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CONTENTS 2/22/2021
   Columbia Neighborhood Town Hall
   Bunny Has A New Home
   Lost Cat Is Home
   Send Me More News!
Soup Brigade
   Bellingham Community Meal
   Cooks Needed
   No Meal Train
   Cooking Guidance From An  Outreacher
   Outreacher On Cleanups
Radio Free Fl!p: PJ’s Lullaby   


Online – Zoom Call
Tuesday, 2/23.   6:30-8pm

Join us for a Neighborhood Town Hall and hear updates and action items from our City Council – Hannah Stone, Mayor – Seth Fleetwood, Whatcom PUD Commissioner – Christine Grant and State Legislator – Alicia Rule

The Town Hall focus is local to statewide updates and actions we can take.

1) Welcome and CNA Announcements
2) CNA Treasurer’s and MNAC Report
3) Get to Know Your Neighbors Activity
4) Neighborhood Town Hall
5) Membership Drive
6) Board Elections
Join Zoom Meeting…
Meeting ID: 883 3296 8863
Passcode: 088987


And he is already there!


Kim the cat showed up at the pound, and is safely home. Whew!


OK neighborhood, I want a report on the Share Shack event yesterday. And what else is going on that I’ve missed by staying home. Our first batch of yellow crocuses are in full bloom! The first primroses are twinkling magenta out front. The star magnolias are showing off their sweet pet-able pussy-willow buds (be gentle!). The hellebores have revived after the freeze. Tulips & daffodils are poking their leaves up. And our camellia sasanqua tree is in full bloom. And all my lovely sword ferns got scorched in the freeze. But they will unfurl fresh leaves soon enough. I think it’s supposed to be time to plant peas but I haven’t yet. The days are definitely getting longer now, in all the world except the southern hemisphere…



This Saturday is the Bellingham Community Meal. Hot lunches in to-go containers are provided for all who need them. Bellingham Community Meal has been in existence for decades and provides a warm, nutritious meal to anyone who needs it. The BCM takes place at the Assumption Gym on the last Saturday of the month from January through October. During Covid, the meal pickup time is 12:30-2:30pm. This Saturday is the last Saturday in February, so we will have hundreds of warm, take-out meals ready. Last month was steak, potatoes and roasted Brussel sprouts.


I’m low on cooks after Thursday, and run out completely for Friday. Email, text or phone me to figure out a day to cook dinner for 25, or even for 10 or 15. Every bit helps!, 360-671-4511. Thank you!!!


I am not currently encouraging cooks to sign up for the Camp 210 meal train for Geri Fields. There have been too many recent instances where volunteers have had unsafe encounters there. You can sign up with me directly, by email or text or phone. You will either deliver your meals to SwiftHaven or a volunteer will pick up from your house. Experienced outreachers will get your meals distributed one to one with folks who need them, including at Geri.


Butter is magic! When biscuits, muffins or cornbread are dry, no one eats them. The trick is to drench baked goods with butter the minute they come out of the oven. Those sleeping on the ground need calories and want flavor because they’re burning energy to stay warm. We will provide lots of butter and cheese (and bacon) to increase the fat/calorie content of meals this winter. Feel free to ask me for extra.


My life got so much better today! I now have a big, solid wooden shelf in my front hall, and it is stuffed with ingredients, and don’t have to move a bunch of boxes to get to them! Thank you one and all!!! And the rest of the shelves  are just waiting for set up, and then we can bring in ALL the sleeping bags and ground pads.


I gave away almost all the cheese and bacon, but I hope to have more by later tomorrow. I’ve got butter, eggs, oatmeal, raisins… How about oatmeal cookies? 40 pounds of pasta, huge tin of tuna, big cans of cream of mushroom soup. Pretty easy to make a simple tuna noodle casserole. Lentils. There haven’t been many lentil dishes lately. We’re still working our way through that 50# bag of onions. Carrots & celery. I’ve got two beautiful jars of pesto. Doesn’t someone want to do something amazing (and easy) with them? Rice! I can’t think of the last time someone made a primarily rice-based dish. Think of all the cultures where rice is the foundation. I also have a bunch of tomato powder, which stirs up in to tomato paste with just a little water. Also dried veggie flakes. And of course, all the take-out containers, pots & pans….


May we consider advocating for when city cleanups occur, that more time is allowed for camper and city parks volunteers, & citizens to assist in packing up and relocating their living and outdoor survival supplies.


Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill. I’m dreaming of an early bedtime tonight. Wishing you a gentle unwinding in this lovely tune.

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