Emergency Alert Test Tomorrow, Landscaper Update, LOTS More

This Wednesday, August 11 at 11:20 AM PDT, FEMA and the FCC will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). The EAS portion of the test will be limited to involvement of media broadcasters.
FEMA is seeking public feedback on the WEA portion. To participate in the WEA test, individuals must enable their cell phones to receive WEA test messages. Instructions on how to do so, as well as how to access and complete the post-test survey are available through the attached documents and the links below.
Your participation is important as Whatcom County will use IPAWS Alerts for Emergencies as part of our suite of notification tools.  You can also sign-up for customized notifications for your area by going to http://www.whatcomready.org/public-alerts/.  Whenever a significant incident occurs in Whatcom County, the Whatcom Unified Emergency Operations Center uses various methods to notify the media and the public. One of those methods is a messaging system called AlertSense. AlertSense allows us to send a message to an email address, as a text message to a phone, and/or as a voice message to a phone. We also have the ability to send a message to everyone registered in the system, or we can target the message to only those who have registered to receive messages for specific geographic areas (i.e. cities, towns or communities).

Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert tents!)
August 12 4TENS BAND, Fun Classic Rock Party Music
August 19 THE SWEET GOODBYES, Folk/Pop
August 26 CRAIGO’S PLANET GROOVE, Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk
September 2 BANDZANDT, The County’s Happiest Rock Band

Bellingham Herald article:
(Trigger warning) Bellingham gardener who was hit by car ‘trying to cope the best way she can,’ family says
I have not copied the whole article. The link to it is here:
It’s been nearly a month since the life of Bellingham gardener Kim Eagle forever changed — a month of pain, a month of surgeries, a month of healing and setbacks, a month of coming to grips with what happened to her and how that instant changed everything for her.On the morning of July 9, Eagle, who owns Kim’s Care Gardening Service, was loading a bag of bark into her trailer parked along the street in the 2000 block of Eldridge Avenue when she was hit from behind by a red Mitsubishi… Eagle was taken to St. Joseph hospital in Bellingham and later airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle due to the severity of her injuries, documents state.In addition, Dickinson said Eagle suffered a broken pelvis, a tear in her intestines, head injuries and has developed clots on her lungs, and she has since undergone several surgeries and cleanings and washings on her legs to fight off infection.“This will change her life forever, she was such a fun vibrant loving busy lady,” Dickinson wrote. “I cannot even imagine. She is trying to cope the best way she can, she has her good and bad days.”Dickson and Eagle’s friend Sherry Boyd-Yost set up a gofundme page to help Eagle as she attempts to recover from the tragedy. As of Friday, the effort had raised more than $50,000 toward its $500,000 goal.
On Tuesday, Aug. 3, the Bellingham Police Department arrested Mark David Johnson, 31, on suspicion of vehicular assault as a result of the July 9 crash. Johnson is suspected of falling asleep behind the while seconds before his car struck Eagle, court documents state, which add that Johnson also took methamphetamine the night before…Jail records show Johnson is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.
…At home, Eagle has a horse, a donkey, three dogs, fish and a bird, Dickinson told The Herald. “We are able to care for her place while she is gone and will reconstruct her house to make it completely wheelchair accessible when the time comes,” Dickinson wrote. Paying for those changes to Eagle’s home are part of the reason for the gofundme page, Boyd-Yost said, but just covering Eagle’s medical expenses will be difficult. From the first week after the crash Eagle’s family received two bills totaling $60,000, according to Dickinson. “We are praying somehow this will get paid somehow,” Dicksinson wrote.
But right now, the first priority is Eagle’s recovery. Due to some of her injuries and the medication she has been on, Eagle has struggled to understand what happened to her and how her life has changed, Boyd-Yost wrote. The medical staff hasn’t even broached the subject of prosthetic legs, yet.
Eagle has not wanted to take the pain medications that make her too foggy, Boyd-Yost wrote, but not taking them has made the pain too much. “This has been such a twilight zone for Kim,” Boyd-Yost wrote. “She is really going through such torture. It has been a slow evolution of waking up from being in an induced coma for 13 days and slowly bringing her up to semi aware.” When Eagle’s infections have completely cleared and she is able to leave Harborview, the plan is to move Eagle to a rehabilitation center, before bringing her home.
And despite all the difficulties Eagle and her family and friends have experienced over the past month, they’ve remained grateful for the support they continue to receive. “We want to thank the community, the medics, friends, family and so many people we do not know that are blessing her in so many ways, which I cannot begin to say how grateful we are.,” Dickinson told The Herald. “The love from everyone is amazing.”

Bellingham Friends of the Library is having a pop-up sale, Friday, August 13th! We’ll be selling Mystery and History fiction and biography. We’ll also have a cart of Nearly New books for sale. Come browse and buy! Your purchases help support a variety of library programs for children and adults in our community!
We’ll be outside the Bellingham Central Library near the front entrance from 10 AM until 2 PM.
Most books will be $1 and there’ll be lots to choose from! You may pay using cash, check, debit and credit card. Keep in mind, however, there will be an additional 10 cents per dollar charge for debit and credit card purchases to help offset the processing fee. Smaller bills preferred; we will not be able to accept bills over $20.

