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This past Monday Columbia neighborhood lost a true friend to all – Jannie Adderly. Jannie was a wonderful neighbor. She was a real Bellingham Hamster – she loved  Bellingham! She knew just about everyone, having lived in the neighborhood most of her life. If she didn’t know you, she soon did. She was friends with janitors, teachers, the workers at our nearby Haggens, the kids in the neighborhood, who she encouraged to eat her blackberries each summer, the dog walkers, the cat lovers, the music lovers….all of us. She was kind, generous, sweet, and a great gardener.  She sewed I don’t know how many quilts in her life, all beautiful, many original patterns. She was a member of the Eldredge Community group who put on the Thursday concerts all summer, acting as treasurer until very recently. She could be found every summer Thursday evening, in a chair, with a small group of friends, in the same spot each week at the park, usually covering up as it got cool with one of her many homemade quits.

Jannie died at home, as she wanted to, peacefully, with her daughter, son in law, son and daughter in law  by her side.

Her Funeral/ Memorial service will be on Tuesday, September  14, at 11 AM at  Westford’s Mortuary , on Walnut Street, across from St Paul’s followed by a dessert reception in Elizabeth Park, weather permitting.


Keep those cards & letters coming! Ask your friends to write too. I got this note: “I want you to know how much it has meant to everyone here at the hospital to have the musicians outside, to see the signs, to read the cards.  The hospital is posting a “gratitude gallery” on our intranet.”  I went over yesterday to listen to the musicians (lovely violin duet!) and see for myself what was up. The hospital now has couches and upholstered chairs in the employee lounge, and some fruit available. I saw a refrigerated dispenser that might hold drinks. It’s still empty. Hoping it may also hold sandwiches and such for workers with mandatory overtime. I saw sweet painted rocks in the gardens with encouraging messages. Musicians are still encouraged to sign up to play for 45 minutes during shift changes. We’re trying to set that up at a more trafficked location. Here’s the sign-up link:


When we have them, we’re setting out a “reverse tip jar” during the music, with gift cards for the hospital workers to take home: local cafes, coffee shops, restaurants. Thank you to the donors! Gift cards can be dropped at our house, and I’ll get them to the musicians.


September 2, 2021

by Clarence Dickinson , Kim Eagle’s Son

Sept 2, 2021

Hello and so many thanks to all of you that have helped, prayed and followed Kim’s progress for the last 2 months. Well, today is the day she is coming home!!! We are all so excited beyond words. She will be living with us until her house is remodeled to her needs. Her memory is doing well and her spirits are good. She is moving forward knowing she will do the best she can in her situation with the hope of prosthetic legs soon! You can not keep this woman down. She will be cared for while we work as well. She has requested pepperoni pizza tonight so that’s what we’ll have. Everyone has been so kind and so many people she does not know have helped her in so many ways. Thank you so much for everything Her neighborhood street is planning a welcome parade today somewhat, as she comes home. We’re not sure on a time, mid afternoon. She wants to see her house and animals first thing. And in about a week we’re planning on meeting the crew that responded to her tragedy and saved her life. There is a photo on our GoFundMe page of the amazing ramp that our construction guy has built at our home for Kim. She is so ecstatic to come home, keeping an open mind to starting a new life and being surrounded by the ones she loves. Bobbie and Lee



The rains are returning. If you’ve got a tent around (especially big ones), or brown tarps, warm hiking socks, size large and larger warm waterproof coats, this is a good time to donate. We’re still providing meals for neighbors without shelter who can’t go to Base Camp or other congregate facilities. If you’d like to cook, we can provide to-go containers, pots & pans, and even ingredients. And mentors. Everything helps.



A package arrived at my home addressed to Bob. There is no last name. I called the sender and they confirmed having shipped a parcel to my street address. They tried to contact Bob, but were not successful. It appears to be some kind of office supplies by the package. So if you know Bob, have him call me to identify the contents and arrange for pick up.  ~ Dex Horton, 360 223 6623, 2415 Utter Street


Free 20 gallon working freshwater fish tank with hood, filter and heater.  Would a school classroom like a fish tank already equipped with fish? – Moving. ~ Emi (360)318-4343


Can anyone recommend a reliable person to dig up some irises, crocosmia and day lilies in my front yard?  I would like this to be done this month before I put the garden to bed for the winter. You can contact me at:  kshops@tsparks.com or call me at 360-223-2290. ~ Kathy Sparks, Utter Street


I am looking to rent out my lovely fully furnished 4 bedroom home in the Columbia neighborhood for 4-6 weeks. If you know anybody please message me.  ~ Caryn Simmons, simmonscaryn@gmail.com. 36-820-2292.


Dorothy Smith is moving her Allegro Strings Violin Shop to a new location in Fairhaven, and because of a little snafu with the phone, doesn’t have her business phone number hooked up right now. The best way to contact her for the next couple of weeks is email at: dsmith.AllegroStrings@gmail.com or on Facebook messenger. She has asked for help getting the word out 🙂 360 389-1391


Thursday, September 9, 2021 At 8 PM PDT – 10 PM PDT

8:00- 10:00 pm in the garden

$10-$20 Suggested Donation

This is a REALLY big deal folks!!!! Bryan is playing live in Bellingham, If you are going out to any events at all, you should go to this one. Masked & fully vaxxed of course. Let’s keep each other safe.

Bryan was raised in Virginia, must be 80 years ago. He recalls, “The music I heard while working in the fields was mesmerizing. And I’d see the gandy dancers coming down the tracks, setting the rails and getting their ties straight. You’ve heard that song `Whup Boys, Can’t you line ’em?, Chack a lack.’ Whup Boys, can’t you line ’em? was the call the leader would sing. Chack a lack was the bounce- back of the hammer after falling on the pin. I just thought that music was something that everyone did. It was years later that I realized what I’d been raised around.”

‘For over five decades, Bryan Bowers has been to the autoharp what Earl Scruggs was to the five-string banjo. He presents instrumental virtuosity combined with warmth, eloquence, expression and professionalism.’



When you learn a song, you’ve got a friend for life. This has certainly been true in my own life. And Bryan has such wonderful Song Friends…



So adorable!!! I hope this little donkey doesn’t grow up to be too big for a lap…



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