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I had a marvelous time last Sunday! Thanks to everyone who participated! We had over ninety households sign up this year to Chalk, make music, offer goodies, show off crafts, and more. I remembered last year, and kept my own Chalking very simple because I knew I was likely to get to see lots and lots of people Sunday morning and early afternoon. And I DID! I got dozens of phone calls, texts, emails, IMs etc. And every one of them started with “Is it too late? Do you have any chalk left?” It kept me laughing, and SO happy to have plenty of chalk. Last minute was not a problem. I got to see a lot of neighbors in person, which I love. And Zeke and I got out Monday morning to see a bunch of chalk. BRAVO!!!  And we even have some chalk stored for next year. Let’s do it again, eh?


By Mark Allyn


The Eldridge Society for funding chalk! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jonny Kemp for creating and updating the online map!

Ebb Tide for a sweet noon concert at Elizabeth Park. They’re hoping we can have the big Parade again next year, and they’ll bring back the float/parade wagon!

Deb Valentine, president of the Columbia Neighborhood Association, for putting up signs & sending out messages, for handing out chalk at the Share Shack three Saturdays in a row, and for holding my hand!

Marla Bronstein for reworking the Chalk Talks from last year and for helping spread the word!

AnnMarie Jordan & Jennifer Moon for taking flyers to businesses & helping publicize!

Aaron Silverberg for also handing out chalk at the Share Shack and taking flyers to the Little Free Libraries!


In order to have a parade next year, we’ll need a host to organize it. The parade itself doesn’t take a lot, but it does take some. The picnic & games at Elizabeth Park takes more. There are lots of supplies, and a lot of information and support available from folks who’ve done it in years past. Please consider stepping forward! I can steer you to the right folks.


This Sunday July 11, 5 – 7 PM both online & for a small live audience, outdoors. Right here in the neighborhood in the alley between Victor & Williams / W North & Connecticut. We’ll be outdoors and socially distanced. Bring your own chair. Walk up quietly please. Zeke and I are guests at Robert Blake’s Kitchen Table concert. Songs, stories, tunes, and my beloved Columbia Neighborhood Guitar. I’ve been thinking about songs I have sung around campfires for years, but don’t know of any existing recordings by anyone, anywhere. I’ve learned so many songs live, from people I love, and share them the same way. I’d love to see you there! You can tune in, or you can show up in person!


Thursdays 6 – 8 PM at the gazebo

July 15 Free Harmony, Classic folk-rock harmonies

July 22 High Mountain String Band, Bellingham based Progressive Bluegrass Band

July 29 Tracy Spring and Jezebel’s Mother, Rootsy – bluesy – lively – lovely\

August 5 D’vas and Dudes, Country folk, Rock, Blues, and Boogie Woogie

August 12 4TENS Band, Fun Classic Rock Party Music

August 19 The Sweet Goodbyes, Folk/Pop

August 26 CraigO’s Planet Groove, Grateful Dead meets New Orleans Funk

September 2 bandZandt, The County’s Happiest Rock Band 


Saturday July 17 from 4:30-7:30

Open House, Happy Hour, House Party!


At Elizabeth Park — Thursday after the Elizabeth Park concert, my son left his newish hoverboard at/near the basketball court in the park. If anyone happened to find it please let us know. He saved his money to purchase it. We are happy to provide more detail describing it to show ownership. Thanks in advance! ~ Jason Pass, 2627 Utter Street, 360-961-5054


A couple days ago someone signed for and took delivery of a package meant for me. I’m guessing that it was someone expecting a package from UPS who signed, thinking it was theirs. If you did get a UPS package meant for Oona Cava, would you contact me at, and I can swing by and pick it up? Many thanks, Oona Cava


On the myLIBRO app, Bellingham Public Library patrons can search the catalog, place holds, check their account status and more.


I hear there is a Little Free Art Gallery in the Columbia Neighborhood. I’d love the location, and to hear more about it. Thank you! Love/Fl!p


We are looking for a nanny for 2 children (ages 4 and 1). Nanny duties will include drop off and pickups at daycare (at minimum 2 days a week; 7-8:15am and then 4:30-5:30pm) and once or twice a month evenings. In addition, we would like this person to come a couple times a week to help around the house (2-4 hours a week). Duties include cleaning dishes, picking up around the house, laundry, etc. The ideal candidate should be someone who is passionate about kids, patient and kind. Also they must be ok with dogs, as we have a sweet 10 years dog. Pay depending on experience $12-15 per hour. Please contact Alysia Paxton ( to apply or with any questions.


Yes, I’m still involved, and would love any help you can offer. I’m posting far less as I build my health back up, but I’m still doing what I can. Bridge To Services (B2S) has my complete trust. Here’s what’s been going on lately, with ways you can help.

Our “on the ground (otg) “outreach team has been providing meals 7 days a week since October’20.

After the sweep of the City Hall camp Jan.’21, outreach visits increased. We currently supply meals to 6 different locations in Bellingham.

Thanks to our meal train cooks B2S outreach workers have had the opportunity to distribute food, and, thanks to our regular donors, supplies. Summer supplies include: water, batteries, socks, clothing, snacks, hand warmers, and when available, a tent, tarp and blanket.

Over time incredible connections have been made, a chance to bridge to goals- WA id, employment, pet care, housing lists, family reconciliation…

In collaboration with local nonprofit, HomesNow, Bridge2services has been able to participate in the approval of several tenting neighbors to residents at HomesNow tiny village. Since moving in one person has found employment and holds a management position in the community.

Thanks to all who contribute to the strength of our bridges, from meals to applying for WA IDs, otg support to supplies. All your efforts are seen and appreciated!

For regular outreach updates please join our facebook community at Bridge2services. We would love to hear from you in the comments

~ water
As the sun shines, water needs increase. Outreach goes through 1 to 2 flats of water on sunny days.
~ tents & tarps
Weekly relocating of camps by the city has increased needs for tents and tarps. Please keep this in mind while upgrading your camping supplies for the upcoming summer adventures.
Donation drop off locations(pls email: before arriving):

  • Bellingham- 3016 Bennet Dr., entrance off Cedarwood
  • *Become a Bridge Builder ~ No time to cook or distribute? Let us do that for you. With your monthly financial contribution, we can have the security of consistent funding to make bulk orders of regular supplies we give out

    $ Donations:



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