Neighborhood Town Hall; Share Shack; N95s. Soup Brigade; Songs: Rev Gary Davis

CONTENTS 02/23/2021
Columbia Neighborhood
   Town Hall Tonight
   Share Shack Report
   Reliable Source For N95 Masks
   Window Prowler
   More Free Glass
   Looking For Short Or Longterm Rental
Soup Brigade
Radio Free Fl!p: 12 Gates To The City


Online – Zoom Call
Today, Tuesday, 2/23.   6:30-8pm

Join us for a Neighborhood Town Hall and hear updates and action items from our City Council – Hannah Stone, Mayor – Seth Fleetwood, Whatcom PUD Commissioner – Christine Grant and State Legislator – Alicia Rule

The Town Hall focus is local to statewide updates and actions we can take.

1) Welcome and CNA Announcements
2) CNA Treasurer’s and MNAC Report
3) Get to Know Your Neighbors Activity
4) Neighborhood Town Hall
5) Membership Drive
6) Board Elections

Join Zoom Meeting…
Meeting ID: 883 3296 8863
Passcode: 088987


What generous neighbors we have! The Columbia Neighborhood Association collected 251 pounds of food on Saturday, February 20, at the Share Shack. It was delivered this morning to the Food Bank. Thank you to all the neighbors who took the time to bring their extra food. The Food Bank staff were very appreciative.

We are still processing CNA membership fees. So far $109 has come in for the six organizations (Food Bank, Homes NOW, the Mission, NW Youth Services, Whatcom Community Foundation, and Whatcom Human Rights Task Force.) If you have any questions, you may email CNA at
Thank you!  ~
Deb Valentine


I recently read in the NY Times that while many folks cannot find N95 masks for sale (they aren’t available on Amazon because of all the knock-offs and to save them for medical workers), the small American companies that stepped up to mass-produce them are going bankrupt with warehouses full of N95’s because they can’t get them to market. With Amazon marketplace unavailable and no existing links to hospitals, no one knows they exist.  If you wish to purchase N95 masks AND support a small American mask manufacturing company, please point your cursor toward the following :,,,, or

Prior to reading the NY Times article, I ordered a box of Aura 3M N95 masks from a company called While PacMedPro is a great company, they are not a mask manufacturer (they sell 3M brand masks). Nonetheless, they arrived in 2 days, they are super comfy, and an added bonus, keep my glasses from fogging.  I double-checked that they match CDC guidelines for legitimate masks.

Cheers, Rachel Budelsky (Rachel is married to a medical doctor. I figure she’s likely to be accurate on this one. ~ Fl!p)


At 4:30am this morning, a male came onto our porch on Eldridge Ave near toddler park. He was using his phone as a flash light to look through our windows. He then went to our driveway and used his flashlight to look into our basement and shine them on other windows he could easily access. I posted the videos to the Columbia facebook group. Did any other neighbors had activity like this? Thanks, Kacie Emerick


Temp/Plate Glass

Temp/Plate Glass

3″ x 22.75″


30″ x 12″


30″ x 14″


14″ x 8.75″


16″ x 8.75″


~ Eric Mastor


A friend of mine, Lisa Tenney, is in need of immediate housing. She is moving out of a very long term rental situation on the outskirts of the Columbia neighborhood due to high mold toxicity. She is looking for a clean, dry place: A 1 or 2 bedroom house or apartment for her and her daughter (and sometimes older daughter as well) that will accept a small, sweet, old dog and cat. Must have good natural light, enough room for a piano, and a bathtub. She is looking for something around $1,300 or less. Lisa is a great caretaker with great references. She is a doula, LMP, and chocolatier. Please contact her at if you know of anything! Thanks!

Kelsey Maloney (formerly of Elizabeth and Elm Street)


Wow! What generosity!! Seven more rolling suitcases came in today. And I got to see some dear old friends delivering gifts. And I wasn’t allowed to hug them! Someday… And I keep making new friends.

A bunch of cooks volunteered today. Thank you SO much! We’re good through next Tuesday, except needing one more cook for Saturday. It sure eased my mind! I know there was a lot more. I can’t think. I’m going to try to go to bed early tonight!


  • I need someone to make a Costco run. Is anyone going?
  • Does anyone have a power strip that takes those little computer plugs?
  • Two women are tent camping downtown. Both need shoes. One 10 1/2-11, one 11-12. If men’s, a bit smaller.


Butter, butter, butter! Please use it! Three kinds of cheese. Eggs. Bacon. Pasta. Rice. Beans of many cultures, including garbanzo (cece) beans! Celery, carrots, onions. Tomato powder & veggie flakes. Several loaves of bread (garlic bread?) Barley. Split peas. Tuna. Really big cans of cream of mushroom soup.


Reverend Gary Davis, filmed by fellow musicians in Seattle, so we get to see how he does it, if we can figure out exactly how to focus. More songs. If I Had My Way. Candyman. More.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511  2518 Cherry Street

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