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Thursdays 6 – 8 PM At The Gazebo (with food and dessert!)

July 22  HIGH MOUNTAIN STRING BAND, Bellingham based Progressive Bluegrass Band


Trigger warning: Injuries

July 19th: Some good news, Kim was taken out of ICU, she is still very sedated and still is not aware of the extent of her injuries, she knows she was in an accident, and responded that she did understand she had been in an accident. Kim had a hit to her head due to a ladder that was in her truck flew back and hit her in the head on impact. They did an MRI and we are waiting for the results. They hope to give Kim an epidural to block any pain from her injuries in the lower half of her body, so they can help her sit up when they are able to give her an epidural.

Kim’s son Lee and his wife Bobbie have been working hard taking care of business. Lee has been down to HarborView Hospital most days and coming back up to help stay on top of Kim’s affairs. Her grandchildren have done a great job taking good care of the animals and her home.

When Kim is lucid and communicating and we tell her of all your love and support, it will most likely show how many people helped get her back to living a new way of life. She has a long way back. I know our donations will make a huge difference. We are still hoping people keep sharing this “Go Fund Me” page, as much as you can, to help her not lose what she has worked so hard for and keep her bills paid. Thanks again so very much. Sherry

Scroll down the link to the organizer, and there is s square labeled “Contact” which you can use to contact Sherry directly. I hope you can keep sharing this GoFundMe. Still haven’t learned more about the driver who hit her.


AAA batteries (and some AA) are an ongoing need. Also tents. If you’re upgrading, consider donating your old one. Thank you!

There have been a number if unhoused neighbors that have gotten housing recently and who are feeling challenged with the transition to be stable. We’re looking for cooks/ outreach that would be interested in bringing a few meals a week to these newly stable individuals/ families. Total maybe 6 meals over two weeks time.


From Jason Quick, school counselor (and one-armed juggler)

I’m writing because it seems that something important got left out of your advice for the adult working with an aggressive toddler.  

I agree with setting loving limits, playing  games that put the child in positions of power (while making sure the child knows that you are a capable and powerful protector/advocate), not tickling (tickling is often nonconsensual harassment that confuses our messaging around healthy sexual behaviors), and making sure that you are always relationship building.  

What was left out…demonstrating and teaching pro-social behaviors! Many children invent aggressive solutions to problems when they don’t know what to do. “I want that toy”, “I’m overwhelmed with all of these people”, “I don’t want to wait for a turn”, “I don’t like the way that kid is looking at me”, “I feel unimportant” are all situations that young people (and a lot of older people) don’t have a toolkit of pro-social behaviors to address.  Teaching pro-social strategies for getting your needs met in times of low stress is really important, otherwise you’re just waiting for the child to invent a behavior that is not intuitive and not easy to observe in the people around you. Once you’ve taught skills for handling these situations it’s much easier to step in as the protector and remind a child which skill to use. Also, be on the lookout for pro-social behavors so you spend more time catching a child doing the behaviors you want to see and less time catching them doing something wrong.

Thanks for being a powerful teacher and advocate in the world; I hope this note comes across as a helpful addition to your strong advice to an adult trying to help a child become the best version of their self. ~ Jason Quick


I had my oil changed today and the engine filter had been damaged by mice.  I was told there is a bigger population of births this year because people were not moving around as usual because of COVID.  The remedy is peppermint spray in the engine and front wheel wells.  Reapply about once a week. I’d never had a mouse problem in my engine in the 25 years I’ve lived here. Thought I’d pass on. ~ Katy Velasquez, Lynn Street


Zeke and I are celebrating 23 years today and tomorrow. I think we’re going to get dressed up in our wedding outfits (they still fit!) and find a nice place to go out to dinner where we can sit outside.



From the recording Aniar released in 2020. Peadar MacMathuna,  guitar. Richard Scholtz, autoharp. Jon Sampson, bass.

Helen Scholtz, images & visions. Richard Scholtz editing.

For more about Peadar:

For more information about Helen:


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