Bake Sale, Hospital Workers, more


10-2 or while supplies last

2521 Humbolt, Sunnyland Urban Farm

Our neighbors at the Ukrainian Evangelical Church of Bellingham, corner of E. North and Cornwall, suffered a devastating loss yesterday morning when an arsonist broke into their house of worship and caused a tremendous amount of damage to a facility they’ve been lovingly remodeling with their own sweat equity. When I spoke to them this afternoon and told them the neighborhood wanted to help, at first they were hesitant (they’re a very proud people), but when they told me they couldn’t have their Pyrizhky and bake sale tomorrow as planned, I knew there was a way we could all help. The baked goods were already prepared and will now be for sale here at Sunnyland Urban Farm, all proceeds to benefit the rebuilding of the UECB church. I’m also going to set up a Go Fund Me in their name. Please help show our neighbors what Sunnyland is really made of…buy all this delicious food, and if you have a few extra bucks, throw that in, too! Please call if you have questions or want to help (360) 296-3124.


Keep those cards and letters coming!

Cards and letters are having a really big effect. Please keep writing! I still have some lovely cards if you’d like to pick up some to write on. What we write is getting photographed and digitized, and added to the internal newsletter. There are also displays in places around the hospital and at some of the clinics as well.

Mail to:

The Workers At St Joseph Hospital / Peacehealth

2901 Squalicum Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225

Let’s be sure we don’t add to the workers’ burden. Social distancing, masking, vaccinating, going to your doctor, WALK IN CLINIC or URGENT CARE instead of the ER unless what you have is truly life threatening….

We have now found a way to distribute gift cards if you want to contribute. The musicians are putting out a “Reverse Tip Jar” when they play during shift changes. The best cards are for local cafes, coffee shops & restaurants. You can drop them through the mail slot at our house – 2518 Cherry Street. (We can still use more musicians too!)


Can you please put a note in your newsletter, inviting people to come pick my Italian plums?  Call me at 360-927-6544 to make sure nobody has just beat you to it. Thanks, ~ Linda Twitchell


We found AirPods in their case in our yard of the 2700 block of Williams yesterday morning 9/10. Contact Pete Sutherland @ 360-220-0630.


Was at Mount Baker for a hike on Ptarmigan Trail Aug. 25. Discovered my phone missing when I returned to my car. Group of hikers coming out said they found it where I had stopped for lunch about 2.2. mi. in and left it on the rock there. But it was gone when we went back to get it. Assume another hiker picked it up. Would like to get it back. Left word at Ranger Station but if anyone here has it or know who does, would appreciate your getting in touch. or 360-303-1020 ~ Cheryl Crooks



Cindy Kallet is a close observer of the natural world. There’s been online discussion of our local crows’ group behaviors lately, and it reminded me of this song:


Jim Page Tonight, More


Thursday, September 9, 2021 At 8 PM PDT – 10 PM PDT

8:00- 10:00 pm in the garden At Boundary Bay

$10-$20 Suggested Donation

Bryan Bowers will not be playing at Boundary Bay today, but his replacement is worthy, to say the least… (And Bryan is fine, but being in his 80s, and watching the latest Covid figures, it makes sense for him to stay home. The situation looked a lot better when Bryan first agreed to come.)

Jim Page is a musician and song writer in Seattle. He’s made 24 albums and had songs covered by The Doobie Brothers, Christy Moore, Dick Gaughan and others.


We are upgrading our mattress and wish to pass on a good, clean, 4-year-old, Leesa brand multi-layered foam mattress for free. The only condition making it “good” versus “excellent” is some softening of the foam in the two sleep positions. It would be ideal for a single person wanting to sleep in the middle; and it’s great for two people if you like a slightly softer mattress feel.  Contact Lisa Lewis,  –-Lisa Lewis on Lynn.


We have a two bedroom, one office, one bath, fully furnished house available from November 1 thru March 31st on Victor street in the wonderful Columbia neighborhood. Our home has a wonderful fully fenced yard, garage and washer and dryer. All utilities are included, trash, water, recycling, and electric in rent. It is a wonderful simple home that we live in during the summer and go to the mountains of Utah for work in the winter. No pets or smoking. $2,500 a month with first, last and deposit. Please text Sarah at (425)681-9605 for more info. Thanks so much. ~ Sarah Grainger Victor Street



Here’s Jim Page, in case you’ve never heard of him.


Hospital Workers Update, Bryan Bowers Cancels, More


I forgot yesterday, and again today! Happy Rosh HaShona to those who celebrate. Happy New Year!!! May you be inscribed for a good year in the Book Of Life.


WRITE! Please keep sending letters and cards. Those make a BIG difference!

MUSIC: We’re still figuring out how best to offer music for the hospital workers. Musicians will move to near the front entrance to play, since that’s where more of the employees go in and out. We’re still figuring out how to warm up musical fingers. I have gift cards here that musicians can offer while they play.

FOOD: If you know someone who works at the hospital, you can offer to bring them meals, personally. If your friend would like that, agree on a time when you’ll be coming, and then let the front desk know you’re bringing food for them by name.

SPARKLY ROCKS: Tuck them into the garden beds and rockeries around the grounds. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see where others have put them. It’s great to have new ones.


My husband’s friends blue roller bag fell out of his truck this AM, most likely in West North. Around 6AM. Can you post this. I can retrieve this evening. Katie Lazich 360-739-2875. 2510 Lynn street


An amazing local musician, and an activist who is as quiet & low-key as he is effective. He’s probably had an impact on your life, and you never knew it.

Tonight, Tuesday Sept 7 on and 102.3FM at 8pm, with Ted Matts


Thursday, September 9

The situation with COVID has changed dramatically since Bryan set up to play this concert. Bryan is in his 80s and spending time in group situations, even outdoors, doesn’t make sense for him after all. He’s returning to hunkering down back in the hills. He’ll miss getting to play for you all. Frankly, I’m relieved to be staying home as well. I wasn’t going to miss Bryan, but I’ve been feeling increasingly trepidatious. Sorry!



Wow!This is just flat-out beautiful! Such singing; such harmonies…


Here’s more of what we’re all missing later this week