I have a pot of these lovely native plants to give away. I’m also seeking small evergreen Deer Ferns. Thanks! ~ Fl!p Breskin 360-671-4511 text or phone, or just reply to this email.

We have moved the free metal edged garage or panty shelf back to our driveway. It is now in the alley behind 2304 Utter St.
Thank you, ~ Eric and Cat

The Outreachers tell me the situation is urgent. Folks without a home lose access to drinking water. Think of how hot your car gets in the summer sun. Now imagine trying to live in it. Costco bottled water is the cheapest in town. You are welcome to drop off water here, or donate so we can buy more. 2518 Cherry Street. Around back is best.

I have lots of electrolyte powder that needs to be put into individual bags (I have the bags too). This is to flavor the water and add electrolytes in the upcoming heat. A couple tablespoons per bag, and fold the bag top over. That’s the whole job. I could use a couple volunteers if anyone has time today or tomorrow. Or even later. Fl!p 360-671-4511

There are, at this time, three different people who pick up outreach meals from cooks. Mostly some time between 7 & 9 PM. Lorelei does Tuesdays, usually between 5 & 7 PM. Lunches are delivered most Tuesdays. Lorelei can help you be in touch through the meal train (link below).
I refresh the MealTrain screen every time I look at it, because it doesn’t update itself. And lately, not all the cooks have been actually signing up, which makes life confusing for all of us. We’re working on that! I just looked at the Mealtrain and there are definitely some cooks who haven’t signed up yet, but are planning to cook this week! On the other hand, sign-ups are for 35 meals, but the Outreachers can give away 100 when they can get them. If there are overlaps in sign-ups, that’s not a problem. Bea and I usually cook for 50 – 65, but there are two of us cooking together, so it only takes us 2 – 3 hours.
Simpler is better. Comfort food that’s easy to prepare. Bea and I made tuna casserole today: macaroni, cream of mushroom soup, and canned tuna, with frozen peas for color and some cheese on top. Outreachers say folks particularly love cheesy, creamy food that’s easy to chew. On a tough night where no one has volunteered to cook, Lydia will sometimes cook up a quick, huge pot of oatmeal with dried fruit and butter in it. And powdered milk, I think.
I have big pots, restaurant pans (big rectangular steel pans that go in the oven or on top of the stove over two burners), and square 16 oz paper take-out pails. With enough notice we can help with ingredients as well. Lydia tends to shop on Sundays and Tuesdays, so you get your lists to me before (not on) those days.

Thursday August 12 – Saturday August 14. This year’s Stringband will be especially subdued — with fewer people and plenty of breathing room — but it will still be a Jamboree! We will welcome a reduced crowd to the Deming Log Show Fairgrounds 
produce a three day livestream to be enjoyed in backyards in Bellingham
and around the world.  Tickets Sales end 10am Tuesday Aug 10th. Tickets are only available online. Sales end tomorrow. No sales at the gate. One day passes are available.

On Wednesday, August 18th AND Thursday, August 19th, we will be hosting live, virtual PSGW Teacher Concerts from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (PST). The line-ups are subject to change:
Wed. August 18th Lineup
Cayley Schmid and Aaron Guest
Suzy Thompson
Cosy Sheridan
Geof Morgan
Marie Eaton
John Knowles
(Becky Knowles interlude)
Olivia Brownlee
Amy Friedricks
Patrice Haan
Tony Marcus
Tom Moran
Nova Devonie and David Keenan

Thurs. August 19th Lineup
Orville Johnson
Kathy Kallick
Tristan Scroggins
Hubby Jenkins
Sylvia Herold
Jen Hodge
(Becky Knowles interlude)
Kristina Olsen
Marco de Carvalho
Sean Williams
Gina Davis
Kenny Feinstein
To receive the zoom link by email, contact psgw.info@gmail.com
A link to the PSGW General Fund will be made visible throughout the concerts and all proceeds received each night will be distributed evenly to our teachers.
Puget Sound Guitar Workshop
PO Box 896
Bellingham, WA 98227-0896

We had a HUGE Beatles jam! Packed room with folks who KNEW ALL THE PARTS! All the licks, all the harmonies. I took along three Sgt Pepper costumes and we dressed up and danced for the appropriate songs. It was a little goofy out, but VERY high quality goofy. Plus we put out 2 five-gallon containers of Mallard ice cream (Super Chocolate & Super Vanilla), plus a dozen assorted pints. In various rooms off the Main Lodge or in some of the cabins, there was Bluegrass, swing, Celtic, singer-songwriters, cowboy music… I had an excessively good time. (I think this was the event that inspired me to host two Beatles Sing-Alongs here in town. I wanted everybody to be able to have that much fun!)


From my friend Bob Franke (from Massachusetts and from Guitar Camp), who writes the most incredible songs. I ran into a photo of a squirt bottle of “No Chew Deterrent” for dogs. The bottle had been mangled. Teeth marks all over it…


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