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Workers are feeling better because of our letters & cards. Please keep writing! Our letters and artwork get scanned and shared with all the workers.

I just got back from speaking at the hospital’s invitation to their dayshift Covid crew, including housekeeping and food service. Tom Hunter’s daughter Irene came with me. She brought 65 $10 gift cards (yes, $650) to distribute. And Richard Scholtz gave me a whole box of his Late Night Conversation CDs with Eric Schoenberg and I passed those out too, and some of Peadar’s CDs as well. Comfort music.  I told the workers that when I feel down, there is always part of the feeling that has to do with feeling alone. That we weren’t from an organization. We were just their neighbors, all over the city & county, who care about them and don’t want them to be alone.

I also said there were things I could say with music that I couldn’t say with words. I described playing a lullaby, feeling like I was sitting on my mom’s lap, with her on her own mom’s lap, and my son on my lap & his kids on his, and we’re all singing together to the baby. Then I played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. And the Alphabet song. It looked like even the workers who don’t know much English were aware of those songs. We sent them off with extra gift cards  & CDs to share with fellow workers. And with our deepest thanks.

It felt like a beginning.

Musicians have begun signing up to play outside the employee entrance at shift changes. The hospital is exploring adding radiant heat to an existing gazebo for the musicians to stand under. We’ve now had three sets of musicians, and it’s gone very well for everyone so far. Ladies Loe cello duo played a couple days ago and then signed up immediately for another shift next week. There was a classical violinist this morning, and tomorrow afternoon the principal harpist for the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra is coming. Next week there will be a violin duo, a folk harpist, and more. Let me know if you’d like to play.

We’re invited to bring painted & sparkly rocks, with or without words on them, and heart-shaped rocks as well. We can place them in the hospital garden beds and in areas where there are landscape rocks already. It turns out the workers just love them! We can keep bringing more, because workers take some of them home.


“More fun than fear.”

That’s our mantra these days, so because of the Delta variant we’ve decided not to hold an in-person Northwest Women’s Music Celebration this fall at Pilgrim Firs.

But because we are committed to fun and to connecting with our community, we are going to host a couple of virtual events that same weekend — October 2nd (some classes and student concert) and October 3rd  (afternoon teacher concert). Save the dates on your calendar, and watch for an email soon with more details on classes, links and student concert sign-up.

In the meantime check out the website at for updates. (Updates coming soon)

The “teacher/staff concert” on Sunday will be open to everyone. The classes and student concert on Saturday will be open to women only.


We will be having a yard sale on Saturday Sept. 4th from 9am to 3pm at our house on 1905 Washington St (corner of Victor and Washington). Our yard sale will have a variety of bikes, bike parts, tools, kitchen stuff, boating items and other random items. Lisa Christensen


A woman in my community is seeking housing for herself and her almost 2 yo son.  She has had an absolutely miserable time finding adequate housing and has recently had a steady stream of rejections from people who do not want to live with a child.  I’d love to vouch for the incredible sweetness and magic of her son.  She co-parents with his father on a schedule each week.  

Currently, she is preparing to move into her van but still trying really hard to find a workable housing option. 

If anyone has a room for rent, a small living space, etc., this mama could use the connection.  Her absolute max is 1200/month and she would prefer something month-to-month right now.  You can reach out to me and I can offer more info or connect you directly. ~ Jess Radovich


Hi neighbors, I’m looking to rent an art/writing studio for 3-6 months (longer term if it’s big enough) to finish a book I’ve been working on for the last few years. The subject is creative decolonization. It’s a guidebook especially for women of European descent. I’d be happy to email a full description to anyone interested. My budget is small, so I’m flexible (and grateful) about the space. I just need to get away from my house/kids to focus:) Here’s my wish list:

  • Natural light
  • Good people, landlord, neighbors, etc…
  • Quiet

I can afford to pay up to $300 a month. That’s a stretch, so I’d love to expand possibilities with a partial trade arrangement…I have skills and I’m open to ideas. Thank you ~ Alycia Lund or 575-590-5633


It’s my birthday today. I’m 71. No concert this year, but I wish all of you a lovely day with music where you can find it. When I was a lonely child I never dreamed I would ever have so many friends. Thank you for your friendship; it means the world to me!



Richard Scholtz and I played music together yesterday afternoon, and this song by Malvina Reynolds floated up for him when his grandson took off across the yard with one shoe and one bare foot. I used to sing Diddle Diddle Dumpling My Son Jon, to my son Jon when he was little. Another one shoe song. Richard & I had great fun chasing the squirrelly chords of Malvina’s song!

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