Stop Sign; More Scams; Packing Pillows; Phone Is Home; Homelessness; Song: Horse Called Music

CONTENTS 03/3/2021
Columbia Neighborhood
   Stop Sign Follow Up
   More Scams
   Packing Material
   Recovered Cell Phone
  Radio Free Fl!p: Horse Called Music


I contacted SSC to ask if one of their trucks was involved with the stop sign collision at Williams and Madison.  I heard back from Rodd Pemble, the recycling/safety manager, who wrote:

“Our pick-ups in that area are all in alleys, so our trucks would have no occasion to be on either street at that intersection.

 In any case, no damage to any SSC truck was reported, nor a mishap like this, which would certainly have been called in to our dispatch.”

So maybe it was some other kind of large truck moving through the neighborhood?  ~ Darrah Blanton


Just a heads up to your email subscribers– Last week I received an unsolicited debit card from Chase Bank.  When I reported this to Chase on March 1, I was told that my identity (social security, birth date and address) had been stolen and used to open an account at Chase (where I have never banked).  Chase closed the account but I now have to deal with the issue of identity theft.  I have talked with two other local people who have had this happen and the teller at Chase said they are seeing many cases of this in our area.  Just a heads up if someone receives an unsolicited debit or credit card. Thanks, Betsy Pernotto


I have a huge box full of those little blow-up pillows for packing. They come in so many things, and all I’ve figured so far is to pop them and recycle. But if someone could re-use them, that would be so much better! ~Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511


It worked! Just took a couple days to find the phone in a “secret horizontal compartment” in a couch. Thanks for sharing a giggle with me. No need to post the good news unless you desperately need some good news to post.  ~ Christina Nichols

I LOVE having good news to post! And I am VERY glad you found your phone…


I’m tuckered out tonight. I will catch you all up tomorrow! Just three “needs.”

1. XL & XXL and larger Men’s coats.

2. A light-weight folding cart for delivering meals. Like a garden cart. Big wheels for rough ground.

3. Kind souls who might commit to making one meal a week, on a regular day of the week, for a March & April, and delivering it to a homeless guy on hospice. The Outreachers have managed to get him into a motel.


Radio Free Fl!p: A Horse Called Music

Willie Nelson. My brother Joe sent me this tonight. In all the cowboy westerns of my 1950s childhood, for me it was always the horses.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

If you’re willing to share your phone  with me, personally, I would love that, and would not share it further without your express permission. Nor would I ever exploit it. You might put mine in your phone so if I were to phone you, you’d know it was me. I’d also suggest adding to your contacts because that helps keep my emails from going to your junk mail.

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If it’s a real emergency, call 911.

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